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  • News Minecraft Vita Is Sony's First Japanese Million Seller in Over a Decade

    And it's technically a Microsoft game

    Minecraft: PS Vita Edition has sold over one million units at retail in Japan according to tracking firm Media Create. This means that – despite the brand being owned by Microsoft – it's the first Sony published title since 2004 to hit seven digits. The last first-party release to achieve the target was...

  • News PS4 Quietly Crosses Four Million Units Milestone in Japan

    Pyrrhic victory?

    Japan's no longer the focus of Sony's attention, but the PlayStation 4 has still managed to quietly cross the four million units milestone in its home nation. The news comes courtesy of the latest Media Create report tracking sales for the week ending 25th December, where Sony's new-gen system sold 100,238 units – enough to push...

  • News This The Last Guardian Ending Easter Egg Will Settle Some Arguments

    Spoilers, obvs

    For this author's money, the best ending of the year is a toss-up between The Last Guardian and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End – but the former may have just stolen the crown from atop Drake's head due to an Easter egg that's only just been discovered. If you haven't finished Fumito Ueda's fantasy favourite just yet, then we'd urge...

  • Feature The 10 Best PS4 Trailers of 2016

    Watch this space

    Trailers are a massive part of every game's marketing cycle these days, with the very best either queued up for the big conventions or saved until a title's right about ready for release. We figured that we'd compile a list of the ten best PlayStation 4 videos released this year, and just for fun, we've put them in order to boot...

  • News Sony: 2017 Will Be a Year for Amazing PS4 Software

    We can't wait

    There's no question that this year has been all about hardware for Sony. There have been many amazing games released in 2016, don't get us wrong – but it's the likes of PlayStation VR and PlayStation 4 Pro that have dominated the headlines. Speaking with Japanese publication 4Gamer, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida...

  • News Japan Studio Concert Will Celebrate the Sounds of Sony's Greatest Games

    Audio tribute

    Japan Studio's output may have been pants during the PlayStation 3 era, but under the leadership of ex-Santa Monica head Alan Becker, Sony's biggest developer has been restored to the bosom of its Worldwide Studios network. Over the past few years alone the organisation has had a hand in Bloodborne, The Last Guardian, and Knack –...

  • Video Watch Gravity Rush The Animation: Overture for Free Here


    As promised prior to the Christmas break, Sony has released Gravity Rush The Animation: Overture for free on its YouTube channel. The anime – produced by Studio Khara – promises to bridge the gap between the first game and its soon-to-be-released sequel, and runs for a good 20 minutes, so pour yourself a glass of something nice and sit...

  • News PSN Survives the Holiday Traffic Onslaught

    Christmas miracle

    We'd all be quick to complain if the PlayStation Network had gone down this Christmas, so it's worth acknowledging that the service held sturdy for a second consecutive year, with very few issues reported. Online gaming, account registration, and the PlayStation Store all remained online, meaning that those looking to spend the...

  • Deals The Last Guardian Dips to £24.99 on PS4

    Bird brain

    The Last Guardian is this author's personal Game of the Year, and it's just dropped to £24.99 here in the UK. A slew of retailers are carrying Fumito Ueda's fantasy favourite for the new low price, with Amazon UK among the outlets. Don't miss out on one of the most truly original experiences in years.

  • News PS4 Flash Sale Plunges the Price of Must Have Titles in North America

    Caught on the way down

    Sony's dropped a surprise Flash Sale in North America, plunging the price of must have PlayStation 4 titles over the Christmas holidays. This one's live now, but is scheduled to end on 26th December at 08:00AM PT, so you're going to want to be quick. To be honest, it's not the greatest set of discounts you'll ever see, but...

  • News Sony Confirms Post-Christmas Call of Duty PS4 Bundle for North America

    Comes with Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered

    While you can still purchase a 500GB PlayStation 4 Slim with Uncharted 4: A Thief's End for $249.99 in the United States right now, the offer will end on Christmas Eve. Which means that Sony will replace the deal next week with a $299.99 Call of Duty bundle. This will come with a console...

