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Review: BlazeRush (PlayStation Network)

BlazeRush (PlayStation Network)

Blaze of glory

Missiles and bullets flying past cars; monster trucks and flying saucers whizzing down tracks; collisions, crashes, and that all-important final lap overtake – this is BlazeRush, a brand new PlayStation 3 racer from Russian developer Targem Games. This drive-‘em-up offers a short story about underground racing and your...

News: Targem Games Currently Undecided on PlayStation Vita

Targem Games Currently Undecided on PlayStation Vita

Never say never

Russian developer Targem Games is currently mulling over the prospect of bringing a title to the PlayStation Vita. Asked whether it intends to release the upcoming PlayStation Network strategy title Planets Under Attack on the handheld, the developer informed us that it doesn’t have any "short-term" plans for the platform...