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  • News BioShock Infinite TGS 2011 Teaser Trailer

    In Japanese too!

    As fans of the original BioShock, it’s not hard for us to get excited about any new titbit we can rummage up about the upcoming BioShock Infinite. With each new trailer that Irrational Games releases, it seems that the game just continues to look better and better, and this can be said once again from this new trailer from TGS...

  • News Winter Stars Aims to Test Your Move Skills

    An enjoyable sports collection, or complete waggle fest?

    It’s been a year now since the PlayStation Move launch title Sports Champions released, and we’re quite surprised that a multitude of sports compilation titles haven’t released this past year to try and capitalise on its success. Well, that’s about to change as Winter Stars is headed...

  • News GoldenEye: Reloaded Gets All Bundled Up For Release

    Includes other exclusives as well

    We previously reported that the once Wii exclusive GoldenEye 007 is coming to PS3 with PlayStation Move support, but new details have been scarce since the game's initial announcement. TGS 2011 put this news lull to an end and we’ve got exciting news that GoldenEye 007: Reloaded will be releasing in North America...

  • News The PixelJunk Series Will Make You Move

    Get the party started

    Q-Games' fantastic PixelJunk series has played a major role in bringing PSN to life. Titles like PixelJunk Monsters and PixelJunk Shooter are instantly familiar to most PS3 gamers: not only do they boast superb gameplay quality, but with each new title they somehow manage to also bring an addictive gameplay style that entirely...

  • News External Battery Extends Vita's 3-5 Hour Life

    Battery add-on enables 9-15 hour lifespan

    PS Vita lasts about 3-5 hours on its own, but the optional external battery peripheral just announced by Sony will give perpetually unplugged consumers the opportunity to buy themselves some more time. The company released info on the device on Sony's Japanese site. PS Vita runs 3-5 hours only if players...

  • News New Ninja Gaiden III Trailer Deals Consequences

    Pierce deeper within the man behind the mask

    Team Ninja is definitely taking a new route with Ninja Gaiden III, and not only by implementing PlayStation Move controls. It seems that the new entry will take a deeper look into the series lead ninja, Ryu Hayabusa, starting with its chilling new trailer. Back when Tecmo Koei first announced the game,...

  • News 18 New Vita Games to Be Revealed at Tokyo Games Show

    What could they be?

    Mid-September heralds the arrival of Tokyo Games Show, one of the calendar's biggest annual gaming events. This year Sony's pledging to go all-out, showing off no fewer than 31 games for Vita. Only 13 games have been announced so far, leaving 18 as-yet unknown titles heading for a big reveal in two weeks' time. Here's the list of...


  • News New Little King's Story Coming to Vita

    Playable at TGS

    In news that has sent at least one more PlayStation Vita sale heading Sony's way, it's been revealed that a follow-up to Wii classic Little King's Story is on the way to PlayStation Vita, and will be playable at Tokyo Games Show in September. Currently titled New Little King's Story, the game features the original hero King Corobo...

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