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  • Round Up Every Announcement and Trailer from Sony PlayStation's E3 2017 Press Conference

    In case you missed it

    Sony’s just closed the curtain on its E3 2017 press conference, where it showcased dozens of titles coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR over the coming months. It was another frenetic affair from the platform holder, with very little in the way of waffle and a wall-to-wall blanket of games. Here’s everything we...

  • E3 2017 Strange Brigade Charts a Course For PS4

    Simply swashbuckling

    If you have a nostalgic love for old timey films with overly enthusiastic narrators and infectiously charming music, then we have an adventure for you. Rebellion, the developer behind the Sniper Elite franchise, has unveiled a new IP going but a decade backwards with Strange Brigade on the PlayStation 4. Playing solo or up with...

  • E3 2017 Sidescrolling VR Title Star Child Revealed

    Shining bright

    Sony rather welcomingly dedicated a decent chunk of its E3 presser to its virtual reality headset, showing off a spate of new titles. Among those was an intriguing Space-themed side-scroller from developer Playful. Playful is no stranger to VR having worked on Oculus launch title Lucky's Tale as well. Hopefully, this prior experience...

  • News PS4 Continues to Sell Like a Runaway Freight Train

    System surpasses 60.4 million units

    Sony’s announced that the PlayStation 4 has sold 60.4 million units worldwide, as of 11th June. This number represents the proportion of units sold directly to consumers. Software sales have also reached 478.8 million units, per the aforementioned date.

  • E3 2017 The Inpatient Has an Appointment with PlayStation VR

    We're impatient to play The Inpatient

    You would think Supermassive Games would be done with spin-offs of Until Dawn with the PlayStation VR's Rush of Blood, but it's proving that it has more scares left in its universe to extract with The Inpatient, which is set 60 years before the events of the main game in the Blackwood Sanitorium. After getting...

  • E3 2017 Days Gone Saddles Up in PS4 Gameplay Trailer

    Biker grove

    The dead don’t ride motorcycles, but luckily the plucky protagonist from Days Gone can. Sony Bend returned to the Shrine Auditorium to show off its open world survival horror at E3 2017, and it demonstrated a wealth of gameplay scenarios in the release, from crafting through to stealth and combat. Check it out above.

  • E3 2017 Horizon Zero Dawn Gets Its First Expansion Later This Year

    Entitled The Frozen Wilds

    Hungry for more Horizon: Zero Dawn? Well, you're in luck: Sony announced a new downloadable expansion named The Frozen Wilds, and it's out this year. The trailer doesn't exactly reveal much about the content, but it looks like it could feature new mysteries and unveil new answers. That mountain looks particularly ominous...

  • E3 2017 Insomniac Games' Spider-Man Web-Slings into Action

    I want gameplay, Parker!

    Having been absent throughout Sony's E3 2017 conference, this particular scribe was getting a little worried that Insomniac Games' take on the Marvel universe with the PlayStation 4's Spider-Man wasn't going to make an entrance, but the developer came swinging in with a hefty look at how we're going to be fighting...

  • E3 2017 God of War PS4 Still Looks Drop Dead Gorgeous in New Gameplay, Coming 2018


    God of War put in another appearance at Sony's E3 2017 press conference, coming out swinging with a great gameplay trailer. Once again, the game looks glorious - just look at the detail on Kratos' grizzled mug. The title's due in early 2018 on PlayStation 4. The gameplay itself shows off combat, some cutscenes with the boy, and one...

  • Talking Point Did Sony PlayStation's E3 2017 Press Conference Crush the Competition?

    Big guns

    And that’s it: Sony’s big PlayStation E3 2017 press conference is over. What did you think? Haha, the show centred on gameplay from the likes of God of War, Spider-Man, and Days Gone – but also included a few surprises in the guise of Shadow of the Colossus. But did the platform holder deliver? Did it give you enough games to get...

  • E3 2017 Shadow of the Colossus Remake On The Horizon

    Kind of a colossal deal

    We reported earlier today that several trademarks were filed by Sony, including a curious renewal for Shadow of the Colossus. Well, it seems as though this giant rumour has turned into a giant reality, since the masters of remastering, Bluepoint Games, are authoring a remake of the beloved 3D platforming adventure by...

