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  • News Here's 12 Crazy Minutes of Footage for The Crew 2


    The Crew 2 is shaping up to be far bigger and better than the 2014 original, and one of the biggest factors behind that is the ability to switch between your chosen method of transport at any moment. Just take a look at how utterly bonkers this looks in practice in the video above as a car turns into a plane before your eyes, and then...

  • News Get Hyped with the God of War PS4 Soundtrack, Now on Spotify

    Very Norse

    We reckon God of War is pretty bloody good, so we're going to take a minute to plug the game's soundtrack, which is available now on music streaming service Spotify. Could be a good way to increase your hype levels if they're not already through the roof and sailing into orbit. Comprising of 21 songs, the album clocks in at over an hour,...

  • News Here's a Glimpse at Fresh Code Vein Gameplay


    Code Vein still doesn't have a confirmed release date, and now that the later months of the year are starting to look pretty darn busy, we're beginning to wonder if the action role-playing title will actually make it out in 2018 to begin with. Speculation aside, at least the game's still looking promising. Bandai Namco's put out a short...

  • News God of War Goes Over Kratos Customisation, Combat, and Character Builds

    God of more

    The latest God of War trailer's quite an interesting one, with director Cory Barlog and his team going over what you can expect from the game's -- dare we say it -- RPG elements. This includes a look at how customisable Kratos is as a playable character. You can chop and change his equipment and his combat abilities to suit your style,...

  • News Dark Souls Remastered Cleans Up Nicely on PS4 Pro

    But it's nothing amazing

    The first footage of Dark Souls Remastered running on the PlayStation 4 Pro has hit the web, and it’s looking perfectly adequate. Running in 4K at 60 frames-per-second on Sony’s supercharged system, the title’s looking tight, with improved lighting and textures pushing it above its PlayStation 3 counterpart. To be...

  • News Trolls Take Centre Stage in New God of War Gameplay

    Don't feed them

    God of War is a promising looking PlayStation 4 exclusive, so it’s attracting a fair few trolls in the lead up to release; the good news is that protagonist Kratos knows how to bring them to their knees. Sony’s uploaded some brand new gameplay footage from the forthcoming action adventure, and once again we see a troll fight from...

  • News Walk Through Rainy Woods in The Good Life

    First footage of Kickstarter

    Photography-themed role-playing game The Good Life is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter, and developer White Owls has released a tech demo video showing off the open world English backdrop, Rainy Woods. This is obviously still early stuff as the project is yet to enter










  • News Gran Turismo Sport May Be in for a Tough Ride

    Sim racer is already disappointing some

    Gran Turismo Sport is being taken on tour ahead of its October release date, but the response is not all that positive at the moment. The reality is that Polyphony Digital has ditched the franchise’s car collecting origins in favour of a more online-focused experience. The campaign, then, will not see you...

  • News Here's 30 More Minutes of Dynasty Warriors 9 PS4 Gameplay


    Following on from the Dynasty Warriors 9 footage that hit the 'net earlier this week, Gematsu has nabbed another 30 minutes of gameplay from Sony's ChinaJoy 2017 presentation. Much like the previous footage, we get to see the title's open world structure in action as brand new playable character Cheng Pu races across the battlefield...

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