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  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn's Aloy Looks Incredible in Hama Beads

    Beaded brilliance

    Remember that gorgeous side-scrolling Horizon: Zero Dawn demake that we posted about a few days ago? Well, now hama bead extraordinaire Dan Silver has transformed it into a glorious work of pixel art hobbycraft. Incredible, right? This isn't the first piece of pixel art that Dan's brought to life using beads, and you can check out...

  • News Recent PS4 Games Get Cheaper For the Weekend in EU PlayStation Store Sale

    Ghost Recon! Resi 7! Final Fantasy!

    If you've had a tough week and you're looking forward to settling down for a nice, lazy weekend of gaming, you may want to check out the PlayStation Store's latest sale. They're certainly not the biggest discounts that we've ever seen, but four recently released titles are up for grabs at reduced prices. Again,...

  • News Kratos' New Voice Actor Thinks God of War's Coming to PS4 in 2017

    Chaos awaits

    First there were the Father's Day ads in Spain, and now Kratos' new voice actor has listed God of War for 2017 release. Obviously this shouldn't be taken as gospel, but Christopher Judge's Twitter profile does allude to the game coming this year, and there must be some reason he believes that to be the case. [image:

  • News Gran Turismo Sport's Nurburgring Is PS4's Most Beautiful Thing

    How is this even possible?

    Polyphony Digital may take an age to make a game, but you know what they say: greatness awaits. If you thought that Gran Turismo Sport's recreation of Brands Hatch was spectacular, then wait until you feast your eyes on its Nurburgring. This is obviously replay footage so the visuals are turned up to eleven, but even at...

  • News Drawn to Death's Trophies Compose an Angsty Short Story


    Drawn to Death is nothing if not bursting with personality, and its Trophies are no different. Each of its 28 trinkets forms part of a short story, which we assume has been ripped from the pages of the protagonist's sketchbook – which is, of course, where the game takes place. Here are some excerpts: "Amy keeps looking at me and smiling...

  • News Hideo Kojima's Been Meeting with PlayStation's Big Wigs

    Talking time

    E3 2017 preparations or just a progress report? According to his Twitter account, Hideo Kojima spent the day in meetings with some of Sony's big wigs, including PlayStation 4 architect Mark Cerny and the ridiculously likeable marketing chief Asad Qizilbash. We bet you could almost smell the talent filtering out of the meeting room...

  • News FFS! Sony's E3 2017 Press Conference Schedule Hasn't Leaked

    Stop believing everything you read

    We've noticed that there's a screen-grabbed spreadsheet doing the rounds purporting to contain the secrets of Sony's rapidly approaching E3 2017 press conference. The problem is that it's merely an updated prediction by a NeoGAF user, and absolutely not a leak in any way shape or form. Why are we posting this...

  • News PS4 Exclusives Go Cheap in Latest European PlayStation Store Sale

    Cash in

    As is the case in North America, Sony's rolled out a sale on many PlayStation 4 exclusives in Europe. The discounts – which include The Last Guardian for £19.99 and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End for £15.49 – span everything from digital releases to big name blockbusters. There's also DLC and

  • News PlayStation Presents a Ton of Games from the China Hero Project

    Including the promising Lost Soul Aside

    As you probably already know, China is a fledgling market for console gaming, but PlayStation is trying to cultivate a market by working with local developers to create home-grown content. And in this China Hero Project video it's showcased the burgeoning fruits of its efforts, as a dozen or so developers...

  • News MLB The Show 17 Is Kinda Like an RPG Now

    Play ball

    Sony San Diego iterates on its baseball series every single year, and with MLB The Show 17 it's bringing some basic role-playing game systems to the fore. In the new Road to the Show mode you'll commandeer a rookie to the role of MVP by selecting dialogue options and hitting home runs. All is explained in intricate detail courtesy of the...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Still Looks Amazing in Pixel Art

    Focus on this

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is hands-down one of the best looking video games ever released, but what if it opted for an almost Game Boy Advance-esque aesthetic? That's what this mock-up by Japanese artist Toyaken21 aims to illustrate – and it's got us drooling over some kind of side-scroller starring Aloy as a result. What do you reckon?...

  • News Finally Some Direct-Feed Footage of Gran Turismo Sport's PS4 Beta

    Holy moly

    We've been posting about Gran Turismo Sport's recently released PlayStation 4 beta for a few days now, but most of the footage has come courtesy of compressed livestreams. Finally, a YouTube user has taken the time to whip out their capture card and grab a few minutes of footage running in 1080p at 60 frames-per-second, though. And the...