  • E3 2017 Undertale Coming to PS4 and Vita With Collector's Edition

    It fills you with determination

    Undertale is one of last year's most innovative, emotionally affecting RPGs with a profoundly silly yet profound story. However, it no longer remains exclusive to PC. The universally-praised title will arrive on the PlayStation 4 and Vita this summer. In addition, a collector's edition provided by Fangamer will also...

  • E3 2017 Knack 2 Strikes Back This September on PS4

    Knack in the saddle

    Knack's back, baby! The quirky PlayStation 4 hero returns in Knack 2, and the sequel now has a release date. Announced during Sony's E3 2017 press conference pre-show, Knack 2 launches on the 5th September. Yep, it's not too far away. You can check out the title's latest trailer above, too.  Is Knack 2 on your radar, then?...

  • Live Watch Sony PlayStation's E3 2017 Press Conference Right Here

    Live coverage of the big one

    This is the one we’ve been waiting for: the Sony PlayStation E3 2017 press conference has arrived. The big briefing will begin officially at 6PM PDT, though you can look forward to an hour-long pre-show including trailers, interviews, and a build-up. That will be followed by the full keynote itself, where we’re...

  • E3 2017 Knack 2 Genuinely Looks Unironically Good

    I'll be Knack

    Industry veteran – and PlayStation 4 architect – Mark Cerny appeared on Geoff Keighley’s PlayStation Live stream earlier today to show off Knack 2, and to the surprise of everyone… It actually looks really very good. While the original release was a very simplistic platforming affair, the sequel appears to be upping the variety...

  • Rumour Is a Shadow of the Colossus Remake Coming to PS4?

    Sony trademarks several other titles

    At around this point last year in the lead up to Sony's E3 2016 press conference, a number of trademarks were filed which turned out to be a couple of newly announced games from the PlayStation briefing that year. Death Stranding was one of those, and it appears the same thing has happened again. Trademarks for...

  • Guide What Time Is Sony's E3 2017 PlayStation Press Conference Live Stream?

    When and where to watch Sony's week-long show

    Sony PlayStation’s E3 2017 press conference is probably the one you’ve been waiting for. The platform holder’s been uncharacteristically quiet in the days leading up to the show, which means we can probably anticipate a surprise or two. The platform holder will also be hosting daily live shows...

  • Rumour God of War PS4 Release Date Set for November 2017

    Kratos won't be happy if true

    We're just hours away from Sony's E3 2017 press conference, so understandably, hype levels are at blistering highs right now. As such, rumours and whispers are all over the place - but it's this supposed God of War release date leak that's currently catching the most attention. The PlayStation 4 exclusive will...

  • Talking Point What Does Sony Have to Do in Order to 'Win' E3 2017?

    Games, games, games?

    As is now tradition, Sony will host the final big E3 publisher press conference tonight - or tomorrow morning, depending on your timezone. At the time of writing, we've seen a total of three shows: EA, Microsoft, and Bethesda. Ubisoft is up a few hours before the PlayStation maker takes to the stage, but we think the time is now...

  • Feature PlayStation's Iconic E3 Press Conference Moments

    Simply the best

    E3 2017 is approaching faster than The Flash, which gives us the perfect opportunity to pop on our nostalgia glasses and take a trip through memory lane. PlayStation has been at every Electronic Entertainment Expo since its inception, and it’s built up a catalogue of iconic moments in those two and a bit decades. But there are...

  • News Pachter: Microsoft Has a Problem if PS4 Pro Drops to $299

    Analyst weighs in on Xbox's 'tough sell'

    Industry analyst Michael Pachter has chimed in on the announcement of the Xbox One X. Speaking with Geoff Keighley on YouTube Live, the industry analyst explained that he believes Microsoft has made a good product, but he has doubts about its performance at retail. And asked about Sony’s response, here’s...

  • Feature 5 PS4 Exclusives That Will Wow at E3 2017

    Show stoppers

    A lot of the anticipation for E3 centres on the unknown, but more often than not it’s the games that have already been revealed that steal the show. Who could forget that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves demo that dropped jaws in 2009? Or our first proper look at The Last of Us in 2012? Sony has more exclusives out in the open than any...

