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  • News Art from Sony Santa Monica's Cancelled PS4 Game Surfaces

    Make of it what you will

    Sony Santa Monica's mysterious PlayStation 4 exclusive sci-fi title was cancelled many moons ago, but have you ever wondered what it looked like? Up until recently all we had to go on was a codename – Darkside – and a sneaky tease hidden inside God of War Ascension, but now some concepts have been uncovered on artist...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn's Day One Patch Is Just 250MB

    Teensy tiny

    In an age of multi-gigabyte launch day patches, Horizon: Zero Dawn is bucking the trend: Guerrilla Games has announced that the role-playing release will have a day one update of just 250MB. Details pertaining to what the update will include remain underwraps for the time being, but it's likely to be your usual roster of bug fixes and...

  • News Multiplayer on PS4 Goes Free For a Limited Time Tomorrow in US, Next Week in EU

    PS Plus not needed

    Sony has revealed that you won't need PlayStation Plus to play PlayStation 4 games online starting tomorrow, the 17th February, in North America. The free period will last for a whole week rather than a usual weekend, ending on the 23rd February. Meanwhile, in Europe, the deal isn't quite so sweet. The Old World's free period...

  • Guide PS4 to PS4 Pro Data Transfer

    Copy over all those Games and Saves to a PS4 Pro

    So, you've got your hands on a brand new PS4 Pro, and you may be wondering how to transfer all of your games, saves, and other data across to the supercharged system. Alternatively, you may have bought a PS4 Slim, and be looking to move all of your content across. But what's the easiest way to do this...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Will Boot Up with a Surprisingly Small Day One Patch

    Big dinos, little updates

    We're so used to seeing big open world games get lumbered with large day one updates that we just assumed Horizon: Zero Dawn would find itself in the same situation - but it looks like that won't be the case. Posting on Twitter, developer Guerrilla Games has confirmed that the upcoming exclusive will indeed have a patch...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn's Impressive Weather System Was Once Much More Dangerous

    Death from above

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is an impressive game, both on a technical and visual level - but there are times when detail potentially gets in the way of fun gameplay, and that's apparently what happened with the title's dynamic storms. Speaking to the Official PlayStation Magazine, Guerrilla Games' Mathijs de Jonge reveals that random...

  • News Sony's Dropping PlayStation Now on All Devices Apart from PS4, PC

    All change, please

    PlayStation Now will soon only be available on the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, it's been announced. Sony's oft-misunderstood cloud streaming solution will prevent registrations starting 15th March on the PlayStation 3, Vita, and PS Vita TV, as well as all Bravia and Samsung televisions. The service will subsequently cease to...

  • News StarBlood Arena Explodes onto PlayStation VR on 11th April

    Mech madness

    StarBlood Arena, the totally-not-RIGS-but-still-kinda-RIGS arena shooter for PlayStation VR, will launch on 11th April in Europe and North America. In the video embedded above, Scott Campbell from developer WhiteMoon Dreams talks through the title's PlayStation Experience trailer, and expands upon some of the nuances that you may have...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn's TV Commercial Spotlights PS4 Pro

    Will run on TV, online, and in cinemas

    What madness is this? Sony's actually going to advertise the PlayStation 4 Pro on television and in cinemas, with its big Horizon: Zero Dawn commercial spotlighting the supercharged system. This commercial will run all month across Europe, and will presumably air during the many Champions League matches that...

  • News Sony: Horizon's Aloy Is a PlayStation Icon of the Future

    Girl power

    Sony's made no secret of the fact that it sees Horizon: Zero Dawn as one of its next tentpole franchises, and at the heart of that is Aloy, the red-headed huntress who serves as both the game's protagonist and its focal point. The platform holder has talked candidly about the heroine in the past, revealing that it can be risky to go with...

  • News PlayStation Japan Goes Daft Punk with Latest PS4 Line Up Trailer


    The PlayStation 4 has enjoyed a decent start to the year in Japan, being the only console on the market that's actually seeing growth year-on-year - and its diverse software line up should help it maintain its promising sales over the coming months. In order to get the word out, PlayStation Japan has launched a new trailer, and like...