  • News Don't Forget About Gravity Rush 2's Free DLC

    Raven's time to shine

    Poor, poor Gravity Rush: it really is the black sheep of Sony's first-party. We'd forgotten all about Gravity Rush 2's side-story until a poster here on Push Square mentioned it, prompting us to think it may have been delayed. Not true: it's just arrived with so little fanfare that you may be forgiven for forgetting all about...

  • News PlayStation Exclusive Prices Plunge in NA PS Store Sale

    Only on PlayStation

    PlayStation exclusives are the focus of the latest North American PlayStation Store sale, as the prices plunge on some of Sony's biggest releases. Starting today you'll be able to get the likes of God of War III Remastered for $5.99 and Until Dawn for $9.99, and honestly if you haven't played either of those then you really...

  • News Don't Expect to Bump into Drake in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

    He's too busy playing Crash Bandicoot

    Considering his story's over, we always thought a Nathan Drake cameo would be kinda crummy should it occur in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and fortunately developer Naughty Dog's ruled out the possibility. Speaking with the PlayStation Blog, writer Josh Scherr had the following to say regarding the potential...

  • News Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Will Have the Largest Area in the Series

    An Indian adventure

    Uncharted's still a hyper-linear game, but there were signs in A Thief's End that Naughty Dog wanted to blow out the scale of the release. And it's going to go one bigger in spin-off The Lost Legacy, confirming in a PlayStation Blog post that it's included the largest area in the series' history in the standalone story. "The...

  • News It's Almost April and Uncharted 4 Is Still Winning Awards

    And rightly so

    We've noticed that it's become cool to hate Uncharted 4: A Thief's End in some circles, but that's not stopping it from scooping up awards like they're going out of fashion. Naughty Dog's sequel netted another gong this weekend, taking home the coveted Game of the Year accolade from the 2017 SXSW Gaming Awards. It beat out Dishonored...

  • News Gran Turismo Sport Is Sounding So Much Better Now

    Va va voom

    That delay to Gran Turismo Sport seems to have done the game the world of good. Not only does its beta look absolutely mind-blowing from a visual perspective, but those who got in have been commentating on how much better the sound is, too. Obviously long-time fans will know that the franchise has been criticised for its vacuum cleaner...

  • News This Guy Didn't Understand MLB The Show 17's Commercial

    Strike three

    If there's one popular exclusive that no one ever talks about, it's Sony San Diego's uber-popular MLB The Show 17. The series sells gangbusters year-after-year in the United States, but no one bats an eyelid – and that looks likely to reoccur with the latest instalment. Still, we can't help but feel that the platform holder could...

  • News Here's a Better Look at Uncharted: The Lost Legacy's Chloe


    Uncharted favourite Chloe Frazer will star in this year's mini-story The Lost Legacy, and creative director Shaun Escayg has posted up a new screenshot to Twitter showing off the heroine. There's not really much to say other than… Well, the image sure looks like Chloe, eh? Escayg also posted up a picture of Nadine Ross, who will accompany...

  • News We Can't Stop Thinking About This Fixed MLB 17 Glitch

    Strong trypophobia trigger warning

    It's a funny old world, isn't it? You've got franchises like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Siren all striving to create the most gruesome enemies in gaming, but Sony San Diego has stumbled upon what is surely the most harrowing character model we've ever seen by accident. Below you'll see a glitch that the team...

  • News Gran Turismo Sport's Really Looking Great in Beta

    One hour of PS4 footage

    It was supposed to release last year so it's no surprise to see Gran Turismo Sport's beta looking more polished than a showroom supercar. The sampler launched for a select number of players in North America today and already streams are starting to pop up around the web. While we're sure better quality footage will emerge...

  • News Ubisoft Games Join DOOM in Latest EU PlayStation Store Sale

    Not all doom and gloom

    The latest PlayStation Store sale is going in hard on Ubisoft's back catalogue, with everything from golden oldie Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag to relative newcomer For Honor selling for cheap. Well, we say cheap, but admittedly, some of these reduced prices aren't that great. Still, if you've had your eye on Watch Dogs 2 or...

  • News Sony Is Finally Killing Off the PS3 in Japan

    It's been available for over a decade

    Ah, the PlayStation 3. The last-gen machine launched over a decade ago in Japan, and even after the PlayStation 4 hit the market, it was still shifting units. Over the last couple of years, however, things have slowed dramatically; once the PS4 hit its stride in the East, PS3 sales fell off a cliff. With that in...

  • News Is Emma Stone Going to Star in Death Stranding?

    "That's a lovely rumour"

    At this point, we can probably safely say that Hideo Kojima has been given a blank cheque by Sony to make Death Stranding. The auteur not only has one of the most stylish indie game offices in the universe, but he's also busy snapping up hot Hollywood talent like Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen to star in the game. And one...

