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Store Update: 30th June 2015 (North America)

30th June 2015 (North America)

Summer of fun

The weekly store update returns, and this time, a slew of Japanese titles are hitting North American shores, including the likes of J-Stars Victory VS+, Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma Extend, and Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3. To be honest, it's not a bad summer selection, and with that raging heat outside, it might be best to just settle...

Store Update: 24th June 2015 (Europe)

24th June 2015 (Europe)

Size matters

As with the North American update yesterday, it's a surprisingly big week for the European PlayStation Store. The highlight, naturally, is Batman: Arkham Knight – but Final Fantasy XIV fans will also find their heads turned by new expansion Heavensward. All of the new arrivals are embedded below. PS4 Games: Astebreed Not available...

Store Update: 23rd June 2015 (North America)

23rd June 2015 (North America)

A surprisingly big one

The calm after the storm? Those ripples you see in the glass of water before you are not from a nearing T-Rex, but from a tidal wave of software instead. Batman: Arkham Knight is obviously the big new arrival this week, but special mentions must go to Devil May Cry 4 and PlanetSide 2, too. What are you buying? PS4 Games:...

Store Update: 10th June 2015 (Europe)

10th June 2015 (Europe)

Sorry for the delay

Oh, right – the European PlayStation Store update. Yeah, embarrassingly we forgot to post this yesterday, but it's been a darn busy week. These kinds of things are better late than never, though, right? Well, that's certainly what we hope. PS4 Games: The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited £54.99/€69.99/AU$99.95 LEGO...

Store Update: 9th June 2015 (North America)

9th June 2015 (North America)

Final fantasy

E3 insanity awaits in less than a week's time, but you're probably going to need something to keep you occupied, right? Good thing the North American PlayStation Store update is here to keep you flush with new software. The big highlight is obviously The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, but there are a couple of new...

Store Update: 3rd June 2015 (Europe)

3rd June 2015 (Europe)

Last minute

E3 hype! E3 hype! E3 hype! So busy has today been that we almost, almost forgot about the European PlayStation Store update. We're diligent reporters, though, and have just about remembered to put this article together. Shame about the shoddy introductory paragraph, eh? PS4 Games: Beach Buggy Racing £5.79/€6.99/AU$10.45 Color...

Store Update: 2nd June 2015 (North America)

2nd June 2015 (North America)

Skulls of the ShogunRok

Ah, the North American PlayStation Store update – a timely reminder that Wednesday is approaching, meaning that the weekend isn't all that far away. This isn't the most exciting refresh ever, with the likes of Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-a-Fide Edition and The Escapists taking centre stage. Still, we're sure that you'll find...

Store Update: 27th May 2015 (Europe)

27th May 2015 (Europe)

Goods to go

How are we supposed to effectively copy and paste the European PlayStation Store update when you keep changing the layout Sony? Oh right, that's not your concern – fair enough. We'll just get down to business, then: Ultra Street Fighter IV is the biggest new arrival this time, but you may want to think twi

Store Update: 26th May 2015 (North America)

26th May 2015 (North America)

Round and round and round

Hello everyone! Your ordinary host has been out for much of the day, but has returned just in time for the easiest post of the week: the North American PlayStation Store update. This one's actually moderately meaty, with the likes of Ultra Street Fighter IV and the handheld port of Octodad: Dadliest Catch up for grabs...

Store Update: 20th May 2015 (Europe)

20th May 2015 (Europe)

House of (white) Wolves

This week's European PlayStation Store update certainly isn't the biggest in recent memory, but it's packing some massive releases. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is obviously the highlight, but Farming Simulator 15 is worth a shout as well – we'll have more on both throughout the week. There are a couple of big expansions also...

Store Update: 19th May 2015 (North America)

19th May 2015 (North America)

Crop circles

Don't make us type out the name of CD Projekt Red's latest game again – we must be approaching triple figures by now. Instead, we'll spotlight some of the smaller titles available as part of this week's North American PlayStation Store update... Like Farming Simulator 15. The rest of the office won't let your host write it too much,...

Store Update: 13th May 2015 (Europe)

13th May 2015 (Europe)

Tasty stuff

If you like indie games, you're in luck this week, as there are a lot of them being added as part of the European PlayStation Store update. Nom Nom Galaxy, Lost Orbit, and Toren are perhaps the biggest names in that department – but a quick shout out to Schrodinger's Cat, too. Of

Store Update: 12th May 2015 (North America)

12th May 2015 (North America)

We go again

People say that the PlayStation 4 has no games, but we often look at the North American PlayStation Store update and weep. Our review planning document can't keep up with all the new arrivals, and when you take a look at the sheer scale of new releases available in this week's refresh, you may be able to appreciate why. Of course, it's...

Store Update: 6th May 2015 (Europe)

6th May 2015 (Europe)

Blazk from the past

As was the case in North America, standalone spin-off Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is the headline addition to the European PlayStation Store this week. However, there's more: Project CARS is due out this Friday on Sony's new-gen super machine, as is ArcaniA: The Complete Tale. What's tickling your fancy this time out? PlayStation...

Store Update: 5th May 2015 (North America)

5th May 2015 (North America)

Take your pick

There's piles of stuff available as part of the North American PlayStation Store update this week, including your main PlayStation Plus freebie for May: Ether One. Also part of the lineup is first-person shooter Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – Game of the Year Edition. Let's run through the full...

Store Update: 29th April 2015 (Europe)

29th April 2015 (Europe)

Shattered times

As was the case over the Atlantic, there are a ton of PlayStation 4 titles out to tempt you in this week's European PlayStation Store update. The highlights include Broken Age, Project Root, and Tropico 5 – but honourable mentions must go to late comers Paperbound and Rack N Ruin.

Store Update: 28th April 2015 (North America)

28th April 2015 (North America)

Shopping idol

There are plenty of PlayStation 4 titles available as part of the North American PlayStation Store update this week, so if your new-gen system is lusting for something fresh, then read on for the full roster. The highlights, as far as we're concerned, include management sim Tropico 5 and idol adventure Omega Quintet – but it'll be...

Store Update: 22nd April 2015 (Europe)

22nd April 2015 (Europe)

Tonight's the knight

We're running out of spade-related puns, so let us just say things straight: Shovel Knight is out on the European PlayStation Store this week. There's a fairly healthy roster of software for PlayStation owners to sink their teeth into actually, with LA Cops and Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China also part of the roster. Basement...

Store Update: 21st April 2015 (North America)

21st April 2015 (North America)

Mr. Digger

There's a spade with your name on this week, as Shovel Knight turns the Earth on PlayStation platforms. The hotly anticipated Yacht Club Games side-scroller is joined by Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China and LA Cops in this week's North American PlayStation Store update, which is live now. PS4 Games: Assassin's Creed Chronicles:...

Store Update: 15th April 2015 (Europe)

15th April 2015 (Europe)

Meet your murderer

Consider this a catch-up edition of the weekly European PlayStation Store update. Yes, the likes of Mortal Kombat X may be headlining, but it's long overdue titles such as Costume Quest 2 and Home that caught our eye. Both of these released in North America many months ago, so it's nice to see SCEE finally back up to date. Now,...