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  • News Boxing Day PS4 Stock Tough to Track Down in the UK

    Christmas jeer

    If that big rectangular box under your Christmas tree didn’t turn out to be a PlayStation 4, then you may want to sit down before reading on. We’ve been in touch with virtually all of the UK’s biggest supermarkets and high street stores, and we’re afraid that Sony’s next generation console is going to remain scarce...

  • News Your Wallet Will Be Lighter Once You're Done with This Huge EU PSN Sale

    It's full of stars

    We take back everything that we said about Sony’s shoddy sales, as the platform holder’s January promotion is absolutely packed to the figurative brim with noteworthy offers and discounts. Starting today and set to run throughout January, the discounts span various PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation Portable...

  • UK Sales Charts FIFA 14 Dribbles Away with the Christmas Number One

    'Twas the last chart before Xmas

    Good old dependable FIFA 14 has sprinted towards Christmas at the summit of the UK sales charts, meaning that it’ll surely fancy its chances for the Premier League crown this season. The title enjoyed a sudden burst of commercial energy to the tune of 17,000 units, which allowed it to topple last week’s...

  • News UK Retailer GAME's Got Some Big PS4 Bundles In Stock

    Put your Christmas money to one side

    As promised, British-based retailer GAME has got some fresh PlayStation 4 stock available – but it’s not going to give it away. The online iteration of the specialist store has two gigantic bundles available, each featuring a 500GB console, 12 month PlayStation Plus subscription, and a couple of Blu-ray...

  • News Last-Minute Shipment of UK PS4 Stock Filtered into GAME Stores

    Your time is running out

    We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you haven’t secured a PlayStation 4 console yet, then the chances of tracking one down before Christmas are slim. There’s still a sliver of hope, however, if you happen to reside near a GAME store. The British retailer announ

  • News PS4 Launch Improves UK PS Vita Sales by 68 Per Cent

    All according to keikaku

    There’s no doubt that the PlayStation Vita has struggled to capture the commercial attention that the pretty little portable probably deserves. While the handheld did battle several software droughts right around its launch, it's accrued a rather large library over the past year or so, and is more affordable than ever to...

  • News PS4 Outpaces Xbox One in UK Retail Traffic Stats

    Running away with the lead

    At this point, Sony’s next generation system is stomping the Xbox One for fun. Not content with outselling Microsoft’s machine in the November NPDs, the PlayStation 4 has also come out on top in a British retail website study. According to, the Japanese giant’s latest device commanded a much greater...

  • News UK PS4 Bundles In Stock at ShopTo Now, Christmas Delivery Guaranteed

    Variety is the spice of life

    There’s been new PlayStation 4 stock flooding into British stores for the past couple of days, and popular specialist retailer is the latest outlet to join the party. The firm has a whole slew of bundles available with guaranteed Christmas delivery – some of which are certain to stretch your bank balan

  • News Amazon UK Offers One Last Chance to Snag PS4 Stock Before Christmas

    Last minute miracle

    If you’re in the UK, there’s still time to secure a PlayStation 4 before Christmas. Mega-retailer has updated its product pages for the next generation console, indicating that it will have fresh supply of the sought-after system before Santa slips down your chimney. You’re going t

  • News Want a PS4? These UK Asda Stores Will Have New Stock Tomorrow

    Snag a system in your local supermarket

    As rumoured late last week, Walmart-owned supermarket giant Asda will have fresh PlayStation 4 stock in many of its stores tomorrow. The retailer released a list of participating outlets earlier this evening, stating that it will have "limited quantities" of the sought after machine readily available in the...

  • News UK PS4 Stock Arrives in Time for Christmas at Asda

    Ching, ching

    We hope that your cursor finger is faster than Usain Bolt, because Asda has brand new PlayStation 4 stock available for general sale. The firm promised that it would be getting new inventory shortly, and they’ve hit the supermarket’s website this morning. You have a few options available, so make sure that you’re paying...

  • UK Sales Charts Call of Duty: Ghosts Spooks the Summit

    Tearaway trots back into sight

    We’re confident that we could fabricate the contents of our weekly UK sales charts posts at this point, and no one would even bat an eyelid. Once again, last week’s top titles included Call of Duty: Ghosts, FIFA 14, and Battlefield 4. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes was arguably the biggest surprise

  • Rumour Asda to Temporarily Replenish UK PS4 Stock on Tuesday

    Get them before they're gone

    There’ll come a day when you’ll be able to walk into a shop and purchase a PlayStation 4 without needing to worry about whether or not it’s actually in stock – but that moment is not now. Sony’s next generation system has been in short supply in the UK since its release on 29th November, and remains difficult...