  • News Guerrilla Already Hard at Work on Expansion to Horizon's Story

    No rest for the wicked

    Horizon: Zero Dawn has sold incredibly well, becoming Sony's biggest new IP launch of the PlayStation 4 generation and Guerrilla Games' largest ever debut. But buried inside the celebratory press release is this little tidbit from managing director Hermen Hulst: "We're thrilled that Horizon: Zero Dawn has been embraced by...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Has Been a Huge Commercial Hit for Sony

    Guerrilla's biggest ever debut sells 2.6 million copies in two weeks

    You're looking at the birth of a massive new PlayStation franchise here: Horizon: Zero Dawn has sold 2.6 million units in the two weeks since its release. Those numbers represent copies of the game in consumers' hands, rather than shipped to stores. It makes the game Sony's...

  • News Uncharted 4's Getting Free Savage Starlight Content

    To infinity and beyond

    One for the hardcore Naughty Dog fans here: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is getting free Savage Starlight content in multiplayer. The fictional sci-fi series first appeared in The Last of Us, and has become one of the Californian studio's more popular Easter eggs in recent years. Starting from 17th March, you'll be able to kit...

  • News April PlayStation Plus Gets Drawn to Death on PS4

    Drawn to life

    And this is why we never doubt Push Square editor Sammy Barker. For weeks now, Sammy's been saying that mental PlayStation 4 shooter Drawn to Death has PlayStation Plus written all over it - and as it turns out, he's spot on. David Jaffe's latest creation is indeed heading to Sony's subscription service as part of the April's lineup of...

  • News Sony's Spring Play Collective Initiative Is Its Best Ever

    Rain World! PaRappa! Full Throttle! Edith Finch! More!

    For years now Sony has loved a good Spring digital games promotion program, and this year's Play Collective may be its best ever. It spans six titles all set to release over the next six weeks with PlayStation Plus pre-order discounts and a bit of additional marketing muscle behind them. And it...

  • News God of War PS4's Marketing Is Starting Early

    Or maybe it's right on time?

    Here's a spot of culture for you: it's Father's Day this Sunday in Spain. Who cares, right? (Well, apart from our obviously sizeable audience from España.) Sony's started advertising God of War in Madrid. Spotted on the Metro, the ad shows Kratos and his son Atreus and basically says something along the lines of: "My...

  • News PlayStation Now Will Start Streaming PS4 Games This Year

    Expanded horizons

    Sony's announced the first major update to PlayStation Now since dropping a host of platforms earlier in the year: PlayStation 4 games are coming. In addition to the near 500 or so PlayStation 3 titles that can already be streamed with the Japanese giant's on-demand subscription service, new-gen releases will be added as part of a...

  • News PS4 Firmware Update 4.50 Massively Improves PlayStation Move

    Shake it off

    Perhaps the biggest criticism that's been levelled at PlayStation VR since launch is that the PlayStation Move controllers just aren't up to snuff. While they're fine for general play, pretty much anyone that's messed around in virtual reality will have noticed some wobble from time to time. This occurs when the PlayStation Camera is...

  • News Look at The Last of Us' Off-Camera Secrets

    Breaking boundaries

    The Last of Us is one of the most pristinely polished games in PlayStation history – but like any piece of visual entertainment, it's mostly an optical illusion. This brilliant YouTube video detaches the camera from behind Joel's shoulder to show you things that you aren't supposed to see – including spawn points, far-off...

  • Video We Need a Full-Length Danganronpa VR Game

    No objections

    Not all series are well suited to PlayStation VR, but the Cyber Danganronpa VR: Class Trial demo that's available for free from the PlayStation Store right now proves that Spike Chunsoft's sleuth-'em-up absolutely is. The demo may only be short, but it captures the courtroom drama of its parent property perfectly, and while the YouTube...

  • Poll What Are Your Thoughts on PS4 Firmware Update 4.50?

    Beast mode engaged

    PlayStation 4 firmware update 4.50 has been out for a couple of days now, and the general consensus around the 'net seems to be that it's a solid improvement. We could easily start ranting on about what features are included and all that, but it'd be much easier to simply direct you through to our full round up, which you can find...

  • Round Up Everything You Need to Know About PS4 Firmware Update 4.50

    External HDD help! Boost Mode! More!

    Sony was criticised last generation for far too many firmware updates so it's changed its tact with the PlayStation 4 – each patch marks a milestone moment for the machine. And that remains true of PS4 firmware update 4.50, which this week added external hard drive support, custom wallpapers, and much more...

