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  • Reaction PlayStation VR Clears the Price Hurdle Cleanly

    Sony now needs to get people to try the promising tech

    PlayStation boss Andrew House didn't beat around the bush at Sony's planned PlayStation VR press conference in San Francisco earlier today. In a presentation that lasted 30 minutes, the Welshman very quickly discussed the platform holder's commitment to innovation, before confirming that its...

  • News Sony to Xbox: We've Been Doing Cross-Platform Play Since 2002

    Sony happy to have conversations

    Following the big hubbub brewed up by Microsoft regarding its vague statements on cross-platform play between Xbox and other platforms, people went a bit nuts - and many jumped the gun entirely. However, GameSpot's actually managed to get a response of sorts from Sony, and without inflating our egos, the company's...

  • News PlayStation VR Worlds Fuses Five Unique Virtual Reality Experiences Exclusively on PS4

    Aliens! Gangsters! Pong!?

    Sony's very own London Studio has been a huge supporter of PlayStation VR since it was announced, so it's hardly a surprise that it's got an exclusive game in the works. In truth, you'll have seen portions of PlayStation VR Worlds before: an ambitious compilation fusing five different and unique virtual reality...

  • News You'll Need to Supply Your Own PlayStation Camera for VR

    Bring your own PlayStation Move controllers, too

    With the good news out of the way, it's time for some bad news to filter out. PlayStation VR will be $399.99 at launch as reported earlier this evening – but it won't come with a PlayStation Camera. This is a required component, so it's strange that Sony's not bundling it. Fortunately, you can...

  • News PlayStation VR Can Act as a Screen for All of Your PS4 Games

    Your own personal cinema

    Sony's just attached a price and release date to PlayStation VR, but the big news doesn't stop there. Pointed out during the Japanese company's short media briefing, you'll actually be able to use the virtual reality headset as a personal screen for your PlayStation 4. Although we don't have all the details just yet,...

  • News Horizon and The Last Guardian Will Launch on PS4 This Year, Sony Pledges

    Major exclusives on track

    Sony's press conference at the Game Developers Conference today was all about PlayStation VR, but it did take a moment to commit to 2016 release dates for The Last Guardian and Horizon: Zero Dawn. While this information is not exactly unexpected, it's been a while since we heard about either game, so it's nice to hear...

  • News PlayStation VR Launches in October for $399

    Sony dates and prices PS4 headset

    As expected, Sony's just announced that PlayStation VR will launch in October for $399.99 in North America and £349.99 in the UK. The date's a little later than expected, as the platform holder previously said that it was targeting the first half of 2016, but the price is significantly lower than the competition...

  • News Naughty Dog PS4, PS3 Games Are Going Cheap on US PSN

    Not so crap, crap, crap

    Arguably one of the industry's most revered development studios, Naughty Dog has pumped out some absolute corkers over the last decade or so, and they're all on sale on the North American PlayStation Store right now. On PlayStation 4, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and The Last of Us Remastered are both up for...

  • Weirdness Uncharted Hero Nathan Drake's Killed 1,829 People

    Oh, crap

    Uncharted protagonist Nathan Drake may be a loveable rogue, but many people often point out that he's also a homicidal maniac. But just how deadly is the chiselled treasure hunter? IGN crunched the numbers, and determined that across three games, the pathological pretty boy has slaughtered 1,829 people. That figure, by the way, does not...

  • Guide Will Sony's PlayStation VR Press Event at GDC 2016 Be Livestreamed?

    Plus, what time does it start and what should you expect?

    Sony's holding a PlayStation VR press event in San Francisco today – though you may be forgiven for not being in the know. Unlike the platform holder's usual presentations, this one actually leaked via IGN. But will the event get a livestream? What time should you be keeping an eye out...

  • News PlayStation Vue Begins Broadcasting Nationwide in USA

    TV, TV, TV

    Sony's ambitious cable cutting service PlayStation Vue has started streaming nationwide in the United States. Prices for the PlayStation-based television platform, which fuses live TV with on-demand catch-up content, will start at $29.99 per month – though there will be more expensive tiers for those who want additional channels. The...

  • Reaction Will Sony Enable Cross-Network Play on PS4? Well, It Already Does

    Building bridges

    Microsoft's always been good at making headlines – and it usually opts to do so when this author's out of the office. It announced today that it will be enabling cross-network play on the Xbox One, a bold new direction from the Redmond manufacturer that… Well, puts yet another of its policies in line with the PlayStation 4...

