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  • UK Sales Charts Mortal Kombat X Completes Franchise's Return to Relevance

    Finish it

    After several years lagging on the PlayStation 2, the Mortal Kombat franchise is very much back to its best – both from a quality and commercial perspective. NetherRealm Studios' excellent PlayStation 3 reboot put the franchise back on the map in 2011, but Mortal Kombat X has completed its return to relevancy, securing the biggest UK...

  • Rumour ITV and Channel 4 Streaming to UK PS4s

    'Appy now?

    Does anyone even watch television "live" anymore? Fair enough, sporting events are best enjoyed as they happen, but we can't remember the last time that we sat down at 19:00PM on the dot to catch the latest episode of Emmerdale – it's all about on-demand these days. It's frustrating, then, that the PlayStation 4 has been missing the...

  • UK Sales Charts Bloodborne Just Can't Beat Battlefield Hardline

    Cops cuff Cthulhu

    Battlefield Hardline has parked up in the UK sales top spot, and is currently devouring a dinner of strong coffee and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Despite receiving a somewhat mixed reception, EA Games' first-person shooter clearly has more than enough brand power to maintain its place at the summit, as it's secured its fourth number...

  • UK Sales Charts Bloodborne Keeps Dark Souls II at Bay

    Battlefield Hardline above both

    Bloodborne managed to hold its own fairly well over the Easter holidays, slipping down to third in the cumulative UK sales charts, but remaining the best-selling individual game across all formats. Combined SKUs pegged Battlefield Hardline at the top, while Grand Theft Auto V finished second. All three ended ahead of...



  • News GAME's Selling a £250,000 Dying Light Collector's Edition

    Includes your very own zombie shelter

    UK retailer GAME is well known for its steep prices, but this Dying Light collector's edition is something else. Clearly part of a marketing ploy to promote Techland's delayed undead-'em-up – which is finally due out physically in Europe this week – the £250,000 ($387,372) one-of-a-kind set includes a...

  • UK Sales Charts PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Flags Down a Cab in First

    Good work, guv'nor

    The Order: 1886 may not have received a critical reception quite on par with The Last of Us, but it is the first Sony title since Naughty Dog's next-gen remaster to reach the top of the UK sales charts. Ready at Dawn's divisive London romp shot straight into first after a heavy marketing campaign, beating out Call of Duty:...

  • News UK Publisher and Gamer Charity Weekend Includes World Exclusive Gameplay

    Gaming for all

    If you hadn't noticed it already topping the trends on Twitter, this weekend marks GameBlast, a 24 hour charity gaming marathon by gamers, for gamers. Everyone is gaming hard all to help donate to Special Effect – a UK game charity devoted to helping those with physical disabilities play games. It isn't just streamers getting...

  • UK Sales Charts Evolve Seeks Out the Summit

    Level up

    Finally, the UK sales charts have changed. After weeks and weeks of a samey looking top ten, Evolve and Nintendo's New 3DS have arrived to mix things up. As you'd probably expect, Turtle Rock's four-versus-one affair clawed its way to the top spot, with 48 per cent of copies sold on the PlayStation 4. This was actually one per cent less...

  • UK Sales Charts Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Can't Be Passed

    Spacey to breathe

    Oh, please pull the trigger. The samey UK sales charts have been practically unchanged for months now, with only Evolve offering any immediate hope of respite. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare once again maintained control of the top position, while Grand Theft Auto V and FIFA 15 jostled for space in second and third respectively...

  • UK Sales Charts There Ain't Nothing to See Here

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare back on top

    Dying Light should, by right, have given the UK sales charts a bit of shake up this week, but seeing as it only released digitally in Europe last Wednesday, brace yourselves for a familiar top ten. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare did manage to strong arm Grand Theft Auto V from the summit, following a...


  • UK Sales Charts Saints Row Misses Out on Four More Years

    Voted out

    Saints Row IV: Re-Elected & Gat Out of Hell missed out on the presidency spot in this week's UK sales charts, clawing its way into fourth position overall. Grand Theft Auto V was instead sworn into the White House, completing a third term at the summit of the British best sellers list, while Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and FIFA 15...

