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  • Push Rewind No Man's Sky, PlayStation Meeting 2016, PS4K

    A busy one

    It was an enormously busy week here at Push Square Towers – despite the fact that we only published one measly review. Features led the charge this time, as we covered everything No Man's Sky, and even found time to build some hype for Sony's PlayStation Meeting presser, which will take place on 7th September. Reviews: No Man's...

  • Podcast Episode 12 - What PS4K Reveals Must Sony Make?

    Grim up north

    This episode, Tarrant's off sunning himself, so associate editor Robert Ramsey steps in as co-host. Also, we discuss the Top 5 PS4K Reveals Sony Must Make at PlayStation Meeting 2016. Our super-duper special guest this week is the reviewer Stephen Tailby who stops in to discuss the divisive, ambitious, and multiplayer-less (?) No...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 130

    Ready, set, go

    The athletics is finally underway at Rio 2016, and despite an unoccupied stadium, we're really looking forward to seeing some medals being won on the track. Sticking with the sport, the Premier League season also gets underway this weekend. Not an enormous amount of time for video games, then – but here's what we're playing all the...

  • News A New PS Vita Is on the Way? Don't Believe Everything You Read

    Sony's filings send forum members into frenzy

    Sony's going to announce a new PlayStation Vita at next month's PlayStation Meeting – or so we read on the Internet. We've been inundated with messages about Trinity today, a new handheld that the Japanese giant's apparently about to announce. So we trawled through the sources, and came away less...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Numbers Drop as New Dynasty Warriors Game Bombs

    Please save us, Persona 5

    Dear oh dear, the latest Japanese sales charts don't make for particularly pleasant reading for PlayStation enthusiasts. For the first time in months, PS4 numbers dropped below the 20,000 mark, with Sony's current-gen console selling through just 16,469 units. Simply put, the likes of Persona 5 and Final Fantasy XV can't...

  • Game of the Month Top 4 PlayStation Games of July 2016

    Pixels, satsumas, warring China, and giant men with horns

    Oh dear, July's Game of the Month article's a bit late, isn't it? Your humble host completely forgot about our prestigious award not once but twice in the space of about four days. That's surely some sort of new record? In any case, we're here now, and after a pretty close staff vote, we've...

  • News Griffith Is the Star of the Latest Berserk PS4 Gameplay Trailer

    Guts won't be happy

    The untouchable Griffith himself is in the spotlight for this newest Berserk gameplay trailer, and as you'd expect, he's a heck of a lot faster than Guts. But even with his more traditional style of swordplay, Griffith is still able to carve up dozens of enemies at once with his precise jabs and slashes. Could you stomach...

  • Store Update 9th August 2016 (North America)

    Space ace

    No Man's Sky is out on the North American PlayStation Store this week – did you know? Oh, you did – okay, then let's focus on some of the less publicised releases, like Indigo Prophecy which is available as a PS2 Classic. There's also [email protected] and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron to look forward to this time, in addition to some Bad...

  • Store Update 9th August 2016 (Europe)

    No man's hai

    We feel a bit sorry for everything else on the PlayStation Store this week, as nothing's going to get the same amount of attention as No Man's Sky. The likes of [email protected] and Fahrenheit do deserve a look, though – and Bears Can't Drift?! has us intrigued, too. PS4 Games: [email protected] 9th August Battleship 12th August Transformers: Fall of...

  • UK Sales Charts Grand Theft Auto V Assumes the Throne

    Franklin amazing

    A sign of how slow the UK games industry is this summer: Grand Theft Auto V has reassumed its position at the top of the charts for the first time since March 2015. The game's been in the list for 150 weeks now, and this is its ninth number one. It was, however, a close-run contest between Rockstar's open world adventure and...

  • News New Berserk PS4 Gameplay Trailer Finally Gives a Glimpse of How it Plays

    Coming out swinging

    Well, we knew it was coming sooner or later. In what looks to be the first in a series of character specific gameplay trailers, Koei Tecmo has released around 50 seconds of footage from upcoming hack and slasher Berserk. Naturally, this initial video deals with protagonist Guts as both his younger self and when he's kitted out...

