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  • News Sony Santa Monica's Started Teasing a New Title Ahead of PlayStation Experience

    Black Swan: The Game?

    The web is awash with GIFs of a new game from Sony Santa Monica, which will presumably be officially announced at PlayStation Experience this week. The animated images – which popped up on Twitter, Facebook,

  • News New Hot Shots Golf Looks a Bit Rough on PS4

    Out of bounds

    Among the wealth of other anticipated upcoming titles, it's probably odd that New Hot Shots Golf sits atop Push Square Towers' most wanted PlayStation 4 games list. But here's the thing: developer Clap Hanz has an impeccable record when it comes to arcade sports games, and with over a decade of practice, we doubt that it's going to hit...

  • News PS4 Titles Will Get Cheaper During The Game Awards 2015

    Save on the PlayStation Store

    You've got to hand it to Geoff Keighley: for a guy flying solo, he sure is able to pull some strings. The journalist has announced that during The Game Awards 2015 this Thursday, 3rd December, various nominees will be discounted on the PlayStation Store. We're assuming that this sale will only run in North America,...

  • News PS4 Won Black Friday at Best Buy, Claims Research Firm

    But results are based on revenue

    Look, it's Thanksgiving weekend and there's nothing to write about, so indulge us while we dump a little intel on the PlayStation 4's recent sales performance. Actually, all we have to go on comes courtesy of research firm InfoScout, which determines sales by asking shoppers to photograph their receipts or...

  • News PSN Down Again as Holiday Traffic Surges

    'Tis the season to be offline

    It's actually been a better year for the PlayStation Network, with the number of outage reports that we've written down to a minimum. However, it seems that Black Friday has brought significant load to Sony's servers, as things have been flaky for the past 48 hours now. Yester

  • News Sony Constructs a Custom PS4 for Dragon Quest Builders

    Sublime craft

    Here's a prediction for you: Dragon Quest Builders is going to sell gangbusters when it releases on various PlayStation platforms in Japan next year. It makes sense, then, for Sony to prepare a custom PlayStation 4 console to capitalise on the release. Sadly, unlike Dragon Quest Heroes' silver SKU, this one comes in bog standard...

  • News Your PS4's Seemingly Got a Little More Powerful in Secret


    Sony's made your PlayStation 4 that little bit more powerful without telling you. Well, that's the conclusion that NeoGAF has come to – and for good reason. Since launch, the Japanese giant has restricted game development to just six of the system's eight CPU cores. The remaining two were

  • News People Think Demon's Souls May Die Again on PS4

    Revived for one last run?

    It seems that the recent release of Bloodborne: The Old Hunters has had people guzzling down the good blood. A fairly innocent tweet on the abovementioned title's Twitter page has people in a frenzy over a potential Demon's Souls remaster for the PlayStation 4. The snap shows a stack of copies of From Software's latest,...

  • News PSN Feels the Stress of Black Friday as Some Users Can't Sign In

    Eye of the storm

    Reports are coming in that the PlayStation Network is starting to crack under the pressure of Black Friday, with some users unable to sign in or access the PlayStation Store. With numerous rather tempting deals going on right now, it's safe to assume that the digital marketplace is currently being hammered. Follow us on Twitter...

  • News PS4 Remote Play Will Stream to PC in the Future

    What a load of Macintosh

    You may have read recently about an unofficial application which promised to enable PlayStation 4 Remote Play functionality on computers. Well, the people that have been building that must be feeling pretty darn rotten this morning, as Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that Sony's working on an...

  • News PS4 Game Prices Slashed in European Black Friday PlayStation Store Sale

    How low can you go?

    You didn't think that North America was going to get all of the fun, did you? As promised, Sony has rolled out Europe's gigantic Black Friday PlayStation Store sale – and there are some PlayStation 4 humdingers among its ranks. For example, you'll be able to snag a digital copy of

  • News You Can Get 10 Per Cent Off PlayStation Store Purchases with This Voucher

    But only in America right now, we're afraid

    What's better than a belly full of turkey? 10 per cent off your next PlayStation Store purchase, of course. Sony's rolled out a North American discount code which is valid until 12:00PM PT on 1st December, and will grant you money off a full cart of gaming goods. Simply use the code FH24P5BDR6 before...