  • UK Sales Charts Grand Theft Auto V Sits Pretty at Summit

    Déjà vu

    Zzzzz. Forget about the Green Day song Wake Me Up When September Ends, we're writing a new version, and it's called Wake Me Up When the UK Sales Charts Change. There are no surprises in this week's update, with Grand Theft Auto V, FIFA 15, and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare all finishing at the top. Ubisoft trio Far Cry 4, The Crew, and...

  • News DriveClub Was the UK's Best Selling Exclusive of 2014

    Pulling ahead

    It may come as a shock to many, but DriveClub, the PlayStation 4 exclusive racer that was plagued by launch issues, was the UK's best selling exclusive game of 2014. The full list, which comes from MCV, takes console bundles into account, but doesn't follow digital sales, so we can probably assume that the gorgeous drive-'em-up sold by...

  • News You Can Now Buy DriveClub for £19.99 with PlayStation Plus

    Reasonably priced game

    DriveClub's much anticipated PlayStation Plus Edition is still stuck in a showroom somewhere, but Sony seems eager to capitalise on the good word of mouth surrounding the release right now. Following a lengthy spell in the top ten of the UK sales charts, the manufacturer has reduced the price of the PlayStation 4 exclusive...

  • UK Sales Charts Grand Theft Auto V Holds Up Top Spot


    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has fallen from its perch atop the UK sales charts, with Grand Theft Auto V throwing it from its throne. Rockstar Games' sublime sandbox has enjoyed a resurgence of late due to the release of its PlayStation 4 port, and is likely to maintain momentum later in the month when the PC version is unleashed. To be...

  • News Score Your Own Ouija Board with Saints Row IV: Gat Out of Hell on PS4

    You've Gat to see this

    If you thought that Ouija Boards were solely reserved for raising the dead and providing bad teen slashers with some semblance of plot, then you probably wouldn't get a job in Deep Silver's marketing division. The firm has announced that it's teamed up with uber-retailer GAME in the UK in order to giveaway Wee-Ja Boards with...

  • News Yes, PS4 Was the UK's Best Selling System in 2014

    The best of British

    If you hadn't already noticed, we're slap bang in the centre of that period where companies beat their chests and boast about the previous year's sales. And hot on the heels of last night's impressive PlayStation 4 install base update, SCEUK has revealed that its next-gen system was the best-selling console in Britain last year...

  • UK Sales Charts Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Remains Frosty in First

    Cold war

    Crisis averted: the office Internet has been restored. Our first full day back at Push Square Towers has been spent on the phone to ISPs and in retail stores purchasing new routers and kit, but we're finally back in action – a few hours later than expected. Fortunately, it's the start of January not E3, so we haven't really missed much...


  • UK Sales Charts A Familiar Top Five Finishes 2014

    Over and out

    There are absolutely no upsets in the UK Sales Charts this week, as the top five consists of five very familiar franchises. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare held onto the number one spot, but was battled all of the way by Grand Theft Auto V. Elsewhere, FIFA 15 finished in third, ahead of Ubisoft blockbusters Assassin's Creed Unity and Far...

  • News This UK PS4 Bundle Comes with Four Blockbuster Games

    How low can you go?

    It's not even Boxing Day yet, but UK retailer GAME is already breaking out the big guns. Despite being historically expensive, the specialist store has been pretty competitive in the hardware space of late – and this £349.99 uber-bundle is one of the best that we've seen so far. It looks like Santa will be arriving early for...