  • News Sony Teases 'Cool, Still To Be Announced' PS4 Games

    "This year's going to be a good one"

    It's been one of the strongest starts to a year that we can remember, but PlayStation 4 is going from strength to strength. And asked on Twitter what Sony XDev Europe is up to aside from WipEout: Omega Collection and Matterfall, it had the following to say: "Lots of cool, still to be announced games. This year's...

  • News Quantic Dream Wraps Mo-Cap on PS4's Detroit: Become Human

    Robot wars

    Detroit: Become Human looks like it's still a little way away, but Quantic Dream did complete motion capture for the PlayStation 4 exclusive earlier this week. The French developer tweeted on Friday that it had wrapped Valorie Curry's scenes as Kara, and it sounds like that's all of the performances done, as there's a picture of director...

  • Video Watch Us Take a Stance Against PS4 Exclusive Nioh

    The good fight

    It's this week's hot new game, so naturally you can find an archive of us playing through Nioh live on our YouTube channel above. Have we got the samurai skills necessary to take on Team Ninja's critically acclaimed new title? You bloody bet we have.

  • News This Tale of PS4 Theft Is Particularly Harrowing

    Console lifted from children's cancer ward

    Thieves suck, but even the likes of Nathan Drake have an ethical code. A group of robbers in New Zealand don't appear to have the same moral compass, however, as they nabbed a PlayStation 4 from the children's cancer ward in Wellington Hospital. That's just... Really, really not cool. The thing that makes...

  • Poll Are You Enjoying Nioh on PS4?

    Go Team Ninja go

    Nioh launched earlier this week, and after a pre-release period consisting of an alpha, a beta, and a playable trial, expectations were set reasonably high for the PlayStation 4 exclusive. The good news is that the internet seems to like it; the title has received a lot of praise from critics, and there's plenty of positive buzz...

  • News Here Are More of Horizon: Zero Dawn's Ridiculously Detailed Robots

    Another look at the mechnagerie

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is back with another two trailers to further flaunt the games impressive robotic inhabitants. Following up on yesterday's showcase, we're getting a look at the bulky Behemoth and the dangerous Stormbird. The Behemoth is able to use gravity to its advantage, lifting boulders from the earth and...

  • News PS4 Was January's Best Selling Console in the United States

    Ain't no stopping this train

    With a lineup including Yakuza 0 and Resident Evil 7 (among others), it's no surprise that the PlayStation 4 was the best selling console in the United States during January. According to the latest NPD report, Sony's system continued its good run, outpacing the competition yet again during the first month of 2017. No...

  • News Nioh Stock Is Already a Little Light on the Ground

    Surprise hit's becoming hard to find

    Part of the reason Koei Tecmo teamed up with Sony on Nioh in the West was to raise the title's profile, and the manufacturer's managed to do just that. For the past few months, the game's received a lot of PlayStation Blog coverage, and we've been seeing a fair few commercials on websites that we frequent as well...

  • News PS4 Bundle Prices Plunge Ahead of Nintendo Switch

    Counter attack

    Sony's dropping the price of its flagship PlayStation 4 Slim bundles starting 12th February – and you can be sure that the imminent arrival of the Nintendo Switch has absolutely nothing to do with it, no siree. Available in North America through 25th February, you'll be able to get a console alongside either Uncharted 4: A Thief's...

  • News Nioh's Restricted Co-Op Avoids Making the Game 'Too Easy', says Dev

    It's a tough one

    Nioh's out now on PlayStation 4, and most seem to think that it's very good - but its approach to cooperative play has got some people riled up. Basically, you can summon friends into your game and fight side by side, but only if your ally has already completed the current level. In other words, you can't join up with a pal and...

