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  • Talking Point When Will the PS4K Neo Actually Be Announced?

    Just 4King reveal it

    The million dollar question: when will the PlayStation 4K – or Neo as it's perhaps better known – be announced? There was a thread on NeoGAF this week pondering how long Sony can possibly wait to reveal its upgraded hardware, and despite thinking long and hard about it, we've struggled to come up with an answer –...

  • Video Is PS2 Classic Ape Escape 2 Still Top Banana on PS4?

    Do the monkey with us

    Ape Escape 2 released on the PlayStation Store for the PS4 this week – and we've been monkeying around with it. The popular PlayStation 2 platformer definitely shows its age in the controls and presentation department, but it runs nicely on Sony's new-gen system, and the upscaled visuals actually hold up surprisingly well...

  • News No Man's Sky's PS4 Servers Will Be Wiped Prior to Release

    Hello, goodbye

    Managed to get your copy of No Man's Sky early? Having fun naming planets and wildlife before the title's officially out? Er, well, maybe you should sit tight a little longer – a programmer at Hello Games has revealed that the release's servers will be wiped on Sunday ahead of the title's release on Tuesday. If you're already...

  • News No Man's Sky's Music for an Infinite Universe Soundtrack Is Epic

    Feel the bass in space

    There's only one record that we'll be playing at Push Square Towers today: 65daysofstatic's brand new No Man's Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe soundtrack. The whole thing's been officially uploaded to YouTube, and you can listen to it in its entirety through here. We're especially digging Supermoon, Heliosphere, and Red...

  • Feature 6 Features PS4 Firmware Update 4.00 Must Include

    Making PS4 way better with one update

    Perhaps the biggest disappointment that can be levelled at the PlayStation 4 is that, three years after its original release, it still feels a bit like a launch console. Don't get us wrong: we absolutely adore the device – but there are some really obvious features that have been absent since launch, and...

  • News PS2 Classic Ape Escape 2 Does the Monkey on PS4


    As the great Gwen Stefani once sang: "This s*it is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S." And we suppose that Ape Escape 2 is a bit bananas, seeing as it sees you attempt to scoop up monkeys with a futuristic fishing net. The second game in the series launched on the PlayStation 4 last night as part of Sony's PS2 Classics initiative, where it will...

  • News No Man's Sky's PS4 Platinum Looks Perfectly Attainable

    Space odyssey

    The Trophies for PlayStation 4 console exclusive No Man's Sky have leaked online – and they look perfectly attainable, if you ask us. While the trinkets could have been laden with spoilers, they actually only reveal one thing: that your status will increase the more that you engage in various activities. For example, as you...


  • Talking Point Should Sony Ditch PS3, Vita Support for PlayStation Plus?

    Moving on

    Like it or not, the PlayStation 3 and Vita are nearing the end of their lives. That's not to say that either system is irrelevant – this author's been playing the addictive Steamworld Heist on the latter lately – but they're not in their heyday anymore. Sony knows this: it's ceased talking about the PS3 almost entirely, and while it...

  • News Uncharted's Movie Secures New Script Writer, But Will Never Come Out

    Better left buried

    Here's one thing we've learned from several years running Push Square: the Uncharted movie will never come out. The flick has been mooted since the beginning of time, and has had dozens of high-profile names attached to it, but it never really seems to get anywhere. Bad Boys III director Joe Carnahan is the latest to be signed...

  • News The Time Has Come for PlayStation VR Sizzle Trailers

    Game face

    We're in that weird period in the weeks leading up to a new peripheral launch where the hardware's getting manufactured, the software's getting polished up, and there's not a whole lot else to say. Just to remind you that PlayStation VR is due out on 13th October, though, Sony's produced a new sizzle trailer complete with exaggerated...

  • News No Man's Sky Maker Urges Fans to Avoid Spoilers as $1,300 Copy Leaks Online

    Turbulent times ahead

    As the release of No Man's Sky nears, Hello Games boss Sean Murray has urged fans to be vigilant and avoid spoilers. Earlier today, one rather rich gamer admitted on Reddit that he'd spent a whopping $1,300 for a pre-release copy on eBay, which he had expedited to him via FedEx today. H

  • News Does PlayStation VR Require 60-Square-Feet of Space?

