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  • News God of War Patch 1.12 Lets You Increase Text Size

    Rest those weary eyes

    Good news if you've been struggling to read menus and on-screen text in God of War, as the latest patch lets you increase text size across the board. Update 1.12 is available to download now, weighing in at just a few hundred MB. The patch notes also mention minor bug fixes. If you want to change the text size, all you have to...

  • Talking Point What Free May 2018 PS Plus Games Do You Want?

    When will May 2018's PlayStation Plus lineup be revealed?

    What’s the May 2018 PlayStation Plus lineup? And when will the May 2018 PS Plus update be announced? Another month tiptoes towards a swift conclusion, and we’re here with all of the latest PS+ rumours and speculation. When will May 2018’s free PS Plus games be announced?: Assuming...

  • News God of War Didn't Look Dramatically Different When Pitched to Sony

    Given the greenlight

    Sony originally didn’t want another God of War game, and it took one helluva pitch from Cory Barlog to get the go-ahead. But this video, from way back in 2015, is what convinced the company to loosen its purse strings and give the reboot the greenlight. It was shown during a stream overnight, as captured by

  • News NPD Analyst Reckons God of War Will Have the Biggest Debut of Any PS4 Exclusive

    Daddy's home

    Just how well will God of War sell? The franchise has always been one of Sony's best when it comes to shifting units, but with the drastic change in direction, questions were being asked early on about whether core fans would be won over. Of course, now that we're sitting here on launch day and the game's reviewed unbelievably well, we...

  • News God of War's Photo Mode Looks Ace, Update Comes to PS4 Soon

    Here's an early peek

    God of War is an incredibly pretty game, so it's a bit of a shame that it hasn't shipped with a photo mode. Fortunately, as reported previously, a photo mode is in the works, and it'll be arriving as a free update in the near future. Proving that it exists (and that it looks really, really good), developer...

  • News God of War Back in Stock at Amazon on Launch Day

    Just in time

    God of War’s back in stock at Amazon UK, after being unavailable for several weeks now. The title was one of many Sony exclusives unavailable at the online retailer, and despite Kratos’ latest being restocked, you still can’t pre-order upcoming titles like Spider-Man or Detroit: Become Human from t

  • Poll What Are Your First Impressions of God of War?

    More like God of Phwoar?

    Just in case you didn't already know (seriously, where the heck have you been?), God of War is out today on PlayStation 4, and honestly, it's put us in a bit of a pickle. As regular readers know, we like to run a nice poll (almost) every Friday to round out the week. Usually it takes us a little while to come up with a good...

  • News God of War's Final Marketing Meeting Was Ruff

    Release the hounds

    PlayStation UK has been blowing its marketing budget on comedy commercials for a few years now, and it always seems to find a way to turn cringey concepts into laugh out loud clips. This new one, depicting the “final marketing meeting” for God of War, is a hoot, as it emerges that the game’s name has been misheard. The...

  • News Horizon Dev Shares Some Cool God of War Crossover Art

    Congratulates Sony Santa Monica

    At this point we all know that Sony's first party studios have great relationships with one another, sharing tech and support whenever they can. In particular, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Killzone developer Guerrilla Games is always quick to react to a new game's launch, and the Dutch studio's done it again with the...

  • News God of War Director Reacts to Gushing Reviews

    There are tears

    Too often we forget that there are real people behind the games we play, and whether the title turns out to be brilliant or a bust, passion and hard work goes into every single project. This video uploaded by God of War director Cory Barlog, as he looks at the release’s reviews for the first time, shows just how much energy is...

  • News God of War Patch Makes Day One Alterations on PS4

    Several tweaks ahead of launch

    God of War has a day one patch on PlayStation 4 ahead of its official launch tomorrow (20th April). Fortunately, the update isn't especially huge, weighing in at 593.5MB. So, what does it do? Well, nothing too exciting, but it does appear to make a few important alterations. Here are the full patch notes: Enemy...

  • News Mary Jane Watson Will 'Surprise a Lot of People' in Spider-Man on PS4

    New details on central characters

    Despite a bunch of information coming out of Insomniac regarding Spider-Man lately, it still feels like the developer is keeping some details close to its chest. For example, we know that you'll be spending some of the game playing as Mary Jane, but quite how her missions will play is yet to be revealed. Still,...

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    Review God of War

    God tier

    God of War: Ascension may have been entertaining, but it showed that Kratos had lost the Midas touch. Sony Santa Monica’s reluctance to experiment with a formula that had already been recycled five times prior left one of PlayStation’s best-known protagonists in a precarious position: was there even a way back for the Ghost of Sparta?...

