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  • News Just Cause 3 Teaser Takes a Giant Leap of Faith

    Is it a bird?

    Swedish developer Avalanche Studios appears to be teasing Just Cause 3. Company founder Christofer Sundberg posted the above image to Twitter yesterday evening, with the accompanying hashtag “Year of the Avalanche”. In response to a fan, the outspoken executive later insinuated that the game may be announced at E3 later this...

  • News Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Will Cuddle PS3 This Year

    It's a kind of magic

    Square Enix will conjure Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX onto Western store shelves later this year, the publisher has revealed. The hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive will collate upgraded versions of the PlayStation 2 favourites Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories onto a single Blu-ray disc...

  • News New Final Fantasy Title to Be Revealed at E3 2013

    Oh Square Enix, you tease

    During all the excitement of new game announcements at today's PlayStation press conference, Final Fantasy brand director, Shinji Hashimoto, took to the stage to sneak in a couple of words about a new Final Fantasy game which will be unveiled at E3 this year. With not even a glimpse of gameplay footage, or even a...

  • News Final Fantasy X HD Sure Looks Snazzy on PlayStation Vita

    Tidus waves

    After a prolonged hiatus spanning almost a year, Square Enix has finally revealed the first footage of Final Fantasy X HD for PlayStation Vita. During a surprise press conference overnight, the publisher apologised for the game’s delay, and promised that a release date for the hotly anticipated PlayStation 2 remaster would be announced...

  • News Square Enix Strings Up Stunning Tomb Raider Footage

    Survival instincts

    Square Enix has released a brand new 11 minute gameplay video of Tomb Raider, complete with walkthrough narration from Noah Hughes, the title's creative director. The video – entitled 'Monastery Escape' – shows protagonist Lara Croft using the world to her advantage, as she stealthily snares enemies on her way across the map...

  • News Solving the Mystery of Square Enix's Murdered: Soul Suspect

    Follow the breadcrumbs

    Those of you keeping tabs on the fast moving world of Twitter yesterday afternoon may have caught wind of a mysterious alternate reality game doing the rounds. The case was solved within hours, revealing a brand new PlayStation 3 title from Square Enix named Murdered: Soul Suspect. As you’d expect, additional details are...

  • News Tomb Raider's Journey Concludes, Reboot Goes Gold

    Beside the seaside

    You'll be able to protect vulnerable heroine Lara Croft for yourself in just a few short weeks, as developer Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that its upcoming Tomb Raider reboot has finally gone gold. The title will sail, crash, and wash up on store shelves on 5th March in North America and Europe. You can’t beat a nice...


  • News Sleeping Dogs Celebrates in Style with Year of the Snake DLC

    Slithering in soon

    Sleeping Dogs won’t be taking a nap prior to the impending Chinese New Year celebrations, because it’s got a brand new slice of post-release content in the pipeline. The festive ‘Year of the Snake’ add-on – as spotted by our partners in crime, Eurogamer.net – promises a wealth of cosmetic tweaks, many of which are...

  • News Stylish Hitman HD Trilogy Trailer Dons a Cunning Disguise

    You're already dead

    With the release of the Hitman HD Trilogy nearing swifter than a blow to the brain, Square Enix has deployed the title’s official launch trailer in the space below. The compilation promises over 75 hits and more than 40 levels across three re-mastered PlayStation 2 campaigns. You’ll also unlock access to the previously...

  • News Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX's Box Art Is Pretty Goofy

    A kind of magic

    With the re-master’s Japanese release imminent, publisher Square Enix has revealed the box art for the wordy Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX. The pack shot leads with Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy, while Riku and Mickey are relegated to the upper corners. Rumours of a Western release of the PlayStation 3 exclusive hit fever pitch...

  • News Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Strikes This Fall

    Lace and paper flowers

    The countdown to the end of the world will begin this fall, when Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII thunders onto store shelves. The ambiguous release window was revealed by publisher Square Enix earlier today, alongside an extended trailer which features Final Fantasy XIII-2 hero Noel. Despite the impending apocalypse,...

  • News Square Enix Promises Final Fantasy X HD Answers Soon

    Dry your eyes

    Don’t worry, Square Enix has not cancelled Final Fantasy X HD. Well, not yet anyway. Responding to a fan request on Twitter, the company noted that “the world will get answers” about the hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 and Vita port soon. It’s the first time that the title has been mentioned since February, when producer Shinji...