    Space race

    Reports around the web suggest that PlayStation VR won't function unless you have 60-square-feet of space to spare – but are they accurate? While we're still awaiting confirmation from Sony, we've looked at the documentation which the articles are based upon closely, and reckon that some outlets may be jumping the gun. The brochure...

  • News DriveClub VR Will Send Off Evolution Studios with New Tracks, More

    Developed by original team

    DriveClub never made the PlayStation 4's launch as intended, but DriveClub VR will be ready in time for the release of PlayStation VR on 13th October. The date was accidentally announced on the Japanese PlayStation Blog today, but the post has since been pulled – presumably because Sony intended to reveal this...

  • News Sony Profits as PS4 Sales Continue to Surge

    PlayStation offsets earthquake disaster

    Sony is still in the black, though it can thank PlayStation for offsetting the costs inflicted by Japan's recent earthquake disaster. Profits plunged 42 per cent year-over-year in the three month period ending 30th June, with the company racking up ¥56.2 billion ($542 million) in operating income. The...

  • News You'll Be Able To Catch Ape Escape 2 on PS4 Soon


    Here's another game that has all but been confirmed to be releasing in the near future thanks to its Trophies leaking: Ape Escape 2 is coming to PlayStation 4 as part of the PS2 on PS4 program, which has recently brought the likes of Psychonauts and The Warriors to the system. Taking a look at the Trophies on Exophase, you'll be a

  • Feature Here's What You Do in No Man's Sky on PS4

    Guide to the galaxy

    If life's most common question is "Why would anyone support Liverpool?" then "What do you actually do in No Man's Sky?" must be a pretty close second. A query that's got more mileage than your uncle's fudged Ford Focus, it's been adopted by both fans and haters alike. Perhaps recognising that Hello Games hasn't done an...

  • News Free Suicide Squad Theme Raids the PS4

    No Joker

    Those of you eagerly anticipating the release of Suicide Squad next week may want to download the free theme that's available on the European PlayStation Store right now – and will presumably roll out imminently worldwide. It's a dynamic theme which fuses comic book panels with photographs of the flick's cast. While any theme...

  • News People Really Aren't Happy with August's PlayStation Plus Games

    Remember to turn caps lock on

    PlayStation Plus announcement day is always good for a laugh, but we doubt that anyone who has to handle Sony's social media accounts is smiling right now. Following today's Plus reveal - you can see the full list of August's games through here - PlayStation fans have grabbed their pitchforks and taken a good old stab...

  • News Your Free PlayStation Plus Games for August Have Been Revealed

    Rebel Galaxy, Tricky Towers headline PS4

    Sony has just announced the games coming to PlayStation Plus next month, with the space-based Rebel Galaxy and physics-based puzzler Tricky Towers leading the charge on the PlayStation 4. You can check out our review for Tricky Towers here. PlayStation 3 users can also look forward to Yakuza 5 and...

  • Talking Point What PS4 Firmware Update 4.0 Features Do You Want?

    Folders? PSone Classics? External HDD support?

    Sony sprung the smallest slither of PlayStation 4 firmware update v4.00 news this week, confirming that a beta for the big update will commence next month – but stopping short of announcing any features. It's been quite a while since we last got a major system software refresh for the Japanese...

  • News Ratchet & Clank Movie Kicks Some Asteroid on DVD, Digital Download Next Month

    Qwark speed

    Ratchet & Clank's big screen debut will deploy on DVD and digital download next month in the UK. The animated film – which we didn't love, but still felt was worth watching – will be available on storefronts such as the PlayStation Store from 22nd August, with its disc-based release following a week later on 29th August.