  • News UK PS4 Stock Deliveries to Become 'More Frequent' at Tesco

    Consoles expected to be readily available before Christmas

    We’ve been monitoring the PlayStation 4 stock situation in the UK keenly over the past few days. Many stores have been sold out since the system’s release on 29th November, but following the arrival of Phase 3 units at GAME, it seems that Sony

  • News Christmas PS4 Stock Arriving at Argos on 13th December in UK

    Sony's system available soon

    If you’re living in the UK, there’s still hope that you may receive a PlayStation 4 in time for Christmas. We’ve been in contact with Argos, and have been informed that the catalogue-based retailer is expecting a fresh shipment of systems on 13th December. A representative for the outlet told us to keep an eye on...

  • News Accidentally Received a Free PS Vita? Don't Smile Yet

    Zavvi ripping up the rules

    Mistakes are an unfortunate element of day-to-day life. It’s inevitable that we’ll get things wrong on a regular basis, so all that we can really do is try to learn from our slip-ups and attempt to move on. In the case of online retailer Zavvi, though, it’s hoping to recompense its errors by threatening customers...

  • Weirdness Youngster Issues Santa with Epic PlayStation 4 Ultimatum

    "Bring me a PS4 or my sister's kitten goes in the blender"

    Stella Artois swigging eight-year-old Damian Garside has told Santa that he wants a PlayStation 4 for Christmas – and if he doesn’t get one, he’ll be making an animal smoothie out of his sister’s pet kitten. The hard-as-nails pre-pubescent tearaway from Crewe – pictured dragging on...

  • UK Sales Charts Gran Turismo 6 Falls Short of the Pace on PS3

    Lapped by its predecessor

    There was plenty of pent-up desire for Gran Turismo 5 when it eventually parked on store shelves all the way back in 2010, so it’s not especially surprising that its successor Gran Turismo 6 has debuted with sales less than its older sibling. However, we weren’t expecting such a sizeable drop. Chart-Track reports that...

  • News Where to Find PS4 Stock in the UK Before Christmas

    GAME, Argos, and Tesco in-stock for the holidays

    You want a PlayStation 4, and we’re determined to help you to find one. Sony’s next generation system has been a smash success in the UK, selling a record-breaking 250,000 units in just 48 hours – but the platform holder has still struggled to meet demand. That means that consoles are in short...

  • News PS4 Camera Plays Hide and Seek with UK Stores

    Out of stock

    Sony’s revamped PlayStation Camera probably wasn’t at the top of your PlayStation 4 wishlist when you picked up the next generation console, but now that you've had a chance to spend some time with the system – and ogled The Playroom’s easy Trophy list – you may be coming around to the idea of snapping up the upgraded optical...

  • News PlayStation 4 Stock on Its Way to Argos in the UK Soon

    Keep your eyes peeled

    Following up on the tantalising news that PS4 stock has been trickling into GAME stores today, we reached out to Argos to see what its stock situation looks like. If you're desperately trying to source a console this side of Christmas, it certainly looks like it's worth keeping your eyes on Argos to see when its next...

  • News Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Mega Bundle In Stock at Amazon UK on 11th December


    You may yet be spending the holidays with the Helghast after all, as has revealed that it will have fresh PlayStation 4 Mega Bundle stock available on 11th December. The cost-effective Gamer Pack – which includes a 500GB console, a copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall, two DualShock 4 controllers, and a PlayStation Camera – will...

  • News Phase 3 PS4 Stock Seeping into UK GAME Stores Now

    Add to basket

    Are you still struggling to find a PlayStation 4? New stock is arriving around the UK as we type – but you’re going to need to be speedy if you hope to secure one of the sought after systems. GAME outlets throughout the country are reporting that they’ve received Phase 3 stock of the next generation platform today, and while...