  • News Xbox Boss Hints That Cross-Play May Be Possible with PS4 in the Near Future

    Sony yet to respond

    In a letter on Microsoft's website, Chris Charla - director of [email protected], the indie-focused division of Xbox - has announced cross-network play for the Xbox One and Windows 10, allowing players across both platforms to play online together. This may not seem applicable to PlayStation at first glance, but Charla's wording hints...

  • News Virtual Reality's Time Has Come, Says Sony

    Shawn Layden promises news next week

    Sony's set to hold a big PlayStation VR presentation at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next week, with launch plans likely to be made official by the manufacturer. And speaking on the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast, president Shawn Layden has reiterated that, hinting that there's...

  • News Sony's Been Prepping for E3 2016 Since the Start of the Year

    But what's it planning?

    We tend to ban the word 'E3' here at Push Square Towers until at least May, but that's not possible if you work at PlayStation HQ. In an interview with SCEA president Shawn Layden on the latest PlayStation Blogcast, the animated suit alluded that the company's been planning for the Los Angeles-based event for three months...

  • News Sony to Hold Recruitment Fair for Axed Lionhead Employees

    All SCEE studios to attend

    As a British site, we always find it extra sad when UK studios close their doors – especially if they have a long and storied lineage like Studio Liverpool or Bizarre Creations. The closure of Lionhead this week, then, proved particularly depressing news – even more so seeing as the Guildford-based outfit was...

  • News Ratchet & Clank Looks Like a Pixar Movie Brought to Life on PS4

    Up... Your arsenal

    Never, ever let it be said that Sony doesn't eventually come good on a promise. The Last Guardian, after many years hidden from desperate gamer eyes, is finally set to launch this year – and now the platform holder's finally delivered a console with Pixar quality visuals. Sure, it may have been talking about the PlayStation 2...

  • News Meet the People That Make Sony Santa Monica Tick

    Sao Paulo to Santa Monica

    While we complain about bugs and pre-order campaigns, it's easy to forget that hundreds of people contribute to the creation of a single game. This new video series from Sony Santa Monica aims to put the spotlight on the stories of individuals from within the storied studio, with senior staff character artist Rafael...

  • News There's an Uncharted 4 GIF That People Are Going Gaga Over

    Solid gold

    Love 'em or loathe 'em, Naughty Dog tends to set the visual benchmark which all other developers strive to achieve. And the forthcoming Uncharted 4: A Thief's End looks to be no different, with the title's recent behind-the-scenes including a short snippet of footage which has left message boards in a spin.

  • News Naughty Dog Plot the Progression of Uncharted in Brill Behind the Scenes

    In the dog house

    As long as it doesn't get delayed again, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is just a couple of months away. That means that in a mere matter of weeks, we'll know the fate of protagonist Nathan Drake et al. But before we inevitably watch the treasure hunter gasp his final breath, there's time for reminiscing, as Naughty Dog has deployed a...

  • News In Case You Needed More Hype, Here's an Uncharted 4 Teaser Trailer

    May can't come soon enough

    It's safe to say that the Uncharted 4: A Thief's End hype train has well and truly left the station at this point, and it won't be slowing down until the game's finally out worldwide on the 10th May. And, just to inject a little bit of excitement into your day, Sony's released a new teaser trailer that shows off some...

  • News Alienation Annihilates Evil Alien Aggressors this April on PS4

    New shooter from Resogun dev looks appetizing

    Alienation's finally crash landed with a confirmed release date, and it's brought along a rather great looking new trailer, too. Housemarque's latest shooter sees you fend off alien scum using a wide variety of weapons and abilities, and you can join up to three allies if you want even more chaos on...

  • Poll How Much Will PlayStation VR Cost?

    Predict the financial damage

    Yes, we're recycling an old topic – but it does feel like the right moment to revisit the PlayStation VR pricing saga. Sony's announced that it will be holding a press event during the Game Developers Conference next week, and it's likely to contain pricing and release date details on its wow-inducing wearable...

  • News This Custom Crash Bandicoot PS2 Is Pretty Incredible

    Aku Aku approves

    We've laid our eyes on many a customised console over the years, but every now and again, you spy a machine that really goes above and beyond what you expect. With mod jobs being a hot topic these days, we're always on the lookout for some cool designs, and we reckon that this Crash Bandicoot inspired PlayStation 2 is absolutely...