  • News PS4 Sizzles This Summer with Hot EU PlayStation Store Deals

    Lots of low prices

    Sony's been doing pretty well with PlayStation Store discounts this year, and this four week European Summer Sale is decent. It spans all three PlayStation platforms, of course, but it's the PlayStation 4 offers that you'll probably be most interested in – and FIFA 16 at £15.99, Bloodborne at £19.99, and Mortal Kombat X at...

  • News A Big PS4 Firmware Update Is Incoming

    You can sign up for the beta now

    We guess it's that time again, eh? Sony's revealed that there's an important firmware update in the works for PlayStation 4, and you can get an early look at its new features via an upcoming beta. If you're in North America, you can sign up through here, while those of you in Europe should click through here. So,...

  • News Fahrenheit's PS4 Trophies May Raise Your Temperature


    PlayStation 2 classic Fahrenheit – known as Indigo Prophecy in North America – was supposed to be out on the PlayStation 4 by now, but it hit a last-minute hitch. Fortunately, the Quantic Dream developed narrative-driven adventure doesn't appear to be too far away, as its Trophies have appeared online. You'll be fighting the Millennium...

  • News Now You Can Play Super Nintendo Games with a PS4 Controller

    Playing with power

    We've always thought that the Super Nintendo's controller was one of the industry's better ones, but if you don't fancy using the iconic pad, then why not switch to the DualShock 4 instead? Not content with creating a NES wireless receiver, peripheral makers Analogue and 8BitDo have now joined forces on a SNES one, too. Obviously...

  • Video How We Picked PS4's Top 20 Games

    Compromise is key

    Last week we listed out the Top 20 PlayStation 4 games, and now we're back to explain our decisions. Well, sort of. In the video embedded above, your humble host talks through all of the titles that made our shortlist, and sheds a little insight into why some releases are above others. It's a long watch so you may want to make a...

  • News You Won't Need PlayStation Plus to Play PS4's No Man's Sky Online

    Free trade

    You need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play PlayStation 4 games online, however No Man's Sky will be exempt from this rule – despite it boasting some nifty Internet-based features. Speaking with Game Informer, a Sony representative confirmed the good news, noting that the subscription service "won't be a requirement, however you...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn's Collector's Edition Statue Looks Tasty


    There wasn't a massive amount at this year's San Diego Comic-Con to entertain PlayStation 4 fans, but IGN did shoot a quick video with this tasty looking Aloy statue inspired by Horizon: Zero Dawn. This is, of course, the model that you get with the Collector's Edition of the game, which can be pre-ordered for around £104.99/$119.99. In...

  • News Kojima Productions' Logo Now Has Action Figures As Well

    Of course

    If you thought that the so-called "logo movie" was self-indulgent, then get a load of this: Ludens, the skeletal space-explorer said to represent Kojima Productions' "frontier spirit", is getting a slew of action figures. A reminder: this character has nothing to do with Death Stranding or any other game – it's lit

  • News Kojima Productions' Logo Movie Is As Self-Indulgent As You'd Expect

    The definition of decadent

    Haha, we absolutely love this. Appearing at the San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, Hideo Kojima revealed the "logo movie" for his new studio Kojima Productions, which will presumably be displayed when you boot up Death Stranding. The clip – embedded below – is just about as ostentatious as you can possibly...

  • Talking Point What August PlayStation Plus Games Do You Want?

    Take your pick

    The summer months are melting away faster than our internal organs in the current UK heatwave, and that means that it's already time to start thinking about August's free PlayStation Plus games. July saw the addition of new release Furi and comical classic Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell on the PlayStation 4, capping a decent spell for...

  • News Try PlayStation VR at EGX 2016 Ahead of Launch

    The future is now

    Still not sure about PlayStation VR? We totally understand – though we think you'll have a change of heart once you give it a go. Fortunately, Sony's announced that it will be bringing the headset to EGX 2016 in September, allowing UK gamers to get their eyes on the tech ahead of its official 13th October launch. You'll need...

  • Video We Unboxed a Brand New PocketStation

    Because why not?

    With our attempts at creating meaningful YouTube content either drawing indifference or ire, we figured that we'd do something really dumb today – like, unbox a brand new Sony PocketStation dumb. Your humble host snagged this on eBay a few years ago, and it's been sitting in its packet ever since. Why? Because… Well, that...