  • News PS4 Christmas Bundles In Stock at Zavvi in the UK

    Available for a pretty penny

    Are you hoping to get a PlayStation 4 before Christmas? The consoles are becoming scarcer than fairy dust, but UK retailer Zavvi has the system in stock right now – assuming that you’re willing to pay a premium for the privilege of spending your holidays with the Helghast. Available for the paltry sum of

  • UK Sales Charts Knack Thumps Super Mario 3D World on the Nose

    Mamma mia

    Japan Studio’s enjoyable (but not outstanding) PlayStation 4 launch title Knack landed a heavy blow on the critically acclaimed Super Mario 3D World this week, finishing above the Wii U exclusive in the UK sales charts. Mark Cerny’s throwback platformer punched its way into 13th in the multiformat best-sellers list, while the bruised...

  • News How Much Money Did PS4 Make in 48 Hours in the UK?

    It only prints money

    Sony has smashed records in the UK, making the PlayStation 4 the country’s fastest selling console of all time – but how much money did the platform accrue within 48 hours? Industry publication MCV estimates that the system raked in a whopping £87 million ($142 million) during its first two

  • News Wow, the PS4 Is the UK's Fastest Selling Console of All Time

    Like hotcakes

    A recent report from Chart-Track has revealed that the PlayStation 4 is the fastest selling console in UK history. The brand new machine beat out the previous record-holder, Sony's own PlayStation Portable, which sold 185,000 units during its 2005 launch. It seems that a policy of listening to gamer feedback is paying dividends for...


  • News Why Are Digital PS4 Games So Expensive in the UK?

    Price barrier

    Sony may have done right by consumers with regards to physical media on the PlayStation 4, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a priority on the next generation system. A quick glance at the hardware’s chassis may mean that you overlook the disc slot, while the device’s power and eject buttons are even harder to find. Figure out...

  • Weirdness The Sun's Page 3 Swapped Out for a Sexier Image

    Real hardware

    Looks like British glamour model Rosie Jones has been given the day off, as Sony has taken charge of The Sun’s famous Page 3 column. For those out of the tabloid loop, the UK rag ordinarily publishes pictures of scantily clad ladies on the inside page, but it’s swapped out the images for something a little sexier today – a shot...

  • Live Watch the European PS4 Launch Livestream Right Here

    Live from London

    Time zones mean that the PlayStation 4 has already launched in parts of Europe, but there’s still a little while to go before the console officially deploys in the UK. In order to keep abreast of the action, PlayStation Access is running a stream live from Covent Garden in London, where frozen fans are being polled about their...

  • News Not Got a Pre-Order? Here's Where You Can Buy a PS4 in the UK

    Cutting it fine

    You really should have pre-ordered a PlayStation 4 a long time ago if you wanted to get one in time for launch, but there is still hope at some stores around the UK. To be in with a chance of nabbing a wild console, you’re probably going to need to consider queuing up soon as we’re expecting the system to sell out quick. Still,

  • News Plenty More on the Horizon for PS4, System to Avoid Drought

    The Devil makes work for idle thumbs

    Sony may have been criticised for the PlayStation 4’s light launch lineup, but Fergal Gara isn’t concerned about the future at all. The executive, who fronts the British arm of the Japanese giant’s gaming business, has been chatting ahead of tonight’s European release – and says that there are some...

  • News Sony: We Are Expecting Record Sales for the PS4 in Europe

    Player power

    While those of you in North America merrily fill your faces with Thanksgiving turkey, the majority of Europe is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the PlayStation 4. The next generation console may be old news by now in the Land of the Free, but the platform is poised to deploy in the Old World imminently. And writing on the PlayStation...

  • News Europeans Can Now Pick Up a PS4 and Vita Bundle for Under £500

    Who needs Black Friday?

    If you're heading out to wait for greatness in a PlayStation 4 midnight launch queue tonight, you may want to consider bringing a bit of extra cash. Well, if you don't already own a PlayStation Vita, that is. A recent report from has revealed that select retailers around the UK will be offering PS4 and Vita...

  • News Sony to Reduce Digital PS4 Prices Prior to EU Launch

    Pound stretcher

    The dream of an all-digital future looked dead in the water over the weekend, when the launch of the PlayStation 4’s store in the UK revealed that you could be paying up to £62.99 ($102.63) for a single title. EA decreased the cost of its games by £3.00 ($4.89) yesterday, making its releases slightly more affordable but still...