  • News Here's Your First Look at Tomb Raider's Multiplayer Mode

    Uncharted addition

    Assuming you’re patient enough to sit through a slew of developer interviews, you'll be able to get your first glimpse of Tomb Raider’s controversial multiplayer mode courtesy of the video embedded below. Unsurprisingly, the online add-on – in development at Eidos Montreal – looks like it’s taken more than a few ideas...

  • News The Box Art for the PlayStation 2's Last Ever Game Is a Bit Plain

    Scribble time

    It looks like an infant armed with a tub of crayons designed the cover for Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin. The title – which could well be the last PlayStation 2 game ever released – is due out on 27th March in Japan. It’s the fifth expansion for Square Enix’s popular online adventure, and marks the MMO’s tenth...


  • News Square Enix Conjures New Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Screenshots

    Disney magic

    Square Enix has revealed some brand new screenshots from the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX. The remastered compilation – featuring Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days – was announced back in September, and will include full Trophy sup

  • News Deus Ex Developer Crafting Tomb Raider Multiplayer

    Sticks and stones

    As originally reported yesterday, Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming Tomb Raider reboot will be bolstered by an online multiplayer component. The mode – which was confirmed by, er, Official Xbox Magazine – is in development at Eidos Montreal, the team behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

  • Rumour Tomb Raider to Take the Fight for Survival Online

    Tales from the crypt

    Lara Croft’s desperate pursuit for survival may take a trip through Ethernet cables and routers, as UK retailer GAME appears to have leaked a top-secret multiplayer mode for Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. The information – which has been hastily yanked – explained that you will be able to "play a variety...

  • News Hitman Absolution Is the Latest Target in Sony's European Sale

    Decisions, decisions

    If we hadn’t successfully survived the end of the world last night, then we would have missed out on another cracking deal in Sony’s ongoing European Christmas countdown. Right now you can pick up the recently released Hitman Absolution for just £19.99/€29.99. That’s roughly the same price as the physical edition –...

  • News Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII's First Trailer Strikes

    Oh, and it lights up the night

    If you’re still interested in Square Enix’s pretentiously dubbed Fabula Nova Crystallis plotline, then you’ll probably be eager to watch the first trailer for upcoming spin-off Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The video – which shows the titular heroine sporting a fetching new costume and a pair of...

  • News Lara Croft Sets Up Camp in New Tomb Raider Trailer

    Cold as ice

    There will be no toasted marshmallows for Lara Croft when she goes camping in Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. Instead, the legendary heroine will be forced to use her base to manage experience points and combat upgrades. No, it doesn’t sound like any of the camping expeditions we've been on either – but it has been...

  • News Sleeping Dogs Expands with New Island DLC Next Week

    Also, who wants to play more RAGE?

    If you’ve already successfully collapsed Hong Kong’s corrupt triads and exorcised the nation from the undead, then you might be excited to learn that Sleeping Dogs is travelling to a new island next week. The recently announced Zodiac Tournament pack will

  • News Square Enix Has Finally Confirmed the Hitman HD Trilogy

    Dead man walking

    After months of online drama – including Trophy leaks and rogue retail listings – Square Enix has finally responded to our plea and officially announced the Hitman HD Trilogy for the PlayStation 3. The compilation will launch on 29th January in North America and 1st February in Europe. In return for your $39.99 investment...

  • News Hitman HD Trilogy Product Page Infiltrates Amazon

    Silent but deadly

    Will someone please announce the Hitman HD Trilogy? The compilation – featuring overhauled versions of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman: Contracts, and Hitman: Blood Money – has been on the cards for what feels like an eternity, but still hasn’t been confirmed. That's not stopped it from popping up on

  • News Square Enix: Sleeping Dogs Could Become One of Our Strongest Brands

    Pork buns all around

    Contrary to popular opinion, Square Enix’s excellent Asian crime drama Sleeping Dogs is selling very well. Speaking during a financial briefing earlier this week, the publisher’s president Yoichi Wada admitted that the company may have had unreasonably high expectations for the title – but that doesn’t mean that it's...

  • News Lara Croft Keeps Climbing in New Tomb Raider Trailer


    It’s a good job that Lara Croft isn’t afraid of heights. In this brand new Tomb Raider trailer, the legendary protagonist is shown scaling a tower that extends far beyond the clouds. We’re assuming that she’s trying to better David Blaine’s insane New York stunt. All of those native folks with bow and arrows are merely obstructing...