  • News PlayStation's Relationship with Amazon Worsens As PSN Codes Are Dropped

    Update: PSN codes back in USA

    What started with God of War going out of stock on Amazon UK seems to have escalated over the past few days, as now it’s impossible to purchase PlayStation Network vouchers from the popular retailer in the USA as well. The cards – which are delivered instantly via email – are available in various monetary...

  • News The Swords of Ditto Leads Digital Pre-Order Promotion on US PlayStation Store

    Guns of Icarus Alliance! Trailblazers! Laser League!

    It's spring time at last, and that means Sony has shown off its annual collection of digital games that are set to receive pre-order discounts for PlayStation Plus members. Named Totally Digital, the North American promotion includes five titles that all look pretty promising. First up is...

  • News God of War Pre-Load Is Now Live on PS4

    The game's just under 45GB

    If you've pre-ordered God of War from the PlayStation Store, then you'll be happy to know that you can start downloading the game right now on your PlayStation 4. As long as you have automatic downloads enabled, pre-orders like this should start downloading as soon as they're available, but if that's not the case, you can...

  • Guide Best God of War Games Ranked

    War games

    In the pantheon of popular PlayStation intellectual properties, God of War occupies the throne room alongside other household names like Uncharted and Gran Turismo. But which is the best of Kratos’ bloody escapades to date? Ahead of the release of this year’s reimagining, we’ve returned to Ancient Greece in order to, er, order each...

  • News Spider-Man PS4 to Receive Prequel Novel and Art Book


    Insomniac's highly anticipated Spider-Man PS4 exclusive feels like it's a long way off. The title recently received a release date of 7th September, leaving Spidey fans with a lot of time to twiddle their thumbs. Fortunately, publisher Titan Books has teamed up with Marvel and Insomniac to produce a novel that depicts the events leading...

  • News God of War Is Now the Highest Rated PS4 Exclusive of All Time

    And the second best game on the platform

    God of War reviews were published late last week, bringing with them a slew of plaudits for Sony Santa Monica’s latest. The title got off to an outstanding start on aggregate website Metacritic, but rather than suffer from the usual slump, it’s actually been rising up the rankings as new ratings come in...

  • Feature Dreams, the PS4 Exclusive Everyone's Sleeping On

    A Dream come true

    There’s real excitement among the PlayStation fanbase following God of War’s outstanding reviews. Much like with Horizon: Zero Dawn last year, Sony’s first-party has done it again – except this time Kratos has actually exceeded all expectations and landed the highest-rated PlayStation 4 exclusive to date. And it’s just...

  • Report Sony's Mark Cerny Is on the Road Talking PS5 with Developers

    But it's unlikely to arrive soon

    Mark Cerny’s role as the PlayStation 4’s lead architect is one of the key reasons behind the console’s success, as he sought to right the wrongs of the PlayStation 3 and collaborated with developers – both first-party and third-party – on a system that was much easier to work with. According to a Digital...

  • Guide God of War FAQ - Everything You Need to Know

    All your questions answered

    God of War launches this week on the PlayStation 4, and if you haven’t read our glowing review yet then you know what you need to do. With such a major release right around the corner, we figured that we’d answer a handful of your most frequently asked questions pertaining to Kratos’ latest and (arguably) greatest...

  • Report God of War Elevates Real-Time Visuals to New Heights

    Sony's latest is a tech powerhouse

    God of War is the best looking game we’ve ever played, but don’t just take our word for it – the experts at Digital Foundry have also heaped praise on the PlayStation 4 exclusive, suggesting that it “elevates real-time visuals to new heights while pushing the PlayStation hardware to its limits”. The end...

  • Poll Will You Be Buying God of War?

    The big one

    Well, there was really only one big talking point from this week that we could have transformed into a Friday poll: God of War. Reviews for the PlayStation 4 exclusive dropped yesterday morning, and Kratos is currently sitting pretty (don't tell him we called him that) with a 94 on Metacritic. It's safe to say that critics like it. As...

  • News Get Hyped with the God of War PS4 Soundtrack, Now on Spotify

    Very Norse

    We reckon God of War is pretty bloody good, so we're going to take a minute to plug the game's soundtrack, which is available now on music streaming service Spotify. Could be a good way to increase your hype levels if they're not already through the roof and sailing into orbit. Comprising of 21 songs, the album clocks in at over an hour,...