  • Soapbox Sony Will Bring a Tsunami of PS4 Software to E3 2017

    Sammy's spotted a change in PlayStation's tact

    If you’ve followed E3 closely in the past, you’ll know there’s a different mood about the PlayStation camp this year. Historically, the Japanese giant drags the show out, using the days and weeks prior to any press conferences to release trailers, announce release dates, and sometimes even reveal...

  • Feature Sony PlayStation E3 2017 Press Conference Predictions

    What to expect for PS4

    It’s the final countdown to Sony’s big E3 2017 press conference, which means that it’s time for us to plot out our predictions for PlayStation’s big show. As is always the case with these articles, we’ve tried to avoid fan-fiction (even though we really do want Jumping Flash for PlayStation VR) and instead opted for...

  • Reaction Xbox Is Still Two Steps Behind PlayStation

    Microsoft's surmounted the power gap but forgotten the software

    Xbox fans waited a year for last night’s press conference. That’s not a slight, but it needs to be put into context: there’s been no PlayStation Experience equivalent over the past 12 months from the folks in Redmond; the company certainly didn’t hold any media briefings at the...

  • E3 2017 Gran Turismo Sport Will Be Dated Tomorrow

    Announced during Sony presser pre-show

    Gran Turismo Sport, the anticipated simulation racer for the PlayStation 4, will be dated during the pre-show of Sony's E3 2017 press conference tomorrow. Series creator Kazunori Yamauchi confirmed the tidbit on Twitter, noting that fans should tune in between 5PM PDT and 6PM PDT tomorrow, in the moments before...

  • Poll Has Xbox One X Left You Feeling Green with Envy?

    4Kin' hell

    Microsoft announced the new instalment in the Xbox One hardware family today: the Xbox One X. It wasn’t – as many fans had projected onto it – a new-generation console; instead it’s a mid-gen upgrade similar to the PlayStation 4 Pro, capable of boosting existing Xbox One software to a higher resolution and including bells and...

  • E3 2017 PlayStation Wishes Microsoft Luck Ahead of Press Conference

    It may need it

    Proof once again that the console sparring only takes place on message boards: PlayStation has wished Microsoft luck ahead of its E3 2017 press conference. The platform holder sent the following message to its Redmond competitor: “E3 is always an exciting time, good luck out there!” Well, shucks – isn’t that nice? The guys...

  • Talking Point What Are Your Hopes and Fears for PS4 at E3 2017?

    Nervous anticipation

    Here we go, then: E3 2017 is so close we can taste it – and with it comes nervous anticipation. Obviously there’s lots to be excited for this year, but there are also a few things to worry about as well. We’ve brought some of our team together to talk about exactly that: what are our hopes and fears for Sony’s press...

  • Deals Days of Play 2017 - Best PS4 Hardware, Software, and PS Plus Prices

    USA and UK savings

    Sony’s announced the first batch of wallet busters you can expect to comprise its Deals of Play promotion in the UK, and there are some genuine zingers here. As previously reported, the deals will roll out on 9th June and will run right the way through to 18th June, though there will also be discounts on the PlayStation Store...

  • News Days of Play Discounts Dominate PS4 Store in NA and EU

    Lots of PlayStation Store savings live

    Sony’s big Days of Play promotion is live at retailers around the globe, and the PlayStation Store’s certainly not missing out on any of the action. The platform holder’s rolled out a spate of deals in Europe and North America, with some games receiving discounts of up to 50 per cent. Over in Europe,...

  • News Multiplayer Is Free on PS4 All Week in North America

    You don't need a PlayStation Plus sub

    Not got an active PlayStation Plus subscription at the moment? Don’t worry, multiplayer is free all week on the PlayStation 4 in North America as part of the Days of Play sale. This means that starting today (9th June) all the way through to 16th June, you’ll be able to play as many online games as you like...

