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  • News Amazon UK to Stop £2 Prime Discount on Game Pre-Orders

    Less bang for your buck

    One of the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership was a small discount when pre-ordering games, but it seems that will be ending very soon. In an email sent to all Prime members, the giant online retailer stated that it will be putting a stop to the £2 discount. We would now like to inform you that we will no longer offer...

  • News PSN Credit Is Inexplicably Unavailable Again at Amazon

    Saga rumbles on

    Amazon’s spat with Sony appears to be rumbling on, as for the second time this year, PlayStation Network credit is unavailable at the popular online retailer. This includes all denominations of the virtual currency, although the issue appears to be limited to the United States branch for now;


  • News God of War Back in Stock at Amazon on Launch Day

    Just in time

    God of War’s back in stock at Amazon UK, after being unavailable for several weeks now. The title was one of many Sony exclusives unavailable at the online retailer, and despite Kratos’ latest being restocked, you still can’t pre-order upcoming titles like Spider-Man or Detroit: Become Human from t

  • News PlayStation's Relationship with Amazon Worsens As PSN Codes Are Dropped

    Update: PSN codes back in USA

    What started with God of War going out of stock on Amazon UK seems to have escalated over the past few days, as now it’s impossible to purchase PlayStation Network vouchers from the popular retailer in the USA as well. The cards – which are delivered instantly via email – are available in various monetary...

  • News PS4 Exclusives Unavailable for Pre-Order at Amazon UK


    God of War’s review embargo lifted today, heralding a modern masterpiece and sending floods of PlayStation 4 players in the direction of Amazon UK as they sought to secure pre-orders. However, the exclusive is unavailable at the popular website – and has been for some time. Is this simply a stock issue in the wake of such anticipation?...


  • Deals Save £10 on PS4 Console Bundles and Accessories Today

    You know you want to

    Amazon wants all customers to smile like the arrow icon printed on its iconic packaging, so in order to celebrate its victory on the consumer satisfaction charts, it’s sending out a big thanks to all customers in the guise of a £10 discount code. There is a big catch, however, in that you can’t use the discount code on...


  • Deals Amazon Prime Day 2017 Round Up

    Push Buy

    So, you have no doubt heard that it is Amazon Prime Day today. Now in its third year, this is the day when the online retail giant offers you even "greater savings than you might find on Black Friday", at least that's what they claim.  We'll be rounding up some of the best (general) gaming and technology related deals for you on this...




  • News Pre-Order Prices of PS4 Blockbusters Plunge on Amazon UK

    Battlefield 1! Mafia III! Watch Dogs 2!

    While we're not the biggest advocates of pre-ordering games, we are supporters of saving money. And thus it's probably worth pointing out that a wave of the PlayStation 4's biggest holiday games have been reduced on in the run-up to the busy release season. Thus, if you're planning to pick up...






  • News Do You Want a PS4? Amazon UK Has Knack Packs In Stock

    Bundles back on digital store shelves

    It may have been the worst reviewed PlayStation 4 exclusive at launch, but Knack has actually been something of a success – perhaps partly due to it being sold alongside the sought after next generation system since launch. And in an effort to keep the divisive debut above the critically acclaimed Super Mario...

  • News UK PS4 Stock Sneaks into the Spotlight at Amazon

    Lightning strikes

    Despite some meaty shipments all over the globe, it’s amazing that the PlayStation 4 remains a real challenge to track down. Granted, it may be a bit easier to skewer a system this side of Christmas, but any available stock is still getting snapped up within hours of it becoming available. If you’re stil

  • News Promised PS4 Stock Availability Pushes System into Amazon UK's Top Ten

    January sales look set to start strong

    While it’s common for New Year’s resolutions to centre on trivial tasks such as weight loss and self improvement, we suspect that there are a few of you with something different in mind for 2014. It can’t have been easy to stomach Christmas without Killzone: Shadow Fall, and so we guarantee that there are...




  • News Amazon Leaks God of War: Ascension

    Update: Sony responds

    Update: A post on the Official PlayStation Blog confirms the game. The best part? The cheeky "As most of you were recently made aware, God of War: Ascension will be coming exclusively to PlayStation 3" nod to Amazon's leak. Sony tells us we'll get more information on 30th April at 8am Pacific time. That mysterious...


  • News Amazon Pulls PlayStation Network Content

    Amazon has ceased selling PlayStation Network content on its website without offering an explanation

    The American arm of the online retailer previously sold PSN games and voucher codes directly from its website, but pulled such content overnight. “We have no announcements regarding this change in selection, however we can confirm that Amazon...


  • News Why Does Amazon Say PlayStation Move is Discontinued?

    Mystery afoot

    Have you struggled to find a solus Move controller since its launch in September? Has it been difficult enough for you to believe, however crazy it may sound, that it's no longer being manufactured? Here comes Amazon to add a little fuel to that fire with this listing. is listing the Move controller as "discontinued by...

  • News Amazon Announces The Acquisition Of LOVEFiLM

    Amazon's announced that they've acquired the European-based DVD-rental (and streaming) service LOVEFiLM for an undisclosed amount

    LOVEFiLM launched an application on the PlayStation 3 late last year. According to VentureBeat, Amazon went ahead with the purpose because of the company's streaming solutions. Apparently, with 20 percent of the service's movies available digitally, Amazon jumped at the..