  • Feature The Best Games on PS4 - Summer 2016 Edition

    Cream of the crop

    'Tis the most controversial time of the year, when we categorise the top 20 games available on the PlayStation 4 right now, and cause the odd coronary with our provocative picks. Seriously, though, everyone has their own personal favourites, but these are the titles that we'd have no hesitation recommending to new owners of...

  • News Bloody Nora, Gravity Rush 2 Looks Superb on PS4


    Phwoar! Gravity Rush 2 releases later this year, and is almost guaranteed to be one of 2016's sleeper hits. Sony showed off some new gameplay footage at a presentation in Japan this week, and it's found its way online. While this has all been captured off-screen in pretty low-quality, it demonstrates just how diverse the game's environmental...

  • News Don't Panic, Shu Yoshida Has Reclaimed His Twitter Account

    And he's living the life of riley in Montpelier

    Normal service has resumed on Shuhei Yoshida's Twitter account, after it was hacked earlier today by a group of ne'erdowells. The cheerful chap didn't seem to be too bothered by the infiltration, though, as he spent his afternoon supping wine and scoffing snails in the idyllic French city of...

  • News What the Heck Is Going On with Shu's Twitter Account?


    Lovable Sony suit Shuhei Yoshida is a frequent presence on Twitter, engaging with fans and industry figureheads, promoting all things PlayStation, and occasionally letting us know what he's been playing lately. His total number of tweets at the time of typing amounts is about 43,200 – it seems he's as keen on his social media as he is...

  • News PS Store PLAY 2016 Spotlights Four Promising PS4 Games

    Headlander! ABZÛ! [email protected]! Bound!

    As teased recently, the PlayStation Store PLAY 2016 lineup has been revealed, spotlighting four forthcoming PlayStation 4 digital games. The lineup this year is a little smaller, but it's no less exciting, with Headlander, ABZÛ, [email protected], and Bound all taking top billing. We think the theme this year is gimmicky...

  • News Pokémon Go Makes Nintendo More Valuable Than Sony

    And we don't just mean the PlayStation business

    Pokémon Go fever is so obnoxiously enormous that even we've been relegated to writing about it, as Nintendo's stock has climbed so high over the past couple of weeks that the company's currently more valuable than Sony. And, to be clear, we're not just talking about the PlayStation division –...

  • News Gravity Rush 2 Completes PS4's Holiday 2016 Lineup

    Kat's got the cream

    Hype! The gravity queen will return on 30th November in Europe and 2nd December in North America, platform holder Sony has announced – with Gravity Rush 2 tumbling to the PlayStation 4 just in time to meet its 2016 release window. The date was announced on the PlayStation Blog this morning in conjunction with a Japanese...

  • News Uncharted 4's PS4 Story DLC Could Take a While Yet

    Naughty Dog still batting about ideas

    Were you expecting Uncharted 4: A Thief's End's single player expansion pack to be announced imminently? Maybe put your anticipation on ice a little bit – it may be some way away. Speaking with Twinfinite at pop culture convention Supernova in Sydney, voice actor Troy Baker – who played Nathan Drake's...

  • News GameStop's Boss Just Hinted PS4K Is Coming in 2016


    GameStop is far and away the biggest video game retailer in the United States, and CEO Paul Raines is privy to information that none of us know. Fortunately, every time that he appears on national television, he tends to let us in on the secret – he more or less dated PlayStation VR before Sony had a chance to, after all. And now he's...

  • News NA PSN Flash Sale Sieges Your Wallet with PS4, PS3, Vita Deals

    Battle ready

    We sincerely hope that your discipline's battle hardened, because you're going to need every ounce of restraint to resist th—nah, actually, that was a strong opening sentence, but this impromptu North American PlayStation Store Flash Sale isn't that good. Running through until 12:00PM PT on 18th July, this latest sale has a combat...

  • Video Is the PS4 Powerful Enough for Virtual Reality?

