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First Impressions: PS4 Puzzler MouseCraft Whiffs of Tetris, Lemmings, and Mature Cheddar

PS4 Puzzler MouseCraft Whiffs of Tetris, Lemmings, and Mature Cheddar

Dairy glee

Freed from the shackles of financially motivated businessmen, the indie space is awash with bonkers ideas, and Crunching Koala’s upcoming MouseCraft is no exception. The lovechild of Tetris and Lemmings, the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita titles puts you in the steampunk shoes of a crazy cat scientist – aptly named...

Store Update: 7th May 2014 (Europe)

7th May 2014 (Europe)

Flamin' heck

Coming up with interesting introductions to these PlayStation Store updates becomes a challenge after a while, so we’re just going to dive straight into this European refresh and hope that no one notices the distinct lack of effort. At least the platform holder’s put a little more thought into its digital plaza’s latest publish,...

Review: Demon Gaze (PlayStation Vita)

Demon Gaze (PlayStation Vita)

Should have gone to Specsavers

When Demon Gaze first burst onto the scene in Japan last January, it sold 25,316 physical copies in its first week alone, outselling Compile Hearts' Monster Monpiece which launched on the same day. Subsequently, PlayStation Vita owners outside of Japan rejoiced as Kadokawa Games’ dungeon crawling success story was...

Store Update: 6th May 2014 (North America)

6th May 2014 (North America)

Strike a light

MLB 14 The Show is the main addition to the North American PlayStation Store this week, promising to hit a homerun for the first time on Sony’s next-gen format. Despite launching on the PlayStation 3 and Vita earlier in the year, this PlayStation 4 version promises visuals so pretty that you’ll struggle to keep your eye on the...

News: Could the Latest God Eater 2 Patch Make a Western Release Plausible?

Could the Latest God Eater 2 Patch Make a Western Release Plausible?

Best played with friends

While most games can travel West without being lost in translation, others can lose some of their innate charm. God Eater 2, which released last year in Japan for the PlayStation Vita, is one such game that's suffering from similar cultural setbacks as its predecessor. Equipped with a quick and easy local multiplayer mode...

News: By Zeus' Beard! God of War Collection Goes Cross-Buy on Vita

By Zeus' Beard! God of War Collection Goes Cross-Buy on Vita

Fit for a God

You’ll be able to put your PlayStation Vita’s face buttons through their paces this week, as the God of War Collection is set to storm Olympus later today in North America and tomorrow in Europe. Boasting both the first and second games in Sony Santa Monica’s iconic Greek God slaying series, the title will also be fully...

Game of the Month: April 2014 - Child of Light

April 2014 - Child of Light

Out of the dark

April may not have equalled March's onslaught of great games, but it still managed to play host to a number of smaller titles that ended up occupying large chunks of our time. Enjoyable downloadable releases were aplenty, with the likes of Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Trials Fusion, and Child of Light all vying for Push Square's...

Review: No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either! (PlayStation Network - Vita)

No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either! (PlayStation Network - Vita)

Not badman

The world of free-to-play gaming may be fraught with peril, but that doesn’t mean that there’s absolutely no fun to be had. Retro inspired puzzler No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either! represents yet another foray into this potentially deadly minefield by Sony. But is its classic gameplay enough to elevate it above the competition, or...

Review: Titan Attacks (PlayStation 4)

Titan Attacks (PlayStation 4)

Attack on Titan

When it hit arcades, Space Invaders revolutionised video games, making what was viewed by many as a novelty into a global industry. At that same time, it also provided inspiration for a legion of today’s game developers, and this influence is abundantly clear in Titan Attacks from British developer Puppygames. Coming to the...

Review: Muramasa Rebirth (PlayStation Vita)

Muramasa Rebirth (PlayStation Vita)

Radiant revival

While most widely known as the family-friendly home console featuring a myriad collection of party games and fitness titles, the Nintendo Wii was also home to some of last generation’s better adult-oriented forays. Many of these titles got swept under the rug due to poor sales and a missing target audience, but some received much...