  • Feature Remembering Sony's Silliest E3 Stages

    All the world's a stage

    For better or worse, E3 is all about the spectacle. As a prime opportunity for massive corporations to woo consumers and investors, it’s no surprise that the standard strategy is to throw in as many bright lights and loud noises as possible. Few companies commit to this ethos more than Sony, but one crucial element of the...

  • News Sony's Erecting an Enormous God of War Mural for E3 2017

    Update: And it's finally finished

    Want to know what one of the most exciting parts of E3 is? Watching the massive promotions being erected around downtown Los Angeles. And with just over a week to go, Sony’s already pulled in the painters to produce a gigantic mural on the side of a rather large building. We assume Kratos’ bald pate will appear...

  • News Death Stranding Won't Be At E3 2017 According to Hideo Kojima

    But is he trolling?

    Don’t expect anything new on Death Stranding at E3 2017 next week is the message from director Hideo Kojima on Twitter. While the auteur will be at the show and participating in an interview with Geoff Keighley on 14th June, the ex-Metal Gear man has warned that he won’t be bringing his new title to Los Angeles as his te

  • News Digital PS4 Games Get Discounted in EU Ahead of Days of Play

    Expect big deals on the entire PS4 line later this week

    First and foremost, Sony’s big Days of Play promotion has been officially confirmed for Europe, as we previously reported. The big global sale – which is being billed as a thank you to fans – is set to kick off on 9th June around the world, and will run right the way through E3 2017 until...

  • Feature Two Unannounced PS4 Games We Expect at Sony's E3 2017

    The big reveals

    We recently uploaded a video looking at five first-party PlayStation 4 exclusives we expect to steal the show at E3 2017, but a lot of people asked us which unannounced titles we’re anticipating as well. This proved a more challenging prospect because, when you’re talking about games that haven’t actually been revealed, where...

  • News Sony's E3 2017 Presser Will Be Another Quickfire Affair

    Don't blink

    We’ve panned PlayStation for turgid press conferences so many times that it’s nice to know it was paying attention. Over the past few years it’s gotten much better at delivering its briefings, and it knocked it out of the

  • News Sony Thanks the Fans with Days of Play Promotion Through E3 2017

    Save on hardware, exclusives, and accessories

    There’s always heightened industry excitement surrounding events like E3 2017, and Sony is planning to capitalise on that with Days of Play – a new promotion set to run globally starting 9th June through 17th June. And the platform holder’s detailed a little bit more about what we can expect from...

  • News Looks Like There's a Silver PS4 Slim on the Way Too

    Update: Out on 28th June in Europe

    Finding the new 1TB Gold PlayStation 4 Slim a little bit garish? Well, there appears to be a 500GB Silver model on the way as well – in Europe anyway. Images of this model have been popping up on the websites of European retailers since last night, but there’s no official word from Sony yet as to when and where...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Has Been a Colossal Hit for Sony

    The robo-dinos deliver

    Launching brand new franchises is always a risky business, but Horizon: Zero Dawn has been an enormous success for Sony. After selling over 2.6 million units within its first two weeks on store shelves, the Guerrilla Games developed action role-playing release has now hit 3.4 million units as of 30th April. This statistic is...

  • News Sony: We're Not Frightened of Xbox Scorpio

    Company won't be losing any sleep

    Sony’s been busy conducting interviews with some of the biggest publications in the industry, and it’s inevitably been asked about Project Scorpio – the upcoming PS4 Pro-esque upgrade for the Xbox One, which is scheduled to release later this year. And it’s admitted that, while it’s eager to see what...

  • News June 2017's Free PlayStation Plus Games Are Available Now

    Get 'em while they're hot

    Want something new to play? Look no further than the PlayStation Store, where June 2017’s roster of free PlayStation Plus games are available now – in Europe at least. Those of you in North America will have to wait until the PlayStation Store updates in your region, but it shouldn’t be too far behind. The lineup...

  • Reminder Download May 2017's PlayStation Plus Games Before It's Too Late

    Tales from the Borderlands and more still available

    This is your last chance to claim May 2017’s PlayStation Plus games before they’re replaced by June 2017’s offering. As a quick reminder, the freebies included Tales from the Borderlands and either ABZU or Alienation on the PlayStation 4, depending on your region. They’ll be replaced by...