  • News Street Fighter V Seems to Have Flopped Pretty Freakin' Hard

    Knock out

    Street Fighter V got off to a shoddy start in the UK sales charts, and did similarly sucky in its home nation of Japan. However, we'd secretly been hoping that it would find its feet on the PlayStation Store, but that doesn't appear to be the case. In fact, the mechanically m

  • News The Uncharted 4 Beta Is Now Live on PS4


    If you don't have any strict gaming sessions planned for this weekend, you may want to settle into some Uncharted 4: A Thief's End multiplayer. You can download the game's open beta from the PlayStation Store right now for free, and you don't need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play it. With any luck, the servers will stay stable...

  • News No Man's Sky's PS4 Box Art Is So Beautiful You'll Want the Blu-ray

    One for the shelf

    It always seemed certain that No Man's Sky would receive a retail release, but Sony confirmed as much this week, stating that the ambitious outing will be available on Blu-ray in Europe and North America. However, if we're going to point out bad box art – DOOM's atrocious artwork immediately springs to mind – then we should...

  • News PlayStation Vue Price Cuts May Convince You to Cut the Cable

    Don't tell Jim Carrey

    Sony's still plugging away at PlayStation Vue, the online television service which it hopes will convince you to cut your cable subscription. Writing on the PlayStation Blog this week, the platform holder announced that it will dropping the price of each of its membership tiers by $10 per month, meaning that the cheapest...

  • News No Man's Sky Scores a Stunning PS4 Special Edition

    Buy, buy, buy

    No Man's Sky is, without doubt, one of the most important PlayStation 4 games of the year, so it should come as no surprise that Sony's lining up a Blu-ray release for the console exclusive. Similarly obvious is that the organisation's plotting a special edition for the space-faring sim, which will include a comic book outlining some...

  • News No Man's Sky Has a Confirmed Release Date on PS4

    The universe awaits

    No Man's Sky is a real game that we've actually played, but the good news doesn't end there. Coinciding with today's previews, Sony has revealed the game's confirmed PlayStation 4 release date, and thankfully, it doesn't end in 2017. The time has come to whip out those marker pens and highlight the 21st June and 24th June on...

  • Hands On PS4's No Man's Sky Is Gorgeous, Ginormous, and Potentially Great

    Thirty minutes in Hello Games' galaxy

    Like all of the best brainiacs, the friendly folks at Hello Games are utterly insane. There's a mad glimmer in studio co-founder Sean Murray's eye as he explains that he's no longer able to see textured terrain in No Man's Sky without the mathematics shaping it. The amiable programmer – appearing endearingly...

  • Weirdness Japanese Telly Has No Idea Who Shuhei Yoshida Is

    They know he likes Space Invaders, though

    Shuhei Yoshida, the affable executive in charge of Sony's Worldwide Studios, is one of the most high-profile names in games, but Japanese television doesn't have a clue who he is. The suit recently attended an exhibit about the history of video games, and was interviewed by a show called Mezamashi TV...

  • News Sony: We're in Position to Make 2016 the Most Successful Year in PlayStation History

    PS4 sales surpass three million units in the UK

    Another day, another milestone. This time, the PlayStation 4 has apparently surpassed three million units in the UK. The news comes courtesy of British trade magazine MCV, who cite UK retailers quoting GfK figures. Apparently, the platform surpassed the noteworthy install base sum all the way back in...

  • News There Are Some Secret Features in PS4 Firmware Update v3.50

    PSN down? Now you don't even need to Google it

    Despite requests from Sony not to share any specific details regarding PlayStation 4 firmware update v3.50, the full feature list has... Well, inevitably leaked on Twitter. And there's much more to the system software overhaul than the ability to receive friend notifications and to appear offline. In...

  • News PS4 Firmware Update 3.50 Beta Codes Are Being Sent Out

    Hard hat time

    Check your emails – we'll totally wait. As promised, Sony's sending out beta codes for PlayStation 4 firmware update v3.50, so if you've been selected, you should have heard back from the platform holder by now. Remember, while there is some risk involved with unfinished software like this, you'll be able to roll back your system...

  • News Sony Touts Great Games for Great Prices in New EU PSN Sale

    Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Resident Evil, and more

    Another week, another slew of discounts on the European PlayStation Store. This time around, deals are focussed on a large number of Ubisoft offerings with some Resident Evil and Alien: Isolation thrown in for good measure. It's not the best selection that we've ever seen, but it's by no means...

  • Poll Are You Happy with PS4 Firmware Update 3.50?

    Yay or nay?

    Sony detailed PlayStation 4 firmware update v3.50 this week, revealing its codename – Musashi, for those curious – and the list of features that it will introduce. Chief among them is the ability to turn on friend notifications and appear offline – but it also includes improved party functionality, better event scheduling,...