  • News Give Thanks for North American Black Friday PlayStation Store Flash Sale

    The Witcher! The Order! The Arkham Knight!

    We all knew that it was coming – and it's arrived. Sony's rolled out an absolute slew of offers on the North American PlayStation Store, with its festive Flash Sale set to run right through the Black Friday

  • News Your PlayStation Plus Sub Was Worth Over $1,100 This Year

    Play more, pay less

    We've crunched the numbers, and your PlayStation Plus subscription was worth $1,101.78 in North America and £828.78 in the UK this year. Subscribers to the premium platform snagged 72 games across the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita – and that's not including bonuses such as DriveClub: PS Plus Edition. We probably...

  • Feature Did PlayStation Plus Represent Value for Money in 2015?

    Plus what?

    It's been a funny old year for PlayStation Plus, hasn't it? With the PlayStation 4's commercial success – and its dependence on the subscription service – we'd imagine that membership metrics are at an all-time high. And yet following that influx of users, the premium platform has developed a real perception problem – particularly...

  • News How Would You Like to Win the Wonderful PS4 Life?

    Have a go

    You've seen the commercial, so you know that the life of a PlayStation 4 player is all about The Chemical Brothers and daring dance moves. Sony may not be able to guarantee you a guest role in the next Street Dance movie, but it is giving away a ton of goodies as part of its latest campaign. Prizes include a 1TB Star Wars Battlefront...

  • News Drawn to Death's PS4 Trophies Are Amazing and Live Now

    Could the title launch at PlayStation Experience?

    It's rare that developers have fun with their Trophies. We've seen some sweet sets in the past – Gravity Rush's jigsaw icons spring to mind – but Drawn to Death takes things to the next level. Alright, the third-person shooter's angst-ridden vibe is not going to appeal to everyone, but the...

  • News December's Free PlayStation Plus Games Have Been Revealed

    Merry Christmas?

    Sony's gone ahead and announced next month's PlayStation Plus lineup – and we're hoping that, in the spirit of the season, people won't be kicking off over December's offerings. On PlayStation 4, you're getting King's Quest - Chapter I: A Knight to Remember and Gauntlet: Slayer Edition, while Vita enthusiasts will nab Freedom...

  • News Bloody Nora! PS4 Sales Surpass 30 Million Units

    It only prints money

    Sony has boasted that the PlayStation 4 is its fastest-selling system ever, flaunting sales of 30.2 million units. That number represents consoles sold through to consumers by the way, and is accurate as of 22nd November. According to the manufacturer, the PS4 has reached the 30 million units milestone two months faster than...

  • News Sony Confirms That PS4 Will Plunge to $299 on Black Friday

    How low can you go?

    Not content with its Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Star Wars Battlefront bundles this month, Sony's looking to really clean up this Christmas with a $299.99 Black Friday bunduru. Featuring in a new North American commercial, the 500GB console will come with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection,

  • News Tune in with a PlayStation TV for $19.99 from Best Buy

    The price is right

    Remember when everyone begged Sony to release the PlayStation TV overseas? It turns out that none of you bought it, because it's currently being flogged at US retailer Best Bu

  • Guide How to Beat Bloodborne: The Old Hunters' Bosses

    A hunter's nightmare

    Bloodborne is back with The Old Hunters, a brutal but brilliant slice of post-release content that not only massively expands upon the release's arsenal but also includes new environments and, of course, boss battles. Following on from our coverage earlier in the year we've decided to put together a guide for all five of the...

  • 50


    Review Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

    Byrgenwerth it

    And so another yarn has arrived from Yharnam just in time to remind us why Bloodborne is one of the best games of the year. The Old Hunters is a full-blooded expansion, boasting nightmarish new environments and a bevy of brutal beasts to slaughter, but it's the vast array of original equipment that will have moon slaves practically...