  • News Awaken Your Wallet with Massive Sleeping Dogs Savings

    European sale goes insane

    There have been some good deals on the European PlayStation Network lately – but this latest Christmas cracker is a real humdinger. Between now and 23:59PM GMT on 10th December, you’ll be able to snap up Square Enix’s excellent open world crime drama Sleeping Dogs for just £15.99/€19.99. That represents an enormous...


  • News It'll Take You Up to 15 Hours to Finish the Latest Tomb Raider

    Killing time

    Lara Croft’s currently crying like a celebrity out of the spotlight, because developer Crystal Dynamics has announced that her latest adventure Tomb Raider will run for a torturous 12 to 15 hours. The studio announced the snippet on its Twitter account, noting that the length will vary “depending on your play style”. In another...

  • News Hitman: Absolution Launch Trailer Turns on the Charm

    Watch your six

    We lied. Last week’s Hitman: Absolution trailer was not the game’s final promotional video – but we’re pretty sure that this one is. The footage sets up the plot for the upcoming sandbox stealth ‘em up, while also showing protagonist Agent 47 stick a sword through an unsuspecting crook’s throat. You'll be able to try out...

  • Rumour Final Fantasy Type-0's Localisation Was Nearly Finished

    On hold

    According to a group lobbying for the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 overseas, a localised version of the PlayStation Portable exclusive was nearly completed back in 2011. Apparently, publisher Square Enix recorded an English dub for the game at the tail-end of last year, shortly after the title released in Japan. However, despite the...

  • News Sleeping Dogs Spreads to a New Island with Upcoming DLC

    Mortal combat

    There’ll be plenty of opportunity to stock up on pork buns later this year, when the Zodiac Tournament pack adds new single-player content to Square Enix’s stellar open world adventure, Sleeping Dogs. The upcoming add-on will see protagonist Wei Shen invited to an exclusive fighting tournament held off the coast of Hong Kong...

  • News Solve a Quantum Conundrum with This Week's PlayStation Plus Update

    Headache inducing

    This week’s North American PlayStation Plus update is short but sweet. Following the addition of Resident Evil 5 to the Instant Game Collection last week, Sony has announced that Kim Swift’s mind bending Quantum Conundrum will be joining the party. The first-person puzzler sees you cycling through different dimensions in order...

  • News Here's Another Hitman Absolution Trailer For You to Fawn Over

    Hogging the headlines

    For someone who’s supposed to be the ultimate assassin, Agent 47 sure does like the limelight. The stealthy skinhead has appeared in precisely 7,421 Hitman Absolution trailers to date – but this appears to be the last of them. Well, until the inevitable DLC promotions launch in a couple of weeks anyway.


  • News Nightmare in North Point Haunts Sleeping Dogs' Dreams

    Trick or treat

    Ace open world adventure Sleeping Dogs is getting a Hallowe’en treat in the form of Nightmare in North Point this week. The single-player DLC adds a couple of goofy missions to the already exceptional campaign, in which protagonist Wei Shen is forced to unleash an ancient Chinese magic in order to thwart the living dead. The...

  • News Hitman: Absolution Lets You Live Your Wildest Cosplay Dreams

    Chicken suit

    Square Enix may be advertising Hitman: Absolution as a gritty stealth action game – but that’s just to get the hardcore gamers on side. In actual fact it’s a fancy dress simulator, allowing you to concoct all manner of wacky outfits. Don’t believe us? Just watch the trailer embedded below. The sequel's set to infiltrate the...

  • News Sleeping Dogs' Nightmare in North Point DLC Is Coming for You

    Smiley cat

    We’re not sure whether to laugh or cry. Square Enix has released the first trailer for Sleeping Dogs’ upcoming Hallowe’en themed expansion, Nightmare in North Point – and it features a devilish feline foe named Smiley Cat. Y’see, in life Big Scar Wu was a high-rolling gangster. But when he was murdered by the Sun On Yee and fed...

  • News Hitman HD Collection Trophies Sneak Online

    Evidence mounts

    For a franchise that’s all about stealth and concealment, developer IO Interactive is doing a shockingly poor job of keeping the Hitman HD Collection a secret. The PlayStation 3 compilation – which is all but confirmed at this stage – has been keeping the rumour mill warm for months, despite the uncharacteristic silence of...

