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  • News Project V To Be Revealed At This Years E3

    SCEE have partnered with development studio "Just Add Water" to create a brand new, downloadable, Playstation Network game for both PS3 and PSP

    "Project V" will mark the first time a simultaneous PSP/PS3 PSN release. Keep your eyes peeled at this years E3 for more.

  • News India Release Their First Playstation Game Hanuman

    A great day for Indian video-game development as they prepare the launch of their first video game, created entirely by an Indian team

    SCEE will publish the game titled Hanuman: Boy Warrior. The PS2 exclusive follows the tale of a boy who frees enemies from bad karma."We are very proud to launch the first Indian game on PS2 with localized content, completely developed in India," said..

  • News Downloadable Comic Service Coming To The PSP

    .. And the PSP onslaught keeps on coming. Retribution and Patapon 2 not enough? Of course not, Sony really wants you to fall in love with the PSP all over again. Downloadable comics might just be another new feature that sweetens the deal. The above video was sent out as part of a SCEE survey, gauging whether people would like to pay for the comic's a la carte or via a subscription. We think..

  • News Playfire Unveil Official Trophy Cards

    Playfire have been providing PSN users with manually updated trophy cards for a good few months now

    The cards look similar to the XBOX's gamertags, the one drawback being you have to update them yourself. No more though. SCEE and Playfire have come up with a way to automatically update trophy cards based on your in-game activity. So no more looking...