  • News Sony Looks Back on a Stellar Year for PS4 with Snazzy Sizzle Trailer

    Greatness arrives

    Terrible song choice, but there's some great video editing in PlayStation Europe's latest sizzle trailer. This one looks back on what has been a landmark year for the popular gaming brand, showing dozens upon dozens of games, as well as new hardware initiatives like PlayStation VR and the PlayStation 4 Pro. It's certainly been a...

  • News PS4's European January Sale Is the Biggest and Best Ever

    Hundreds of amazing games go low on PlayStation Store

    This. Is. Insane. If you've been disappointed with the quality of the Christmas sales on the PlayStation Store here in Europe, then this feature-length January doozy will see that you spend all of your bonus in one swift sweep. Spanning everything from indies to blockbusters, golden oldies to...

  • News Sony Wants You to Vote for Your Game of the Year

    What will it be?

    Well, like we said earlier, it's that time of the year, isn't it? Sony's holding its own Game of the Year poll on the PlayStation Blog again this year, and it's soliciting your votes right now. There are tons of categories to vote in, from the bog-standard 'Best PS4 Game' through to more esoteric stuff like 'Best Use of the PS4...

  • News God of War's Promising PS4 Reboot Is Playable from Start to Finish

    "A very exciting milestone"

    God of War's obviously a long way from being complete, but director Cory Barlog has confirmed on Twitter that it's playable from start to finish. This means that all of the title's features and content have been incorporated, and the team now needs to spend the remainder of the development cycle tuning, polishing, and...

  • News Gravity Kick a Free Gravity Rush 2 Demo Tomorrow on PS4

    And watch the anime on Boxing Day

    Gravity Rush 2 will receive a free demo on the European and North American PlayStation Store starting tomorrow, meaning that you'll be able to test drive Kat's topsy-turvy adventure a month or so prior to its official release. This is likely to be the same sampler that launched in Japan earlier in the year; you...

  • News PS4 Was the Console with the Most Quality Exclusives in 2016

    According to Metacritic, anyway

    Metacritic has put together its annual industry summary, revealing that the PlayStation 4 was the console with the most quality exclusives in 2016. According to the site's data, the system landed 13 exclusives with a Metascore of 75 or above, while the Wii U and Xbox One could muster just three and four...

  • News God of War's PS4 Gameplay Video Is Now Sony's Most Viewed Trailer

    A new beginning

    Love him or loathe him, Kratos is unquestionably a big deal – and that's proven by the fact that the first gameplay footage of God of War's reboot has now climbed to the top of PlayStation's official YouTube channel. Previously, the most viewed game trailer on Sony's account was Final Fantasy VII Remake, but the bearded badass...

  • News PS4's Price Will Drop to $199 in 2017, Predicts Pachter

    And we agree

    Outspoken industry analyst Michael Pachter has put together his gaming predictions for 2017, leading with the bold belief that Sony will drop the price of the PlayStation 4 to $199.99 at some point during the year. The divisive Wedbush Securities sage believes that the Japanese giant will make the move on the PS4 Slim in order to keep...

  • Talking Point Which Free January 2017 PlayStation Plus Games Do You Want?

    Take your pick

    Santa hasn't even slipped down your chimney yet, and already we're talking about January 2017's free batch of PlayStation Plus goodies. That's because we're actually expecting an announcement of the Instant Game Collection lineup imminently – potentially before Christmas, but most likely in the days between the Big Day and the New...

  • News Gravity Rush: The Animation Bridges the Narrative Gap

    Anime short to fill in Kat's story

    It won't be long before Kat tumbles back into all our lives in Gravity Rush 2, but Gravity Rush: The Animation is aiming to at least keep Japanese fans occupied until early January. The 20-minute Studio Khara produced anime will premiere on TV Tokyo on 26th January, and promises to bridge the gap between the...

  • News This Is What Until Dawn Looked Like on the PS3

    Move aside

    Some of you will remember, but for those who don't, Supermassive Games' schlocky horror Until Dawn was originally in development for the PlayStation 3 – and, primarily, the PlayStation Move motion controller. It was planned to be an exclusive for Sony's illuminating wand, with the gameplay built around the 3D tracking of the...

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