  • News Nightmarish DLC Haunts Sleeping Dogs' Dreams from 30th October

    Undead nightmare

    Sleeping Dogs is set to get a rude awakening this Hallowe’en, when the game’s first story-driven DLC ‘Nightmare in Northpoint’ spooks the PlayStation Store. Similar to Red Dead Redemption’s extremely popular ‘Undead Nightmare’, the horror-themed add-on aims to “explore other aspects of Hong Kong cinema”...

  • News New Screens Prove That Final Fantasy XIV Is Still Coming to PS3

    A realm reborn, indeed

    Online MMO Final Fantasy XIV was originally set to release on the PlayStation 3 way back in 2010 – but after a disastrous PC launch, which essentially required publisher Square Enix to rebuild the entire game, the console port went missing for a while. Two years, to be precise. With the title’s A Realm Reborn overhaul on...

  • News Tetsuya Nomura Teases HD Version of Kingdom Hearts II


    Series director Tetsuya Nomura reckons it would be unusual for there not to be an HD re-release of Kingdom Hearts II. Following the announcement of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, the luminary admitted that a second compilation will probably happen at some point in the future. With the original Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Memories, and 358/2...

  • Rumour Retailer Lists Lightning Returns: FFXIII Release Date

    Possible placeholder

    Contrary to comments from Square Enix itself, Amazon UK has attached a 29th March release date to upcoming sequel Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The developer recently revealed in a Famitsu interview that the game was only 30 per cent complete, but the mega retailer’s information doesn’t appear to corroborate with...


  • News Debut Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Trailer Is Too Cute


    Considering you all went absolutely bananas over the original announcement of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, we couldn’t let the day close without posting this debut trailer. It shows each of the compilation's re-mastered titles – that's the PS2 original, Re:Chain of Memories, and the cut-scenes from DS game 358/2 Days – in glorious...

  • News Final Fantasy III Completes Your Digital Collection Next Week

    Catch 'em all

    For a franchise wearing the name Final Fantasy, there sure are a lot of entries in the series. Most of those titles are available from the PlayStation Network – but there’s been one major omission for some time now. That’s set to be rectified next week, when Final Fantasy III travels onto the North American digital storefront...

  • News Sleeping Dogs Awakens with Bumper DLC Schedule

    Wei more than expected

    Sleeping Dogs is already a pretty meaty game – seriously, so many pork buns – but Square Enix has pledged to expand the experience through October with a slew of new DLC. Alongside the bevy of boosts and outfits already available, the publisher has announced a new Street Racer pack, the mission-heavy SWAT Pack, and an...

  • News Kingdom Hearts Is Finally Getting Remixed in HD for PS3

    Calm down

    After years of Chris Crocker-esque pleading from fans of the franchise, Kingdom Hearts is finally coming to the PlayStation 3. Publisher Square Enix announced the glad tidings overnight, stating that it will be re-mastering the original PS2 title alongside Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days in HD. The...

  • News Now You Can Play Through Final Fantasy VII in LittleBigPlanet 2

    Head in the clouds

    Boot up LittleBigPlanet 2 now and you’ll be amazed. While there was no shortage of impressive content at launch, the platformer has really come into its own over the past 18 months. It’s simply staggering what budding creator curators have built – and that sentiment extends to this obsessive recreation of Final Fantasy VII...

  • News Sleeping Dogs Surpasses 172k Sales in North America

    Strong start

    Publishers and journalists are constantly pointing out that new intellectual property is a thing of the past, but a game like Sleeping Dogs shreds that theory to bits. The open world adventure – which is currently sitting atop the UK sales charts – managed to sell 172k units in North America during August. That’s a very...

  • News Square Enix Reveals Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

    Back for more

    At an anniversary event in Japan overnight, Square Enix revealed Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The title – which was teased several weeks ago – will pick up directly after the events of Final Fantasy XIII-2, and will conclude protagonist Lightning’s story arc. Once again, you’ll take control of the flame haired...


  • Talking Point What Grand Theft Auto Can Learn from Sleeping Dogs

    Chinatown wars

    Grand Theft Auto IV is the undisputed king of the open world crime drama, but it’s not perfect. The game’s vibrant city setting and unorthodox cast set it apart from the genre’s many pretenders, but also help to hide its numerous gameplay flaws. The recently released Sleeping Dogs may not be able to topple its progenitor’s...

