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  • News Sony's Been Trying to Make a Super Smash Bros Movie

    Smashin' stuff

    We already know that Sony's been trying to make a Super Mario movie, but what we didn't previously know is that it wants to make a Super Smash Bros flick, too. Uncovered by Ars Technica as part of the Japanese giant's now infamous emails hack, there are multiple references to Nintendo's mascot mash-up, with the firm apparentl


  • News God of War Movie May Deviate from Game's Plot

    With hopes of starting over

    We don’t know why we credit these movie tie-in stories with bandwidth anymore, but we suppose that God of War is too big to ignore. Apparently, platform holder Sony has commissioned a flick based on the feisty franchise, with scriptwriters Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan given the go ahead to re-write Kratos’ story...


  • News Sony Pictures Registers Slew of Console War Movie Domains

    No, really

    Your arguments with Microsoft and Nintendo fans could soon become the inspiration behind a blockbuster movie. Sony Pictures has registered a slew of Console War movie domain names through the brand protection company Mark Monitor. Fusible reports that Sony Computer Entertainment has nothing to do with the registrations, suggesting that...



  • News Assassin's Creed Movie Domains Spotted

    Hot on the heels of last week's movie negotiations post, it has emerged that Sony Pictures has registered a whopping sixteen website domains pertaining to the Assassin's Creed series

    Rumours and whispers put Sony as a dead-cert for the project late last week, when industry insiders said Ubisoft was close to signing on the dotted line with the Japanese mega-company. We reckon there's great potential..

  • News Sony Swoops In For Assassin's Creed Movie License

    Sony Pictures is on the verge of signing a deal with Ubisoft in order to bring the Assassin's Creed franchise to the big screen, so reports claim

    The stealth series has been coveted by a number of big industry players, including Universal, but it seems Sony is closest to signing up the historical blockbuster. Variety reports that both Ubisoft and Sony are in the final stages of negotiation..


  • News New Uncharted Movie Director 'Starting From Scratch'

    David O Russell is no longer involved with the Uncharted movie

    He left the project earlier in the month citing creative differences between himself and Sony Pictures. With Russell's antique-hunting motion picture out of the window, new director Neil Burger is planning on starting from scratch — and he's making all the right noises about the video game. “Mainly we’re beginning from scratch and..




  • News Resident Evil: Damnation 3D CGI Movie Announced

    While Milla Jovovich tops the US box-office with the live-action version of Resident Evil; Sony and Capcom's announced that they'll be teaming up to produce a new CG Resident Evil movie -- Resident Evil: Damnation

    The animated movie's still some way off - it'll launch in 2012 in Japan - but will feature full stereoscopic 3D support. The last CG Resident Evil movie, Degeneration, did modest numbers..





  • News inFamous Is Heading To The Cinema Too, Erm, Hurrah!

    Alongside Nathan Drake, Sony Pictures want to bring Sucker Punch's Cole McGrath to the big screen

    In fact, they want to do it so badly they've already got a screenplay drafted out by Sheldon Turner. Hollywood hotshots Avi and Ari Arad are said to be producing the movie; they're also apparently going to work on the Uncharted movie. To be honest, inFamous could probably translate to cinema better..

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