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  • Store Update 3rd June 2015 (Europe)

    Last minute

    E3 hype! E3 hype! E3 hype! So busy has today been that we almost, almost forgot about the European PlayStation Store update. We're diligent reporters, though, and have just about remembered to put this article together. Shame about the shoddy introductory paragraph, eh? PS4 Games: Beach Buggy Racing £5.79/€6.99/AU$10.45 Color...

  • Store Update 2nd June 2015 (North America)

    Skulls of the ShogunRok

    Ah, the North American PlayStation Store update – a timely reminder that Wednesday is approaching, meaning that the weekend isn't all that far away. This isn't the most exciting refresh ever, with the likes of Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-a-Fide Edition and The Escapists taking centre stage. Still, we're sure that you'll find...

  • Game of the Month The Best PlayStation Games of May 2015

    Good food, fast cars, guns, and swords

    It's safe to say that May was a pretty dire month for new releases, so much so that we actually struggled to gather a group of worthy Game of the Month nominees – but we did get there in the end. To be frank, we're not even sure why we're bothering with this introduction, as it's highly probable that you...

  • News Of Course There's Going to Be a Samurai Warriors 4: Empires on PS4, PS3, and Vita

    What did you expect?

    Well, looks like Koei Tecmo is taking Samurai Warriors 4 to all of the usual stops. Much like just about every other mainline Warriors title, the sengoku period slasher will be getting its own Empires spin-off. It'll be marching into Japanese stores on the 3rd September, which likely means a spring 2016 Western release, if it...

  • Out This Week Wander, Tetris Ultimate, PlayStation Plus Freebies

    Walk this way

    Ah, the pre-E3 calm has finally arrived. Of course, those of you that frequent the PlayStation Nation will know that there's never a slow week on Sony's systems – even when it is, er, a slow week. Are you keeping up? We should probably write this introduction over, but time is of the essence and all that. Let's get stuck in, shall...

  • News PS4 and Vita Platformer EarthNight Certainly Looks the Part

    Imagine dragons

    Endless runners seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but Cleversoft's interestingly named EarthNight may be one to watch out for. Sporting an attractive art style and a lot of whimsical charm, the PlayStation 4 and Vita platformer certainly looks pretty, and the gameplay trailer that we've embedded gives us a glimpse of how it...

  • News FIFA Is Skipping a Season on PS Vita


    FIFA 16 may be keeping the ball rolling on last-gen consoles, but it'll be taking a season off as far as handhelds are concerned. The upcoming sports simulator won't be appearing on the PlayStation Vita this year, although we're not entirely sure what difference that'll actually make. Indeed, each portable iteration of the mega franchise has...

  • News PSN Down? No, It's Just Undergoing a Bit of Maintenance

    Keep calm, carry on

    If you've logged into your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, or Vita, you may have noticed that the PlayStation Network isn't its usual self. No, she's not having an internal meltdown, she's just undergoing some maintenance. Follow us on Twitter for more updates on the PSN outage Usually we find out ahead of time if there's to...

  • News It's Fine to Be Fashionably Late to Corpse Party: Blood Drive

    Washin' your hair

    We don't know about you, but as this author got older, the concept of 'fashionably late' got taken to extremes. Events would be scheduled for, say, 19:00PM – but you were a jerk if you showed up any earlier than 22:00PM. Growing up is pretty dumb, huh? Having said that, such tactics may come in handy when it comes to Corpse Party...

  • UK Sales Charts The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Is Still Top Wolf

    Competition goes splat

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt held onto its position atop the UK sales charts this week, despite competition from Wii U exclusive Splatoon, which was forced to settle for second. We had an inkling things would turn out this way. Grand Theft Auto V, FIFA 15, and Farming Simulator 15 rounded out the top five – an especially...



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