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Review: Defiance (PlayStation 3)

Defiance (PlayStation 3)

Hell Bugs aren't the only bugs to worry about

Defiance is an ambitious cross-media experiment that aims to, ahem, defy expectations, and it gets awfully close to doing just that. A rich, expansive universe packed to the brim with lore creates a world that you'll want to explore and learn more about. However, questionable design choices, oodles of...

News: Compete with Thousands in New PS3 MMO Defiance

Compete with Thousands in New PS3 MMO Defiance

When it rains, it pours

The PlayStation 3’s no slouch when it comes to ambitious multiplayer endeavours, with titles such as DUST 514 promising extraordinary things in the crowded shooter space. But finally it has some competition, and that comes in the form of the recently announced Defiance – a shooter-hybrid set in a persistent online world...