  • UK Sales Charts Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Crashes the Christmas Party

    Merry CoDmas

    Wow! We thought that FIFA 15 was a lock for the UK Christmas number one, but Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has rocketed jumped out of nowhere and taken the top spot. It pushed EA Sports’ soccer sim down into second, while Grand Theft Auto V held strong in third. Ubisoft blockbusters Far Cry 4 and

  • UK Sales Charts FIFA 15 Still at the Top of the League

    No way, José

    We hope that you enjoy dreary UK sales charts updates, because we doubt that the top ten’s going to change a whole lot over the next couple of months. FIFA 15 has held onto its place atop the best sellers list this week, battling off Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Grand Theft Auto V, Far Cry 4, and

  • News How to Buy a 20th Anniversary PS4 Console in the UK

    Without paying exorbitant eBay prices, obviously

    All of those cheap and cheerful 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 consoles sold out at the PlayStation ’94 pop-up shop in minutes last week, and were subsequently posted on eBay for astronomical fees. Fortunately, there’s still time for you to get in on the scalping, as Sony has more of the limited...

  • News You'll Be Able to Buy a 20th Anniversary PS4 for £19.94 in London Tomorrow

    What are you waiting for?

    Want one of those tasty 20th anniversary PlayStation 4 consoles? Sony will be selling 94 of the systems for £19.94 in London from tomorrow. Revealed as part of an hilarious PlayStation Access skit, you’ll not only need to find the super secret PlayStation '94 store – we know where it is, but we won’t giveaway the...

  • UK Sales Charts FIFA 15 Stages a Christmas League Comeback

    The Crew cruises into sixth

    After a few weeks off the top of the charts, FIFA 15 has staged an impressive comeback – and dethroned its rivals to reach the summit of the UK sales charts yet again. The soccer sim got its nose in front of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Grand Theft Auto V, both of which occupied the second and third spots...

  • News Strong PS4 Bundle Sales Drive DriveClub Numbers Up by 999 Per Cent

    Sales of Sony's UK Black Friday package were 'massive'

    This is proof that a good bundle can do a lot of damage, and something that SCEA should be paying attention to: DriveClub sales increased by a whopping 999 per cent on Black Friday week in the UK, thanks to a competitive PlayStation 4 hardware package which included the exclusive racing game...

  • UK Sales Charts Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Prevails on Black Friday Week

    Spacey out

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare won the battle of Black Friday, knocking last week’s front runner Grand Theft Auto V from its perch atop the UK sales charts. Bundles make it almost impossible to get a proper read on this week’s best sellers list, but the top five is largely what you’d expect, with FIFA 15, Far



  • UK Sales Charts FIFA 15 Fights Off Minecraft for Fifth Week at Summit

    The invincibles

    There’s no stopping EA Sports’ soccer simulation it seems, as FIFA 15 is currently enjoying yet another week at the summit of the UK sales charts. The footie favourite has sat at the top of the league for five weeks now, and is unlikely to budge next week either. Of course, we’re sure that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at the...

  • UK Sales Charts The Evil Within Can't Shoo FIFA 15 from Summit

    Ball boo

    How many scalps has EA Sports’ soccer sim claimed in the UK sales charts now? FIFA 15 has occupied Chart-Track’s top spot for several weeks since launch, and nothing appears capable of unsettling it – not even Shinji Mikami’s spooky survival horror, The Evil Within. Bethesda’s blockbuster instead finished in second this time, one...

  • News This Upcoming PS4 Bundle Sure Has a Grasp on Mainstream Gamers

    Box of treats

    As, for lack of a better word, ‘hardcore’ gamers, we tend to put exaggerated emphasis on franchises such as BioShock and Uncharted. While both are critically acclaimed, these properties don’t touch the sales of Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto – mainstream hits that even the average person at your local pub will be able to...

  • UK Sales Charts FIFA 15 Brushes Aside Alien: Isolation and DriveClub

    League leaders

    FIFA 15 is a bit like a Jose Mourinho team at the minute: stubborn and utterly unbeatable. Despite the release of Alien: Isolation and DriveClub last week, neither could unsettle the soccer sim from its perch at the top of the UK sales charts. The former debuted in second, which may disappoint publisher SEGA a little seeing as it...

