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  • News Brink: Agents Of Change Releases For Free From Next Week

    Brink's first dose of downloadable content, "Agents Of Change", will release on the PlayStation Network from next week

    That's August 4th if you want to mark your calendars. Those who are prompt enough to download the content within its first two weeks on sale will get the upgrade free of charge. Agents Of Change includes two new environments, five new player abilities, two new outfits and two new..





  • News Latest Brink Trailer Is Hot On Subby Sound Effects

    Any trailer -- be it for a movie or video game -- is more exciting when the sound engineers go crazy with their sub-woofers

    Don't you just love those big, bassy, slow-motion muffles they do for practically every action trailer these days? Well even if you don't, Bethesda do. This Brink trailer is littered with low-frequency wobble. What's more, the game actually looks pretty amazing.




  • News First Proper Brink Footage Looks Rather (Read: Very) Pretty

    There's one thing you can ensure if you have Killzone 2's producer working on your game: it's going to look sensational

    And Brink looks unreal right now. The gameplay videos dropped after the jump show a hyper-stylised universe with some super-tight shooting. Gameplay-wise, the demo looks fairly standard fare, but that art-style is wonderful. With Brink still about a year off, you should probably..



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