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    Review Steep

    Peak performer

    Extreme sports of the wintry variety clearly aren't for the faint-hearted, and anyone that partakes in snowy slopes that have more in common with the vertical than the horizontal need their head examined. Not only is it dangerous but it also happens to be bloody expensive to boot, which means that most of us will only ever be exposed...

  • News The Division Suits Up with Sharper Graphics on PS4 Pro

    People still play this?

    We're going to let you in on a secret here: no one on our team voted for The Division in our Game of the Year ballot. In fact, it feels like Ubisoft's military role-playing release has been… For want of a better word, forgotten. Perhaps by players, but not by the publisher: the game will be updated imminently with...

  • News For Honor's Single Player Campaign Trailer Readies for War

    A tale of swords

    Ubisoft's keen to let people know that upcoming medieval mash-'em-up For Honor has got a single player campaign, as evidenced by this latest cinematic trailer. The campaign boasts its own story and characters, and we assume that it'll be a good way to wrap your head around the action before jumping into the multiplayer side of...

  • News All of For Honor's Future Maps and Modes Will Be Free

    New heroes may still cost you, though

    There was a kerfuffle earlier this week when it was revealed that For Honor - Ubisoft's medieval slash-'em-up - would require a constant internet connection to play. However, as with most things in this industry, you've got to take the good with the bad; the good in this case being that much of the upcoming...

  • News For Honor Will Require an Internet Connection on PS4

    Live by the sword, die by the sword

    There had been murmurs that For Honor, the swashbuckler from Ubisoft, would require an Internet connection in order to run on the PlayStation 4 – and they've since been confirmed. Writing on the game's forum, a community manager explained that the game is an "always online experience" with elements of...

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    Review Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection

    Three is a magic number

    It's become somewhat of a regular occurrence for older games that had any degree of success to suffer some kind of re-release treatment, often followed by the widespread moaning of gamers. Irrespectively, they sell rather well, so it figures that Renaissance Casanova-cum-stealthy murderer Ezio Auditore da Firenze and his...

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    Review Watch Dogs 2

    Bark or bite?

    This is what you wanted, people – this is what you voted for. No, not Trump or Brexit, but a city run by the Blume Corporation where absolutely everyone is constantly under the gaze of an advanced Big Brother surveillance system. This near future society is a Black Mirror-esque teched-up metropolis where ctOS2.0 connects everyone...


  • News Assassin's Creed Syndicate Polished Up with PS4 Pro Patch

    London's calling

    Well, this is a surprise: Assassin's Creed Syndicate has been updated to support 4K resolution on the PlayStation 4 Pro. The game, which launched over a year ago, wasn't one of the titles expected to be updated for Sony's new hardware – but this provides hope that publishers may be willing to dive into their back catalogues and...

  • News Watch Dogs 2's Seamless Multiplayer Arrives on PS4

    Only a week late

    Watch Dogs 2 is finally working as intended… Well, maybe. The game's "seamless multiplayer" functionality was enabled on the PlayStation 4 a couple of hours ago – just a week after the open world adventure's original launch. You'll now be able to invite and search for co-op partners, hack into rival players' game worlds, and...

  • News Ubisoft Hopes Watch Dogs 2 Has a Long Sales Tail

    Publisher weighs in on woof launch

    Watch Dogs 2 has got off to an atrocious start, selling some 300,000 units less than its predecessor at launch in the UK alone. So bad are the numbers that they've prompted publisher Ubisoft to comment, with the firm wagging its tail in the direction of the release's critical response as evidence that it may yet...

  • Video Wrapping Up Warm with the Steep Open Beta on PS4

    White powder

    We genuinely haven't heard a peep from Steep since E3 2016 earlier in the year, but apparently it's still on course for a 2nd December release. And lending credence to that is the open beta, which Ubisoft launched on the PlayStation 4 this week. Given that there's been so little press of this game, we thought that we'd slip our gloves...

  • Poll What Do You Think of Watch Dogs 2 on PS4?

    Top dog or dog turd?