  • News The Level of Detail on Horizon: Zero Dawn's Robot Dinosaurs Is Incredible

    Mech it count

    It's been said a million times before, but Horizon: Zero Dawn is a visual marvel. Its world looks so lush and vibrant, but it's the level of detail that probably impresses us most. More specifically, we've always been blown away by the designs of the game's robot dinosaurs. Admittedly, it does seem like a difficult concept to screw...

  • News PSN Is Having a Few Problems Again

    PS4 sign in issues are back

    The PlayStation Network has been ever so slightly spotty recently, with sign in issues and PlayStation Store problems rearing their ugly heads for a lot of users. Just the other night, for example. we read that the service went down entirely for most people - but only for a couple of hours or so. Fortunately, we were...

  • News Yet More PS4 Games Go Cheap on European PlayStation Store

    Pound stretcher

    Sony's rolled out a roster of February discounts on the European PlayStation Store, with titles like Dishonored 2, Mafia III, and Destiny: The Taken King enjoying the cut price treatment. The offers aren't outstanding this time, but you may want to cast your eye over Just Cause 3 or

  • Poll Has PS4 Pro's Boost Mode Tempted You to Upgrade?

    Unleash the Beast

    Sony tried its best to cover up PlayStation 4 Pro's new Boost Mode, but the Internet never sleeps on exciting features and it leaked. The added option essentially unlocks the supercharged system's additional horsepower for use in unpatched games, resulting in small but noticeable performance upgrades. While an NDA means that we c

  • News Nioh Carves Up an Action-Packed PS4 Launch Trailer

    Stay sharp

    Nioh is out tomorrow on PlayStation 4, and with Sony publishing the exclusive here in the West, it's no surprise to see the company attempting to capitalise on some last-minute hype. Indeed, the action role-playing game's launch trailer is one of the better pre-release videos that we've seen, featuring plenty of combat and some...

  • News Download Your Free February PlayStation Plus Games Now

    Bandwidth busters

    Your free February PlayStation Plus games are live and kicking in Europe, and ready for you to download right now. Those of you in North America may have to wait a few more hours for the PlayStation Store to update, but expect your goodies to be available imminently. The headliners this month include LittleBigPlanet 3 and Not a...

  • News Cool! The Glacier White PS4 Slim Is Out in USA Now


    Good news, America: the Glacier White PlayStation 4 Slim has launched today in the United States. Yay? The chilly system will set you back $299.99, and will come bundled with a copy of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. You will, however, have to shop at Walmart if you want it, as it's an exclusive to the chain for some reason. The console...

  • Live Watch Horizon: Zero Dawn in Action on PS4

    Guerrilla gameplay stream underway

    Dutch dev Guerrilla Games is currently streaming live Horizon: Zero Dawn gameplay, which has naturally caused us to panic and throw together this article. The studio's promising new footage, and last week, it teased on social media that it may be trying to tackle powerful enemies with a low-level Aloy. It should...

  • Feature The Best Games on PS4 - Winter 2017 Edition

    The ones to own

    The PlayStation 4 is now in its fourth year on the market, and it's safe to say that Sony's system is really starting to hit its stride. The console's library is bursting with top titles as we move into 2017 – a year which is already looking like a great 12 months for games. As such, we're back with another reworking of our Best...

  • News Drawn to Death Finally Pens a Release Date on PS4

    Make a note of it

    Mental multiplayer shooter Drawn to Death was first announced all the way back in 2014, and only now has it managed to pin down a confirmed release date. The PlayStation 4 exclusive sees a teenager's scribblings come to life; his crazy characters butchering each other within the pages of his notebook. Ever since it was...

  • News Uncharted 4 Is Still Winning Awards

    And rightly so

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End nabbed more than a few Game of the Year awards in 2016 - including our own - but it would seem that Nathan Drake isn't done hoarding treasures just yet, as the PlayStation 4 exclusive won the 'Outstanding Achievement in Character Animation' award at the Annie Awards over the weekend. The event celebrates...