  • News Surprise! PS4 Wins the February NPD Report

    Of course

    Stop us if you've heard this one before: the PlayStation 4 won the February 2017 NPD sales report. This means that Sony's system has been the best-selling console in the United States fourth months in a row now, though its winning streak will come to an end in March due to the release of the Nintendo Switch. The PlayStation maker doesn't...

  • Soapbox The Worst Thing About PS4 Firmware Update 4.50

    Sammy reckons the new Notifications Menu sucks

    We can all probably agree that PlayStation 4 firmware update v4.50 is a good update: the external hard drive support is welcome, the custom wallpapers feature is nice to have, and the addition of Boost Mode is great if you're a PS4 Pro owner. But there's one thing about the update that I can't wrap my...

  • News Farpoint's Full Experience Will Cost You a Pretty Penny

    Start saving

    From what we've played, PlayStation VR FPS Farpoint is pretty awesome – but we always felt that Sony needed to find a way to bundle the title with the PlayStation VR Aim Controller for the price of a standard retail game. Unfortunately, it's failed. While the game will cost £49.99/$49.99 without the peripheral, you'll need to pay...

  • Push Share Photographing the Post-Apocalypse in Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Say cheese

    Push Share's been on hiatus for well over a year, but we simply had to bring it back for Horizon: Zero Dawn. We've been so hooked on photographing Guerrilla Games' gorgeous open world adventure that we've pulled together some of our best pictures for your viewing pleasure. Sammy Barker, Editor: Stephen Tailby

  • Guide How to Update PlayStation VR's System Software

    Virtual reality firmware updates

    Just like the PS4, Sony is also releasing firmware updates for the PlayStation VR headset. But how you update the virtual reality device's system software? In this guide, we show you how. How to Update PlayStation VR's system software: Here's how to download the latest firmware update for PlayStation VR: Connect...

  • News Gran Turismo Sport's Closed PS4 Beta Goes Green from 17th March

    Drive of your life

    What madness is this? An update on Gran Turismo Sport? We'd assumed that Sony was just going to ride out the remainder of the generation saying nothing about the simulation racer which was due out months ago, but instead it's announced a closed beta is scheduled to get underway in little over a week. Oh, okay then. Starting from...

  • Guide How to Change Your PSN Profile's Colour on PS4

    Give your profile a lick of paint

    Did you know that you can change the colour of your PSN profile on the PlayStation 4 as part of PS4 firmware update 4.50? You'll need to create a PS4 cover image first, but you can find out more information on how to do that through the link. Once you've got a cover image, we're going to show you how to change the...

  • Guide How to Post Status Updates to PS4's Activity Feed

    Tell the world what you're up to

    Sony's always wanted the PlayStation 4 to feel a little bit like a social network, and it's edged ever closer to that goal with PS4 firmware update 4.50. Previously, the Activity Feed was the domain of auto-published content like Trophy unlocks and screenshot shares, but now you have a little more control over what...

  • Guide How to Attach an External HDD to Your PS4

    Increase your storage space with a USB hard drive

    You can finally attach an external hard drive disk (HDD) to your PlayStation 4 as part of firmware update 4.50. There's one thing you'll need to keep in mind before you take advantage of this feature, though: your external HDD must support USB 3.0. If it's a USB 2.0 drive, then it won't meet Sony's...

  • News Deals on Loads of Digital Titles Hit the EU PlayStation Store

    Digital life

    A slew of digital deals have been added to the European PlayStation Store as part of the 'Totally Digital' campaign. There are some decent discounts going on here, with the likes of ABZU, Firewatch, Inside, and Limbo all dropping below the £10 mark. If you've had your eye on some of the PlayStation 4's smaller titles, you'll want to...

  • Guide How to Enable PS4 Pro Boost Mode

    Unleash the beast

    PlayStation 4 firmware update 4.50 has brought a bunch of welcome features, but none of them have been talked about more than the addition of Boost Mode for PS4 Pro users. Boost Mode basically allows you to take advantage of the PS4 Pro's extra power, using it to potentially make older PS4 titles run better on the supercharged...

  • Guide How to Create Custom Wallpapers on PS4

    Set a beautiful background

    The PlayStation 4 has got some fantastic pre-made themes, but what if you want something a little more personal? That's where PS4 firmware update 4.50 comes in. The software upgrade lets you make your very own backgrounds - but how do you create custom wallpapers on PlayStation 4? Allow us to quickly explain the process...

  • News PS4 Firmware Update 4.50 Is Live Right Now

    Download festival

    After an arduous wait and prolonged beta testing period, PlayStation 4 firmware update v4.50 is live now. The update weighs in at 339.9MB in size, so shouldn't take you long to download; either way, make sure that you have it installed before you sit down to play, because online functionality will be locked until you've updated...