    Watch Dogs 2 is out on PlayStation 4, and according to our very own Matt Adcock, it's supposed to be pretty darn good. The sandbox sequel is a lot more colourful than its rather dreary predecessor, with Ubisoft trying extra hard to pump some character into proceedings. But now that we've had our say - review score pending - we...

  • News Ubisoft to Patch Some Panties onto Watch Dogs 2's Starkers Models

    A cover up

    Prudence prevails again: Watch Dogs 2's nudists will no longer be going commando. You may have read our earlier story on the player who got banned for sharing a shot of one character's honeypot – well, Ubisoft has now responded, and promised to patch some panties into the game. But is this really the solution? The company claims that...

  • News Don't Even Think About Getting Saucy with the Share Button in Watch Dogs 2

    Sony issues ban for honeypot shot

    Once again the immaturity of the games industry (and the world at large, really) has reared its ugly head: a PlayStation Network user has been banned for sharing an image of a lady's genitalia in Watch Dogs 2. That ban has since made headlines around the web, and shadily has been extended from a week to a month...

  • Deals Take a Cheap PS4 Watch Dogs Bundle for a Walk

    One to wag your tail over

    Amazon UK's starting Black Friday a little early this year with a range of PlayStation 4 deals leading into the big event. As of right now, it's selling a 500GB PS4 Slim with Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2 for just £239.99. That represents a big saving compared to its usual price of £285.99. Bargain bin, eh? You ca

  • News Watch Dogs 2's Multiplayer Is Unlikely to Work on Launch Day

    Patch submitted to Sony

    Wow, this is something else: Watch Dogs 2's multiplayer is unlikely to work properly on launch day. There have been reports all weekend that the game's seamless encounters and random co-op missions don't function as intended, but we'd waved it all aside as a pre-release blip. However, it turns out that Ubisoft has only just...

  • Round Up Watch Dogs 2 PS4 Reviews Bark Up the Right Tree

    Woof, woof

    Watch Dogs 2 has launched a full-scale assault on every gaming website apart from our own, and thus a full-range of scores have been extracted based upon the open world adventure's source code. It's worth nothing that, from what we understand, the multiplayer is completely crunk at the moment, so you may want to turn your attention away...

  • News A Trailer for a New Ubisoft Game May Have Been Found in Watch Dogs 2

    To a Ubisoft tower and beyond

    For a game all about hacking, it probably shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that a trailer for what appears to be a new title from Ubisoft has been found in Watch Dogs 2. After breaking into UbiHQ in the game, NeoGAF user FlammableAce was rewarded with the following video: Could this be Ubisoft's own take...

  • News Watch Dogs 2 Earns Some New Followers with PS4 Launch Trailer


    Watch Dogs 2 has spread its social media influence with a new PlayStation 4 launch trailer. The title, which will worm its way into your console next week, doesn't appear to have as much hype behind it as its hotly anticipated predecessor – but it looks like it's got ten times the personality, at least. Alright, some of the nerdy dialogue...

  • Video Spreading Our Wings with Beautiful PlayStation VR Title Eagle Flight

    Bird brain

    I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away.I don't know where my soul is... I don't know where my home is... How many other PlayStation websites are quoting early-noughties Nelly Furtado songs in their Eagle Flight coverage? The answer is zero. (We hope.) Anyway, this Assassin's Creed-themed bird simulator makes a brilliant first impression...

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    Review Just Dance 2017

    Numa Numa nay

    Just Dance: the worst part of every E3. Just Dance sometimes feels like the Ubisoft series no one can takes seriously – or even cares about anymore. This year's edition really doesn't add much in terms of gameplay or modes, but it's still solid. Firstly, the tracklist: there's a lot of variation this year, with modern hits like...


  • News For Honor Spilt-Screen Co-Op Cut Completely, Not Just From Online Play

    Cleaved in two

    Earlier today, news broke that upcoming medieval brawler For Honor has dropped support for split-screen play, although comments made by producer Stephane Cardin made unclear whether he was referring to online co-op only. Sadly, as it turns out, the worst-case scenario is upon us, in that split-screen is being cut from the game...