  • News PS4 Continues to Smash Sales Records

    This time Down Under

    While the PlayStation 4's sales aren't as much of a surprise as they once were, it's worth remembering that the system is still smashing sales records around the globe. The latest set of data reveals that Sony's new-gen system accounted for 59 per cent of all home console hardware sales in Australia last year, outselling its...

  • News Uncharted 4 Has Been Delayed Again, and We're Not Even Kidding

    We wish we were

    Want to hear a joke that's not funny anymore? Uncharted 4: A Thief's End has been delayed again. It's not funny because we're being deadly serious – and so is Sony. So serious, in fact, that Sony Computer Entertainment America president and CEO Shawn 'Crash Bandicoot t-shirt' Layden has personally posted the news on the official...

  • News No Man's Sky Will Carry An Intergalactic Entry Fee on PS4

    Indie darling will seemingly cost $59.99

    Well, then – after the hullabaloo surrounding The Witness' price, this is going to be mighty interesting. Sony temporarily teased that No Man's Sky will be available for pre-order from the North American PlayStation Store starting Thursday – and the game will apparently cost you $59.99. That's the...

  • News Your Free PlayStation Plus Games Are Available Now

    The moment all ISPs hate

    If you're looking for something new to play but don't have any money, then quit your fretting: the full selection of March PlayStation Plus freebies are available now – in Europe, at least. Those of you in North America may have to be patient until the PlayStation Store updates a little later in the evening, but you...

  • News You Won't Need PlayStation Plus to Play Uncharted 4 This Weekend

    Beta believe it

    We all knew confirmation was coming, and now it's official: there's going to be an open Uncharted 4: A Thief's End multiplayer beta this weekend. We've already gone over the details - which you can read through here - but there's one more nice surprise to be shared, at least, if you're not a fan of Sony's premium service. Naughty...

  • News PS4 Firmware Update 3.50 Adds Friend Notifications and Offline Status

    Still no folders, though

    Sony's outlined some of the key new features that will be made available as part of PlayStation 4 firmware update v3.50. The system software overhaul – codenamed Musashi – will bring with it a slew of improvements and additions, including online friend notifications and the ability to appear offline so that you're not...

  • 66


    Review Heavy Rain

    Rain dunce

    Love it or loathe it, Heavy Rain is an important game. The drizzly depression session certainly didn't invent the idea of interactive drama – developer Quantic Dream itself took a stab at the genre five years prior to its PlayStation 3 debut with the inconsistent Fahrenheit – but it popularised many of the systems that we appreciate...


  • News You'll Have a Chance to Play Uncharted 4 on Your PS4 Before Launch

    Open beta on the way

    Hands up if you want to play Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, then? How about giving it a go this very weekend? Yeah, we thought that may pique your interest. A listing on the European PlayStation Store has revealed that Naughty Dog is planning an open beta for the forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, and you're all invited...

  • Talking Point Why Did We All Tune Out of PlayStation TV?

    Change the channel

    When the PlayStation TV was announced, this author was on holiday. It was poor editorial director Damien McFerran that was left to man the fort during an explosive Tokyo Game Show press conference, which also played host to the reveal of the PlayStation Vita Slim. It was big, big news at the time, with

  • News Sony Switches Off PlayStation TV Shipments in Japan

    Tuned out

    Sony's pushed the power button on PlayStation TV in Japan, with an update on its website stressing that it's no longer shipping the microconsole to local retailers. The failed format is still available from some stores, of course, but the platform holder will not be replenishing inventory once current stocks run out. In other words, it's...

  • News Move Over Power Glove! Sony Patents PlayStation VR Mittens

    Everything else is child's play

    They do say that everything comes full-circle eventually, so if PlayStation VR is merely a next-gen Virtual Boy, then we suppose that it makes sense for Sony to be planning a Power Glove alternative, too. A patent filed by SCEA shortly after the announcement of Project Morpheus in 2014 suggests that the company's at...

  • News Critics' Picks Go Cheap in NA PlayStation Store Sale

    PlayStation Plus subscribers save big

    Just a quick heads up courtesy of our very own rjejr : there's a decent little sale running on the North American PlayStation Store right now. Dubbed the

  • News Naughty Dog Started Uncharted 4's Story Again

    Plot changed 100 per cent

    Naughty Dog re-worked Uncharted 4: A Thief's End's story "100 per cent", according to creative director Neil Druckmann. Many of you may remember Amy Hennig's unceremonious exit from the Californian company a few years back; this resulted in the story being re-written, actors changing, and what seemed like an exodus from...