  • News Snow Joke! Standalone White PS4 Coming to UK Next Week

    Winter wonderbox

    Personally, we quite like the idea of all of our home entertainment appliances being the same colour (black), but if you don’t suffer from a pesky case of OCD, then you may be tempted by the white PlayStation 4 console. Previously, this was only available alongside Destiny or DriveClub, but, as promised by Worldwide Studios...

  • UK Sales Charts None Shall Pass FIFA 15, As Shadow of Mordor Enters in Second

    Lord of the league

    FIFA 15 fought off its first big competitor for the title this week, remaining at the summit of the UK sales charts – despite the excellent Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor deploying on Friday. The Lord of the Rings spin-off entered in second, netting the biggest ever British launch for a game based on the fantasy franchise. The...

  • News Forget That Awesome UK PS4 Package, This One Is Better

    Impulse purchase

    There has never been a better time to buy a PlayStation 4 in the UK. Retailers are competing for your custom ahead of the busy Christmas shopping season, and prices are getting slashed like there’s no tomorrow. There are also some great unofficial bundles doing the rounds, like the one that we spotted at GAME earlier in the week...


  • News This Is One of the Best PS4 Deals in the UK So Far

    Won't break the bank

    Retailers around the UK are really fighting for your custom right now, and that’s resulting in some outrageous offers regarding the PlayStation 4. We already saw the system’s price slashed ahead of FIFA 15 last week, but now it seems that GAME is preparing a bundle of epic proportions – which includes three games and a...

  • UK Sales Charts FIFA 15 Kicks Destiny Off the Top

    Got some balls

    That didn’t last long, did it? To be fair, a quick glance at the release calendar would have told you that Destiny wouldn’t be dominating the UK sales charts forever – especially with FIFA 15 looming on the horizon. And, unsurprisingly, it’s the soccer simulation that’s knocked Bungie’s first-person shooter off the top,...

  • News PS4 Responds to Xbox One UK Price Drop with Retailer Promos

    Cheap as chips

    While we do tend to pay over the odds a lot of the time, the best thing about living in the UK – aside from fish and chips, of course – is that retailers will fight tooth and nail for your business. This results in a ridiculous number of loss leaders, where supermarkets and specialist chains will launch outrageous deals in order...

  • News What's the Best Price for FIFA 15 PS4 in the UK?

    Less than Andy Carroll

    FIFA 15 is undoubtedly the biggest new release of the week – especially if you happen to be fond of the beautiful game. However, with the re-sell value of last year’s edition already rock bottom, you’ll no doubt be looking to get a decent deal on this year’s instalment – Harry Redknapp style. Fortunately, while...

  • UK Sales Charts Destiny Still Sitting Among the Stars

    Not so weary Traveller

    Some less than stellar reviews haven’t prevented Destiny from maintaining its place atop the UK sales charts, with the intergalactic PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 adventure holding strong – despite numbers dropping by 78 per cent since its record breaking debut. It continued to perform impressively on the PS4 in...

  • News Destiny Boosts UK PS4 Sales Up by a Whopping 300 Per Cent

    The only way is up

    It won’t come as much of a surprise, but Destiny didn’t just improve PlayStation 4 sales in North America. An MCV report – which cites a senior industry source quoting Chart-Track data – states that sales of Sony’s super machine were boosted up by 300 per cent week-over-week in the UK due to the release of Bungie

  • UK Sales Charts Destiny Rocket Jumps into Podium Position

    Strong showing from Activision's new super series

    It would have been a bigger surprise this week if Destiny had failed to land in the top spot, but, as expected, it’s rocketed straight to the summit. The next big game from Bungie sold best on the PlayStation 4, and also smashed new intellectual property records in the process. As a result,...

  • News Unsurprisingly, Destiny Sold Best on PS4 in the UK

    And it's the biggest thing since sliced bread

    The critical reception may be a boiling pot of piping hot and lukewarm, but that hasn’t stopped Destiny from achieving the biggest new intellectual property launch in the UK, brushing aside Watch Dogs, which was the previous record holder. Unsurprisingly, the PlayStation 4 version sold best on British...