  • News PS4 UK Digital Prices Slashed Ever So Slightly by EA

    Still extortionate, though

    EA Games’ generosity knows no bounds. Following a backlash over the weekend regarding the eye-watering price points attached to the digital versions of its PlayStation 4 launch titles, the mega publisher has reduced the cost of its catalogue of next generation blockbusters by £3.00 ($4.85) apiece. Now purchasing the...

  • News Not Pre-Ordered a PS4? There'll Be Consoles Available in the UK at Launch

    Panic on the streets of London

    Don’t worry if you haven’t pre-ordered a PlayStation 4 in the UK, as you still stand a chance of securing a system on launch day. Sony has revealed that it will have spare stock available to purchase at its release party in London this week, and if you’re willing to wait out in the freezing British weather...

  • UK Sales Charts FIFA 14 Sprints to the Summit

    Back of the net

    Unsurprisingly, this week’s UK sales chart is dominated by a certain non-Sony next generation console. With the Xbox One launching in Britain last Friday, a large chunk of this week’s top titles were sold on the Microsoft manufactured machine. That includes FIFA 14, which shot straight to the top of the league after seeing a...

  • News PS4 Ad Campaign Set to Air on Channel 4 in the Lead Up to UK Launch

    Fusion of fours

    If you happen to spot a clip of Killzone: Shadow Fall while watching Hollyoaks next week know that it’s part of a massive promotional campaign Sony’s running on Channel 4 in the build up to the PlayStation 4’s UK launch. The Drum reports that the platform holder has teamed up with the broadcaster to create a sequence of short...

  • News PS4's UK Digital Prices Will Stretch Your Wallet Pretty Wide

    Shop around

    The price of PlayStation 4 titles in the UK is a topic that hasn’t really been touched on a whole lot in the lead up to launch. We’ve avoided the subject largely because we expected things to settle down shortly before release, but it looks like that’s not going to be the case, and we’re going to be charged a hefty premium at...

  • News Discover the Best Way to Play with PS4 and Vita Ultimate Bundle

    Forever friends

    It’s been rumoured for an eternity, but MCV reports that an ‘Ultimate Bundle’ collating the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita is set to hit UK store shelves this year. According to the site, the platform holder has decided to lump the two systems together ahead of Christmas, allowing flush consumers to key into the entire...

  • Weirdness Prince William Wants a PS4, Fears Kate Middleton's Reaction

    Sony recruits a royal fan

    What do you buy a member of the Royal Family for Christmas? Well, in the case of Prince William, he’s quite keen on a PlayStation 4 – even if he is a little worried that wife Kate Middleton may not take too kindly to the addictive addition to the family. The modern monarch revealed the tidbit as part of an appearance...

  • Weirdness Sony Rebrands London Landmark with PS4 Symbols

    London's playing

    South Bank’s famous OXO Tower has received a bit of a rebrand ahead of the PlayStation 4’s launch in the UK later this month. The London landmark, which already wears Circle and Cross symbols similar to PlayStation’s famous face buttons, has been kitted out with Square and Triangle icons to create a monumental gaming display...

  • UK Sales Charts PS4 Games Are Already Selling Strongly

    Call of Duty: Ghosts gets off to a decent start on the system

    Sony’s next generation console may be right around the corner in North America, but there are still a few weeks before it settles its blue and black chassis on UK stores shelves. That’s not stopping the console’s initial roster of software from performing fairly well, though, as...

  • News Don't Worry, Your PS4 Mega Bundle Is Not Delayed in the UK

    It may be elsewhere, though

    Escalating reports suggest that Sony’s generous PlayStation 4 Mega Bundle may be delayed in some parts of Europe – but a spokesperson for the company’s UK branch has informed us that there are no issues in Britain. For those out of the loop, the gigantic launch day package includes a 500GB console, a copy of...

  • UK Sales Charts Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Gets the Wind in Its Sails

    Battlefield 4 anchored in second

    The excellent Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag outpaced Battlefield 4 to take this week’s UK sales charts crown, despite both titles being bitten by the next generation bug. Neither release managed to sell as many copies as their predecessors, with many consumers no doubt waiting for the PlayStation 4 versions of...




  • UK Sales Charts Saints Row IV Takes the Seat at the Summit

    Inauguration station

    Saints Row IV has been sworn in at the top of the UK sales charts, fending off strong competition from Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Ubisoft’s sneak-‘em-up settled its night vision goggles on second place, while pricey toy platform Disney Infinity finished in third. Isn’t it nice to be able to talk about some new games for a...

