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Store Update: 10th January 2017 (Europe)

10th January 2017 (Europe)

We go again

Disaster averted! We almost popped a big fat '2016' in that headline, but it is of course a new year now. Naturally, the gaming industry is just starting to stumble out of its Christmas-induced slumber, but there's some good stuff on the European PlayStation Store this week in the form of a Tales of Berseria demo and Hatsune Miku:...

News: UK Sales Charts: Ain't No Stopping the Call of Duty

UK Sales Charts: Ain't No Stopping the Call of Duty

Nothin' to see here

It may be a New Year, but some things never change: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has remained at the top of the UK sales charts for the… We've lost count, but it's been a long time now. The game fought off fierce competition from the usual suspects, with FIFA 17 and Grand Theft Auto V coming in just behind. Battlefield 1,...

Japanese Sales Charts: PS4 Ends 2016 On Top

PS4 Ends 2016 On Top

Last but not least

The final Japanese hardware and software charts of 2016 are in, and the PlayStation 4 has reclaimed its place at the top of the former. Sony's current-gen console jumped Nintendo's New 3DS LL, shifting a relatively healthy 73,421 units. That means the PS4 manged to sell through almost 1.8 million units in Japan last year. Not an...

Review: Air Race Speed (PS Vita)

Air Race Speed (PS Vita)

Total wipeout

Air Race Speed. It's a terrible name, but an accurate one. This low-budget end-of-life PlayStation Vita release deployed just prior to the holidays, presumably winding its way to Sony's portable after struggling to set the smartphone sales charts alight. Despite its weedy price point and miserable moniker, though, this high-octane...