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  • News Resistance 3 Debuts Solemn New Commercial

    There have been plenty of live-action Resistance 3 adverts

    The first batch were exclusively in live action. But that won't stop the marketing execs that be from peddling more live action Capelli to your screen. "Silence Before Storm" features train cars, the American midwest, Chimera, and the dystopian lifestyle we've come to expect of the series. Check the video after the jump.

  • News Kevin Butler Returns To PlayStation In Dramatic Style

    After concern that PlayStation icon Kevin Butler had quit Sony late last week, we can confirm that the straight-faced executive is back

    Sony's announced via the PlayStation Blog that it's launching a brand new marketing campaign with Butler at the forefront. The new campaign is entitled 'Long Live Play' and is set to takeover various websites, TV networks and retailers in North America from today..

  • News Kevin Butler Leaves Sony?

    It seems Kevin Butler, president of many things PlayStation related, is taking time out from the company

    The fictional character executive revealed on his Twitter account overnight that he is leaving PlayStation in order to head up his Uncle's economy flooring company. Butler even updated his Twitter profile picture to reflect the change. Whether this is a comical end to Kevin Butler's reign as..







  • News Marcus Ain't A Fan Of iPhone Gaming

    Marcus Rivers calls out this iPhone gaming buffoon in the latest PSP commercial

    And he's kinda got a point. Sure, you can get a decent iPhone game for $1.99; but the PSP's $9.99 Essentials collection offers a much broader spectrum of full (and that's the key part) games for little more investment. It's an interesting angle for Sony to push, but a smart one in our opinion.

  • News Subway & Sony Continue To Be BFFs

    We thought we'd seen the end of the Sony and Subway partnership the moment we posted this story earlier in the year

    We were wrong. Seems the pairing really are best buddies at the moment. Take Subway's latest promotion, the "Fiery Footlong Frenzy". There's a bunch of PlayStation-related gubbins involved, including: PS3 systems, games, 3D HDTVs, PSP systems, and exclusive access to the..




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