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Review: Just Cause 3 (PS4)

Just Cause 3 (PS4)

A hankering for Scorpio

Just Cause 3 can be best described as a catalyst for fun. The huge array of tools at your disposal, the sheer size of the playground that you're in, the endless amounts of possibilities – it's obvious that developer Avalanche Studios has placed the fun factor first and foremost, and it's paid off very well. This fun is...

Round Up: Just Cause 3 PS4 Reviews Go Loud

Just Cause 3 PS4 Reviews Go Loud

Rico arena

Just Cause 3 brings a bomb or two to sedate tropical island Medici this week – but are critics blown away by its boisterous open world action? Our review code was sent incredibly late – surprise, surprise – but our field operative Alex Stinton has been playing the retail version, and reckons that while Avalanche's latest offers...