  • News Square Enix Updates Final Fantasy Versus XIII's Status

    Still in development

    Square Enix has offered a small update on the oft-delayed Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Speaking at a Final Fantasy anniversary event in Tokyo overnight, company gaffer Yoichi Wada noted: "I cannot say any more than, 'We are making Versus!' Please wait a little longer." Meanwhile, a brochure for the event (embedded to the right)...

  • News Square Enix to Reveal Future of Lightning Saga Soon

    She was just a wish

    Square Enix is set to reveal a new direction for the Lightning saga on 1st September, the publisher has announced. The so-called Lightning saga consists of two games already: Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2. Together the titles have sold over 9.6 million units. It’s not entirely clear what the Japanese publisher is...

  • News Hitman: Absolution Features Asynchronous Multiplayer Mode

    Follow the leader

    Upcoming murder simulator Hitman: Absolution will feature an asynchronous multiplayer mode named Contracts, developer IO Interactive has announced. Inspired by the custom challenges created by fans of the previous games, the mode will allow you to direct your own scenarios by playing missions – and then upload your custom...

  • News Sleeping Dogs Staying Awake for at Least Six Months

    Counting sheep

    Square Enix has announced that it won’t let Sleeping Dogs lie, confirming at least six months of post-release content for the upcoming open-world adventure. A host of downloads will be available alongside the game’s North American launch later today, including the brilliant Retro Triad Pack, which includes "a killer old school...

  • News Square Enix Fires Sleeping Dogs Launch Trailer Online

    Life in the fast lane

    Square Enix has released the launch trailer for upcoming open-world adventure, Sleeping Dogs. As you’d expect, it features a flurry of footage from the game – including fist-fights, car chases and scantily clad women. The title’s due out on 14th August in North America and 17th August in Europe. Check out the new footage...

  • News Sleeping Dogs Does Its Best L.A. Noire Impression

    Columbo's on the case

    There’s more to Sleeping Dogs than shootouts and car chases. This brand new trailer shows off one of the title’s detective missions, in which protagonist Wei Shen learns that a surgeon has been murdering innocent people for body parts. Throughout the operation you’ll need to masquerade as a policeman and doctor, before...


  • News Square Enix Bringing Final Fantasy XIV to GamesCom

    The latest version, of course

    Try to forget that Final Fantasy XIV actually released way back in 2010 – it’s a brand new game now, remember? Square Enix has announced that the updated version of the MMORPG will headline its GamesCom offering, with on-stage gameplay demonstrations and signing sessions by producer and director Naoki Yoshida...

  • News Latest Sleeping Dogs Trailer Takes a Shot

    Pursuit force

    Who would have thought that Square Enix could transform a cancelled True Crime game into one of the most exciting titles of the year? Not many, that’s for sure. Still, you only need one glimpse of Sleeping Dogs' protagonist, Wei Shen, shooting the stuffing out of foes with his shirt off to get behind this open-world adventure. We...

  • News Final Fantasy XIV Version 2.0 Renamed, New Trailer Released

    A realm reborn

    If you haven’t been keeping up with the tumultuous development of Final Fantasy XIV, then, well, we don’t blame you. But with the game on the verge of a re-release – and still allegedly planned for PlayStation 3 – it’s probably time you started to pay attention. Alongside a new trailer – conveniently embedded below –...

  • News Just Cause 2 Players Score Bonus Threads in Sleeping Dogs

    Costume change

    Hard as nails Just Cause 2 protagonist Rico Rodriguez has agreed to share his clothes. Square Enix has confirmed that those of you with a save file for Avalanche’s open-world epic will unlock an additional outfit for Sleeping Dogs’ tough guy, Wei Shen. Sporting the threads will augment you with an enhanced hijack ability allowing...

  • News Sleeping Dogs Bursts into Action with New Gameplay Video

    Carjacking and combat in downtown Hong Kong

    Square Enix has revealed a new gameplay video, sampling carjacking, combat and driving stages of its upcoming game, Sleeping Dogs. The mission featured is entitled "Mrs Chu's Revenge", which sees our protagonist, Wei Shen, helping Mrs Chu hunt down Johnny Ratface, a member of the 18K Triads who shot one of...

  • News Quantum Conundrum Gets Double Dose of DLC

    Brain training

    Kim Swift’s excellent first-person puzzle adventure Quantum Conundrum is set to double down on DLC this summer, publisher Square Enix has announced. Both the Desmond Debacle and IKE-aramba! packs will be made available later this year for $2.99 apiece. The Desmond Debacle will arrive on Sony’s digital storefront on 14th August in...