  • News PS4 Fans Are So Mad at PlayStation Plus They're Making Parodies

    Has it really got that bad?

    PlayStation Plus members are fed up of pixel art platformers – even though, y'know, you all just voted Broforce in as one of your March freebies. Nevertheless, so unenthused about the Instant Game Collection is the PlayStation 4 community right now that it's started making parody videos. Cue this "hilarious" take on...

  • News You Can Now Search for PS4 Communities

    No excuses not to join Push Square's now

    Well, then – who says Sony doesn't listen to feedback? The PlayStation 4 communities feature bizarrely launched without a search button last year, meaning that you had to follow a convoluted process to find the groups that you wanted to join. Now, though, the platform holder has added a search button,...

  • News PS4 Remains the Best Place to Play, Says Sony

    Any arguments?

    Sony's dropped a new chest-pumping trailer for Spring 2016, reiterating that the PlayStation 4 remains the best place to play. The clip centres on console exclusive games like Street Fighter V, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, and MLB 16: The Show, before re-iterating that all Call of Duty: Black Ops III map packs can be played on the...

  • News Rocket League Scores a Retail Release on PS4


    Vehicular soccer sensation Rocket League will boost to retail stores in the near future, developer Psyonix has announced. The news was teased on a Kinda Funny livestream, before being officially announced on the game's Facebook page. The developer said that more details will follow soon, including who it's partnering with and what...

  • News It Hasn't Taken Long for Naughty Dog to Release Another Uncharted 4 Trailer


    In a rather bizarre story earlier today, some Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag concept art managed to pop up in the latest Uncharted 4: A Thief's End trailer. After it was pointed out by a Ubisoft employee, people began to assume that Naughty Dog may have nicked the picture and been caught red handed. As it turns out, that assumption might...

  • News So, Uncharted 4 Has Apparently Stolen Some Assassin's Creed Artwork

    A thief's end

    Hmmmm, what's all this, then? In case you missed it, a new Uncharted 4: A Thief's End trailer was revealed today, and it's really bloody good - so you should go check it out through here. However, good trailer or not, it seems as though developer Naughty Dog may have been, well, a bit naughty. There's a part in the video where the...

  • News Your PlayStation Plus Games for March Have Been Revealed

    Bang for your buck

    Wow, March's PlayStation Plus lineup is looking pretty explosive. Alongside the bombastic Broforce, which was voted into the selection by PlayStation 4 users, you'll be getting the rather good Galak-Z on Sony's newest system. As long as you like blowing things up, that's not too bad, right? Meanwhile, PS3 players can look...

  • News PSN Down For Maintenance Early Next Month

    Don't panic

    Did you read "PSN Down" in the headline and immediately think "not again"? Well we've got good news for you, as Sony's network hasn't taken another tumble offline - at least, not as far as we're aware. No, this is actually just a quick heads up that the service will be undergoing maintenance early next month. On the 2nd March, the...

  • News Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Is the Most Stunning PS4 Game to Date

    New story trailer sizzles

    Good god! Just… What the heck do they put in the water at Naughty Dog? As promised, the developer has released a story trailer for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, and you can practically see the dollar bills pouring off the screen. There may be a few spoilers in here if you're eager to remain fresh ahead of the title's...

  • News PlayStation VR's Price and Release Date May Be Incoming

    Save the date

    With both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive already (extortionately) priced, all eyes are on Sony and its PlayStation VR headset. Fortunately, we may be learning a little more about the accessory imminently, as the platform holder is inviting press to a special event on 15th March in San Francisco. The date coincides with the Game...

  • News Sony's Teasing an Uncharted 4 Reveal This Afternoon

    More valuable than gold

    Get your tickets ready, because the hype train is about to leave the station. Kicking things off over on Twitter, the official PlayStation account has teased some sort of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End reveal that's happening later this afternoon. How exciting. Whatever's coming our way, it'll blast onto the 'net at 14:00PM...

  • Book Review Console Wars - A Sony, Nintendo, and SEGA Love Triangle

    Serious business

    Console wars have a bad name. We're not condoning the craziness that occurs on social media and message boards from time to time, but there's a competitive edge to any industry that can be entertaining when viewed from the inside – and video games are no different. Console Wars, a fly-on-the-wall insight into the skirmish for...

  • News PlayStation VR Will Dominate Space if Less Than $500, Says Pachter

    But will it be?

    While there are three different high-profile virtual reality headsets scheduled to launch this year, it doesn't feel like they're necessarily in competition. That's not to say that Sony, HTC, and Oculus don't want you to buy their own particular solution, but the trio of manufacturers seem to be acutely aware that their biggest...

