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  • News Big PS4 Games Go For Under €20 in New EU Sale

    Triple A

    There's a new sale happening on the European PlayStation Store, and truth be told, it's probably one of the better selections of deals that we've had over the last few months. It mostly consists of popular retail titles like Fallout 4, FIFA 17, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Batman: Arkham Knight, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Watch Dogs,...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Developer Recruiting Quest Designers

    Ahoy, Aloy

    Horizon: Zero Dawn may be one of the best games of the year, but the work never ends at Dutch developer Guerrilla Games. While many studios experience a cooling off period in the aftermath of a big product launch, instead the first-party is currently recruiting quest designers to work on its future projects. We know that production is

  • News Roughly 40 Per Cent of PSN Users Subscribe to PlayStation Plus

    Equals a lot of revenue

    Earlier we reported that the PlayStation Network has 70 million monthly active users, and now Sony has followed up with a presentation confirming that as of 31st March, a whopping 26.4 million were subscribed to PlayStation Plus. That means that just under 40 per cent of people who log in to PSN at least once a month are pa

  • News PSN Surges to 70 Million Monthly Active Users

    Have some MAU

    Sales numbers are important, but engagement metrics are just as meaningful in this social media age. Sony has revealed, then, that the PlayStation Network currently has 70 million monthly active users. To be clear, this statistic is not restricted to paying PlayStation Plus subscribers – it accounts for anyone who’s logged in to...

  • News Spider-Man Star to Play Nathan Drake in Uncharted Origin Movie

    Oh crap?

    Oh boy, it's time for the another Uncharted movie update! This time around, Deadline is reporting that Spider-Man Homecoming lead Tom Holland will be playing a young Nathan Drake in what will essentially be an origin story. Supposedly, the film will feature the first meeting between Nate and his mentor, Sully. Hmmmm. We last...

  • News PS4's Days Gone Will Be at E3 2017 in a Big Way

    Actor confirms Sony Bend title for show

    Days Gone made not one but two appearances during Sony’s E3 press conference last year, and word is it’ll appear in a “big way” during this year’s showcase. Actor Sam Witwer who plays the lead character teased the appearance as part of a Twitch stream, but naturally stopped short of sharing any...

  • Hardware Review PlayStation VR Aim Controller - Straight Shootin'

    On target?

    Virtual reality is at its mind-blowing best when it’s representing physical objects in 3D space. Wield two PlayStation Move controllers in the excellent Job Simulator, for example, and you can practically juggle with digital objects such is the accuracy with which the wands are replicated within the title’s cartoon world. The newly...

  • Talking Point What Free June 2017 PlayStation Plus Games Do You Want?

    Predictions, please

    We’re nearing the end of another month, which means that attention must turn away from the current crop of PlayStation Plus goodies and towards June 2017’s lineup. We’re not entirely sure when the roster will be announced – most likely it’s going to be 31st May – but we’re fully expecting the freebies to be...

  • News Sony to Stream Over 15 Hours of PS4 at E3 2017, Will Return to Movie Theatres

    Four full days of live content

    With a mere three weeks to go until the games industry makes the annual trip to Los Angeles for E3 2017, PlayStation has shared what it has planned for the show for viewers at home. Once again you'll be able to catch the PlayStation press conference in cinemas throughout the US, Canada, and South America. More details...

  • News Tons of PS4 Games Under £4 on EU PlayStation Store This Weekend

    Something for the weekend

    Run out of games to play? Worry not: Sony’s launched a surprise digital games Flash Sale on the European PlayStation Store, which has seen the price of dozens of titles slashed to under £4 in the UK. It’s under €5 for those of you on the continent. Set to run until 22nd May, the goods include releases like...

  • Soapbox Gamers Are Sleeping on Sony's E3, And That's a Good Thing

    Sammy's enjoying the silence

    Ever since Jack Tretton dropped the mic in 2013, there’s no question that Sony’s been the king of the E3 press conference. You could argue that E3 2014 was a lean year, but it followed that up with the Holy Trifecta of E3 2015, a briefing that few thought would ever be beaten – only for it to be pushed all the way...

  • Deals Sony Will Give You Farpoint for Free if You Buy PlayStation VR in Europe


    Purchase incentive news: Sony’s giving away copies of Farpoint with PlayStation VR headset purchases in Europe from tomorrow until around 4th June. The promotion ends a little earlier in some countries, so do refer to the PlayStation Blog for full details. If you want the PlayStation

  • Video How the Feck Do You Play Farpoint with a DualShock 4?