  • News Breaking Bad Is Getting a PlayStation VR Adaptation

    By the show's creator, too

    Sony boss Kaz Hirai has talked extensively about how he wants to unify the company’s different divisions, and this could be considered an example of that: Breaking Bad – which was produced by Sony Pictures Television – is to receive a PlayStation VR experience, with series creator Vince Gilligan on hand to lead the...

  • News PS4 Pro Controller Still Very Much Being Considered by Sony

    "Something we continue to look at"

    Sometimes there are ideas so good that you have to steal them, and the Xbox One Elite controller is one of them. The premium pad may be pricey, but it’s proved popular among core gamers – the kind of people you’d expect to cough up for products like the PS4 Pro. But Sony’s been reluctant to offer a similar...

  • News Sony: We See PS4 and Nintendo Switch Sitting Side-by-Side

    Manufacturer thinks console's a “great success for Nintendo”

    Sony’s been running a lot of interviews ahead of E3 2017 this week, and PlayStation America boss Shawn Layden’s been chatting a little bit about the Nintendo Switch, which has gotten off to a strong start since its release in early March. Speaking with TIME, the suit said that the...

  • News Gold PS4 Slim to Launch at Reduced Price Through E3 2017

    And new deals to be added daily to PlayStation Store

    Sony’s trialling something new alongside E3 2017 this year: Days of Play. It promises to be a heavily promoted nine-day sale that will run in conjunction with the event in Los Angeles, and it’s being kickstarted with the release of the gold 1TB PlayStation 4 Slim which leaked last week. The...

  • News Why Is the New God of War So Different to Its Predecessors?

    The series under-performed in Europe

    We’ve been of the opinion that God of War needed to change ever since Ascension failed to thrill to the same level as its predecessors, but many have questioned developer Sony Santa Monica’s motive behind the change. Speaking with Glixel, PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan has indicated that one of the reasons...

  • News PS4's Japanese Game Resurgence Will Continue at E3 2017

    Sony teases big announcements

    Arguably the biggest story of 2017 has been the resurgence of Japanese games on the PlayStation 4. The likes of Persona 5, Resident Evil 7, Nioh, NieR: Automata, and Yakuza 0 have been among the best games on the platform this year, and according to PlayStation America boss Shawn Layden, we should expect this story to...

  • News Sony Reveals Several Games We'll See During Its E3 2017 Presser

    Time for hype

    Sony has confirmed a half-dozen or so titles that we’ll see during E3 2017, and they include all of the big names you’d anticipate. As part of a wide-ranging interview with Glixel, bosses Shawn Layden and Jim Ryan teased that you can expect to see more of God of War, Spider-Man, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Days Gone

  • News Sony's Jim Ryan Just Said a Stupid Thing About Backwards Compatibility

    But there's truth in his comment

    Reasons you know E3 2017 is around the corner #5: an executive at a major gaming company just said a silly thing, and now there’s a fast-moving thread on NeoGAF about it. The latest humdinger comes courtesy of Sony Europe chief Jim Ryan on the subject of backwards compatibility, and it’s got people asking that...

  • News Digital Game Sales Are Becoming More and More Important to Sony

    The PlayStation Store makes a lot of money

    We're heading towards a digital age and have been for a while now as far as gaming is concerned, and Sony knows that as well as anyone. According the Polygon, CEO of Sony America Shawn Layden says that the PlayStation Store - Sony's digital marketplace for PlayStation software - is now "the number...

  • 42


    Review WipEout Omega Collection

    Need for speed

    One of PlayStation’s most iconic brands also happens to be one of its poorest commercial performers – it’s for that reason series creator Studio Liverpool finds itself resting in the Sony first-party graveyard alongside other ex-British institutes like Guerrilla Cambridge and Evolution Studios. It’s also the reason WipEout...

  • News Sony Believes PlayStation Vita Is Still a Viable System

    But not in the West

    Despite being the successor to a platform that moved over 80 million units, the PlayStation Vita has been a commercial flop. While the handheld is fantastic to use, it never quite got the support needed to make it succeed in a changing world where smartphones rule pockets around the world. And as part of an interview with The...