    Yes, but it's not perfect

    Many people often ponder whether the PlayStation 4 is powerful enough to offer a competent virtual reality experience – especially with the recommended specs for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive being so high. But having gone hands on with PlayStation VR a few times now, we're happy to report that it does genuinely offer a...

  • News Amazon Readies for Release of New PS4 Console

    Spanish arm expects new system on 13th October

    Amazon Spain has added a new product page for a brand new PlayStation 4 console set to release on 13th October, prompting speculation that it could be the anticipated PS4K – or Neo as it's also known. The listing includes a €399.99 price point, which is exactly what we'd expect the upgraded...

  • News PS4 Was USA's Best Selling Box for the Eighth Month Running in June

    View from the top

    The latest NPD report has been delayed while digital data is added to the tracking, but it has been confirmed that the PlayStation 4 was the best selling console for June 2016. This is the eighth month in a row now that Sony's system has been on top, with Halo 5 being the last game to cause a temporary upset all the way back in...

  • News Sony Changes Stance on PlayStation VR Controller Support

    Move aside

    Sony's still very much prone to bloopers as well, as it mucked up its messaging on PlayStation VR controller support this week. Those of you with sharp memories may recall the statement that it sent to, stressing that all virtual reality games will support the DualShock 4. Apparently that's not quite the case – it

  • News Devs May Start Submitting PS4K Compatible Titles Next Month

    Developer documentation leaks

    As alluded in our Talking Point earlier today, we suspect that PlayStation 4K may happen fast. Sony's talked about its desire of selling the system soon after its announcement, and that could come any day now. Indeed, developer documentation which has leaked online suggests that studios will be able to start...

  • Talking Point Is Sony Scared of Xbox's Scorpio?

    Neo way

    Microsoft jumped feet first into the iterative hardware space at E3 2016, announcing Project Scorpio for… Well, the end of 2017! Sony, on the other hand, opted to keep the PlayStation 4K closer to its chest, confirming that it is working on an upgraded console, but refusing to share specifics until the platform is officially announced...

  • News No Man's Sky Video Series Aims to Answer Old Questions

    What do you do?

    It's less than a month now until No Man's Sky is set free into the never-ending expanse of the universe, and to celebrate that, Sony's released the first video in a series explaining what you actually do in the game. The so-called Guide to the Galaxy will cover the four key aspects from the intergalactic outing: explore, fight,...

  • Rumour Gravity Rush 2 Floats to Japanese PS4s on 1st December


    Kat will arrive in time for Christmas it seems, as a Japanese retailer has listed PlayStation 4 exclusive Gravity Rush 2 for release on 1st December. Sony was set to officially announce the launch date during a press event on 19th July, but seeing as the aforementioned date is a Thursday – when titles typically release in Japan –...

  • News Hey, the Steel Black PS4 Controller Isn't Bad Either

    It's no crystal, but what is?

    You've heard us go gaga over the sublime crystal DualShock 4, but Sony clearly isn't content with just one lavish hardware trailer. The PlayStation maker's just thrown out another video showcasing the steel black controller, which, while not quite as impressive as the aforementioned transparent beauty, is still rather...

  • News Hatsune Miku, Schoolgirls Star in Japanese PS VR Sizzle Trailer

    Goodbye cruel world

    PlayStation VR's less than three months away now, and Sony's trying to drum up one last blast of enthusiasm before 13th October. This all-new sizzle trailer has been released for the Japanese audience, and centres on experiences such as Summer Lesson and Hatsune Miku VR: Future Live. It also spotlights a handful of games we...

  • News Is Sony Holding a Press Conference at Gamescom?

    Outlook's not good

    Earlier in the year at E3 2016, Sony implied that it was still undecided regarding the venue of its European press conference this year. Historically, it's held the show at Gamescom, but last year it switched the event to Paris Games Week. However, with Microsoft skipping its European media briefing entirely this time, all eyes...