    Not a lot changes, actually

    One of Farpoint’s biggest selling points is, of course, the PlayStation VR Aim Controller. But while the first-person shooter is available as part of a bundle featuring the plastic firearm, you can also buy it standalone both physically and digitally. So how the heck does that work? Well, the answer is that you can...

  • News A Bunch of B-Tier PS4 Titles Go on Sale in US

    The Technomancer, Farming Simulator, more

    Focus Home Interactive is probably this generation's most prominent b-tier publisher. For several years now, it's been pumping the PlayStation 4 full of titles that aren't quite AAA blockbusters - but they're not digital-only indie-style escapades, either. The kind of games that reviewers give 6s and 7s...

  • Video Should You Buy Farpoint for PlayStation VR?

    Survivors keep saving

    Farpoint launches for PlayStation VR this week alongside the PlayStation VR Aim Controller. The game represents the first blockbuster first-person shooter to be released for Sony's virtual reality headset, but is it any good? If the written word is more your thing, then you’ll find a full text review through here, but we’ve...

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    Review Farpoint

    Starship gloopers

    Farpoint is both the most innovative and primitive first-person shooter you’ll play this year. The next tentpole PlayStation VR title, this sci-fi story whisks you away to an alien planet and arms you with a brand new peripheral to keep the space bugs at bay. Thus, while the game design can feel decidedly dated at times, it’s...

  • News Wait! There's a Flash Sale on the US PlayStation Store Now

    Save big on sci-fi titles

    Wait, what? There’s a new Flash Sale on the North American PlayStation Store? Well, then. This one’s set to run until 08:00 PT on Monday, 15th May, so you’ve still got a little bit of time to take advantage of it. The theme this time is sci-fi, so highlights on the PlayStation 4 include DOOM for $19.79,...

  • Interview Stephen Cox on the Sounds of PlayStation VR's Farpoint

    Survivors keep moving

    When developer Impulse Gear’s Farpoint releases, it will come a few days after Sony’s PlayStation VR headset celebrates its seventh month on the market. With anticipation high for the virtual reality shooter, we caught up with composer Stephen Cox to learn a little more about its soundtrack. Push Square: Audio design in VR...

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    Review LocoRoco Remastered

    Roll up, roll up

    Whether we really needed a remaster of an 11-year-old Japanese PSP game is debatable, but we’re elated Sony decided to update one of the platform’s greatest hits nonetheless. LocoRoco Remastered brings the joyful 2D side-scroller (or side-roller, if you will) to a whole new audience, and the best news is that its still as fun...

  • News Melt Your Face Off with 7 Minutes of WipEout PS4 Splitscreen Gameplay

    Zip zip zoom

    The folks over at PlayStation Access have been putting in some time with upcoming PlayStation 4 remaster WipEout: Omega Collection - the lucky gits - and they've uploaded seven minutes of gameplay to YouTube. Focusing on splitscreen racing, the video's well worth a watch if you're eager to see more of the glorious looking title...

  • News Sony Actually Made a PS4 Pro Commercial

    Horizon! Gran Turismo! God of War!

    Sony’s treated the PlayStation 4 Pro a little like it’s a guilty secret sometimes, shunning the device from many of its marketing materials despite it actually being a pretty bloody cool piece of kit. It’s uploaded a new commercial today, though, showcasing titles like Gran Turismo Sport, Horizon: Zero Dawn,...

  • News Sony Japan's Made Another Awesome Musical PS4 Montage

    Play! Play! Play!

    Sony Japan’s got a knack for creating amazing montages, and it’s launched its latest overnight to celebrate the wealth of software set to release on the PlayStation 4 over the coming months. This clip takes the form of a musical, with the star attractions being titles like Dragon Quest XI, Tekken 7, and Final Fantasy XII: The...

  • ICYMI Sony's Running Some Great Articles on PlayStation Classics

    Learn the history of PaRappa and LocoRoco

    One thing that’s been really cool about the PaRappa the Rapper and LocoRoco remasters is that Sony’s been running some really good PlayStation Blog articles delving into the history of the titles. In truth, these are magazine quality features, packing original artwork – sometimes sketched in strange...

  • News Ex-Fable Chief Joins Sony to Lead AAA PlayStation VR Projects

    From Lionhead Studios to London Studio

    The former chief of Microsoft’s shuttered Lionhead Studios has been headhunted by Sony’s own London Studio to lead the development of AAA PlayStation VR projects. Stuart Whyte, who’ll begin work this coming Monday, has a long and storied history in the industry, having held positions at legendary UK...