  • Soapbox You Should Play God of War III While You Wait for Kratos' Return

    Greek tragedy

    The new God of War is an extraordinary game and it represents a seismic shift for one of Sony’s most beloved first-party franchises, but with more than a week to go until the title tosses its axe at retailers around the world, you should fill the time with one of Kratos’ previous adventures. God of War III was quietly remastered...

  • News Sony Is Creating a New Game Development Team in San Diego

    And it could be working on Uncharted

    Sony insinuated recently that it intends to “concentrate” on first-party production moving forwards, strengthening its output of PlayStation exclusives. And it sounds like the first stages of those plans have been put into motion, as job listings suggest that it’s creating a new development team in...

  • News God of War Director Cory Barlog Gets a Special Message from His Dad

    "We are very proud of you"

    When you’re in the nucleus of any video game website, it can be hard to forget that real people work really hard to bring the titles we love to life. This message from God of War director Cory Barlog’s father posted publicly on Twitter earlier today serves as a reminder that there are actual humans behind every...

  • News Avengers: Infinity War's Iron Spider Suit Joins Spider-Man PS4

    Heavy metal

    A leaked video pulled from PlayStation’s official YouTube channel but mirrored in the nick of time has revealed that the Iron Spider Suit from Avengers: Infinity War will feature in Insomniac Games’ forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Spider-Man. To be clear, this is the movie design, and not the Iron Spider Armour that some of you...

  • News Detroit: Become Human Has Three Different Composers

    Sound off

    Here’s an interesting story: Quantic Dream’s upcoming android-based narrative adventure Detroit: Become Human has three different composers, each of whom has been assigned a different character. Kara’s music has been composed by cellist Philip Sheppard, who used his instrument to create a quite sombre sound. Meanwhile,...

  • News PS4 Exclusives Unavailable for Pre-Order at Amazon UK


    God of War’s review embargo lifted today, heralding a modern masterpiece and sending floods of PlayStation 4 players in the direction of Amazon UK as they sought to secure pre-orders. However, the exclusive is unavailable at the popular website – and has been for some time. Is this simply a stock issue in the wake of such anticipation?...

  • News PS4 Firmware Update 5.53 Is Available to Download Now

    You know what time it is

    There's a new software update out for PlayStation 4, and before we tell you what it does, do you fancy taking a guess? Go on, we'll wait. Done? Hopefully you're aware of the running gag and said "stability", because that's what you're getting. Firmware update 5.53 improves system performance, and that's that. Oh wait,...

  • News European PS Store Double Discounts Sale is Live Now

    Double trouble

    The endless PlayStation Store sales schedule marches on. The most recent assault on your wallet is the European Store's Double Discounts offer, which, well, doubles the discounts for PlayStation Plus members. The PS4 and PSVR games included are a decent mix of games large and small. At the maximum discount, PES 2018: Pro Evolution...

  • News PS5 Is a Long Way Away, Or So Sources Say

    Developers weigh in on recent rumours

    The next PlayStation will release later this year, one ambitious rumour claimed recently. But according to a Kotaku report penned by the ever-reliable Jason Schreier, that’s extremely unlikely to be the case – in fact, we may be waiting until at least 2020 for the so-called PlayStation 5, just like

  • News God of War Details Difficulty Levels and Immersion Mode Ahead of Release

    Options for everyone

    We've known for a while that God of War will have difficulty levels that cater to both casual players and more hardcore warriors, but now developer Sony Santa Monica Studio has taken the time to explain what these difficulty levels actually are. Here are the details straight from the team's latest blog post: Give Me A...

  • News Everybody's Golf Adding Atelier Content for Anniversary

    Fore the fans

    Everybody’s Golf has become the home of Japanese franchise milestones, with Final Fantasy recently celebrating its 30th anniversary in the game. Atelier is next up, with new Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings crossover content on the docket. Starting from 19th April through 17th May, you’ll be...

  • News PS Plus Members Score Exclusive Savings on Spotify

    Stream scene

    How’s this for corporate synergy? Sony’s knocking money off Spotify Premium for PlayStation Plus members, assuming you subscribe to the music streaming service through the PlayStation Store prior to 18th October. If you do, then you’ll be entitled to 10 per cent off your recurring bill as long as you remain a subscriber to both...

  • PlayStation Store Sales Charts Far Cry 5 Finds the Holy Ground on PS4

    Top seller in NA and EU

    Far Cry 5 is the fastest selling game in the series, and it's been doing well in the physical charts, but what about its performance on digital storefronts? Well, Sony has detailed March's sales charts, and Ubisoft's open world shooter sits atop both the North American and European charts. Also performing well in both regi

  • News PS5 Unlikely to Launch in 2018, Says Michael Pachter

    Odds on 2020

    We don’t think anyone really expected the PlayStation 5 to launch this year, despite there being reports to the contrary. Nevertheless, industry analyst Michael Pachter has been chatting to WCCFTech about the probability of a new console this year, and he’s said that there’s a “very low” chance of the PS5 dropping this...