  • News For Honor Cuts Split-Screen Co-Op from Online Play

    Lone wolf

    Bad news for those of you who were looking forward to jumping online with your sofa buddy in For Honor, as it sounds like Ubisoft Montreal has cut split-screen co-op. In a recent video from the developer, producer Stephane Cardin says "we decided this week to cut the split-screen", but doesn't really give a clear answer as to why this...







  • News Ubisoft's Dated its E3 2016 Press Conference

    Bring back Mr. Caffeine

    Oh no, the E3 press conference times are beginning to trickle in. Every year, the staff here at Push Square are subjected to the horror that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo, where we're basically forced to stay up three days straight and write approximately 12 billion articles. So you'll have to excuse us when we feel...


  • Poll Are You Still Playing The Division on PS4?

    Has Ubisoft's latest done enough?

    Tom Clancy's The Division has been a success commercially - there's no doubt about that - but now that the game's been out for a few weeks, we thought that it might be interesting to see what you lot think of it. Indeed, if we cast our minds back to the heady days of Destiny and its highly anticipated launch, just...

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    Review TrackMania: Turbo

    Round the bend

    Despite the brand debuting well over a decade ago, TrackMania: Turbo marks the arcade racer's first release on a PlayStation platform. A favourite on the PC particularly, this property is all about perilous point-to-point sprints, where shaving milliseconds off your laps forms the hook that will keep you coming back. But does this...

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    Review Tom Clancy's The Division

    Flu York, Flu York

    In The Division it's amazing how quickly society goes to pieces. Admittedly, a genetically engineered super virus that manages to wipe out a large swathe of New York's population seems a reasonable catalyst, but you would have thought that it would have taken more than a few weeks for things to get as messed up as this. Anyhow, in...

  • News The Division PS4 Patch 1.0.2 Aims to Improve the End Game

    Dark zone

    As is the danger for games of The Division's ilk, many players have already raced to the level cap, leaving little for them to do. Unsurprisingly, then, Ubisoft's first big patch for the looter shooter will revolve around the Dark Zone, improving the rewards that you accrue for going Rogue and more – though a last minute change has seen...

  • Live Watch as We Shave Seconds Off Our Laps in TrackMania Turbo

    Gotta go fast

    Ubisoft's having a rather busy start to 2016, and its latest title – TrackMania Turbo – is the focus of our attention in another livestream. Watch on as we rack up some Gold Medals in the arcade racer. And, as always, don't worry if you can't catch us live – the archived video will be saved above for your viewing pleasure.

  • News TrackMania: Turbo Open Beta Boosts onto PS4 This Weekend

    Progress will carry on to the full game

    TrackMania: Turbo, the next installment in Ubisoft's arcade racing series, will be getting an open beta this weekend, starting at 6:00AM PT/9:00AM ET/13:00PM GMT tomorrow, 18th March, before closing on Monday 21st March at the same times. The title's been in closed beta for a few weeks now, and is only a...

  • Guide The Division PS4 - Skills, Talents, Stats, and Perks Explained

    Understand the shooter's many systems

    Getting to grips with The Division takes more mental fortitude than a medical professional performing brain surgery. For all of the advantages so very obviously present in Ubisoft's post-pandemic role-playing release, the early hours of the game can be mind numbing, as developer Massive unloads intel like it's...

  • Hands On The Division's a Clinical But Compelling PS4 Shooter

    Empire elated?

    Hit making is really, really hard. Pop stars like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber may very well have raw talent, but it's down to their respective record labels to extract that in order to turn them into superstars. And it takes a team of incredibly intelligent people – writers, stylists, producers, engineers, choreographers,...

  • News The Division Is Ubisoft's Fastest Selling Game of All Time

    Snow joke

    Ubisoft's been obsessed with The Division's record breaking success ever since its announcement, but this is the accolade it's been waiting for: the post-pandemic shooter is officially the French firm's fastest selling game of all time. According to the organisation, the title sold more copies in its first 24 hours than any other in the...

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