  • News Sony Has Gone Above and Beyond with This Amazing WipEout: Omega Collection PSone Sleeve

    Back to the future

    Damn, would you look at that thing? Those of a certain age will no doubt be smashed in the face by a wave of nostalgia upon viewing these pictures - and rightly so. Sony has revealed that pre-ordering the upcoming WipEout: Omega Collection at specific shops will snag you a gorgeous original PlayStation-style sleeve. Seriously...

  • News May Sale Plunges PS4 Prices on EU PlayStation Store

    Summer time

    Summer is nearing, which means that the release calendar is ever so slightly clearing. Don’t let that stop you from taking a trip to the PlayStation Store, though, as Sony has rolled out a brand new batch of savings in Europe to keep you indoors while the sun shines outside. These new May savings span a scattershot of titles, many of...

  • News The Order: 1886 Can Be Yours for Thruppence on PS4

    Seriously, it's $3.99 in North America

    Look, we have our fair share of issues with The Order: 1886, but for $3.99 it’s worth buying. Sony’s launched a new batch of discounts on the North American PlayStation Store, and Ready at Dawn’s story-driven Victorian shooter has brought its exquisitely groomed handlebar moustache along for the party...

  • News What Ever Happened to Vib Ribbon on PS4?

    Rhythm rabbit

    Long before Shawn Layden trolled the web with a Crash Bandicoot tease, the PlayStation chief trolled the web with a Vib Ribbon tease. During his very first E3 appearance in 2014, the animated executive talked effervescently about the animal-based outing, only to not follow it up with an announcement. Of course he came good eventually,

  • Video LocoRoco Remastered Is Just Lovely on the PS4

    Sing along

    Despite it selling over 80 million units, time hasn’t been kind to the PlayStation Portable, with the industry remembering it as something of a flop. But we reckon Sony’s first shot at a handheld deserves a little more respect, as it was host to some amazing games – particularly Japan Studio’s various experiments like Patapon and,...

  • Video The History of the PlayStation Store

    A decade of digital

    A little over ten years ago, Sony cut the ribbon on a new virtual shopping plaza: the PlayStation Store. Opening for business alongside the PlayStation 3, the inaugural digital storefront was as rudimentary as these things get: it was essentially a web page with a couple of games for sale and some trailers. Who could have...

  • News Knack 2 Promises a Candid Response to Fans' Complaints

    Knack from the dead

    In a world where we’re still waiting for a sequel to Puppeteer, it’s awkward to think that Knack 2 exists at all. Japan Studio’s launch title became a critical punch bag when it launched back on the PlayStation 4 in 2013, drawing ire from critics expecting something a little more exciting alongside a new piece of hardware...

  • News God of War PS4 Is a 2018 Release, According to Kratos Voice Actor

    By the Gods

    Over the last few weeks, there have been whispers that God of War is actually set to launch this year, and that we'll be getting a confirmed release date at E3 next month. Now, we haven't seen much of the PlayStation 4 exclusive - all we have to go on is that amazing gameplay trailer from E3 2016 - but a late 2017 launch date has...

  • News Unannounced PS4 Exclusive That's You Rated in Brazil

    Rumoured to be a quiz game that leverages your phone

    It’s that time of the year where bureaucracy leads to an E3 leak or two. Over in Brazil, a PlayStation 4 exclusive named That’s You has been rated, and now its details are beginning to leak online. According to the filing it’s a platformer, but one NeoGAF poster claims that it’s actually...

  • News WipEout: Omega Collection Adds the Tigron Team

    PS4 remaster adds new craft

    These remasters get more and more confusing to classify, don’t they? WipEout: Omega Collection may technically be an updated edition of WipEout HD Fury and WipEout 2048, but Sony’s going above and beyond – even adding a new team and vehicle to the title’s roster of anti-grav racing machines. Welcome to the fray...

  • Poll Should Sony Allow Early Access Games on PS4?

    Pay now, finish later

    The terribly named multiplayer phenomenon PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was announced for the PlayStation 4 this week, but the reveal was met with real scepticism. Sony’s policy on Early Access is a bit confused: in 2014 it said it was looking into ways of su

  • News PlayStation's E3 2017 Press Conference Time and Date Confirmed

    Here we go

    Sony has confirmed the date and time of its E3 2017 press conference: the media briefing will get underway at 18:00 PDT on Monday, 12th June. That means that it’ll be another late night for those of you in Europe, as the event will kick off at 02:00 BST the following day in the UK – and even later in parts of Continental Europe...

  • News PS4 Exclusive Dreams Remains an Incredibly Attractive Enigma

    Snail's pace

    We know there’s a bit of confusion over what Dreams actually is, but you’ve got to give both Sony and Media Molecule credit for being bold enough to create something so outside-the-box. The artsy outing – which will provide you with the canvas to create your own magical masterpieces – has been kept undercover for a little while...