  • UK Sales Charts Payday 2 Initiates a Holdup at the Top Spot

    Grand Theft Auto IV returns

    It looks like the UK market couldn’t get enough heist action last week. In addition to Starbreeze’s robbery simulator Payday 2 shooting straight to the summit of the sales charts, Grand Theft Auto IV also put in an impressive reappearance on the back of the recent Grand Theft Auto Online reveal. It’s a testament to...

  • UK Sales Charts Tales of Xillia Conjures Fourth Place Finish

    The Smurfs 2 feeling blue in third

    Tales of Xillia got off to a flying start in the UK sales charts, finishing fourth in this week’s bestsellers list. The enjoyable Namco Bandai role-playing game scored favourably in our review, earning itself a respectable 8/10 and a strong recommendation. Despite this, the title couldn’t leapfrog The Smurfs 2,...

  • News Amazon Warns That Fresh PS4 Pre-Orders May Not Be Fulfilled At Launch

    British supplies running dry

    Amazon is the latest retailer to acknowledge Sony’s previously reported PlayStation 4 pre-order deadline. The UK arm of the online giant has added a message to the next generation console’s product page, warning consumers that any purchases made after 6th August may not be fulfilled at launch. “Due to high...

  • UK Sales Charts The Last of Us Clicks at the Heels of Minecraft

    Building blocks

    We truly are in the summer lull – even though it’s cloudy outside. A lack of new releases meant that Minecraft held onto its spot atop the UK sales charts this week. Slipping Pikmin 3 sales allowed The Last of Us to pull itself into second, while

  • News Looks Like It Really Is Last Chance Saloon for PS4 Pre-Orders

    UK retailer shutting the batwing doors

    You really are running out of time to pull the trigger on your PlayStation 4 pre-order in the UK. Yesterday, a CVG report claimed that Sony was set to introduce a deadline on next generation system sales, and online outlet Simply Games has reinforced that by sending out email reminders like the one embedded to...


  • Rumour If You Don't Pre-Order Your PS4 Soon, You May Miss Out

    Sony to introduce deadline in the UK

    Sony is set to introduce a pre-order deadline for the PlayStation 4 in the UK, according to retail sources speaking with CVG. The site reports that any purchases placed beyond 5th August may not secure you a system at launch. If accurate, it means that you’ve got less than a week to put a deposit down on your...

  • UK Sales Charts Minecraft Chucks a Brick at The Last of Us

    Stairway to seven smashed

    After an impressive six weeks at the top of the charts, The Last of Us has finally been stopped in its tracks by, er, Minecraft. The boxed version of Mojang’s indie hit did its best Clicker impression, and shuffled straight to the summit of the best-sellers list. New release

  • UK Sales Charts The Last of Us Shuffles to a Sixth Week at the Summit

    Still life in Naughty Dog's adventure

    The Last of Us has fought off a calculated attack from Dynasty Warriors 8, leaving it standing at the top of the UK sales charts for a sixth consecutive week. The previous titles to achieve this feat were Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and

  • News PS3 Rules UK Retail in June, Commands 40 Per Cent Software Share

    The Last of Us fronts positive period for Sony's system

    While the PlayStation 3 is generally the platform of choice in Europe, it’s forced to sit behind the Xbox 360 in the UK. A strong marketing presence from Microsoft means that, while still popular, Sony’s system is regularly treated as second-best in the region. Despite this, though, the...

  • News The Last of Us Limping Towards Black Ops II Record in the UK

    Sweet six

    Assuming that The Last of Us can survive another week at the top of the UK sales charts, it will match a record held by Call of Duty: Black Ops II and FIFA 12. Both of the aforementioned titles managed to sit at the summit for a whopping six consecutive weeks. Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed opus is now at five weeks, with

  • UK Sales Charts The Last of Us Survives a Fifth Week at the Top

    Nothing's gonna stop us now

    This is fairly unprecedented for a PlayStation 3 exclusive: The Last of Us has managed a fifth week at the top of the UK sales charts. Granted, there’s very little software deploying at the moment, but that’s still a seriously impressive feat for Naughty Dog’s survival horror excursion. There’s a chance that it...

  • News Sony Drops Data Loss Appeal, Will Have to Pay £250k Fine

    Chunk of change

    Remember when the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK fined Sony a whopping £250,000 for the PlayStation Network hack in 2011? At the time, the platform holder said that it planned to fight the charges – but it’s since dropped the case, meaning that the firm will be forced to cough up the extortionate sum. "After...

