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  • UK Sales Charts The Last of Us Survives a Fifth Week at the Top

    Nothing's gonna stop us now

    This is fairly unprecedented for a PlayStation 3 exclusive: The Last of Us has managed a fifth week at the top of the UK sales charts. Granted, there’s very little software deploying at the moment, but that’s still a seriously impressive feat for Naughty Dog’s survival horror excursion. There’s a chance that it...

  • News Ubisoft Investing Heavily in Open World, Far Cry 4 Details Coming Soon

    Vaas the way we like it

    The surprise success of Far Cry 3 has prompted Ubisoft to commit to a successor. Speaking with GameSpot last week, senior vice president of marketing and sales Tony Key admitted that the French publisher is “clearly going to make another one”, and that the company will have “more on that soon”. “We’re totally...

  • News The Last of Us Trots Past 3.4 Million Sales Globally

    Look out for a sequel, then

    Who says that you can’t launch new properties at the end of a generation? Sony has revealed that The Last of Us has sneaked past 3.4 million sales after just three weeks on the market. The figure comprises worldwide Blu-ray disc sell-in numbers and digital downloads. The press release adds that the title has...

  • UK Sales Charts The Last of Us Lives at the Summit

    Can't stop clicking

    It looks like it’s going to take something bigger than a Bloater to knock The Last of Us off its perch atop the UK sales charts. The title has retained its place at the best-sellers summit for a fourth consecutive week, proving that new properties can succeed at the end of a generation. It’s the first chart-topper of the...

  • News PS4 Pre-Orders Ceased at GameStop, Sony Shuts the Floodgates

    Were you quick enough?

    Having informed North American retailer GameStop to open the floodgates on PlayStation 4 pre-orders earlier in the year, Sony has now slammed shut sales of its next generation console. The giant’s website lists the vanilla ed

  • News Sony: PS4 Is Ahead, But We're Playing the Long Game

    Platform holder staying sharp

    Few would argue that the PlayStation 4 is enjoying an incredible build up to launch. The platform hasn’t really put a foot out of place since its announcement in February, and the mounting excitement surrounding the system is being reflected by positive pre-order numbers. Those figures, according to SCEUK boss Fergal...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Toukiden Prompts Vita to Surge

    System shoots up the hardware charts

    PlayStation Vita sales have been steady if unspectacular in Japan since the system’s surprise price drop earlier in the year, but the release of Monster Hunter-esque action game Toukiden really gave the console a jolt of energy in the region this week. Hardware sales more than doubled, resulting in an...

  • News Tretton: PlayStation Vita's Got a Dedicated Fanbase, It's Just Not Big Enough

    Growing pains

    While it’s now host to a pretty strong selection of games, the PlayStation Vita is still struggling to garner the commercial success that it probably deserves. Hardware numbers are catastrophically low, and it’s failing to secure big third-party brands as a result. Despite this, SCEA president Jack Tretton believes that there’s...

  • UK Sales Charts The Last of Us Keeps Clicking at the Summit

    The sky has turned grey

    While we appreciate that we’re in the midst of the slow summer season, it’s pretty unprecedented for a PlayStation 3 exclusive to cling onto the UK sales charts top spot for longer than a week. But despite a slew of bad press over the past few days, The Last of Us has managed to do just that, holding onto its place atop...




  • UK Sales Charts Dead Island: Riptide Shuffles to Software Summit

    Rotten results for Deadly Premonition

    Dire first-person semi-sequel Dead Island: Riptide has stumbled to the top of the UK sales charts, knocking Injustice: Gods Among Us off its perch. The superhero brawler slumped into second, a position ahead of budget re-release Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, which roared into third. Elsewhere, Namco Bandai’s...

  • UK Sales Charts Injustice: Gods Among Us Pummels BioShock Infinite

    Holding out for a hero

    BioShock Infinite’s varied roster of Vigors did little to stave off the challenge of the DC Universe this week, as Injustice: Gods Among Us has soared straight to the top of the UK sales charts. The critically acclaimed NetherRealm Studios brawler ended Columbia’s three-week spell at the summit, with the floating city...

  • News Heavy Rain Cost €16.7 Million to Make, Made More Than €100 Million

    Decent investment

    Let’s be honest, if Heavy Rain popped up on a video game special of Dragons' Den, director David Cage would be laughed out of the abandoned warehouse. In truth, something similar probably happened when developer Quantic Dream was pitching the project to various publishers – but eventually Sony took a gamble on the release...