  • News Sony Celebrates Golden Week with PS4 Game Sale on NA PlayStation Store

    PS3 and Vita also well represented

    Golden Week is a national holiday in Japan, so it seems only fair to acknowledge it with a bunch of discounts on the North American PlayStation Store. The platform holder's knocking up to 80 per cent off a bunch of popular Eastern titles through 09:00 PT on 9th May – and that extends to some anime in the movies...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Snaps Up New Photo Mode Features

    Map filter also being incorporated

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is easily one of the most beautiful games on the PlayStation 4, and capturing that beauty with the title's Photo Mode is a big part of the fun. Guerrilla Games has recognised that, and with the open world role-playing release's next patch, it'll be adding in a ton of new features to help improve...

  • News PlayStation VR Restocked Ahead of Farpoint Release

    Guns at the ready

    Those of you who've been trying to purchase a PlayStation VR headset these past few months will know that the device has been in and out of stock since launch really. Fortunately, a fresh wave of units has arrived in North America ahead of the release of flagship exclusive Farpoint, and Sony's rolling out a fresh new advertising...

  • News You Can Download May's PlayStation Plus Games Now

    Get 'em while they're hot

    May's PlayStation Plus titles are now live on the PlayStation Store. The selection includes Tales from the Borderlands alongside Alienation in Europe and ABZU in North America. This is the first time since the launch of the PlayStation 4 that the selected games have differed between the two regions, leading us to hope and...

  • News WipEout: Omega Collection Crosses the Finishing Line

    Game goes gold ahead of launch

    WipEout: Omega Collection is finished and ready for release. The game – which is due out on 6th June in North America and 7th June in Europe – is a compilation of remastered races, including WipEout HD Fury and WipEout 2048. Both games have been upgraded to take advantage of 4K resolution on the PlayStation 4 Pro,...

  • News The Chainsmokers Bring Paris to PlayStation VR

    Get away from your parents

    You've got to give a lot of credit to DJ double-act The Chainsmokers: they've basically released the same song twice with changed lyrics and had a huge amount of success in the process. And now they're bringing Paris – which is totally different to Closer – to PlayStation VR as part of a new application. You can...

  • Opinion Why Sony Is Zagging While the Industry Zigs

    A different direction

    Third-party publishers are bullish: service games are the future. All of the big games makers are at it: Activision's got Destiny, Call of Duty, and – via its subsidiary Blizzard – Overwatch; EA's got FIFA Ultimate Team among others; Ubisoft's been kept busy with The Division, The Crew, Rainbow Six: Siege, and countless...

  • News Don't Forget to Download April's Free PlayStation Plus Games

    Drawn to Death and others will be gone tomorrow

    Holy cow it's May already, which means that a fresh batch of PlayStation Plus titles are just around the corner. As such, today is your last chance to download April's selection, which includes Drawn to Death and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime on PlayStation 4. This month, subscribers can look...


  • News From Software Seemingly Recruiting for Dark Fantasy Action RPG

    Born of the blood

    Sony only really needs to utter two words to steal E3 2017 in a couple of months: Bloodborne 2. The original may not have been the biggest seller ever – it still performed pretty well, of course – but among hardcore gamers the series is an absolute show-stopper for sure. And it's got to be happening, right? Well, the developer...

  • News PS5 Could Launch As Early As Next Year, Reckons Analyst

    Pretty bloody unlikely, though

    One analyst believes that Sony is readying the PlayStation 5 for release in 2018 – but we respectfully disagree. Macquarie Capital Securities forecaster Damian Thong told The Wall Street Journal that Sony's next-gen system could drop as early as the second half of next year, with his accurate PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim...

  • Poll Should Sony Make a PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Sequel?

    And what kind of game should it be?

    Thanks to some flaky fakes, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is back in the headlines. There's no sign that Sony's going to revive the mascot mash-up on the PlayStation 4, but the renewed interest invites an interesting question: should it? And if your answer to that is a resounding yes, then what direction...

  • News PS4 Shipments Pass 60 Million as PlayStation Nears Record Profit

    Forecasts predict PS4 install base will reach 78 million next year

    Sony managed to ship an outrageous 20 million PlayStation 4 consoles between 1st April 2016 and 31st March 2017, putting total shipments of the console up to 60 million units worldwide. As of 1st January the device had sold 53.4 million units directly to consumers, so it's probably...

  • News LocoRoco Remastered Goes Full-Tilt on 9th May

    About a blob

    There was a period during the PlayStation Portable era where Japan Studio was pumping out some brilliant handheld titles, but they never really got the traction that they deserved. LocoRoco was one such game, a punctual little platformer that looked lovely and played great. And now, in case you missed the memo, it's set to make a...