  • News God of War Goes Over Kratos Customisation, Combat, and Character Builds

    God of more

    The latest God of War trailer's quite an interesting one, with director Cory Barlog and his team going over what you can expect from the game's -- dare we say it -- RPG elements. This includes a look at how customisable Kratos is as a playable character. You can chop and change his equipment and his combat abilities to suit your style,...

  • News Legendary Sony E3 2015 Press Conference Could Have Been Even Better, Says Adam Boyes


    We're all in agreement that Sony's E3 2015 press conference was the company's best, at least in recent years, right? The golden trifecta of The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Shenmue III absolutely brought the house down, and it's a feat that we're not sure the Japanese giant will ever be able to top. Interestingly, however, it...

  • News Spider-Man's Web Swinging Sounds Superbly Skill Based

    First details about Insomniac's upcoming exclusive

    We’d love to know how many man-hours Insomniac Games has invested into Spider-Man’s web swinging system. The reality is this: there’s no point in making a Spidey game if you can’t get the traversal right, and it’s telling of the franchise’s disappointing video game legacy that...

  • News Spider-Man PS4 Includes Photo Mode, Excludes Microtransactions

    Plus more from new interview

    In addition to announcing the release date for Spider-Man, Game Informer has posted a new, rapid fire interview with the game's creative director, Bryan Intihar. It's a pretty silly interview and well worth a watch, but there are some interesting snippets of information sprinkled throughout. Perhaps most notabl

  • News 3 DLC 'Chapters' Planned for Spider-Man PS4

    They sound like expansions

    Developer Insomniac Games has confirmed that Spider-Man will be getting post-launch support in the form of three additional "chapters". According to the studio, these downloadable scenarios will feature new stories, missions, characters, villains, and costumes for Spidey himself. Other than that, we don't have much to go...

  • News Spider-Man Gets a Pricey PS4 Collector's Edition

    But of course

    Something tells us that Spider-Man is going to make Marvel and Sony and everyone else involved an awful lot of money, so of course you'll have the option of doubling down on a collector's edition of the game. Swinging in at $149.99, the unimaginatively named Collector's Edition will contain a steelbook, a mini artbook, and a "surprise"...

  • News Spider-Man Release Date Announced, Leaps onto PS4 This Fall


    Game Informer's month long coverage of Insomniac's Spider-Man has begun, and it's started with a bang. The release date for the PS4 exclusive Spidey game has been revealed, and you'll be swinging through the streets of New York City come 7th September 2018. Check out the video above for some ne

  • Rumour Alleged PlayStation 5 Details Make Their Way Online

    Probably nonsense

    It's difficult to believe that we're already starting to hear conversation about PlayStation 5, but the first information surrounding the inevitable machine is doing the rounds online. In no way are any of these details confirmed to be true, so please remember to take with a metric ton of salt. A technology news site by the name...

  • News God of War Director on Campaign Length: 'What Have We Done?'

    System designer spent over 40 hours doing everything

    God of War games have, historically, been tight 10 hour experiences that could be completed in a handful of sittings. But the franchise’s forthcoming PlayStation 4 soft-reboot is not a traditional entry in the franchise – and it’s going to take you a significant number of hours to complete...

  • News Spider-Man PS4's Release Date Has Been Decided

    Our spider-sense is tingling

    Spider-Man’s hotly anticipated PlayStation 4 release date has been decided, according to Game Informer magazine. As part of an exclusive cover story set to run this week and all month online, the popular American publication has confirmed that it’s played the game – and knows its release date. Of course,...

  • News Fresh Spider-Man PS4 Information Will be Swinging Online Soon

    Game Informer's new cover feature revealed

    American games publication Game Informer has just announced the cover of its May issue, revealing that Spider-Man is the headline feature in the new mag. Game Informer teases that they've played the game extensively, and know its release date, which could mean an official announcement on that front is just...

  • News April 2018's Free PlayStation Plus Games Are Out Now

    Road rage

    April 2018’s roster of free PlayStation Plus games are available to download now in Europe, with North America set to follow shortly. The free games, in case you missed the announcement, include Mad Max and TrackMania: Turbo on the PlayStation 4. One extra bonus is that PlayStation 3 freebie In Space We Brawl appears to be cross-buy, so...