  • News PS4 Exclusive Death Stranding Will Be Hideo Kojima's Best Work

    Bold ambitions

    Hideo Kojima – the creator of bonafide classics like Metal Gear Solid and, er, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty – believes that Death Stranding, his brand new PlayStation 4 exclusive game, will be his greatest work to date. The veteran was speaking in Brighton at the Develop conference alongside fellow legend Mark Cerny, who...

  • News These PS4 Bundles Are Getting Bigger and Bigger

    Putting on weight

    Console bundles become a less interesting point of discussion the older a platform gets, but while we've been ignoring PlayStation 4 packages for some time, Sony's been quietly making them bigger and bigger. Take this 1TB bundle available from UK retailer GAME starting tomorrow: it includes Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Bloodborne,...

  • News Drool Over This Crystal PS4 Controller Trailer


    This particular author remembers being distinctly jealous of a kid back in primary school who had a crystal Game Boy Colour. It wasn't a "sexy" piece of hardware, per se, but there's just something strangely compelling about transparent tech. We're sure that some of you won't agree, of course, but before you start gobbing in the...

  • News PS4 Smashes 3 Million Units Milestone in Japan

    Not bad

    It's taken a little longer than Sony may have hoped, but the PlayStation 4 has now crossed the three million units milestone in Japan, according to the latest Media Create report. The console launched on 22nd February 2014 in the platform holder's home nation, so it's taken over two years to achieve the target. While that sounds promising...

  • News Dozens of Digital Games Discounted on EU PlayStation Store

    Bargain bin

    Want something to play this summer despite the lack of new releases? Good news, Sony has discounted dozens upon dozens of digital games on the European PlayStation Store, with everything from Alienation through to White Night up for grabs on the PlayStation 4. The former can be purchased for just £9.99, for example, while you'll be...

  • News All PlayStation VR Games Will Support the DualShock 4

    Move not mandatory

    There's been a bit of confusion – surprise, surprise – online recently regarding some early box art for PlayStation VR launch title, PlayStation VR Worlds. On the cover – which we reported on eons ago – there's a handy little icon which simply states 'You'll Need These' alongside images of the PlayStation Camera and...

  • News The Re-PLAY Sale Offers Discounts on Games You Probably Already Own

    Check those download lists

    Sony has brought a new sale to the US PlayStation Store, but its contents are rather underwhelming. Titled the Re-PLAY sale, it offers regular users discounts of up to 65%, and PlayStation Plus subscribers 75%. The problem is, you've more than likely already picked these games up. Titles included range from Journey,...

  • Talking Point Will No Man's Sky Live Up to the Hype on PS4?

    Sky high

    No Man's Sky is finished! We're nearing our 50th article on the game since it was announced all the way back in December 2013. In case you can't remember those halcyon days: the PlayStation 4 had only just released, Geoff Keighley still produced award ceremonies for Spike TV, and Britain was still in the EU. Too soon? Anyway, the point...

  • News Demon's Souls Remaster Could Crawl Up and Die on Your PS4

    Sony would need to find a developer, though

    While we'd assumed that the industry was collectively done with remasters, it seems that there's still plenty of pent-up demand for a re-release of Demon's Souls on the PlayStation 4. And it could still happen according to director Hidetaka Miyazaki – it's just unlikely that From Software will be at...

  • Talking Point Is It Time for PSone Classics on PS4?


    This week saw the release of two PlayStation 2 titles on the PlayStation 4: The Warriors and Metal Slug Anthology. The two articles that we wrote confirming these releases went on to become among the most viewed on the website over the past seven days, proving that there's pent-up demand for these retro re-releases. But isn't it time...

  • News New Documentary Will Depict How PlayStation Conquered the World

    And you can help fund it

    PlayStation's big business these days, but that wasn't always the case. Back in the early 90s, electronics giant Sony was rather reluctant to create its own console – with its board of directors voting against Ken Kutaragi's proposal. The firm's wily CEO Norio Ohga believed in the project so much, though, that he sent...