  • News Don't Forget to Download January's Free PlayStation Plus Games

    This is your last chance

    Just a subtle heads-up: this is your last chance to download January's free roster of PlayStation Plus games. Starting tomorrow (7th February), the selection will be replaced with February's batch of complimentary content, so if you haven't claimed Day of the Tentacle Remastered or This War of Mine: The Little Ones just...

  • News PS4 Pro's Boost Mode Is Proving to Be Quite the Beast

    Time to upgrade?

    It's a truth universally acknowledged that a PlayStation 4 firmware update's best features are those that Sony fails to actually announce -- and PS4 Pro's boost mode is proving the old adage accurate yet again. The beta for the system software overhaul is technically under NDA, but that's not stopping some from risking their YouTube...

  • News Death Stranding Is 'Not a Horror Game', Hideo Kojima Reiterates

    We need intel

    Let's face it: we don't know much about Death Stranding or how it plays. Kojima's gone off on a few tangents in the past, alluding to stealth and hitting people with sticks - if we remember right - but it's difficult to picture gameplay until we've actually seen it. Still, at least we know that it's not going to join the ranks of...

  • News Sony Confirms PS4 Pro Boost Mode, Already Improving a Number of Games

    More like Beast Mode, eh?

    Earlier today, following the reveal of PlayStation 4 firmware update 4.50, beta testers quickly discovered a new option within their system settings. On PS4 Pro, users found a new 'Boost Mode' toggle that supposedly enhances the performance of titles that haven't received a specific Pro patch. In simpler terms, games that...

  • Poll What PS4 Firmware 4.50 Feature are You Most Looking Forward To?

    A lot to choose from

    In case you missed it, PlayStation 4 firmware update 4.50 has been detailed by Sony - and beta invites are going out as we type up this very article. The headline act here is that the console will finally support external hard drives - which is obviously an incredibly handy feature to have when you're at the point of...

  • Rumour PS4 Update to Add Pro 'Boost Mode', Upping Frame Rate of Unpatched Games

    Game changer

    Wow, this could be pretty huge. Spotted by the ever-eagle eyed users over on NeoGAF, the upcoming PlayStation 4 firmware update will apparently let you activate a 'boost mode' on PS4 Pro, which will allow unpatched games to take advantage of the supercharged console's extra power. At present, only titles that have been specifically...

  • News Next PS4 Firmware Update Finally Brings External Hard Drive Support

    Custom wallpapers also make the cut

    PlayStation 4 firmware update 4.50 is looking like an important step forward for the current-gen console. After years of asking for it, users are finally getting external hard drive support, allowing you to connect with drives up to 8TB in size. Fantastic news for those of you who aren't keen on swapping out the...

  • Poll Has Your PS4 Started to Run a Little Slower Lately?

    The great lag epidemic

    Here's a thing: is your PlayStation 4 running slower than you remember? We're not talking about a crippling sluggishness – you may want to contact Sony about that – but a subtle lag when you're browsing through the home menu or trying to boot apps? It's never been 100 per cent perfect, but we've definitely noticed a few...

  • News PSN Down for Some as Reports Start Coming In

    Sign in and store issues noted by Sony

    The PlayStation Network is experiencing a few problems, it would seem. Over the last hour or so, reports have been coming in from players who are unable to sign in on PlayStation 4, while others are having trouble accessing the PlayStation Store. It doesn't seem like a truly widespread issue, but something's...

  • News How Well Does Nioh Run on PS4 and PS4 Pro?

    Staying sharp

    Digital Foundry's back with another video investigation into frame rates and resolution and all that technical stuff - although this time, is an especially interesting case. Upcoming exclusive Nioh boasts three separate gameplay modes on both the standard PlayStation 4 and the PS4 Pro that players can switch between to suit their...

  • News Sony's First-Party Lineup Is the Most Impressive Right Now

    That's according to Michael Pachter

    The ever provocative Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter believes that Sony's first-party lineup is the best in the industry right now. Speaking on the latest episode of Pachter Factor – as reported by The Wolf Hall – the controversial clairvoyant said that the Japanese giant's been teasing fans for...