  • News Now Sony's Asking Which PS2 Games You Want on PS4

    Fun, anyone?

    It's crazy how we've gone from PlayStation 2 emulation being a rumour for the PlayStation 4 to being officially confirmed in the span of one Digital Foundry investigation. Still, while

  • News Katch Gravity Rush PS4 a Week Early

    Free fallin'

    The apple will fall from the tree a little earlier than expected in Europe, as Sony has announced that Gravity Rush Remastered will now release on 2nd February for the PlayStation 4. The platform holder previously revealed that the Vita port would be available from 10th February in the Old World, but it clearly couldn't wait to put it...

  • News Which December PlayStation Plus Games Do You Desire?

    Instant Game Collection anticipation

    Time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it? It doesn't feel like that long since we all bemoaned November's big PlayStation Plus update, but we're expecting Sony to announce December's offering next week, with a release likely to follow on 1st December. The question is: what kind of content do you want?...

  • News PS4 Hit Bloodborne Is Shuhei Yoshida's Pick for Game of the Year

    Praise the moon

    We've started talking about Game of the Year here at Push Square Towers, but we're keeping our plans under wraps for the time being. Geoff Keighley's annual Game Awards ceremony is mere weeks away at this point, though, and we already know the nominees for the most prestigio

  • Feature 5 Reasons the Life of a PS4 Player Is Wonderful

    Playing in wonderland

    Contrary to the brand new commercial, PlayStation 4 players don't dance around their memorabilia laden house to the sound of The Chemical Brothers – it's a lifestyle that we could only dream of. Living with Sony's new-gen system is a step forward from its predecessors, though, and we think that that's what the company is...

  • News Prepare for Your Bandwidth to Die with Big Bloodborne Patch

    9.37GB update attacks your ISP

    It's nice to be talking about Bloodborne again, isn't it? There's always a worry that games that launch earlier in the year get forgotten by the end, but Sony couldn't have timed the title's Old Hunters expansion any better if it wanted the release to win a few awards. And with the add-on now just days away, it's also...

  • News PS2 Games Are Coming to the PS4, Sony Confirms

    Live in your world, play in ours

    That didn't take long, did it? After yesterday's reports, Sony has told Wired that PlayStation 2 games are coming to the PlayStation 4 via emulation. However, while the firm confirmed the feature, it stopped short of sharing any specific details. "We have nothing further to comment at this point in time." See you...

  • News Naughty Dog: Uncharted: Golden Abyss PS4 Not Out of the Question

    Buried treasure

    Uncharted: Golden Abyss, the not-bad black sheep in the exclusive series, could yet come to the PlayStation 4. In an interview with Australian website, community strategist Arne Meyer explained that a port of the Vita launch title is "not out of the question" – but ultimately it's not up to Naughty Dog whether it...

  • Talking Point Which PS2 Games Would You Play on PS4?

    The third place

    Assuming a report on Digital Foundry is accurate, you may already have a PlayStation 2 emulator inside your PlayStation 4. The site tested the trio of new Star Wars games that are available as part of the firm's special edition Darth

  • News PlayStation 2 Emulation All But Confirmed for PS4

    And it sounds awesome

    Back when Sony revealed that the Darth Vader PlayStation 4 bundle would include three Star Wars games from the PlayStation 2 era, we assumed that they'd be getting the remaster treatment. While there have been many rumours regarding PS2 emulation on the new-gen system, the promise of Trophy support and improved visuals led us...

  • News Beyond: Two Souls Ghosts to PS4 Next Week

    Aiden know whether to buy it

    David Cage's uneven but interesting adventure Beyond: Two Souls is set to explore the otherworld on PlayStation 4 next week. Available from 24th November in North America and 26th November in Europe, the ambitious escapade will boast a bunch of improvements over its PlayStation 3 brother, including heavily enhanced...