  • News Trolls Take Centre Stage in New God of War Gameplay

    Don't feed them

    God of War is a promising looking PlayStation 4 exclusive, so it’s attracting a fair few trolls in the lead up to release; the good news is that protagonist Kratos knows how to bring them to their knees. Sony’s uploaded some brand new gameplay footage from the forthcoming action adventure, and once again we see a troll fight from...

  • News PS Plus Duo Bloodborne, Ratchet & Clank Exit Tomorrow

    Last chance

    This is your last chance to grab PlayStation Plus duo Bloodborne and Ratchet & Clank, as well as the collection of other PlayStation 3 and PS Vita titles that were added to the premium service in March. The titles will be replaced by Mad Max and TrackMania Turbo among others starting tomorrow, so make sure you’ve added the current...

  • News Detroit: Become Human Will Drop Cyborg Jaws on PS4 Pro

    HDR supported on both systems

    We’ve been lucky enough to play Detroit: Become Human a handful of times now, and we can confirm that it’s shaping up to be a stunner. And speaking across a couple of GDC panels last month, Quantic Dream has detailed exactly how the title will perform on the standard PlayStation 4, as well as the supercharged PS4...


  • News Get to Know the Actors Behind Detroit: Become Human's Central Characters in a New Series of Interviews

    Becoming human

    We’re now less than two months away from the big release of Quantic Dream’s latest narrative thriller, Detroit: Become Human, and Sony's really starting to pump out the marketing materials. The latest? A series of interviews with the motion capture actors behind the games three playable characters. First up is Connor, or RK800,...

  • News God of War PS4 Pro Lets You Pick Between Resolution or Performance

    The choice is yours

    God of War’s guaranteed to look stunning on the standard PlayStation 4, but if you do happen to have a PS4 Pro – or you’re picking up that spiffing new limited edition – then you will have some options to choose how you want to play it. There’ll be a 4K option, of course, which will checkerboard to 2160p as previously...

  • News PS4's TV and Video Interface Revamped in the United States

    Deal with it

    Sony’s rolled out the revised TV & Video section for the PlayStation 4 in the United States, bringing it up to speed with the European version. This essentially adds an additional layer to the browsing experience, but allows the platform holder to push sponsored content in your direction – some of which you can tailor by logging...

  • News Here's a Fascinating Look at Kratos' New Fighting Style in God of War PS4

    Bone breaker

    Kratos may not be swinging chained swords around like a lunatic in the new God of War, but his overhauled fighting style is still bloody, brutal, and absolutely deadly. In this latest behind the scenes video, we get a better look at how combat has been taken apart and put back together. This is where motion capture performer and...

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    Review MLB The Show 18

    Home run

    Sony San Diego doesn’t always get the credit that it deserves for MLB The Show, with the franchise routinely overlooked by PlayStation fans as forum list wars focus on the heavy hitters like God of War and The Last of Us: Part II. But the developer’s quietly created one of the best sports series available on any platform, and while this...

  • Hands On WipEout PSVR Will Absolutely Melt Your Mind

    Free patch is a game changer

    What the freakin’ heck? Sony casually dropped the PlayStation VR patch for WipEout Omega Collection today, and it’s transformed the fast-paced futuristic racer into one of the best virtual reality experiences you’ll find on the platform. This is an extraordinary achievement – it’s so impressive that we’re...

  • News Free GT Sport Update Adds Cars, Improves PSVR Features, More

    New track! New Scapes!

    Gran Turismo Sport is the gift that keeps giving and giving, with Polyphony Digital pledging yet another massive free update for the simulation racer today. Due out from 29th March, the patch bundles a bevy of new features and content, including a whopping 13 extra cars. Here’s the full list: Honda Raybrig Concept-GT...

  • News WipEout Omega Collection PSVR Update is Available Now


    We hope you don't get travel sickness -- WipEout Omega Collection's free virtual reality update is here and ready for takeoff. As you can see from the launch trailer embedded above, you'll be able to pilot your favourite ships (and even some new ones) from a new cockpit view. You can play any of the game's modes in PlayStation VR too,...

  • News PlayStation VR Becomes Even More Affordable as Sony Cuts Prices

    RRP reduced in Europe and USA

    It's no secret that PlayStation VR is the most attainable of the high-end virtual reality headsets, but Sony is lowering the barrier to entry even further. In North America, PSVR is now available for a new RRP of $299.99, down from $399.99. This price pertains to the Doom VFR bundle, which includes the headset, a...