  • Push Rewind No Man's Sky, Red Dead Redemption 2, PS4 Firmware 4.00

    Back in time

    A fairly busy week again here at Push Square Towers, as the build up to the hotly anticipated No Man's Sky intensified, while we reviewed a handful of big games such as ABZU and [email protected] We put out a ton of feature coverage, while there were rumours regarding Red Dead Redemption 2 yet again. Reviews:

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 129

    The greatest show on Earth

    The Olympics are now officially underway, which means it's time to learn about nations that you never knew existed and watch sports that would never get primetime coverage under normal circumstances. You either love it or you hate it, but there's no denying that there's something special about the globe getting together...

  • News Bloody New PS4 Screenshots Show Character Transformations in Berserk

    No mercy

    Transformations don't play as big a role in Berserk as they do in something like Dragon Ball Z, but they're still an important part of the story. Guts goes wild when his Berserker Armour takes over, for example, and demons like Nosferatu Zodd have a true form that allows them to exert their real strength. It's pretty cool, then, that...

  • News Darkest Dungeon Crawls onto PS4, Vita on 27th September

    Don't forget your torch

    We've been waiting a while for Darkest Dungeon to make its way to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, but developer Red Hook Studios has announced that we can finally get our hands on it on 27th September. The roguelike dungeon crawler gives players control of a band of heroes in a Gothic setting five hundred feet below...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Toukiden 2 Slays Its Way Into Top 5 on PS4, Vita

    Demon hunting sequel has a decent start

    Would you believe it - we've actually got something worth writing about when it comes to the latest Japanese sales charts. Toukiden 2 entered the software charts in fourth and fifth place on Vita and PlayStation 4 respectively, but neither version sold especially well, racking up around 100,000 units between...

  • Store Update 2nd August 2016 (North America)

    Serving up some smash hits

    It's free PlayStation Plus week, which means everyone's getting Tricky Towers, regardless of whether you want it or not. Other highlights this time include Abzu and Overcooked, as well as Ape Escape 2 and the first episode in Telltale's new Batman series. PS4 Games: ABZÚ $19.99 APE ESCAPE 2 (PS2) $9.99 CANNON...

  • Store Update 2nd August 2016 (Europe)

    Water lot of great content

    Too many games, too little time: the PlayStation 4 is awash with exciting additions this week, with Batman and Abzu being the highlights. We must spare a moment for multiplayer favourites Tricky Towers and Overcooked, too – the former of which is free with PlayStation Plus. PS4 Games: Dead Island Retro Revenge 1st...

  • News You Can Download August's Free PlayStation Plus Games Now

    Stay positive

    August's PlayStation Plus games are now available to download in Europe, so get signed in and add those bad boys to your library of backlog despair. This month's selection should launch later today in North America. In case you've forgotten, August's controversial offering includes Tricky Towers and Rebel Galaxy on PlayStation 4,...

  • Feature 5 Things Berserk Needs to Get Right on PS4, Vita

    Glory on the battlefield

    Berserk is a superb manga series from Japanese artist Kentaro Miura. It's dark fantasy with a capital D, and it's more than deserving of a video game adaptation that does the original work justice. Fortunately, prolific publisher Koei Tecmo is on the case, and it's got Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force doing the heavy...

  • News The Demon with the Greatest Name Is Playable in Berserk on PS4, Vita

    Enter Nosferatu Zodd

    Now we're talking! Nosferatu Zodd, one of Berserk's central characters, is going to be playable in the PlayStation 4 and Vita adaptation. The supremely powerful demon, who can alternate between humanoid and beast forms, will surely be a blast to use in Koei Tecmo's upcoming hack and slasher. We imagine that it won't be long...

  • News Vita Game About Giving Girls Orgasms Accidentally Rated for Everyone

    Someone please think of the children

    Here's a cock up that could potentially land someone in a very sticky situation: the box art for the PlayStation Vita version of risqué rails shooter Gal*Gun: Double Peace has been mistakenly marked with the rating E – and that means Everyone, not Erotic. The error was spotted by infamous Twitter user...

  • UK Sales Charts Uncharted 4 Sales Increase 94 Per Cent

    Up and at 'em

    With the school holidays underway, Sony's pumped a ton more cash into Uncharted 4: A Thief's End here in the UK, widely advertising a special price promotion. The game dropped to £34.99 temporarily – though you could get it even cheaper at some stores – and that prompted a 94 per cent surge in sales. It still wasn't enough to...



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