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  • News Akiba's Beat Strips Off in Famitsu This Week

    Beat off

    Stripping sim Akiba's Trip was an oddity worthy of attention when it released on various PlayStation formats a few years back, so Akiba's Beat should draw some interest this week. Acquire's teasing a full reveal in this week's Famitsu magazine, with a teaser website also counting down to a 2nd June reveal. While the name hints at some...


  • News Nudity Is the Name of the Game in This Wacky PS4 Port

    Flashing some footage

    Production budgets may be shaking all of the creativity out of big boxed releases, but at least Japan hasn’t forgotten what it takes to make a weird and wonderful game. As previously teased, Akiba’s Trip 2 is making its way to the PlayStation 4 in Japan later this year – and that means that you’ll be able to strip...




  • News Follow the Way of the Samurai on PlayStation 3

    Giant enemy crabs

    North American gamers need no longer be jealous of Way of the Samurai 4’s confirmation for Europe, because XSEED has just announced that the PS3 exclusive is headed to USA too. There’s still no date or price attached to the sandbox samurai period drama, but the confirmation alone should be enough to get you to dust off your...





  • News Famitsu Unloads Bevy Of PlayStation Vita Content

    Famitsu's dropped the bomb on another pool of PlayStation Vita content earlier this week

    New games include Luminous Electric Symphony (presumably the Vita's previously announced Lumines title) and a few unannounced games. The unannounced titles include GameArts' hunting action game Ragnarok Odyssey and D3's Dream Club Zero — the latter being a dating sim unlikely to ever make its way outside of..


  • News Shinobido Awakens on PS Vita

    With loads of bloody screenshots

    Fans of the PS One era will likely have fond memories of the stealthy ninja title Tenchu. Developed by Acquire, it was a ground-breaking title that had gamers sneaking into fortified villages to assassinate clan leaders by any means necessary. The nonlinear levels allowed for the freedom to infiltrate the villages by...




  • News Japanese RPG Adopts The "Freemium" Model

    An upcoming Japanese RPG from Acquire and Zero Div will launch at the grand price of nothing

    The title, Bakumatsu Revolution, will be a free download from the PSN including a full 10-hour campaign. Additionally, IGN reports that players will be able to share the game via wireless connectivity. That's almost viral. Of course, while the game's very core will be free, further content will come as part..