  • Talking Point What Free April 2018 PlayStation Plus Games Do You Want?

    When will April 2018's PS Plus lineup be revealed?

    What’s the April 2018 PlayStation Plus lineup? When will the March 2018 PS Plus update be revealed? As another month draws to a close, we’re here to look at all the latest PS+ speculation, and also share all the freshest PS Plus rumours. When will April 2018’s free PlayStation Plus games be...

  • News Watch Far Cry 5 Video, Score 20% PSN Discount

    Money off

    Update (26th March): This offer is temporarily live again right now, all you need to do is watch a Far Cry 5 video exactly the same as last week's MLB The Show 18 promotion. Assuming that stocks haven't already run dry, you'll get a 20 per cent off voucher to use across an entire transaction on the PlayStation Store. You can enter the...

  • News God of War Explains Atreus' Role During Combat

    Word up, son

    The challenge for games like God of War is incorporating a computer controlled companion that isn’t a hindrance. Atreus, the son of Kratos, plays a huge role in Sony Santa Monica’s latest and greatest – but this isn’t the drawn-out escort mission that it could have been. Instead, the youngster is a capable warrior in his own...

  • News Sony Flaunts First-Party Lineup with Hype Trailer

    Please be excited

    Sony always puts together good montages, and this first-party hype trailer is one that could be fitting of the E3 2018 stage. A little bit like the platform holder’s legendary Ethos video, this clip pairs stinging synths with hype-inducing text and gameplay footage from around a dozen first-party PlayStation 4 exclusives. While...

  • Poll What Do You Think About Remasters?


    It's fair to say that there's been a bit of an uptick in the number of remasters being made available on PS4 these days. Earlier this month saw the release of Burnout Paradise Remastered and The Raven Remastered, and Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered launched just this week. That's a lot of recycled content in one month, and we've not...

  • News Meet Detroit: Become Human's Three Protagonists in New Trailers

    Connor, Markus, and Kara

    David Cage's upcoming narrative thriller Detroit: Become Human follows a similar template to Heavy Rain, in that you'll be taking control of three main characters throughout the adventure. Posting on the PlayStation Blog yesterday, the writer and director introduces us to each android. First up is Connor, or RK800

  • News God of War PS4 Has Gone Gold

    Norse one

    About a month ahead of its 20th April release date, God of War has officially gone gold, meaning development of the game itself is now complete. The game's director, Cory Barlog, took to the PlayStation Blog to say a few words about his time working on this PS4 exclusive. "This was the scariest, most wonderful thing I have ever done and...

  • News Media Molecule Made This Cutesy Platformer in 52 Hours Using Dreams on PS4

    Comic Sands

    Train Jam, as you might suspect, is a game jam that takes place on a train. Developers are invited to board a train travelling from Chicago to San Francisco in order to attend GDC, but during the 52-hour trip, everyone works to build a game from scratch using whatever tools they like. A quartet of Media Molecule employees took part this...

  • News Sony Taken to Task for 'Misleading' Gran Turismo Sport Ad

    Platform holder failed to be clear about online requirement

    Sony’s been given a stern slap on the wrists by the Advertising Standards Authority for a “misleading” Gran Turismo Sport commercial which aired on UK television last year. The advert showed various tracks and vehicles that can’t be accessed without an Internet connection, which the...

  • News No Load Screens, No Camera Cuts in God of War Seemed 'Impossible' Says Dev

    But they pulled it off

    In case you didn't already know, God of War is delivered as one unbroken shot from start to finish on PlayStation 4. The camera never cuts away, and there are no load screens. When we first heard about this during E3 last year, we couldn't quite bring ourselves to believe it. A whole game playing out through a single shot? Is...

  • News The Gorgeous God of War May Receive a Photo Mode on PS4

    Developer would love to add one

    God of War looks absolutely incredible on PlayStation 4 -- that much we've known for some time. But what we didn't know is that the upcoming action title may well feature a photo mode, allowing you to pause the action and take some striking snaps of Kratos' latest adventure. We can't wait to zoom right in on that big...

  • News The European PS Store Easter Sale Has Some Eggsellent Bargains


    Hot on the heels of the Only on PlayStation sale comes the gigantic Easter sale on the European PlayStation Store. It starts today, and features hundreds of games and add-ons across PS4, PS3, and Vita.  Some big AAA titles are included, such as Assassin's Creed Origins, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and NieR: Automata, but there...

  • Talking Point Can Sony Actually Surprise at E3 2018?