  • News This PS4 Bundle Is for Everyone That Skipped the PS3

    Welcome to the family

    Well, this is… Awkward. Sony's been chastised by many armchair pundits for putting too many resources into remasters – but this new European 1TB PlayStation 4 bundle comes with three of them. It looks like a bad joke at first blush, but the platform holder's clearly looking to capture non-PlayStation 3 owners with this...

  • News PS4 Smashes Two Million Sales Milestone in Japan

    System selling steady overseas

    The perception among gamers is that the PlayStation 4 is flopping in Japan, but while it's certainly not firing on all cylinders in the Eastern nation, it's still doing reasonably well. Today's big Media Create update has revealed that the console has now crossed two million sales in Sony's home territory, which is a...

  • News Prepare to Die with Fresh European PS4 Deals

    Soul searcher

    If you're not exactly feeling the festive cheer yet, then perhaps you may enjoy indulging your masochistic side with Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, which has been discounted this week on the European PlayStation Store. The punishing but popular game will be available for £19.99 until 25th November, which is cheaper than on...

  • News Sony Reacts to Pleas for Gravity Rush PS4 Retail Release


    Credit where credit's due: Sony does listen to what you have to say. There was mild uproar in the PlayStation Nation when SCEA revealed that Gravity Rush Remastered would not be getting a retail release in North America. However, a physical edition popped up for pr

  • News A Huge Happy Birthday to the PS4 on Its Second Birthday

    Party like it's 2013

    Much like a nipper, the PlayStation 4 has been walking the walk for a while, but on its second birthday, it's starting to talk the talk, too. For those of you that don't remember, on this day two years ago, Sony's new-gen system launched in North America. The rest of the world was made to wait a couple of weeks as the Japanese...

  • News PS4 Exclusives Dominate The Game Awards' Most Wanted

    2016 shaping up to be stellar

    Despite the brilliant Bloodborne still being the highest rated exclusive of the year, there's been some dissatisfaction with the PlayStation 4's exclusive offerings since launch. Next year looks set to change that perception once and for all, though, as Sony has assembled a dizzying roster of first-party software –...

  • News Expect More PS4 Games from Naughty Dog After Uncharted 4

    Well, duh

    At the time of typing, the PlayStation 4 is days away from its second birthday. For some reason, though, people are already looking ahead to the next generation. Apparently, there's a concern that Naughty Dog may not have enough time to put another title on the system once Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is done and dusted. It seems like...

  • News Microsoft Parodies PS4's Infamous Game Sharing Video


    In backward compatibility, Microsoft's finally got an Xbox One feature that it can shout about it – and it's sure trying its hardest to make a bit of noise. In a new video on the organisation's UK YouTube account, the company has parodied Sony's famous PlayStation 4 game sharing video – although the punch line isn't quite as well executed...

  • News Expect Surprise PS4 Games at PlayStation Experience 2015

    Far Cry Primal! New Hot Shots Golf! Dark Souls III!

    Sony's revealed the lineup of software that will be playable at PlayStation Experience 2015 – but it's still keeping a few titles secret. The list of games is absolutely gigantic, with some unexpected inclusions like New Hot Shots Golf, Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps, and Far Cry Primal. This is...

  • Talking Point Should Sony Build an Elite DualShock 4 Controller for PS4?

    A more joyful joystick

    The announcement of the Xbox One Elite controller at E3 2015 was met with furrowed brows here at Push Square Towers. It wasn't that we thought the controller looked bad – far from it – but we felt that peripherals are already outrageously priced on both new-gen consoles, so who would ever stump up $149.99 for a single...

  • News Is This the Most Glorious PS Vita Design Yet?

    Cor, slimey

    One story that's gone under the radar a little bit is the success of Minecraft: PS Vita Edition in Japan. The game's barely left the Media Create charts since its launch, and has sold almost 400k copies on the handheld in Sony's home nation. There's a market for "building" games in the East, then – and the upcoming Dragon Quest...