  • News Sony Expected to Announce 60 Million PS4 Milestone

    Will be awkward if it doesn't now

    Sony's scheduled to report its financial earnings tomorrow (or today, depending on your timezone), and analyst firm Super Data speculates that the company will confirm that PlayStation 4's sales have passed the 60 million units milestone. As of 1st January, the console was at 53.4 million units sold through to...

  • News This Isn't Your First Look at a PlayStation All-Stars Sequel


    Whether or not PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was a good game is up for debate, but should there ever be a successor, it would be fascinating to see what direction Sony took. There's been a bizarre amount of chatter about the series online of late, with a sequel supposedly leaking on 4Chan (hint: it was fake) and now artwork arriving on...

  • News Kat Cosplays as 2B in Gravity Rush 2 Next Week

    Flying blind

    Gravity Rush 2's blonde bombshell Kat will be borrowing the threads from fellow blonde bombshell 2B next week as free DLC. The iconic android's outfit will be added to the topsy-turvy title from 5th May in Europe and North America – though it's already out in Japan. You'll be able to choose whether the superheroine wears a...

  • News PS4's Biggest Games Score Even Bigger Discounts in Europe

    60 per cent off blockbusters

    The Easter sale has now ended, which means that it's time for another PlayStation Store sale in Europe. Sony's knocking up to 60 per cent off some of the PlayStation 4's biggest games, like Destiny: The Collection, Rocket League, Titanfall 2, and Star Wars Battlefront. There are a bunch of LEGO games up for grabs at low...

  • News Sony Shares Surge Ahead of Predicted Best Profit in 20 Years

    Holding out for a Hirai

    Sony is expected to record its best profit in two decades this week, which has caused the company's shares to surge. The firm's stock closed 3.84 per cent higher in Japan amid chatter that the organisation may be on the verge of reporting its strongest profit since 1998. The organisation recently indicated that its upcoming...

  • News You Better Believe There Are PaRappa the Rapper Stickers on iPhone Now

    Step on the gas

    Kick, punch, it's all on your iPhone – or at least it will be if you download this official PaRappa the Rapper sticker pack. Sony's released the set of digital graphics to coincide with PlayStation's most popular pooch coming to the PlayStation 4. If you want to give someone nightmares, we recommend repeatedly sending them pictures...

  • News Days Gone Dev Sony Bend Moving to New Digs After Rapid Expansion

    Studio has more than doubled in size

    As work on Days Gone continues, Sony Bend is growing at a rapid pace. A report published by Oregon newspaper The Bulletin notes that the infamously low-profile firm is to occupy a new office this fall, as it begins to outgrow its current digs. Apparently, the studio has expanded from 45 to 103 employees recently,...

  • Talking Point What Free May 2017 PlayStation Plus Games Are You After?

    Gimme the goods

    T'is that time of the month yet again where we ask you to ponder which PlayStation Plus freebies you want in May 2017. We're expecting the lineup to be revealed this coming Wednesday (26th April) ahead of a 2nd May roll out. Unfortunately the release schedule's currently looking quite barren on that day, so your guess is as good as...

  • News Sony Set to Smash Forecasts as Kaz Hirai's Recovery Mission Continues

    Back on track

    Sony may not be the giant that it used to be, but former PlayStation president and current CEO Kaz Hirai's recovery mission cannot be understated. There was a time not too long ago where the company was making loss after loss after loss; now preliminary reports suggest that it's about to smash its fiscal year forecasts by a significant...

  • News Everybody's Golf Ditches Hot Shots Moniker for Western Release

    Clap your hands

    Thank heavens for that! The Hot Shots series has always been a nightmare from a database perspective because rarely do its games ever have the same name across regions. It would appear that Sony's realised that's not the best approach for search engine optimisation, though, as it's decided to name the new PlayStation 4 entry...

  • News New Hot Shots Golf Putts Out Closed Beta on 26th May

    A links in time

    New Hot Shots Golf's online game world seems like the sort of thing that could collapse on launch day, so it's a good thing that developer Clap Hanz is planning a closed beta for the arcade golfing release. Set to run between 26th May and 28th May in Japan only, you'll need to download a "ticket" from the PlayStation Store in order...

  • News Ex-Quantic Dream Employees Reference Unannounced PS4 Project

    Prior to Detroit's announcement

    Oh FFS! There's a strong rumour doing the rounds that Quantic Dream is busy beavering away on a second PlayStation 4 project in addition to Detroit: Become Human – except it's the flakiest piece of reporting we've seen in some time. While it wouldn't exactly be shocking to learn that the French outfit is prototyping...