    Shock and awe

    Somewhere buried in the depths of Sony HQ, behind armed body guards and elaborate lock panels, there’s a whiteboard with the agenda for PlayStation’s big E3 2018 showcase hastily plotted out on it. But some three months prior to the livestream getting underway, we’re curious whether those squiggles of red and black ink could...

  • News God of War Will Have Difficulty Settings for Casual and Hardcore Fans

    Pick your poison

    God of War will have a variety of difficulty settings designed to appeal to all different tastes. At the extreme ends of the spectrum, there’ll be a Story Mode for beginners who just want to experience the narrative, while character action veterans will be able to pick a hard option that has its own save file and can’t be...

  • News God of War's Crunchy New Combat Is Thrilling Critics

    Norse to know

    Sony’s finally put God of War in front of press, and to say the response has been positive would be an understatement. Twitter is currently abuzz with industry folk waxing lyrical about Kratos’ latest, and judging by this 15 minute gameplay video, it’s easy to see why – it looks extraordinary. Many of you will have seen this...

  • News God of War Is Shaping Up to Be PS4 Pro's Next Tour-de-Force

    By the Gods

    While the PlayStation 4 Pro may not be the most powerful console on the market anymore, Sony’s first-party teams have always done an outstanding job of blurring the lines between more powerful boxes. And judging by Digital Foundry’s early analysis of God of War, it sounds like Sony Santa Monica is poised to steal back the PlayStation...

  • News God of War PS4 Gets a Gorgeous TV Commercial

    Dad of war

    God of War is fast approaching. There are only a few weeks to go before we're slicing our way through Nordic nasties, and we're all very excited here at Push Square Towers. It seems that Sony is starting up the hype machine, too, as not only will we be seeing previews beginning to emerge this week, but the publisher has put out a cracking...

  • News God of War Sponsored Football Team FC Porto and It Was Weird

    God knows why

    To celebrate Father’s Day in Portugal next week, Sony partnered with football team FC Porto ahead of its game against Boavista. And the resulting collaboration is, frankly, pretty freakin’ weird. Below you’ll see the Primeira Liga team’s starting eleven, Photoshopped to look like Kratos. Yeah, these commercial deals are getting...

  • News God of War's First Unedited Gameplay Footage Dazzles on PS4

    God of phwoar

    We’ve had to wait a long time to see uninterrupted, unedited gameplay of Sony Santa Monica’s new God of War – but it looks like it’s been worth the wait. With a round of previews set to be posted imminently, b-roll footage of the forthcoming blockbuster has hit the web early, and while we’re not going to host it here for sake...

  • Soapbox Sony Has Become Far Too Quiet

    Enjoy the silence?

    Actions speak louder than words, but I still can’t help feeling that Sony’s become far too quiet over the past few years. At the start of the PlayStation 4 era, this was a company that was firing on all cylinders when it came to community outreach; Worldwide Studios executive Shuhei Yoshida was one of the biggest names on...

  • News Hellblade and Horizon Lead the Nominations at the BAFTA Games Awards

    You have earned a trophy!

    The nominees for the British Academy Games Awards 2018 have been announced, and it's Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice that receives the most nods with nine nominations. It's in the running for categories such as Artistic Achievement, Audio Achievement, Game Beyond Entertainment, and even Best Game. Horizon: Zero Dawn is hot on...

  • News Spotify App Receives a Spring Clean on PS4

    Update for audio

    The PlayStation 4’s excellent Spotify app has received a bit of a spring clean today, upgrading its user interface ever so slightly. While the changes are admittedly minimal, we’ve just had a browse around and it’s a definite improvement over the previous build. Your app should update automatically if your PS4’s in Rest...

  • 17


    Review Bravo Team

    Squad goals

    The elite squad of United States hotshots Bravo Team think they’re home and hosed: they’ve successfully escorted the president of a fictional Eastern Europe country safely back to her destination, and all that’s left is a pat on the back and a rousing round of ‘Oorah’. But a sudden coup sees the dignitary snatched away, and...

  • News Classic FM and PlayStation Join Forces for Live Orchestral Concert

    Music to our ears

    Classic FM, the UK's specialist classical music radio station, is teaming up with PlayStation to bring to life an orchestral concert in celebration of video game music. According to, the event, known as PlayStation in Concert, will feature music from across PlayStation's history, including PSone, PS2, PS3, and...

  • News Shadow of the Colossus Remake Team Readying Another Revival

    What could it be?

    Shadow of the Colossus is in the running for the greatest remake ever created, and developer Bluepoint is already busy beavering away on another revival. Speaking with’s tech experts Digital Foundry, president and co-owner Marco Thrush admitted that its team is growing to accommodate the scope of its next project...