  • News Don't Worry, Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Not Cancelled

    Still alive

    Despite rumours to the contrary, Square Enix has denied that the oft-delayed Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been canned. Last week, Kotaku reported that the title had been quietly cancelled, but Square Enix gaffer Yoichi Wada reassured fans that there's no truth to the speculation. “There's someone making a false ru

  • Rumour Final Fantasy Versus XIII Doesn't Exist Anymore

    Sorry about that

    For the millions of readers that have spent the PlayStation 3’s entire lifespan drooling over Square Enix’s oft-delayed Final Fantasy Versus XIII, we have some sound advice for you: stop reading this article right now. And if you really must persist, make sure you have a brand new box of Kleenex within reach. According to a...

  • News Sleeping Dogs Trailer Shows Off All Star Cast

    Square Enix going big

    If you're going to release a big budget open-world title, then you may as well go for the big time and invest some serious cash. That's clearly the attitude that Square Enix has taken with Sleeping Dogs, formerly True Crime: Hong Kong that was dropped by Activision. The latest trailer for the title, due to hit North American...

  • News Rhianna Pratchett Penning Tomb Raider Reboot


    Square Enix has announced that Rhianna Pratchett is the lead writer behind its upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. The British script writer previously worked on Mirror’s Edge and Heavenly Sword – the latter of which netted her a BAFTA nomination. Speaking about the project, Pratchett said: I grew up playing Tomb Raider, uncovering the...

  • News Watch Agent 47 Do His Thing in New Hitman: Absolution Footage

    Slow and steady

    If you’re worried that Hitman: Absolution is going to be all about guns and headshots, then this brand new video should help to settle your nerves. The lengthy gameplay demonstration shows an expert playthrough of the title’s “Streets of Hope” level – and it’s pretty intense. The amount of variety in the way you can...

  • News CBS Films Snaps Up the Rights to Deus Ex Movie

    Augmented reality

    It’s officially the season for picking up video game movie rights, it seems. Clearly green with envy at the announcement of upcoming Need for Speed and Assassin’s Creed adaptations, Square Enix has announced that it has teamed up with CBS Films to create a flick for the fairly recent Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The studio will

  • News Peek Behind the Scenes with the Final Hours of Tomb Raider

    Meet the new Lara Croft

    Before you do anything, you should probably brace yourself for some barmy accents in this behind the scenes Tomb Raider documentary. It turns out that you can’t work on the iconic franchise without having a weird mesh of dialects. Take Global Brand Director Karl Stewart, who speaks with a mixture of Irish, British and...

  • News George St-Pierre Cameos in New Sleeping Dogs Trailer

    Heavy blow

    If you happen to resemble an off-balance Oompa Loompa when you’re shadowboxing, you might want to learn some tips from the master. Square Enix has released a brand new Sleeping Dogs trailer featuring a ferocious appearance from George St-Pierre. In it, the French Canadian mixed martial artist performs a routine that will have you...

  • News You'd Probably Kill for This Hitman: Absolution Deluxe Edition

    Added extras

    Hitman: Absolution is a fairly big release, so it’s unsurprising to see the title bundled up with a host of extras and given the coveted Deluxe Edition moniker. The collector’s edition collates an awesome 10” vinyl statue of protagonist Agent 47 (complete with cute tie-clip), a hardcover art book, a documentary DVD, a bunch of...


  • News Play Tomb Raider and Hitman: Absolution at Eurogamer Expo

    Hot stuff

    Current Eurogamer Expo ticket holders have earned the right to feel smug this afternoon, as Square Enix has announced that both Tomb Raider and Hitman: Absolution will be playable at the London convention later this year. The additions help to inflate an already bulging line-up, including Resident Evil 6 and Assassin’s Creed III. For...

  • News Camilla Luddington Steps into the Shoes of Lara Croft

    Dulcet tones

    True Blood actress Camilla Luddington has been confirmed as the new voice of Lara Croft in Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. The British-born star was chosen after an “international talent search using scouts in Europe and the US”. She will also shoot performance capture for the protagonist. Studio gaffer Darrell...

  • News Crystal Dynamics Staffing Up for Next Generation Project

    Thinking ahead

    Crystal Dynamics is recruiting for a “cutting edge, original IP for future platforms”. The mysterious title is described as a “third-person action adventure”. Previous rumours had hinted that the Californian studio was a working on a Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver reboot, but that doesn’t quite line up with the scant details...

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