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    Review Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Oh, Bubsy. Where to even start? The first couple of 16-bit titles were actually fairly enjoyable, but everything unravelled for the maligned mascot with the arrival of Bubsy 3D, certainly one of the worst games to grace a PlayStation console. To answer his catchphrase, everything did go wrong, and with his name in...



  • News OMFG! There's a New Bubsy Game for PS4

    Deadly serious here

    Hands up if you played Bubsy 3D? It was a platformer for the PSone that’s widely regarded as one of the worst games on the platform, and a fun bit of trivia for you: it was made by Days Gone developer Sony Bend. Anyway, the furry… Er, not sure what animal he is actually? A bobcat, perhaps? He’s back, is what we’re trying...