  • News You May Need to Open Your Wallet Wider for EA's PS4 Games

    Prices could be going up

    We’re very much still in the PlayStation 4’s honeymoon period. Typically, the bubble would have burst by now – but Sony is doing a fantastic job of ensuring that the public perception surrounding its next generation console remains predominantly positive. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t bad news around...

  • UK Sales Charts The Last of Us Lives at the Summit

    Can't stop clicking

    It looks like it’s going to take something bigger than a Bloater to knock The Last of Us off its perch atop the UK sales charts. The title has retained its place at the best-sellers summit for a fourth consecutive week, proving that new properties can succeed at the end of a generation. It’s the first chart-topper of the...

  • News Lovefilm Breaks UK Gamers' Hearts from 8th August

    Rental giant cans video games

    Despite its name, Lovefilm is actually the best (and biggest) video game rental service in the UK. At least it was: the Amazon-owned giant has confirmed that it will cease distributing software to existing customers on 8th August. Yesterday, it revealed that it had axed game rentals for new members, prompting many to...

  • UK Sales Charts The Last of Us Keeps Clicking at the Summit

    The sky has turned grey

    While we appreciate that we’re in the midst of the slow summer season, it’s pretty unprecedented for a PlayStation 3 exclusive to cling onto the UK sales charts top spot for longer than a week. But despite a slew of bad press over the past few days, The Last of Us has managed to do just that, holding onto its place atop...




  • UK Sales Charts Dead Island: Riptide Shuffles to Software Summit

    Rotten results for Deadly Premonition

    Dire first-person semi-sequel Dead Island: Riptide has stumbled to the top of the UK sales charts, knocking Injustice: Gods Among Us off its perch. The superhero brawler slumped into second, a position ahead of budget re-release Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, which roared into third. Elsewhere, Namco Bandai’s...

  • UK Sales Charts Injustice: Gods Among Us Pummels BioShock Infinite

    Holding out for a hero

    BioShock Infinite’s varied roster of Vigors did little to stave off the challenge of the DC Universe this week, as Injustice: Gods Among Us has soared straight to the top of the UK sales charts. The critically acclaimed NetherRealm Studios brawler ended Columbia’s three-week spell at the summit, with the floating city...

  • UK Sales Charts BioShock Infinite Stays Seated At the Summit

    God only knows

    Nothing could tear BioShock Infinite away from the top of the UK sales charts this week, as the inspired Irrational Games shooter enjoyed a third successive period at the summit of the best-sellers list. As has become a recurring trend, the title was joined by Tomb Raider, FIFA 13, and Defiance in the top five. Elsewhere,

  • News ASDA: PlayStation 4 Release Date Is 'Merely An Estimation'

    As you were, then

    Despite teasing a 2013 release for the PlayStation 4 in the UK this morning, ASDA has told us that it’s merely predicting when the console will release. “We have had no confirmation from Sony,” a spokesperson said. “This is merely an estimation, and we look forward to hearing a confirmed release date soon.” In a press...

  • News UK Retailer ASDA Accepting PS4 Pre-Orders, System Supposedly Out This Year

    Ching, ching

    UK retailer ASDA has hopped aboard the PlayStation 4 bandwagon, announcing that it is the first British supermarket to accept pre-orders for Sony’s impending system. Specialist franchise GAME is also taking deposits on the machine, but the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury’s are still twiddling their thumbs worrying about horse meat...

  • UK Sales Charts BioShock Infinite Keeps Its Head Among the Clouds

    Flying high

    Day passes to Columbia continued to prove popular last week, as BioShock Infinite enjoyed a second successive spell at the top of the UK sales charts. The gorgeous first-person adventure fought off strong competition from Tomb Raider and Trion Worlds’ ambitious MMO Defiance, the latter of which debuted in third. Elsewhere, it was...

  • UK Sales Charts BioShock Infinite Swoops to the Summit

    Looks like you kindly bought it

    Irrational Games’ stunning first-person adventure BioShock Infinite has ascended straight to the summit of the UK sales charts, trouncing its predecessor’s tally by a substantial 9,000 units in the process. While the release shot straight to the top, it couldn’t unsettle Tomb Raider’s record, with Lara Croft...

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