  • News Scheduled PlayStation Network Maintenance Returns Next Week

    But it shouldn't really affect you

    People like to complain, but there's no doubt that the PlayStation Network has improved a lot these past couple of years. There hasn't been a proper outage in months, and things generally feel much more stable these days than they did at the start of the generation. Still, maintenance is required if an online...

  • News So, You Can Become a Character in Drawn to Death

    Sony launches new competition

    It seems a lot of people loathe Drawn to Death, but we really like it – or at least, this author did anyway. If you're one of those that doesn't enjoy the hand-sketched third-person shooter, then you may want to quietly toodle out of this thread before tediously reminding us how "terrible" it is in the comments...

  • News PlayStation VR Exclusive Farpoint Travels to a Mad, Mad World

    Sony's sci-fi shooter seems much deeper than expected

    We've played Farpoint a fair few times now and really enjoyed the PlayStation VR exclusive shooter, but we never really expected it to have much in the way of story. This new trailer has exceeded our expectations, then, as it sets the scene on a dangerous journey to a different planet. It's…...

  • News Sony XDev Europe's Been Showing Shuhei Yoshida Secret Stuff

    And some things we know about

    It's around this time of the year that work likely starts in earnest for the impending E3 2017, and Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida is currently in the UK visiting some of the European studios. And according to Twitter scuttlebutt, he's spent the day at Sony XDev Europe, checking out some of the conduit...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Patch 1.13 Cleans Up Remaining Complaints

    Background music support incorporated

    One thing that's perhaps gone unmentioned with regards to Horizon: Zero Dawn is just how polished the experience was at launch. We reviewed the game using unpatched pre-release code – a rarity these days – and we didn't encounter any bugs, glitches, or meaningful gripes. When you consider that the open world...

  • News Sony's Bringing the 1TB PS4 Slim to the United States

    Small chassis, huge HDD

    It's been available in Europe for quite some time now, but Sony's announced that the 1TB PlayStation 4 Slim is launching in the United States this month. Obviously this is identical to the system already available in the US, it just comes with a bigger internal HDD and carries an MSRP of $299.99. There's more information on...

  • Hands On Behind the Wheel of Gran Turismo Sport

    On track?

    Are we allowed to write about this? Gran Turismo Sport's closed beta agreement terms specifically stipulate that the server stress test can't be talked about, but video platforms are filled with footage and public forums are chatting pretty openly about the racer. Hmm, for the purposes of this hands on preview, let's just pretend that...

  • News Sony to Shut Kill Strain Servers Less Than a Year After Launch

    Sports Champions, ModNation Racers, and more to also get the chop

    Call it a hunch, but we don't think Sony San Diego's asymmetric MOBA Kill Strain quite worked out as intended. You may recall the platform holder laying off the portion of the team that worked on the free-to-play foray last September, and now it's announced its intention to close the...

  • News Gravity Rush 2's Free 2B Costume Is NieRly Perfect

    YoRHa android now

    As promised, Sony has teamed up with Square Enix to add a 2B costume to Kat's wardrobe in Gravity Rush 2 – and the results are great. The mash-up with NieR Automata was announced as part of a commemoration stream in Japan overnight, and you can get a little glimpse of gameplay featuring the new threads

  • News New Hot Shots Golf Tees Off 31st August in Japan

    Fore the players

    Clap Hanz's long overdue persistent online arcade golf title New Hot Shots Golf will finally tee off on 31st August in Japan, publisher Sony has announced. The game – which has been in production since PlayStation Vita port Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational launched on the PlayStation 3 back in 2013 – is the most ambitious...

  • News Hour-Long Dutch Documentary Explores the Making of Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Watch it now

    Horizon: Zero Dawn has obviously been a big deal for PlayStation, but it's perhaps easy to overlook just how important the release is for Holland as well. Guerrilla Games is far and away the largest studio in the Netherlands, and not only does the PlayStation 4 exclusive's critical and commercial success reflect well on the company, but...

  • News The Last of Us: Part II Shooting Has Continued in Los Angeles

    Kill 'em all

    It's the long Easter weekend for many of you, but work continues on The Last of Us: Part II in Los Angeles. Various members of the cast have been Tweeting about the game today, with Ashley Johnson – also known as Ellie – leading the charge with this little tidbit: Neil Druckmann then followed up with this clip of

  • 5


    Review StarBlood Arena

    Lost in space

    Overwatch in virtual reality is not a bad pitch on paper, but it's one that struggles in practice. StarBlood Arena has its heart in the right place, and developer White Moon Dreams has actually put together a moderately entertaining first-person shooter here, but with PlayStation VR being such a niche proposition, the game's never...