  • News You're Going to Want This Gravity Rush PS4 Theme

    Well jel

    Gravity Rush is coming to the PlayStation 4, which is outstanding news. The only downside is that we have to wait until next year in the West to enjoy Kat's remastered adventure, while Japan can look forward to turning Auldnoir upside down in less than a month. And to make matters even worse, those that pre-order in the Eastern region...

  • Rumour Is Sony Bend's PS4 Exclusive Being Readied for PlayStation Experience?

    Better believe it

    The assumption among PlayStation fans is that Sony Bend's unannounced PlayStation 4 exclusive will be revealed at PlayStation Experience next month – and senior technical game designer Eric Jensen may have added a little more fuel to that fire. Writing on Twitter overnight, the veteran employee said: "Hotel booked for PSX. It's...

  • News Friends Pull Together to Buy Burgled Buddy a PS4

    Heart warming

    Being burgled is never a good thing, but it's even worse on the eve of Fallout 4. Sadly, that's exactly what happened to the New Zealander in the video embedded below – but fortunately he's got good friends. After being tricked by his mates into taking a trip to a local electronics store, the barefooted bros announce that they've all...

  • News Watch One of the Stars of Until Dawn Play, Er, Until Dawn

    Dalton tries not to die

    Until Dawn has been one of 2015's biggest sleeper hits, and has proved particularly popular on sites like Twitch. While it's been fun seeing how random people react to the title's many jump scares, though, IGN has managed to convince star Brett Dalton (Mike) to play through a chunk of it on YouTube – and this is the first...

  • News Tour London with Nathan Drake as Your Guide

    Greatness from small beginnings

    There's lots to see and do in London – but the English capital's way better when Nathan Drake's your guide. Three's partnered with Sony to create an "innovative, real-life adventure" whereby various landmarks across the city have been tagged with Nolan North audio clips. With the use of a unique smartphone app,...

  • Weirdness After 40 Years, Sony's Finally Killing Off Betamax

    Cassette decked

    Here's one for our younger readers: before Netflix there were DVDs, and before DVDs there were VHS tapes. But before all of that, in 1975, there were Betamax cassettes. Sony created these as a means to record and playback video, but while the format was considered superior in some regards, it lost a very fierce war against JVC's...

  • News PS4 Firmware Update 3.11 Stabilises Your System

    Stable as a table

    Well then, we haven't had one of these for a while. Sony's rolled out a new firmware update for the PlayStation 4, which is mandatory. The update – numbered v3.11 for those keeping count – offers nothing other than system software stability, but you will need to download it if you want to connect to the PlayStation Network...

  • News PlayStation's Indie Evangelist to Exit Organisation

    Shahid Ahmad leaving after ten years

    Shahid Ahmad has become one of the faces of PlayStation over the past few years – but after a decade working at the company, he's set to embark on a new adventure. The industry veteran served as one of the key figures in SCEE's Strategic Content division, securing titles such as Super Crate Box all the way...

  • Weirdness PS4 Perv Slaps the Salami Over System in Store


    We all like to twiddle our joysticks for entertainment – but when it comes to the PlayStation 4, the majority of us have our hands firmly on the DualShock 4. One saucy shopper had a very different piece of equipment between his fingers, though – as he was caught choking the chicken in front of the console in an electronics store...

  • News Proof PS4 Will Go Below $300 on Black Friday Mounts

    GameStop joins the party

    Pull out your happening GIFs and start counting your cents: the PlayStation 4 will almost certainly go below $300 on Black Friday 2015. Following on from Meijer's leaked flyer, GameStop has now prematurely confirmed that Sony's system will be available for $299.99 with a copy of Uncharted: The

  • News Blimey, Sony's Publishing Helldivers on the PC

    Hell freezes over

    Well, this is potentially huge news: Sony's bringing Helldivers to the PC. The game, which launched as a PlayStation exclusive earlier in the year, will be published by a company called PlayStation Mobile, Inc on the popular plaza. This is a division within SCE that has handled various smartphone spin-offs in the past, too. This...

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