  • News PS4 Has Rekindled Latent Love for the PlayStation Brand, Says Sony

    PlayStation Phwoar

    A lot of the PlayStation 4’s success can be attributed to it being the right platform with the right policies that was released at the right time – but to simplify the situation like that would be to overlook all of the hard work that Sony’s done behind-the-scenes. And that includes recapturing the essence of what made its...

  • News What's the Best Price for Destiny PS4 in the UK?

    Moon dust

    Bloomin’ heck, we always suspected that Destiny was going to be a bloody big deal, but even we weren’t expecting the fanfare that has manifested around the first-person shooter over the past few days. Earlier today, Sony revealed that it’s treating the release like one of its own, while there are plenty of reports of ridiculous...

  • News Wow, the PlayStation 4 Is Utterly on Fire in the UK

    Already surpassed one million units sold

    In console war terms, the PlayStation 3 lost in the UK. Not only did it sell significantly less than its closest competitor the Xbox 360, but it also fell behind in mindshare. Stores would stick Sony’s latest releases right to the back of their video game sections, and newspaper promotions would always...

  • UK Sales Charts Watch Dogs Steps Out of Its Kennel for One More Walk

    Sorry Aiden, Destiny's coming

    Watch Dogs may be the fastest selling new franchise of all time – but it’s about to have that record snatched away. Like a larger puppy that’s spied a particularly pleasant pack of Bonio biscuits, Bungie’s colossal first-person shooter Destiny is waiting in the wings, ready to pounce upon all of the delicious...



  • News What's the Best Price for The Last of Us Remastered PS4 in the UK?

    Cheap and cheerful

    There’s a good chance if you’re reading this that you’re at least thinking about picking up The Last of Us Remastered for your PlayStation 4. Naughty Dog’s next-gen re-release has been garnering some pretty impressive review scores around the web, and regardless of whether you’ve played the game before, we suspect that...

  • UK Sales Charts Sandbox Smash Watch Dogs Simply Won't Stop Yapping

    Woof woof

    With the release calendar looking emptier than a hipster’s apartment in central London, Watch Dogs has managed yet another week at the summit of the UK sales charts. While the open world epic faced increased competition from the likes of FIFA 14 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, it’s probably going to remain at the top until The Last of Us...

  • UK Sales Charts Watch Dogs Reconnects with the Top Spot

    Hanging on the telephone

    After a few weeks with shoddy signal, Ubisoft’s sandbox smash Watch Dogs has re-established a connection with the summit of the UK sales charts. The title had been obstructed by Sniper Elite III, which has slipped into second position this week. FIFA 14 mirrored the Netherlands in third, while Wolfenstein: The New Order...

  • UK Sales Charts PS4 Testicle Remover Sniper Elite III Tops


    505 Games’ morbidly graphic long-range shooter Sniper Elite III has enjoyed a second week at the top of the UK sales charts, putting a bullet in fellow next-gen rival Watch Dogs. Despite being available on last-gen systems as well, both games sold best on Sony’s latest machine, evidencing the commanding position that the Japanese giant...


  • UK Sales Charts Sniper Elite III Is Your Number One with a Bullet

    On target

    EA Sports UFC is going down, down in an earlier round, as Rebellion’s oddly satisfying Sniper Elite III has cocked its rifle and pulled the trigger on the UK charts. Despite launching on next-gen and last-gen systems, the release commanded 65 per cent of sales on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with Sony’s latest machine...

  • UK Sales Charts Watch Dogs Takes the World Cup for a Walk


    Now that E3 2014 is little more than a fading memory, it’s time to get back to business with the weekly UK sales charts report. With new releases taking a bit of a hiatus during the big show, there’s not a lot to get excited about here; Ubisoft’s hack happy escapade Watch Dogs is still on top, while 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil has...

  • UK Sales Charts Murdered: Soul Suspect Investigates Third Place

    No surprise, Sherlock

    Square Enix’s spooky Salem investigation Murdered: Soul Suspect couldn’t quite catch its killer quick enough to topple Watch Dogs and Mario Kart 8 in the UK sales charts, with the brand new property entering in a still respectable third position. Ubisoft’s aforementioned hack happy escapade held onto the top spot despite...

