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  • News Neko Atsume PSVR Is So Cute It's Gone Viral

    All according to cat-kaku

    Cat collecting series Neko Atsume launched on PlayStation VR in Japan this week, and it’s so cute that it’s gone viral. One clip, captured using the PlayStation 4’s built-in Share button, has amassed almost 100,000 likes at the time of typing; the eleven second tweet shows a stick being waggled in a confuddled...

  • News Sony's E3 2018 Press Conference Returns to Theatres

    Attend for freebies

    For the last few years, Sony has hosted a PlayStation E3 Experience event across the Americas and Canada that allows members of the public to watch its E3 press conference live in theatres. It's back once again for E3 2018, and Sony has just detailed what you can expect on the PlayStation Blog. Attendees will net a poster and...

  • News You'll Be Able to Watch the 2018 World Cup Via Your PlayStation VR Headset

    Crashing out on penalties in virtual reality

    Hot off the heels of E3 2018 is the World Cup, and you'll be able to watch all 33 matches through your PlayStation VR headset as the BBC plans to trial the latest technology at the greatest footballing showcase on the planet. As the Los Angeles show floor begins to wind down, you'll be able to take your...

  • News Media Molecule's Dreams Is Absurdly Innovative


    The PlayStation Blog crew may be paid to promote Sony products, but you can hear in this Dreams-themed episode of PS Underground that they’re genuinely flabbergasted by what’s possible in Media Molecule’s upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive. This new video featuring bigwig Mark Healey may not reveal anything particularly new, but it’s...

  • News Ex-Naughty Dog Dev is Now Senior Game Designer on a Secret Sony PS4 Project


    Last year, Quentin Cobb left Naughty Dog to work on Just Survive, a PC-only zombie survival shooter, in the role of Senior Game Designer. 12 months later, and he's now back under the Sony umbrella under the same job title, but where he's working - and what he's working on - remains unknown. When asked which studio Cobb is now working...

  • Soapbox Death Stranding Is an E3 2018 Enigma, and That's Exciting

    Surprise, surprise

    How often does a game actually surprise you? God of War is probably the last announcement that actually took me aback; I was genuinely expecting a repurposing of the franchise’s established format, albeit transposed into a Norse environment. So when Kratos stepped out of the shadows at E3 2016 and Sony Santa Monica introduced...

  • News Free Gran Turismo Sport Update Adds Le Mans, Single Player Content, and Cars

    Round the clock

    Gran Turismo Sport continues to receive meaty free updates, washing away any criticisms about content that were aimed at the title at launch. From tomorrow, you’ll be able to put the Circuit de la Sarthe through its paces, ahead of the 24 hour Le Mans race on 16th June. Have you got the endurance to finish one of motorsport’s...

  • News Sony Cuts PS4 Prices Through E3 2018 with Days of Play

    Introduces new limited edition console

    Sony’s bringing back its immensely successful Days of Play promotion after last year’s triumph, meaning that you can look forward to discounts on PlayStation games, hardware, and accessories right through E3 2018. This year’s initiative is set to kick off on 8th June and will end on 18th June, with a new...

  • News Death Stranding Theories Get Taken to a Whole New Level

    Is the game set in Iceland?

    Remember that time Hideo Kojima hired a Swedish guy in full body bandages to hold an interview with Geoff Keighley? It was part of the viral marketing campaign for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, with some even speculating that the so-called CEO of Moby Dick Studios was in fact being rendered by the Fox Engine, and...

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