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  • News New Champion Jockey Screens Shake Their Jockey Maker

    Tutorial too

    Champion Jockey will let you whip horses with PlayStation Move, but more than that, it'll let you design your very own jockey, making it the first Move game ever to let you play God and win a horse race at the same time. Tecmo Koei just sent over some new screenshots showing off the jockey customisation screens, where you can change...



  • News Champion Jockey Turns Move into Reins and a Riding Crop

    At last

    PlayStation Move, your greatest moment awaits: Champion Jockey is coming to PS3 later this year. The new version of Tecmo Koei's long-running G1 Jockey series, the game will feature full PlayStation Move support to help you spur on your horse to victory, with the official site actually depicting one diminutive jockey wielding two motion...


  • News Dynasty Warriors 7 Does Not Support PlayStation Move

    Lost in translation

    Last year we reported that Dynasty Warriors 7 would support PlayStation Move, but with the game due to release in a few weeks we can now confirm that the motion controller does not work with Tecmo Koei's historic epic. A representative from the publisher told us the support was only ever a rumour that arose around the original...



  • News Dynasty Warriors 7 Built for Move and Stereoscopic 3D

    Resistance is feudal

    With Japan only just receiving PlayStation Move a month after the Western world, it's just received a second helping of good news with the announcement from Tecmo Koei that Dynasty Warriors 7 will support the new motion controller. Speaking at a news conference in Japan, the game's producer Akihiro Suzuki confirmed that the next...




  • News Quantum Theory Due To Hit Consoles This Summer

    Tecmo's Quantum Theory has been marred by some unusual circumstances in honesty

    Initially it was a Playstation 3 exclusive. Now it's multiplatform. Then it was due at the start of 2010. Now it's due in Summer. Yup, that's right, Tecmo have committed to a Summer release date for their Gears Of War-esque third-person shooter. That's all according to VG247 at least. Wahh!


  • News Quantum Theory Pushed Back Until "Later In 2010"

    Thought that announced March release date for Quantum Theory was suspect? Yup, us too

    We guess it's little surprise then, that the game's been pushed back until later in the year. A rep for Tecmo Koei told VG247 that the game has been delayed for "quality" reasons and that the team were committed to delivering the "very best title" they can. May aswell cancel those preorders..



  • Rumour Dead Or Alive 5 In Development For Playstation 3

    And another exclusive bites the dust

    According to a retail source of Go Fanboy, Dead Or Alive 5 is in development for multiple platforms — suggesting Tecmo's "in-your-face" beat 'em up is likely to see release on Playstation 3 aswell as on the franchise's previous home, the XBOX 360. A while back Tecmo Koei announced they were working on a franchise that would no longer be exclusive..