  • News Your PS4 PlayStation Plus Freebie for March Has Been Decided


    Hell yeah, bro, one of your PlayStation Plus titles for March has been decided by democracy. The most recent Vote to Play poll has just come to a close, and the winner is somewhat unsurprising, considering that it's been comfortably in the lead since voting began. In case you missed it, the three titles vying for your vote were Assault...

  • News Watch Five Seconds of Every PSone Game Released in the US

    Are you sitting comfortably?

    How's this for a trip down memory lane? To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of PlayStation – a celebration that we must stress seems to be lasting a decade – Game Rave TV has compiled five seconds of footage from every PSone game released at US retail. It's a gigantic hunk of a video weighing in at over two hours, so...

  • Feature Happy 4th Birthday, PlayStation Vita

    Yes, it's still here

    Four years ago today, on the 22nd February 2012, Sony bestowed upon the Western world its newest handheld gaming system: the PlayStation Vita. Originally marketed as something of a home console in the palm of your hands, it's safe to say that the sleek little machine hasn't quite lived up to its potential - but for once, we're...

  • News PS4 Architect Mark Cerny Proves His Genius By Platinuming The Witness

    Are you on the same intellectual plane?

    Anyone who earns the Platinum in Jonathan Blow's brilliant The Witness deserves an honorary PhD. Mark Cerny, the architect behind the PlayStation 4, is the latest to 100 per cent the release, following in the footsteps of our very own Simon Fitzgerald. Better order the gowns, guys – it's graduation time...

  • News The Walking Dead: Michonne Passes on Platinum Trophy

    Pot luck

    Those of you hoping to swell the size of your Trophy cabinet with another easy Telltale Platinum may be disappointed to learn that mini-series The Walking Dead: Michonne will ship without a silvery-blue pot. As with previous entries in the series, you'll earn trinkets for working your way through the story, but the three episode runtime was...

  • News So, That Other VR Headset Will Cost You $800


    This story's not really PlayStation related, but it's relevant to the virtual reality discussion, so we're just putting it out there: HTC's Vive will retail for a cool $799.99 when it starts shipping in April 2016. Assuming that you've got enough kidneys to sell, pre-orders will begin at 10:00AM ET on 29th February. This obviously makes the...

  • News Bloodborne Art Book Will Keep You Awake at Night

    Hunter's dream

    Bloodborne has one of the most consistently grotesque gothic art styles that can be found on the PlayStation 4, but if you want to explore the warped imaginations of the From Software design team that brought it all to life, then this official art book may be for you. It's currently available for pre-order on

  • News Sony President Challenges Square Enix Boss to a Battle

    Well, in Black Ops III

    A bitter rivalry has broken out in Japan, as SCEJ president Atsushi Morita has challenged Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda to a duel – in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. In the video embedded below, Morita-san confidently calls out his counter-part, and recommends a battle. A re-enactment of a heated conversation between the...

  • News Hideo Kojima's PS4 Exclusive Will Blow Us Away, Apparently

    "He knows no limits"

    The Game Awards gaffer and ex-journalist Geoff Keighley hooked up with his mate Hideo Kojima at The DICE Awards last night, prompting a spate of hyperbolic tweets. Speaking of the developer's upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, the Canadian said: "Blown away by the scale and ambition of what Hideo is planning. He

  • News So, Hideo Kojima Seems Pretty Sold on PlayStation VR

    Virtual insanity

    To say there's no scepticism surrounding PlayStation VR would be a lie. Every time we write about the peripheral – or virtual reality in general – it comes under some criticism from both readers and the wider web alike. But speaking with Polygon, ex-Metal Gear Solid maker Hideo Kojima has suggested that the cynicism is...

  • News Hideo Kojima's PS4 Exclusive Will Be a 'Big Scale' Game

    And won't be virtual reality

    Hideo Kojima is not a man who does things by half. This is a guy who, famously, is such a control freak that he has a hand in practically everything pertaining to his titles; he's the Prince of the video game industry, and it should come as no surprise that Virgo is his star sign. It shouldn't surprise you that he's...

  • Site News Our Forum Wants to Find Your Favourite Ever PlayStation Game

    Time to vote

    Organisational idol themcnoisy is back with another awesome forum contest, with the objective this time to determine the greatest PlayStation game of all time. There'll be a slew of rounds, contests, and battles before the ultimate winner is crowned, with the prologue stage well underway as we write. You've got until 29th February to...