  • News Sony to Back PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn Hard

    Platform holder betting big

    In case the abundance of merchandise didn't already give things away, Sony's banking on Horizon: Zero Dawn being the next big thing. And just to reinforce that point, PlayStation UK boss Warren Light has stated in an interview with Games that the platform holder's "backing" the brand new intellectual property...

  • News 40% of UK PS4 Pro Buyers Were New to PlayStation 4, Says Sony

    Welcome to the family

    The PS4 Pro is generally viewed as a non-essential upgrade over the PlayStation 4 - an enhanced option for the hardcore user. As such, Sony has been angled in its marketing of the product, making sure not to put the supercharged console forward as a necessary next step. However, even without the kind of push that you may...

  • News Sony: We Had to Be Careful Not to Overhype PlayStation VR

    "We knew demand would outstrip supply"

    Many have pondered whether Sony's slightly subdued approach to PlayStation VR has been due to a lack of commitment from the company, but PlayStation UK boss Warren Light has stressed that's absolutely not the case. Speaking with Games, the executive has confirmed what we expected all al

  • News Sony to Stick with Movie Division Despite Billion Dollar Loss

    Will look to better leverage PlayStation properties

    Sony will stand by its embattled movie division despite the group registering a near-billion dollar loss in its latest financial report. The firm revealed that the subsidiary would register a $913 million loss prior to its latest financial report, attributing the sum to a reduction in the value of...

  • News Gravity Rush 2's Phantasy Star Costume Is Kat's Craziest Yet


    There are some great costumes in Gravity Rush 2, but this Phantasy Star Online 2-themed outfit is surely Kat's craziest yet. Inspired by the sequel to SEGA's popular MMO, the get-up comes equipped with shields and a figure hugging basque, as well as some big futuristic boots. The bad news is that this appears to be exclusive to Japan...

  • News The Last Guardian Is Now More Affordable in USA

    Sony clips Trico's wings

    The Last Guardian is comfortably one of the PlayStation 4's very best games, and now it's much more affordable in the United States. Sony's confirmed to GameSpot that it's cut the price of the puzzle platformer from $59.99 to $39.99, meaning that you'll now be able to enjoy one of the more original titles in eons for a very...

  • News PS4 Smashes PS2's Historic Shipment Record by Some Margin

    Sony Pictures hurts otherwise solid third quarter

    Any signs of the PlayStation 4 slowing down? No, the console is quite literally on fire around the globe, with the device smashing an old PlayStation 2 shipment record in the company's most recently completed quarter. According to Sony's latest financial report, the manufacturer shipped a whopping...

  • 72


    Review Nioh

    Prepare to daikatana

    Stop us if you think you've heard this one before. You wake up in prison in your underwear, immediately breaking out and making your way through the jail fighting guards along the way. The enemies you kill drop items and experience points known as Amrita. Upon reaching a shrine you can use the Amrita to level up your various...

  • News Return to The Playroom VR with Free Toy Wars Minigame

    Basement battles

    The Playroom VR is unquestionably one of the best demonstrations of what PlayStation VR can do, and the best bit of all is that it's completely free to download. Even better than that, though, is that Sony's continuing to support it, surprise announcing today that a new minigame named Toy Wars is available to download right now from...

  • News PlayStation VR Bundles Ready a Return to North American Retail


    It looks like Sony's finally getting PlayStation VR's supply situation in order, as the platform holder has announced two new bundles for North America which are scheduled to arrive in stores next week. The sets – which will run you an eye-watering $499.99 in the United States and $699.99 in Canada – will be available in two guises:...

  • Rumour February's Free PlayStation Plus Games Include LittleBigPlanet 3 on PS4

    Not a Hero also on the docket

    Update: The full lineup has been confirmed through here. LittleBigPlanet 3 will be one of February 2017's free PlayStation Plus games on the PlayStation 4, according to a listing on Amazon. The Play Create Share platformer will be joined by Roll7's sharp indie shooter


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