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  • Video Does PlayStation VR Work with Wireless Headphones?

    Gold standard

    While it was Cinematic Mode that many of you were asking about in our PlayStation VR review, we received a lot of queries about wireless headphones, too. It seems that many of you have been pondering whether your cans will be compatible with Sony's virtual reality mask – particularly the popular PlayStation Gold Wireless 2.0...

  • News PlayStation VR Freebie The Playroom VR Has a Platinum

    Bot's your lot

    This is a pleasant surprise: PlayStation VR freebie The Playroom VR includes a full set of Trophies – including a Platinum. The complimentary download includes several minigames for you to pit your spangly new headset against, and there'll be a whopping 41 trinkets for you to collect as you interact once again with Asobi and the...

  • Hands On Does PlayStation VR Really Have Tracking Issues?

    Dreaded drift

    In some ways, it's a shame that the PlayStation VR embargo had to lift. We'd encountered problems with the headset prior to this week's verdicts, which we outlined in our review: the resolution of the screen, the number of cables, and the flawed nature of the PlayStation Move controllers. But we hadn't encountered any tracking issues...

  • News PlayStation VR Will Play Host to More Than Just Games

    Sony outlines full roster of experiences, too

    PlayStation VR may be all about the games, but the reality is that virtual reality has a greater role to play than that. Fortunately, platform holder Sony seems to recognise this, and it'll be launching a variety of "experiences" and "video services" alongside the headset from launch through into 2017...

  • News PlayStation VR's Launch Lineup Is Legitimately Enormous

    Like, properly huge

    Y'know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and all of your troubles have melted away, only for them to come crashing back into your conscious like a nuclear bomb? Well, we just got a pang of that when we remembered that we've only reviewed four of PlayStation VR's launch titles – with another 25 or so to do. Ouch...

  • Hands On Playing Non-VR PS4 Games on PlayStation VR

    Putting the Cinematic Mode through its paces

    Without any shadow of a doubt, the biggest question we received after publishing our PlayStation VR review this week pertained to Cinematic Mode, the feature which allows you to play non-virtual reality games inside the headset on a simulated cinema screen. But what features can you use in this mode –...

  • News Bethesda Gives 'Big Thanks' to Sony for Allowing Fallout 4, Skyrim Mods on PS4

    "Doesn't happen without them"

    As many of you will no doubt already know, Bethesda and Sony have recently come to some sort of an agreement regarding user created mods for Fallout 4 and yet-to-be-released The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition. Indeed, mod support is now officially confirmed for both titles on PlayStation 4, which is good...

  • News Uncharted PS4 Remasters Go on Sale Individually in Europe Next Month

    Take your pick

    If, for some reason, you're not keen on buying Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection on PlayStation 4 - which includes current-gen remasters of PlayStation 3 titles Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - then you may be happy to hear that Sony will be releasing each game...

  • News PS4 Exclusive Gravity Rush 2 Tumbles into 2017

    Another one bites the dust

    Well, this is becoming an unfortunate reoccurrence, isn't it? There's not one game that Sony hasn't delayed this year, and Gravity Rush 2 is the latest to join the "pushed back" party. To be fair to the Japan Studio developed title, this very much appears to be a marketing move rather than a production problem – but...

  • 3


    Review Tumble VR

    Topple the blocks

    Ah, humble Tumble – the underrated PlayStation Move title that really proved the power of Sony's motion wand. A little dull on paper perhaps, virtual reality revisit Tumble VR stands taller than the sum of its parts, using three dimensional motion tracking to turn tower building into world beating entertainment. You may just have...

  • 16


    Review PlayStation VR Worlds

    A worldie?

    No new hardware launch is complete without a minigame collection; PlayStation VR Worlds, however, is not your average Wii Sports knock-off. Developed by Sony's own London Studio, this is a hodgepodge package collating the half-dozen or so tech demos that the studio has concocted over the years. As such, while the compilation includes some...

  • 23


    Review Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

    Ghost train

    The camp thrills of Supermassive Games' interactive horror Until Dawn elevated it to a status that few expected; the deliciously dumb drama out-Quantic Dreamed the real Quantic Dream, and the silly scare-fest still very much sits among the very best experiences that the PlayStation 4 has to offer. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, a virtual...

  • News Sony Exploring the Possibility of Free PlayStation VR Games on PlayStation Plus

    Nothing to share at this time, though

    There's no question that the past couple of months have been kind to PlayStation Plus, with the lineup in September and October really taking a step back towards the series' very best days. But still there's a recurring sentiment that the service needs an overhaul, with the PlayStation 3 and Vita games...

  • News Download Your Free PlayStation Plus Games Now

    Roll out

    It's an absolutely killer month on PlayStation Plus this October, with Sony responding to feedback by handing out free copies of Resident Evil and Transformers: Devastation on the PlayStation 4 alone. Last-gen fans will also score Mad Riders and From Dust, while the Vita will grab Actual Sunlight and the irritatingly named Code: Realize...

  • News PlayStation VR Will Provide Some Headaches for People with HDR Displays

    Time to change your cables

    While we're technically under embargo, we can probably just about get away with saying that PlayStation VR's setup has some… Minor shortcomings. Hopefully the Sony Ninjas don't lynch us for typing that. Anyway, it's about to get more complicated if you have an HDR television, because the Processing Unit – which is...

  • News PS4 Firmware Update 4.01 Puts in a Surprise Appearance

    Stable stuff

    Sony's dropped a new PlayStation 4 firmware update this morning, which will bring added stability to your system. Our understanding is that this update – dubbed v4.01 and weighing in at 312.1MB – has been rolled out with PlayStation VR in mind, though there's nothing in the patch notes to back that up. Probably bug fixes and the...

  • News The Last Guardian Billboards Prove the End Is in Sight

    In a flap

    It's almost here. The wait for The Last Guardian has been torturous at times, but Fumito Ueda's magnum opus is finally upon us – and Sony has splashed out on a few billboards to remind everyone. Spotted somewhere in the States, the promotion shows a forlorn Trico peering at the robed protagonist from all of the marketing materials. A...

  • Video Watch Us Unbox PlayStation VR

    Wide open spaces

    Apparently, our previous article about this PlayStation VR unboxing video wasn't search engine optimised quite as well as the powers to be would like, so because there's nothing else going on today, we're republishing this under a better headline. Look, at least we're completely honest with you, eh?


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