  • News Watch Dogs Boosts PS4 Sales by 94 Per Cent in the UK

    Biggest new intellectual property ever

    Watch Dogs has amplified the PlayStation 4’s already strong sales signal, prompting a 94 per cent increase in hardware sales in the UK. Chart-Track reports that the title’s British bundle, in addition to exclusive content, helped the ambitious open world to perform best on Sony’s next-gen platform...


  • UK Sales Charts Wolfenstein: The New Order Targets the Top Spot

    Time to 'Stein

    Bad news, Nazis – B.J. Blazkowicz is coming for you. The seasoned superstar has helped Wolfenstein: The New Order Reich the summit of the UK sales charts this week, with the MachineGames developed release securing the second biggest launch of the year thus far. Bethesda may want to enjoy that, because we suspect that Watch Dogs...

  • UK Sales Charts FIFA 14 Tops, Minecraft PS3 Digs Deep

    Brickin' it

    The release of Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition at retail outlets last week means that Mojang’s mega creation is likely to occupy two slots in the top ten moving forwards, as Sony’s version tussles with Microsoft’s for sales superiority. The blockbusters finished third and fourth respectively this time around, with PlayStation 4...

  • UK Sales Charts The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Swings a Little Lower

    Hanging loose

    A lack of new releases means that this was another uneventful week for the UK sales charts, as semi-Xbox One exclusive Titanfall reclaimed its place at the summit. FIFA 14 dribbled into second on the last day of the Premier League, while former frontrunner The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wrapped itself up in third position. Elsewhere,

  • UK Sales Charts The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Swings to the Summit

    Save this city

    Not even our astute spider sense could predict that Activision’s movie tie-in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 would swing straight to the top of the UK sales charts, but that’s exactly what it’s done. Aspiring journalist Peter Parker’s alter-ego wrapped a web right around former frontrunner Titanfall, proving that you don’t need to...


  • UK Sales Charts FIFA World Cup Slips Behind Titanfall in Extra Time

    Like England of old

    First-person shooter Titanfall may not be the big hardware mover that Microsoft wanted, but it’s sure stretching its robotic legs in the UK sales charts right now. In truth, the title is probably being propped up by the slew of Xbox One bundles that are flooding UK retail – and we suspect that the price drops aren’t hurting...

  • UK Sales Charts FIFA World Cup Falls to Respawn's FPS

    Runners up

    Enforcing stereotypes about the British and the beautiful game, there are two soccer simulations in the top five of this week’s UK sales charts. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil sprinted out of the blocks into second, though it couldn’t topple long-running frontrunner Titanfall. Meanwhile, FIFA 14 landed a Champion’s League spot in...

  • UK Sales Charts PS4 Exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son's Powers Unplugged

    Delsin decline

    After a prolonged period hovering around the top of the UK sales charts, PlayStation 4 exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son has comet dropped down into 13th position. The open world excursion still managed to sell well enough to combat the newly released Kinect Sports: Rivals, but couldn’t break into a top ten featuring evergreen titles...

  • UK Sales Charts FIFA 14 Sprints in Front of inFAMOUS: Second Son

    On fine form

    inFAMOUS: Second Son’s reign at the top of the UK sales charts appears to be over, as EA Sports’ uber-popular soccer simulation FIFA 14 has scored its 11th spell at the top of the league. Sucker Punch’s superhero excursion actually dropped out of the European qualification spots entirely, finishing up in sixth – a slightly...

  • News It's Time to Start Making Plans for This Year's EGX London

    Start queuing for The Order: 1886 now

    With the indie titles of EGX Rezzed now little more than a distant memory – and a list of scribbled thoughts on this editor’s rather grubby notebook – our friends over at are already turning their attention to EGX London, the next major event hosted by the Gamer Network. Set to take place in...


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