  • News Naughty Dog Co-President Christophe Balestra Retires

    Leaving the kennel

    When Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra replaced founders Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin as the co-presidents of Naughty Dog, many commentated that they had big shoes to fill – but they still managed to turn the Californian studio into one of the greatest in the industry today. It's with sadness, then, that we can reveal that...

  • News Sony Drums Down PaRappa, LocoRoco PS4 Port Release Dates

    It's all in the mind

    Sony's getting proper nostalgic this year with PlayStation 4 ports of PaRappa the Rapper and LocoRoco, and now the platform holder has revealed when you can expect to play them. Master Onion's up first, as you'll be able to kick punch your way through the Japanese giant's remastered PSone classic PaRappa the Rapper starting 28th...

  • News PS4 Firmware Update 4.50 Launches Tomorrow

    Confirmed, this time

    Disappointed that PlayStation 4 firmware update 4.50 didn't make the cut yesterday? Well despair no more, as Sony has slapped a confirmed release date on the software upgrade. You can expect the new firmware to go live tomorrow - that's the 9th March at the time of writing. So, what's included? To start with, we're finally...

  • News PlayStation Plus Members Save Up to 70 Per Cent on EU PS Store

    March madness

    It's easy to forget, but PlayStation Plus is about much more than merely the free games every month. One of the service's unsung benefits are all of the discounts that it provides, and SIEE's going mad this month with a bunch of March double discounts. Those of you without a membership will be able to get up to 35 per cent off select...

  • News No Man's Sky Finds the Path to a Major PS4 Patch

    Will add vehicular exploration

    To be fair to Hello Games, the last update to No Man's Sky was a major one, adding base building and a bit more purpose to the deep space adventure. And now the small Guildford-based studio has announced a second major patch, named the 'Path Finder' update. According to the studio, this will add a vehicle which you'll...

  • News Plenty of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy News Is Coming Your Way Soon

    Uncharted territory

    Just when we were starting to wonder when we'd hear more about Naughty Dog's Uncharted spin-off, Game Informer has revealed the cover of its next issue, and guess what? It's Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. The PlayStation 4 exclusive was announced back at the PlayStation Experience last year, and will follow series favourite Chloe...

  • News March's Free PlayStation Plus Games Are Available Now

    Which will you play first?

    Your free roster of PlayStation Plus games for March 2017 are available to download right now in Europe. Those of you in North America may need to wait a few hours following the publication of this article for the freebies to roll out in your region, but rest assured they're coming. The goodies this time include the...

  • News PS4 Firmware Update 4.50 Release Ruled Out

    Still no official date

    There was strong speculation that PlayStation 4 firmware update v4.50 would roll out today, but the lack of a PlayStation Blog post always seemed suspect. Now Sony has clarified on its Ask PlayStation Twitter account, stressing that there's no official date for the upgraded system software announced yet. We'd h

  • News PlayStation Vue Will Give You More TV, TV, TV for Your Money

    Watch this space

    Remember when the Xbox One was revealed and Microsoft spent more time showing how you could snap Family Fortunes to the side of your screen than actually showing games? Sony was watching, as it's announced a new multi-view feature for the aptly named cord-cutting service PlayStation Vue, which will allow you to observe several...

  • News Hideo Kojima Won't Stop Fultoning Konami Staff


    We thought everyone hated Konami, so consider our surprise when we spotted £50 Bomberman smirking at us among the UK sales charts top ten today. Whatever. It seems that Hideo Kojima is still busy poaching staff from his ex-employer, as Horizon: Zero Dawn's credits list a number of names from the new Kojima Productions. Included in the...

  • News Crash Bandicoot PS4 Will Be Playable at PAX East 2017

    N. Sane

    Huge news for you Crash Bandicoot fans trekking out to PAX East 2017 this week: the N. Sane Trilogy will be playable on the PlayStation 4 in Sony's booth. It's one of dozens of titles that the platform holder's bringing to Boston, including Farpoint, Gran Turismo Sport, RIME, and Windjammers. Looks like a really great lineup this year. PAX...

  • News Don't Forget to Download February's Free PlayStation Plus Games

    Your last chance

    Just a gentle reminder that this is your last chance to download February's free roster of PlayStation Plus games. Starting tomorrow, March's lineup – which includes Tearaway Unfolded and Disc Jam – will be made available, so you've got just about 24 hours left to claim the likes of LittleBigPlanet 3, No

  • News It Looks Like PS4 Firmware Update 4.50 Launches Tomorrow

    The big one

    PlayStation 4 firmware update 4.50 is set to release tomorrow, according to post over on Reddit. Said post sources a technical support email from Sony, which supposedly lets slip that the update is incoming. "With the release of System Software Update 4.50 tomorrow there will be a patch to version 2.40 of the PS VR firmware," it reads,...