  • News Uncharted 4 Hastily Discounted in EU PlayStation Store Flash Sale

    Treasure trove

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is comfortably one of the best games of the year, and now it's available for less on the European PlayStation Store. While the discount doesn't cut particularly deep, the title can currently be purchased digitally in the UK for £34.99, which is less than the likes of

  • News Popular PlayStation Suit Adam Boyes Is Leaving Sony

    Getting back to game development

    Adam Boyes has one of the most recognisable faces at PlayStation – but the Vice President of Developer and Publisher Relations is moving on. The suit – perhaps best known for announcing Final Fantasy VII Remake and Shenmue III at last year's E3, as well as featuring in

  • News No Man's Sky Is Finally, Finally Finished on PS4

    Space awaits

    The wait has been longer than an intergalactic tour of the universe, but No Man's Sky is finally finished on the PlayStation 4. Hello Games founder Sean Murray – who's sprouted a rather feral beard during the gruelling development cycle – confirmed the news on Twitter earlier this evening, with a photograph of the Guildford-based...

  • News Gravity Rush 2's Japanese PS4 Release Date to Tumble Out of 19th July Event


    Gravity Rush 2 – known as Gravity Daze 2 overseas, of course – will be dated in Japan during a presentation scheduled for 19th July. The event will be hosted at Ebisu Act Square, and will begin at 14:30PM JST – about 06:30AM BST if you're in the UK. It'll be attended by series creator Keiichiro Toyama, composer Kohei Tanaka, and SIEJ...

  • News PS4 Exclusive Alienation Loots Local Co-Op Patch

    Stronger together

    Alienation didn't set the world alight quite like Resogun before it, but in a year that's seen the release of several strong PlayStation 4 exclusives, it's one of the better ones. And now it's been updated as part of patch v1.03, bringing with it the local co-op support which was promised all the way back at launch. You'll be...

  • News Sony Submits Paperwork for USB Dongle

    Slow news day

    The news has well and truly dried up in the wake of E3 2016 – just look at the headline to this article for proof. Yes, it's true: Sony has submitted a filing to the Federal Communications Commission for a USB dongle. The proposed product was submitted by the PlayStation division, but it's unclear what it actually does. Kill us...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn, PlayStation VR Win E3 2016 Awards

    But Zelda beats PlayStation's best

    The annual Game Critics Awards winners are in – and the PlayStation 4 has won big yet again. While it was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that took the coveted E3 2016 Best of Show gong, Horizon: Zero Dawn won Best Original Game, while PlayStation VR took home the Best Hardware/Peripheral trophy. Other...

  • News Download Your Free July PlayStation Plus Games Right Now

    And claim a special surprise

    July's roster of free PlayStation Plus games are available to download right now from the European PlayStation Store – and there's a surprise in store for members. At the time of typing, Yakuza 5 is available for the PlayStation 3 as opposed to the advertised Fat Princess. It's unclear if that's a mistake, but we'd...

  • News Sony Shutting LittleBigPlanet's Servers Down in Japan

    And some in the West

    If you're a Japanese gamer who loves LittleBigPlanet, then you may want to start tapping down on your d-pad: Sony's shutting down the servers for all three of the main games, as well as LittleBigPlanet Karting, LittleBigPlanet Vita, and LittleBigPlanet Portable. Essentially, the series is over in the East, it would seem. The...

  • News PlayStation VR's Not Released Yet, But It's Already Sold Out

    Sony not accepting launch pre-orders anymore

    Not got a pre-order for PlayStation VR? You're probably going to struggle to secure one on launch day. Sony hinted at E3 2016 that stocks of the futuristic facemask may be light, and it's since told IGN that all pre-orders have been exhausted. This means that the platform holder will not be making any...

  • News Analyst Reckons Sony May Release a PS4 Slim as Well as PS4K

    How many PS4s do you need?

    Hmmmm, let's put this one in the 'we're not convinced but maybe' pile. According to comments from Macquarie Securities analyst Damian Thong, Sony could well release a PlayStation 4 Slim as well as the recently confirmed PlayStation 4K - or 'Neo', as it's more commonly referred to. If there's truth to this, then it would...


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