  • News PS4 Is Still Crushing the Competition, Especially in Europe

    Sony shares new numbers

    The PlayStation 4 is still well on track to being one of the most successful consoles that Sony has ever launched. Over the last few years, the current-gen machine has shown now signs of slowing down, and fresh comments from PlayStation bosses Shawn Layden and Jim Ryan only nail that point home. In an interview...

  • News PlayStation VR Sales Surpass One Million Despite Supply Shortages

    VReally good

    Anyone who expected PlayStation VR to sprint out of the stocks had their expectations misaligned: it’s a pricey peripheral in a fledgling space. Sony’s headset is doing just fine, though, outselling its nearest rivals combined and it's just crossed the all-important one million unit milestone as of an announcement made by the...

  • News PS4 Pro Selling 'Way Ahead of Expectations', Says Sony

    One in five PS4 sales are Pro

    The PS4 Pro may have started life a little rough thanks to Sony's somewhat dull hardware reveal event and a cavalcade of leaks, but the reality is that the company never had gigantic expectations for the mid-generation upgrade. Aimed first and foremost at the hardcore gaming crowd, the Pro is a more expensive option...

  • News Sony Readying Ratchet and Crash Bandicoot PS4 Slim Bundle

    Platforming bliss

    This bundle makes way too much sense, and you’re probably going to see a lot more of it around the world this Christmas: a Reddit post has revealed that Sony is readying a Ratchet & Clank and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy bundle. The package includes the two aforementioned titles, alongside a 1TB PlayStation 4 Slim...

  • News Champions League Final to Be Broadcast with PlayStation VR

    But only in Germany

    Tonight marks the Champions League final, as Real Madrid attempt to win a record second successive European crown against Italian giants Juventus in the Welsh capital Cardiff. It’s the biggest club event in the footballing calendar – it’s a bit like the Super Bowl of soccer but spanning an entire continent rather than a...

  • News PlayStation UK to Sponsor London Pride 2017

    For all the players

    This is nice: PlayStation UK has announced that it will be sponsoring London Pride 2017, which is currently scheduled to take place in the English capital between 24th June and 9th July. For those of you who don’t know, the annual summer festival attracts millions to the city every year, and is designed to celebrate the LGBT...

  • News Star Wars Battlefront Free with PlayStation Plus If You're New

    Bonus game

    Sony’s clearly putting a little extra effort into PlayStation Plus this month, with June 2017 seeing Killing Floor 2 and Life Is Strange added to the service's repository of free games. But if you need a little extra convincing to subscribe, the platform holder’s teamed up with EA Games to giveaway free copies of Star Wars:...

  • News Everybody's Golf Is Still Coming to Smartphones in Japan

    Nice shot

    Sony may have been quiet on the smartphone front, but its new mobile-focused subsidiary ForwardWorks is busy bringing some of PlayStation’s biggest brands to iOS and Android. And it looks like Everybody’s Golf may be the first franchise to arrive, with pre-registration for the title open in Japan right now. There’s also a new...

  • News Get Misty Eyed with WipEout Omega Collection Video

    How the series found success

    WipEout Omega Collection plots the return of an iconic PlayStation brand next week, and Sony’s released a new trailer featuring interviews with some of the people who shaped its success. The short but sweet clip includes anecdotes from creator Nick Burcombe, composer Tim Wright, and ex-community manager Ami Nakajima...

  • News PlayStation Plus in Asia Is Properly Freakin' Amazing

    Setting standards

    While we think the criticisms pointed at PlayStation Plus are a little harsh, there can be no denying that the service isn’t quite firing on all cylinders like it was during the previous generation. In our humble opinion, the service has become a victim of its own success, with publishers reluctant to giveaway titles that still...

  • News Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain Has Been a Huge Success

    Exceeds 4.5 million sales globally

    Heavy Rain hasn’t aged especially well, but the game was ground-breaking when it first released in 2010, delivering a grounded interactive adventure that would go on to influence the likes of Telltale and beyond. And Parisian developer Quantic Dream has announced that as of 31st March, the release has sold...


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