  • News PSN Flash Sale Brings Down Dozens of Prices on NA PlayStation Store

    Reductions remastered

    It's officially the Easter weekend which can only mean one thing: there's a Flash Sale on the North American PlayStation Store. This one's got a bit of a remaster theme, as it focuses on old classics that have been spruced up for the PlayStation 4. Some highlights include Ape Escape 2 for $3.99, The Last of Us Remastered for...

  • News PS4's Run Halted by Nintendo Switch Launch in March NPD

    But Sony's system stays strong

    As expected, the launch of the Nintendo Switch has (temporarily?) dethroned the PlayStation 4 from the top of the United States hardware charts. Sony's system had been sitting pretty for several months in a row, but it was never going to overcome the release of its rival's new handheld-cum-console, which performed...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Is Free with the PS4 Pro This Easter

    In the UK at least

    Sony's looking to shift some hardware this Easter weekend, as it's announced that at select retailers in the UK you'll be able to get a free copy of Horizon: Zero Dawn with the PlayStation 4 Pro. This is a time limited deal – with the offer set to expire on 23rd April stock withstanding – so you may want to get a move on if...

  • Soapbox Sony Should Pinch the Nintendo Direct Format

    Sammy reckons there's mileage in Nintendo's marketing

    I did something I rarely do this week: I watched a Nintendo Direct. To be honest, I have a weird relationship with the Big N's pre-recorded events: I've watched the E3 ones before and I've always felt that, for everything they gain in pacing and structure, they lack the kind of energy that you...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Battles to Top of PlayStation Store Charts

    But only in Europe

    You can be sure it's a slow news day when we report on the PlayStation Store charts, but maybe this is something you'd like to see us cover more regularly? After all, we're pretty thorough when it comes to the UK, Japan, and USA sales charts, and the PlayStation Store is becoming an increasingly important part of the game...

  • Weirdness Finally You Can 3D Print Your Own PlayStation Trophies

    Trophy unlocked

    What's this nonsense about Trophies being meaningless, virtual awards? If you happen to be one of the two people on the planet with a 3D printer, you can now download the files to manufacture your own set of PlayStation trinkets through here. This includes the bog standard Bronze, Silver, and Gold style, as well as the coveted...

  • News Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Beta Codes Start Doing the Rounds in Europe

    Lap it up

    It's been a bit of an arduous wait, but Gran Turismo Sport beta codes are finally being sent out in Europe ahead of this Easter weekend's online racing sessions. Check your emails to see if you've got in, which will take you to a webpage including a code and additional information on the server stress test itself. The client weighs in at...

  • Poll Should Sony Be Looking to Add Refunds to PSN?

    Cash back

    This is an article that we've had on the backburner for a while now, but Microsoft has somewhat forced our hand. One of the big features on Steam for quite a while has been its ability to allow you to get a refund on digital purchases. The terms of service state that, as long as you don't abuse the system, you're eligible to request a...

  • News Watch As Two of PlayStation's Most Prominent Names Chat Candidly

    Neil Druckmann and Hermen Hulst get together

    This is actually a brilliant little video: Sony put Guerrilla Games' managing director Hermen Hulst and Naughty Dog's creative director Neil Druckmann in an up-market coffee shop and filmed them chatting for 25 minutes. The conversation mostly centres around Horizon: Zero Dawn, but it does deviate to...

  • News Gran Turismo Sport Adds Porsches As EA License Expires

    And the beta comes to Europe this weekend

    If you didn't know, for the longest time EA has had exclusive rights to the Porsche license in racing games, but that deal expired recently waving the green flag for Gran Turismo Sport to add the favourites to its roster of racing cars. And the first screenshots of a Porsche 911 GT3 RS have finally hit the...

  • News Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Starts a New PS4 Story on 22nd August

    Pre-order for free copy of Jak & Daxter

    Side-story Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will release on 22nd August for $39.99 in North America and 23rd August for £34.99 in the UK, developer Naughty Dog has announced. The game – which stars fan-favourite Chloe Frazer in the lead role as she embarks on an Indian adventure with mercenary Nadine Ross –...

  • News PS4 Firmware Update 4.55 Puts in Shock Appearance

    But what does it do?

    It's a PlayStation 4 firmware update day – but not one of the good ones. Sony's sneakily launched system software v4.55 today, which improves the stability of your console. In other words, it's bringing some behind-the-scenes bug fixes and not a lot else. The patch weighs in at just 339.9MB so shouldn't take long to...