  • News Meet the Real-Life Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Based on Dutch actress Hannah Hoekstra

    We all know that Ashly Burch lent her larynx to bring Horizon: Zero Dawn protagonist Aloy to life, but one thing we weren't aware of is that the character's based upon the likeness of Dutch actress Hannah Hoekstra. Guerrilla Games revealed earlier in the year that it scanned the star's facial features in order...

  • News PS4 Is Still the UK's Biggest Ever Console Launch

    Will it ever be beaten?

    A new contender threatened to steal the PlayStation 4's console launch crown last week: the Nintendo Switch released in the UK – but it couldn't topple the Sony system's monster debut. According to Games, the Big N's hybrid moved a respectable 80,000 units over its opening weekend – double that of the Wii U...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Accused of Cultural Appropriation

    Guerrilla's latest criticised

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the most progressive games that we've played in some time. We're not going to fawn over it for that reason alone – it also happens to be a brilliant adventure built around some incredibly compelling fiction – but its representation of genders, sexuality, and race is second to none as far...

  • News PlayStation's Still Patting Nintendo on the Back

    Corporate congrats

    Sony congratulated Nintendo on the success of Zelda's reviews yesterday, and it's returned to acknowledge the release of the Switch today. Writing on its official Twitter account to over 13 million followers, it shared the following message: "Today's a big day for Nintendo! Congratulations on launch, we can't wa

  • Soapbox Why We Need Horizon: Zero Dawn DLC

    Sammy reckons Guerrilla's RPG is ripe for expansion

    Well, this is awkward, isn't it? As gaming enthusiasts we collectively rail on companies for Season Passes and day one downloadable content – and rightly so. But if you'll indulge me for just a few minutes, I'm going to be a complete and utter hypocrite, because I kinda want Horizon: Zero Dawn...

  • Poll Will Your PS4 Gather Dust Now the Nintendo Switch Is Out?

    Will you be switching things up?

    You may not have noticed, but the Nintendo Switch is dominating gaming headlines right now, to the point where non-Ninty news is especially hard to come by. Seeing as it's Friday, though, we thought that we'd crack out another community poll - this time to try and get a handle on what the PlayStation faithful think...

  • Guide Horizon: Zero Dawn Walkthrough - Quests, Side-Quests, Errands, Best Ending, Bandit Camps, and Cauldrons

    Where to find all Ancient Vessels, Vantages, Power Cells, and Metal Flowers

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is a huge open world role-playing game filled with quests, side-quests, errands, and much more for you to complete. In this walkthrough, we're going to list off every mission in the game so that you can cross-check your own progress and see what you've got...

  • News PSN Purchases Will Be Taxed in Some US States Starting 1st April

    Game over

    As somewhat uneducated Brits, we find the US taxing system… Interesting to say the least. Anyway, Sony's announced that starting 1st April in certain states, PlayStation Store purchases will begin to be taxed. The charge will be determined by where you live, with New Jersey, Washington, and Texas some of the states affected by this...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn's Stunning Soundtrack Can Now Be Streamed on Spotify

    A storm is coming

    Most of you already know that Horizon: Zero Dawn's a real looker, but it also sounds sensational, too. From the opening bars of Joris de Man's haunting main theme through to the glitch-rock that plays during combat, there's a lot of variety to the title's music – but it all seems to stitch together seamlessly. And now you can...

  • Guide How to Level Up Quickly in Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Earning XP and Skill Points fast

    Like any role-playing game, you're going to want to raise your level as quickly as possible in Horizon: Zero Dawn. Each time you level up, you'll get a new skill point which can be spent in the game's skill tree, as well as a bunch of XP which will contribute towards your level. Levelling will also increase the size...

  • Guide Horizon: Zero Dawn Tips and Tricks All Beginner Hunters Should Know

    Hints to help you get started

    After plenty of build-up, Horizon: Zero Dawn finally releases on the PlayStation 4 this week – and we've put together six tips and tricks that you need to know before you get started with the game. These are spoiler-free suggestions that should help you to get off to the best possible start; recommendations that we...

  • Guide How to Fast Travel in Horizon: Zero Dawn

    And how to unlock unlimited fast travel

    Fast travel is not a throwaway action in Horizon: Zero Dawn. While you can hop around the open world, leaping from one bonfire to another, the system is gated by Fast Travel Packs which can either be crafted or looted. If you don't want to worry about your supply of Fast Travel Packs then you can also unlock...

