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  • News Sony's Happy New Year Trailer Leans on PS4 Exclusives

    Spider-Man! God of War! Dreams!

    A slow news day calls for one thing and one thing only: an article about a 30 second video embedded in a Happy New Year tweet. Yeah, alright, we’re still waiting for the news cycle to properly kick in – but this clip is packed with 2018 exclusives that should leave your PlayStation 4’s disc slot licking its...








  • News Sony's New PS4 Commercial Focuses on Friendly Competition

    Ready. Fight

    Sony’s latest console may be selling better than any other system on the market right now, but that doesn’t give it an excuse to get lazy this Christmas. With Microsoft lining up more November marketing partnerships than we can count, the platform holder will need to ensure that it has some PlayStation 4 commercials of its own to...






  • E3 2013 Greatness Awaits in PlayStation's Latest Commercial

    The circus master of games

    To cap off an exciting evening of E3 announcements, Sony has released a brand new commercial for the PlayStation brand. The advertisement – which leaked almost word-for-word earlier in the year – shows an enthusiastic ringleader with slicked back hair walking into a theatre of activity. You’ll spot a number of famous...




  • News Sony Patents Interactive Commercials for PlayStation

    Uh oh

    The next time you criticise the Xbox 360’s dashboard for being inundated with advertisements, you might want to stop and count your blessings. Sony has patented a new interactive commercial scheme that shows users playing branded mini-games on PlayStation consoles. The patent flags the DualShock 3 controller, PlayStation Move motion...


  • News Watch This Ridiculous Japanese PlayStation Vita Commercial


    Sony has revealed its latest PlayStation Vita commercial for Japan. The campaign – which was teased earlier in the week – shows local celebrity Shigeru Matsuzaki strumming an acoustic guitar while a Crystal White PlayStation Vita obscures his face. The commercial then closes with the tagline “it’s getting interesting”, which boasts a...




  • News Kevin Butler Celebrates Gamers In Final Long Live Play Video

    Eccentric PlayStation executive Kevin Butler's spent the best part of a month celebrating gamers as part of Sony's Long Live Play initiative

    But with Thanksgiving behind us, that's now come to an end. In a final video, Butler has saluted everyone, and released a montage of the campaign's best bits along the way. If you want to catch up, check out the suit's official YouTube channel through here..

  • News Sony Pumping £2 Million Into Move Christmas Push

    Top titles get coverage

    With Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception out last week, every other Sony PS3 title for this year supports PlayStation Move. Pretty impressive stuff, and something PlayStation wants to publicise with a £2m marketing campaign intended to shout about the motion controller this Christmas. Sony Computer Entertainment UK's product...




  • News Sony Release Bonkers PlayStation 3 Ads For Latin America

    Up until mid-way through this generation, Sony's marketing strategy for the PlayStation revolved around creating some kind of classy, otherworldly brand image for the platform

    After taking a caning from Microsoft and Nintendo's "no-nonsense" advertising, Sony's switched to more generic campaigns with the fake PlayStation exec Kevin Butler in the US and "The Game Is Just Start"..

  • News Sony Launch 14m Advertising Campaign In The UK

    With Microsoft about to launch their Kinect camera in under a week here in the UK, Sony's launched a £14million PlayStation Move advertising initiative to counter the "controller-free" hype

    Sony's formed partnerships with Channel 4, Disney, Nickelodeon and more, and will also sponsor Cineworld and Odeon's Kids Clubs. The ad campaign will build on strong sales in the UK, with Sony already touting..

  • News Sony Launches £14m Advert Campaign to Counteract Kinect Effect

    Will have sold 500,000 Moves in UK by Christmas

    With six days before Kinect for Xbox 360 lands in the UK, Sony has kicked off a high-profile advertising campaign for its own motion controller across the country. Sony's spending £14m to reach three major audiences: families, social players and core gamers. It's formed partnerships with Channel 4,...



  • News Introducing Marcus "PSP" Rivers...

    When Sony announced they were taking a Kevin Butler-esque approach to their latest PSP campaign, we were a little concerned

    The PSP's aiming for a younger audience, and we just didn't think the Kevin Butler approach was going to work. Turns out, with Marcus "PSP" Rivers, they've sort of nailed it. There are a ton of adverts to check out over on Marcus' YouTube page, but we've embedded our..






  • News Chilean Playstation 3 Advertisements Are Frighteningly Bonkers

    We like gothic

    We really enjoy surreal imagery, in a subtle but frightening way. Call us sell-outs but it's why we're fans of Tim Burton movies. Still, these Chilean Playstation 3 adverts are step too far towards the bonkers for us. We're not denying the imagery is fantastic it is — our question lies with how this stuff actually helps to sell Playstation 3s? In the embedded image above you see a..