  • Deals The Best External Hard Drives for PS4

    Increase your console's capacity with a USB HDD

    Sony added external hard drive (HDD) support to the PlayStation 4 recently, meaning that you can now easily increase the capacity of your console without needing to open it and replace its internal hard drive. The system supports drives of up to 8TB, but you do need to ensure that you plump up for a...

  • Hands On StarBlood Arena Brings Loot Boxes to PlayStation VR

    Overwatch in virtual reality?

    There's nothing really wrong with StarBlood Arena, but ever since its announcement at PSX 2016, we haven't been able to resist the urge to roll our eyes. It's just one of those games that doesn't appear to have any identity of its own – and that's despite its likeable space cowboy façade. Cockpit shooters are dime a...

  • News Good God, WipEout Omega Collection Is Looking Glorious on PS4 Pro

    Gotta go fast

    German channel Inside PlayStation's got a little more pre-release footage for you to feast your eyes on, this time from WipEout Omega Collection. This was playable at a recent convention so it does appear that Sony's plumped up for one of the title's slower speeds to make the experience more comfortable for attendees – but that...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 Will Likely Have Way, Way More Machines

    And will enhance your bond with Aloy

    Guerrilla Games seems pretty open that more Horizon: Zero Dawn is on the way, and while it sounds like an expansion pack is in the works, it's also been chatting with Game Informer about a full-blown sequel. Firstly, narrative director John Gonzalez hinted that we can expect the bond between players and...

  • News Everyone's Saying Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Is 10 Hours Long

    But it's a bit misleading

    Bloody hell, the standard of games websites gets worse, doesn't it? Over the weekend, an interview with Naughty Dog's Arne Meyer got picked up by dozens of bigger sites, all because reporters without reading comprehension assumed spin-off Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will be 10 hours or longer. Ironically, the director of...

  • Talking Point Is It Time for Sony to Take PS4 Pro Seriously?

    Mid-gen battlegrounds

    Sony released the PlayStation 4 Pro last year, and it's a good iterative console. Designed to take existing PS4 games and push them to the next level, the system has generally achieved its aims by bumping resolutions, effects, and other features depending on the developer's decision. The manufacturer's goal was never to change...

  • News The Last of Us Dev Naughty Dog's on a Real Hiring Spree

    Fresh blood

    We assume Naughty Dog's really starting to ramp up production on The Last of Us: Part II right now, as it's on a huge hiring spree. The Californian developer is trying to fill a wide gamut of positions, including everything from gameplay animators right the way through to visual effects artists. The studio's got a lot on its plate right...

  • News WipEout Omega Collection's Steelbook Pays Homage to PSone

    Box art will take you back

    In case you didn't know, WipEout Omega Collection is getting a retail release on the PlayStation 4, and if you shop at as of yet undetermined retailers you'll be able to nab a tasty looking steelbook copy. Here's what it looks like in all of its retweet baiting glory: The coolest thing about the steelbook box art is...

  • News The Last of Us: Part II Recruits Westworld Actress Shannon Woodward

    But who will she play?

    While the bulk of Naughty Dog is either busy collecting awards or polishing off spin-off Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, it does seem like a large part of the team is also making progress on The Last of Us: Part II. And while updates on the title have been few and far between, Twitter has revealed today that Westworld

  • News Uncharted 4 Brings Home the BAFTA for Best Game

    The Last Guardian also wins award

    It's time to stop. We're approaching mid-April and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End has been winning awards for what feels like an eternity now. The title took home the coveted Best Game gong at the BAFTAs overnight, despite the excellent INSIDE scooping four other awards on the night. PlayStation 4 exclusive The Last...

  • 33


    Review Drawn to Death

    Draw some

    Drawn to Death plays like Twisted Metal, Quake, and Street Fighter all had a big violent orgy in Screech from Saved by the Bell's ring-bound high school jotter. This raucous online-only third-person shooter is bulging with so much personality that many won't be able to see beyond the d*ck jokes and crude art direction, but what lies behind...

  • News There's One Xbox Scorpio Feature PS4 Pro Needs to Steal Soon

    Universal supersampling

    Sony's decision to allow developers to do whatever they want to with the PlayStation 4 Pro certainly has its benefits: it puts less pressure on already taxed teams and it gives studios more freedom to explore what they feel is best for their game. But there is a catch: with so many different approaches, a few games don't take...

  • Reaction Will Sony Be Scared of the Xbox Scorpio?

    Sting in the tail

    Xbox's premium console Project Scorpio has been a source of conversation ever since a 90 second trailer outed the device at E3 2016 almost 12 months ago. With manufacturer Microsoft saying very little about the system since, it's become a bit of a fan's fancy – there's been so much speculation on enthusiast forums like NeoGAF...

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