  • Guide How to Get the Shield-Weaver Outfit in Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Recover an ancient technology and find all five Power Cells

    The best armour bar none in Horizon: Zero Dawn is the Shield-Weaver outfit, which practically makes you invincible to enemy attacks. But the game makes you work for it, and it's part of a side-quest named 'Ancient Armoury' as a result. Snag it and equip it and you'll unlock the 'Got the...

  • Guide How to Find All Horizon: Zero Dawn's Metal Flowers

    Robotic botany

    Metal Flowers are the most abundant collectible in Horizon: Zero Dawn, with a total of 30 to find. These mysterious metallic plants are located all over the open world, and need to be looted when you approach them in order to add them to your notebook. Collecting all 30 of these will unlock a Trophy named 'All Metal Flowers Found'...

  • Guide How to Find All Banuk Figures in Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Locate all of Arnak's figures

    You need to find all Banuk Figures, another kind of collectible in Horizon: Zero Dawn. There are just six of these hidden around the open world and the surrounding area is usually well decorated so they are relatively easy to spot. But where can you locate them all and unlock the 'All Banuk Figures Found' Trophy?...

  • Guide How to Find All Vantages in Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Lookout point

    Vantages are another of Horizon: Zero Dawn's collectibles, though they don't pertain to physical objects on this occasion. Instead they are lookout points within the open world that can be scanned for audio files and also a glitched image of the Old World. But where are all the Vantages in Horizon: Zero Dawn and how do you unlock the...

  • Guide How to Find All Horizon: Zero Dawn's Ancient Vessels

    Mugged off

    Ancient Vessels are one of the main collectibles in Horizon: Zero Dawn, and there are a total of 12 to snag around the post-apocalyptic open world. Essentially discarded mugs from the Old World, you may be wondering where you can find all of these. Fortunately, we've got you covered. Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide and Walkthrough Horizon:...

  • Guide How to Get All Allies to Join Aloy in Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Form a defense and unlock an optional Trophy

    Without revealing too much, Horizon: Zero Dawn's final mission sees the "band" brought together for one final battle – but how can you ensure that all allies join Aloy and unlock an important Bronze Trophy as part of the process? Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide and Walkthrough Horizon: Zero Dawn Walkthrough...

  • News PlayStation Congratulates Nintendo on Zelda Success

    Claims it's an "amazing time for gaming"

    In the latest edition of advertising disguised as a pat on the back, PlayStation UK has publicly congratulated Nintendo on the success of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game, which has frankly set a Metacritic benchmark which will never be beaten in this editor's opinion, received a raft of...

  • News Sony Temporarily Cuts PS4's Price in Europe to Counter Nintendo Switch

    The battle begins

    Looks like those amazing PlayStation 4 deals in the UK right now are part of a European-wide initiative to rain on the Nintendo Switch's parade. Alongside incredibly aggressive Horizon: Zero Dawn marketing, the platform holder seems eager to ensure that its competitor's new console doesn't catch-on too hard, announcing that the PS4...

  • News Get Money Back from the European PlayStation Store This Month

    Cash back

    It looks like PlayStation Europe's been paying attention to its pals over the Atlantic, announcing an initiative that will see you rewarded with PlayStation Network credit for… Spending PSN credit. Confused? Allow us to explain: if you pump €50 (or a local currency equivalent) into the European PlayStation Store between now and 31st...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Has One Helluva Training Montage

    Rocky Bal-brilliant

    We can pinpoint the exact moment we fell in love with Horizon: Zero Dawn: the training montage. The game very quickly goes all The Hunger Games on your ass, and you're rewarded with this brilliant cut-scene as Aloy readies herself for The Proving – a kind of coming of age event that's celebrated annually in Nora lore. If you...

  • Talking Point Are You Enjoying Horizon: Zero Dawn on PS4?

    Totally Oseram

    Even we're willing to admit that the build-up to Horizon: Zero Dawn has been intense. Sony sent us some branded biscuits today to celebrate the launch – that's a sign of how hard it's promoting the PlayStation 4 exclusive game. We're not going to lie, they were pretty tasty, too – but we digress. The release's now readily...

  • Site News Follow Our Horizon: Zero Dawn Hub Page

    Everything in one place

    Hooked on Horizon: Zero Dawn? Want to get all of our updates on the game in one place? Well, we've just created a hub page for Guerrilla Games' role-playing franchise that will keep you abreast of all of the developments in the fledgling series. You can find the page through here; simply click 'Follow' and it will be added to...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 Bundles Drop Below £200 in the UK

    Cheap as chips

    Sony's landing some haymakers right now in the UK. In addition to some incredibly aggressive Horizon: Zero Dawn advertising – it's even on freakin' buses here – the platform holder has also worked with retailers to reduce the price of the PlayStation 4 Slim. Up until recently, you could get the console alongside Guerrilla Games'...