  • News The Order: 1886's Ready at Dawn Prepping New Third-Person Action Game

    But it's based on a new IP

    Prepare to twiddle your immaculately groomed moustache in anticipation, because The Order: 1886 developer Ready at Dawn is, er, readying a “new third-person action console title”. There’s bad news for fans of Galahad and crew, however, because the God of War: Ghost of Sparta creator explicitly states that the project...

  • News The Last of Us' Neil Druckmann Promoted to Vice President of Naughty Dog

    Game Directors and Lead Designers for The Last of Us 2 announced

    Naughty Dog veteran Neil Druckmann has been promoted to the position of Vice President at the Californian developer. According to President Evan Wells, this is in recognition of Neil’s “expanded role, contributing on critical, studio level decisions”. The former programmer will...

  • News PS Store Flash Sale Arrives in North America to Drain Your Wallet

    What are you buyin'?

    Here’s something for the weekend: a new PlayStation Store Flash Sale has arrived in North America. With discounts of up to 70 per cent, this is a relatively small but potentially wallet emptying promotion. Just some of the standouts jumping out at us include Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin for $9.99, Hidden Agenda for...

  • News PS4 Exclusive Days Gone Seemingly Delayed into 2019

    Update: Sony confirms

    Contrary to comments from Sony bigwig Shuhei Yoshida, Days Gone never really felt like a lock for 2018, did it? We ran a poll last week about the PlayStation 4’s upcoming first-party games, and a whopping 45 per cent of you said you expected Sony Bend’s survival horror to be delayed. Well, looks like you were right.

  • Feature 6 PS4 Firmware Update 5.50 Features You Need to Know About

    Quality of life

    After a pretty lengthy beta period, Sony slipped out PlayStation 4 firmware update 5.50 today like flatulence in a busy lift. The silent but deadly system software update is packing some pretty powerful features, including a whole host of parental control options that should come in handy as the console covets a more casual audience...

  • News MLB The Show 18's Road to the Show Bats Away Microtransactions

    Pitch perfect

    While other publishers are frothing over the prospect of adding microtransactions to their games, Sony is taking them out of MLB The Show 18’s flagship single player Road to the Show mode. The campaign – which sees you create a player and work your way through the Minor Leagues before hitting the big time – will no longer allow...

  • PlayStation Store Sales Charts Shadow of the Colossus Stands Up

    Monster Hunter: World still strong, though

    Monster Hunter: World enjoyed a second month at the top of the PlayStation Store sales charts in North America last month, but couldn’t oust FIFA 18 in Europe. Shadow of the Colossus – the big new exclusive for February – climbed into third position in North America, while it had to settle for...

  • Guide How to Enable System-Wide Supersampling for PS4 Pro

    Delicious downsampling

    The latest major PS4 firmware update is upon us, and as usual brings with it a host of brand new features to enhance your PlayStation experience. One of the main additions in PS4 firmware update 5.50 is system-wide supersampling for PS4 Pro. This feature allows your PS4 Pro-enchanced games to output to their fullest, even on...

  • Guide How to Create Custom PS4 Wallpapers from USB

    Make it your own

    While there are tons of themes available on the PlayStation Store, you might have something particular in mind that isn't available. You're able to create your own backgrounds by selecting a screenshot from your PS4's Capture Gallery, but the just released firmware update 5.50 allows you to go a step further. Using a USB storage...

  • News Celebrate International Women's Day with This Free PS4 Theme

    Leading ladies

    Sony has released a free theme for PlayStation 4 in a nod to International Women's Day. The static theme features the above image, which of course stars some of PS4's beloved female protagonists. From left to right, we have Chloe Fraser and Nadine Ross from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn, Kara from...

  • News PS4 Firmware Update 5.50 Available for Download Now

    Get it while it's hot

    After a fairly lengthy stint in a public beta test, the PlayStation 4's latest major firmware, 5.50, is now ready and available to all in a mandatory download. Weighing in at 459.9MB, the update introduces some nice new features. The headline addition is system wide supersampling, which basically means PS4 Pro-enhanced games...

  • Soapbox Don't Dismiss Bloodborne Because of Its Difficulty

    Just give it a try

    I used to be like you. I dallied with Demon’s Souls when it finally hit European shores, but life got in the way and I dropped it faster than a New Year’s resolution. I then spent several years shuddering at the ‘Prepare to Die’ slogan associated with Dark Souls and vowed never to touch a From Software title unless it...

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