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  • News Strap Yourself in to Some New London Heist Footage

    Virtual reality

    Most of our readers seem to have made up their minds about virtual reality already, but we get the distinct feeling that a few of you will have a change of heart once you give PlayStation VR a go. The tech is genuinely cool, and this PlayStation Access video shows off the inherent interactivity of the fledgling medium via the...

  • News No, Persona 5 Is Not Being Published By Sony in Europe

    Bit of a shame, really

    A rumour popped up earlier today claiming that Sony is planning on publishing Persona 5 in Europe. The source of the rumour was spotty at best, and we can't even find the origin of it right now, but none of that really matters since Atlus PR manager John Hardin has debunked the hopeful whispers. "Sorry Europe, but once...

  • News No Man's Sky UK Release Date Pushed Forward

    Yes Man's Sky

    No Man's Sky was recently delayed until August on PlayStation 4, with North America getting the game on the 9th, Europe receiving it on the 10th, and the poor old UK having to wait until the 12th to sample the space sim. Naturally, the two day difference between the EU and UK release dates had a bunch of us Brits asking questions,...

  • Talking Point Will Sony Announce PS4K at E3 2016?

    Neo or never?

    Sony doesn't really announce hardware at E3. There are exceptions: the PlayStation Move was hastily wheeled out a few years ago in reaction to the Kinect, while the ill-fated but kinda awesome PSPgo was also confirmed during one Los Angeles show. But most of its big system reveals tend to occur elsewhere: the PlayStation 4 was...

  • News Swiss Retailer Lists Crash Bandicoot for PS4

    But it proves nothing

    An early E3 2016 leak or a retailer responding to rumours? This could be a case of both, in all honesty. While there's real reason to believe that something is going on with the Crash Bandicoot brand, the fact that Swiss retailer Alcom has listed a new entry for the PlayStation 4 is not evidence of anything at all – the...

  • News PS Vita Passes 5 Million Units Milestone in Japan

    Celebrate good times

    It may have struggled globally, but the PlayStation Vita is still pretty darn relevant in Japan, with the handheld passing the five million units milestone in the region today. The news comes courtesy of the latest Media Create report, which signalled that the portable sold 14,956 units during the period spanning 23rd May to...

  • Talking Point Was Sony's E3 2015 Presser Really the Greatest Ever?

    Magic moments

    Thinking back on it, E3 2015 was a bit of a blur. We were outrageously sceptical ahead of PlayStation's press conference, and if you go back and read our predictions, that's abundantly clear to see. We'd heard on the grapevine that Sony was going to use its media briefing to focus primarily on strategic partnerships with third-party...



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