  • News PS4 Multiplayer Will Be Free This Weekend

    No need for a PlayStation Plus sub

    You won't need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play PlayStation 4 multiplayer this weekend. Sony's confirmed that in North America at least, online play will be totally free from 00:01AM PT on Friday, 19th February through until 23:59PM PT on Sunday, 21st February. Assuming the servers hold, this may be a good...

  • News PlayStation Vita Scores New Budget Bundle in Japan

    Portable powerhouse

    The format's very slowly starting to fade here in Western territories, but in Japan, the PlayStation Vita remains an extremely popular platform. Sony's hoping to capitalise on that with a new budget Starter Kit bundle, which is set to roll out in the company's home nation from 3rd March. Initially, it'll only be available in...

  • News Respond to the Call of Duty in EU PlayStation Store Sale

    Cheap as chips and CoD

    Fans of Call of Duty will find lots to like in the latest European PlayStation Store sale, as practically every game in the popular property – alongside its DLC – has been discounted through to 2nd March. You'll be able to, for example, get Call of Duty: Black Ops III on the PlayStation 4 with a 35 per cent discount, but...

  • Feature 5 Firmware Updates the PS4 Desperately Needs in 2016

    Sort it out, Sony

    Republished on Wednesday, 17th February 2016: We're bringing this feature back from the archives following the news that Sony is about to beta test PS4 firmware update v3.50. The original text follows. Originally published on Tuesday, 5th January 2016: Pipe down at the back – the PlayStation 4 certainly isn't a turd in its...

  • News Sony Wants You to Test the Next PS4 Firmware Update

    v3.5 incoming

    Its details may be shrouded in secrecy, but Sony wants you to test the next PlayStation 4 firmware update. "Starting today you can sign up to be a beta tester and get a sneak peek at some of the features making their way to your PS4," wrote marketing boffin John Koller on the PlayStation Blog. Exciting, eh? The beta program will...

  • News PlayStation VR May Be Launching Later in the Year Now

    GameStop lets slip fall release window

    PlayStation VR is still officially due out before July, but we don't think that anyone believes that at this juncture. Our understanding is that the hardware's finished, but Sony's waiting for the software to catch up. And perhaps recognising that developers are still a fair few months off, it may have...

  • News Here's Hideo Kojima Hangin' Out with Norman Reedus

    Quiet mountains

    Hideo Kojima, you great big tease. The veteran director, fresh from his global tour with Mark Cerny, has posted a picture of himself hanging out with The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus. The picture is significant, of course, because the talented twosome were set to work together on Silent Hills, the cancelled PlayStation 4...

  • News Get Champions League Score Updates While You Play PS4

    And radio commentary

    Fair play to Sony: we quite like the Champions League app on the PlayStation 4. For those of you that haven't been using it since launch, it basically includes a simple fantasy football game and score predictor mode, as well as classic match highlights and more. But the latest update includes some nifty features, including...

  • News Heavy Rain's PS4 Price Won't Dampen Your Mood if You've Already Bought Beyond

    Wet and wild

    Quantic Dream's anticipated #Emotion compilation will launch at retail on 4th March for the PlayStation 4 in Europe, but if you've already bought Beyond: Two Souls for your new-gen system, then you'll be able to nab Heavy Rain at a discounted price. The asking fee, in the UK at least, sits at a very reasonable £7.99. The port of the...

  • News Toy Maker Says Sony's Bringing Crash Bandicoot Back

    It's happening?

    There's too much smoke now surely? Hot on the heels of Shawn Layden's t-shirt tease and all of the social media hints, NECA Toys' Randy Falk has suggested that Sony's bringing Crash Bandicoot back. Speaking at the New York Toy Fa

  • News PSN Down As Dreaded Maintenance Returns Yet Again

    Offline and out

    Here we go again: the PlayStation Network has fallen flat on its face at the time of typing, as the system spits out maintenance messages while we try to connect. A quick glance at the Twitter-verse reveals that we're not alone, though the UK does appear to be bearing the brunt of the outage right now. Follow us on Twitter for...

  • News Er, There May Be a Knack Sequel in Production for PS4


    Well, then – this is a story that we never, ever expected to write: Knack may be getting a sequel. An eagle-eyed member at NeoGAF spotted reference to the unexpected follow-up on the resume of a Taiwanese animator named Mindy Liang. Apparently, she worked on cut-scenes for the unannounced PlayStation 4 title back in May 2015. The...

  • News Sony Shows Some Love with Valentine's Day Flash Sale in North America

    Love is in the air

    Sony loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah! Alright, in truth, the firm just wants your dough and it's using Valentine's Day as an excuse to extract it, but let's not get all cynical, eh? The platform holder's rolled out a Flash Sale in North America which centres upon experiences that can be played with a significant other. Thematic...