  • Guide Everything You Need to Know About Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Every question answered

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is comfortably the biggest PlayStation 4 launch of the year so far, and it's arguably the most important new intellectual property that the platform holder's created since The Last of Us. Naturally, we've put together tons of content to help ease you into the role-playing game – and we've included answers...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Cost a Reported €45 Million to Make

    That seems kinda cheap these days

    Development budgets have soared so much over the past decade or so that we're sitting here surprised at the price tag that's been placed on Horizon: Zero Dawn's head. A report in a Dutch national newspaper claims that the PlayStation 4 exclusive cost over €45 million (~$47 million) to make, and while the exact...


  • Talking Point Should PlayStation Be Paying Attention to Xbox Game Pass?

    PlayStation Plus +

    Microsoft made an interesting announcement today: Xbox Game Pass. The service, which is similar in principle to EA Access, will see you paying $9.99 per month in order to access a rotating selection of 100 games. You'll be able to download this software to your console and play it in its entirety for the duration that it remains...

  • News Finally You Can Listen to Horizon: Zero Dawn's Main Theme

    Put it on loop

    Horizon: Zero Dawn's main theme – created by Killzone composer Joris de Man – is so good that we found ourselves re-watching the title's reveal trailer on loop just to listen to it. But now, with the game just hours away, one YouTuber's captured the tune in its entirety and uploaded it to the Internet for you to listen to. It's...

  • News This Custom Horizon: Zero Dawn Controller Is Worthy of Worship

    Glory to All-Mother

    The ever industrious DualShock 4 maker Vulpe Andrei is back with another brilliant custom controller, this time inspired by PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn. As with all of the imaginative modder's designs, this one is bursting with detail. It's got beads and feathers attached to the front and sides reflecting the...

  • News Sony's Booked a Ridiculous Amount of E3 2017 Floor Space

    PlayStation booth is 37.5k square feet

    Despite some questions regarding the convention's relevance, Sony's booked a ridiculous amount of E3 2017 floor space. Preliminary plans have been posted online, and while they're subject to change, as of right now the Japanese giant has secured much more of the Los Angeles Convention Centre than its...

  • News Promising PlayStation VR Shooter Farpoint Launches 16th May

    Impulse Gear's fab FPS not far off

    Farpoint is awesome, and is deploying on 16th May. The Starship Troopers-esque first-person shooter sees you whisked away to an alien planet, where you're armed to the teeth and tasked with taking down giant alien bugs. The title – developed by Impulse Gear – will launch alongside the PlayStation VR Aim...

  • News PlayStation VR Is Dominating the Virtual Reality Space

    Peripheral nears one million sales

    Sony's sold around 915,000 PlayStation VR headsets since launch as of 19th February. That's according to group president Andrew House as part of an interview with the New York Times. While it may not sound like an enormous number in isolation, it's worth remembering that the perpetually out of stock peripheral...

  • Weirdness Here's How Horizon's Ruins Could Look in the UK

    Life's looking bleak after Brexit

    We won't spoil which city, but Horizon: Zero Dawn is obviously set in the United States. Sony's marketing machine is in overdrive right now, though, so it's commissioned a series of PhotoShops showing how the game's apocalypse could affect some of the UK's most famous cities. The images span this author's neck of...

  • News PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn Can Be Downloaded Now

    Pre-loading begins

    Assuming that you pre-ordered from the PlayStation Store, you can begin downloading Horizon: Zero Dawn in North America right now. The game, which weighs in at almost 50GB, is available for pre-load – though due to the later release date in Europe, you'll need to wait a little longer to pull the files down in the Old World...

  • News Marvel: We Want Spider-Man PS4 to Be Game of the Year

    Great power, great responsibility

    It's worth reiterating that Marvel's approach to games is changing. Gone are the days where it would farm its licenses out to the highest bidder and demand regular movie tie-ins; it's taken a long, hard look at the Batman: Arkham titles and decided to do something different. And that all starts with Spider-Man, the...

  • News Sony May Need to Defuse This Uncharted Movie Thing

    Filmmaker and Naughty Dog don't sound like friends

    Sony's been plotting an Uncharted movie for as long as this website has consumed bandwidth, but the project seems closer to becoming a reality than it's ever been. That's all fine and dandy, but the problem is that Naughty Dog's denied having any involvement with the project. And to make matters...

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