  • News Microsoft's Minecraft Rules the PlayStation Store Charts

    The Witness off to a reasonable start

    At this point, we have a feeling that practically everyone on the planet owns Minecraft two times over. The bricklaying blockbuster, which is a permanent fixture in the retail space as well, has dominated the PlayStation Store charts for January, finishing in first on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in...

  • Reaction Why Sony Won't Deploy PS4 Exclusives on PC

    Well, not many of 'em

    Microsoft melted the web with its Quantum Break announcements yesterday. Unfortunately for Remedy, the forthcoming time-shifting affair got nudged to the side, as platform politics ruled the day. For those of you that missed it, the Redmond firm confirmed that the release would be coming to the PC day-and-date with the Xbox...

  • Gallery DriveClub's New City Track Is Stunning on PS4

    Trip to the Old Town

    DriveClub's latest update is out now, and it's packing more than just the usual under-the-hood tweaks. This time the PlayStation 4 exclusive's been given some new bodywork, in the form of an urban stage named Old Town. You can find the location in the title's Scotland tab, with six short circuit variants to try. As with other...

  • News City Racing Arrives in Free DriveClub PS4 Update

    Cannae believe it

    The gift that keeps on giving is ready to give a little more: DriveClub's teased city track will arrive tomorrow as part of the game's free February update. As we speculated late last year, the urban course is set in Scotland – it always looked like Edinburgh to us. You'll get six brand new circuits based upon this locati

  • News Vote for Your Free PS4 PlayStation Plus Game Now

    Decision time

    If you're the sort of person that likes to complain about the PlayStation Plus line-up on a monthly basis, here's your chance to do something about it – well, within reason, of course. Vote to Play is now live – you'll find it in the PlayStation Store – allowing you to pick one of next month's free PlayStation 4 games. The...

  • News Yes, Sony's Still Teasing a Crash Bandicoot Reveal

    Here we go again

    At what point does smoke signal a fire? Crash Bandicoot has been hinted heavily for the PlayStation 4 ever since the start of the generation, and while Shawn Layden's shirt troll was the biggest tease yet, the platform holder is showing no signs of stopping this trend. It's the social media team of PlaySt

  • Feature 10 Promising PS4 Games We Want to Know More About

    Now or never

    While we've been eager to spotlight dozens of the PlayStation 4 games that we're excited for over the past few weeks, there are many more that we know next to nothing about. In this article, we've pulled together ten upcoming outings that are in-development but under-detailed. These are titles that have been kept under wraps by their...

  • Poll Which PS4 PlayStation Plus Freebie Will You Be Voting to Play?

    Make your mind up time

    Vote to Play, the PlayStation Plus initiative which sees you selecting one of your Instant Game Collection freebies, is making a comeback next week. Starting from 9th February, you'll have the opportunity to pick one of March's free PlayStation 4 games, with Action Henk, Assault Android Cactus, and Broforce all up for grabs...

  • News Uncharted 4's Limited Edition PS4 Bundle Is a True Treasure

    Gorgeous custom console launching in April

    Well, well – this is a bit tasty, isn't it? Sony has announced a limited edition PlayStation 4 bundle for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, which is set to release alongside the game starting 26th April. And let us be the first to say that it's really rather hot. The console will cost you $399.99 in the...

  • News The Ratchet & Clank Movie's TV Commercial Is Baaah-d

    Feeling sheepish

    If there was ever any doubt of the target market for the Ratchet & Clank Movie, then this TV commercial just about sums it up. It centres on the Sheepinator, and actually caught us a little off guard – it may just be so bad that it's good. It got an unexpected giggle out of us anyway – but we're not sure it's going to make...

  • Weirdness Never Was a Story of More Fascination Than This of Xbox and PlayStation

    Fortune's fool

    The console wars may be awash with warriors angrily biting their thumbs, but the word star-cross'd springs to mind when observing the latest social media fad. This tragic tale of two adoring PlayStation and Xbox representatives actually did the Twitter rounds a couple of years ago, but it's made a comeback overnight – even prompting...

  • News No Doubt Dusty Shooter DUST 514 Turns to Dust in May


    Hey, who remembers DUST 514? The massively multiplayer online PlayStation 3 shooter was meant to be a pretty big deal back before it launched in 2013, but the free-to-play title never really found its wings. The game ties into popular PC release EVE Online, with its ground battles having an impact on the intergalactic adventure with which is...

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