  • News March NPD: BioShock Infinite Rides Skylines to the Software Summit

    Tomb Raider reboot sitting pretty in second

    The data moguls at North American sales-tracking group the NPD have compiled figures for the video game industry in March, crowning BioShock Infinite the best-selling title of the month. Unfortunately, the physical sales sector of the US industry shrunk by 10 per cent compared to the same period in 2012,...

  • News God of War: Ascension 'Significantly Underperformed' in March

    Analysts stick the knife in Kratos' origin story

    God of War: Ascension was a very good game, but there’s no denying that it suffered from a spot of franchise fatigue. Despite implementing multiplayer and refining some gameplay mechanics, it still offered a somewhat safe experience, and it looks like the brunt of that is set to be reflected in the...

  • UK Sales Charts BioShock Infinite Stays Seated At the Summit

    God only knows

    Nothing could tear BioShock Infinite away from the top of the UK sales charts this week, as the inspired Irrational Games shooter enjoyed a third successive period at the summit of the best-sellers list. As has become a recurring trend, the title was joined by Tomb Raider, FIFA 13, and Defiance in the top five. Elsewhere,

  • News UK Retailer ASDA Accepting PS4 Pre-Orders, System Supposedly Out This Year

    Ching, ching

    UK retailer ASDA has hopped aboard the PlayStation 4 bandwagon, announcing that it is the first British supermarket to accept pre-orders for Sony’s impending system. Specialist franchise GAME is also taking deposits on the machine, but the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury’s are still twiddling their thumbs worrying about horse meat...

  • UK Sales Charts BioShock Infinite Keeps Its Head Among the Clouds

    Flying high

    Day passes to Columbia continued to prove popular last week, as BioShock Infinite enjoyed a second successive spell at the top of the UK sales charts. The gorgeous first-person adventure fought off strong competition from Tomb Raider and Trion Worlds’ ambitious MMO Defiance, the latter of which debuted in third. Elsewhere, it was...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Vita Steady, Muramasa Starts Strong

    Sales remain relatively rosy for Sony's various systems

    It’s been over a month since the PlayStation Vita’s price was slashed in Japan, but the system’s still hanging on pretty well. While this week’s Media Create update shows a 10k decline for the console, it still managed to shift a respectable 31,795 units. Let hope that it can continue...

  • News Why Is PlayStation More Popular Than Xbox in Japan?

    Keiji Inafune puts it down to brand loyalty

    While the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are more or less equals in most parts of the world, Microsoft’s machine struggles in Japan. It’s not uncommon to see the green-tinged device sell less than 1,000 units a week in the land of the rising sun, while Sony’s counterpart tends to teeter around the 15,000...

  • UK Sales Charts BioShock Infinite Swoops to the Summit

    Looks like you kindly bought it

    Irrational Games’ stunning first-person adventure BioShock Infinite has ascended straight to the summit of the UK sales charts, trouncing its predecessor’s tally by a substantial 9,000 units in the process. While the release shot straight to the top, it couldn’t unsettle Tomb Raider’s record, with Lara Croft...


  • News GameStop: PlayStation 4 Will Easily Sell Out At Launch

    Retailer anticipates enormous demand for next generation console

    There’s been a lot of talk recently about the supposed fall of consoles, with Nintendo’s poor initial Wii U sales signalling the beginning of the end for home gaming devices. Despite this, it would appear that North American juggernaut GameStop isn’t buying into the doom and...

  • Japanese Sales Charts One Piece Propels PlayStation Vita

    Sony's system is sailing away

    Strong sales for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 boosted the PlayStation Vita back up the Japanese hardware charts this week. While the system was still handily outsold by the Nintendo 3DS, the portable’s tally surged from 36,028 units to 41,073 units. The aforementioned Namco Bandai brawler sold 60,315 units on the...

  • News Pachter: Sony Won't Make Money on the PlayStation Vita

    Analyst goes hard on the handheld market

    Outspoken industry analyst Michael Pachter doesn’t believe that Sony has much of a chance of making money on the PlayStation Vita. Speaking on the latest episode of the Pach-Attack, the Wedbush Securities employee described the system as a “joke”, explaining that while it’s a capable device, very...

  • UK Sales Charts The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Stumbles into Third

    God of War: Ascension slips

    Terminal Reality’s poorly received The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct has brought more pain and misery for Lara Croft in this week’s UK sales charts, as the first-person shooter has lurched into third position, one spot behind Crystal Dynamics’ brilliant Tomb Raider reboot. Can that girl ever catch a break? Xbox...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PlayStation Vita Sinks Back into Second

    Sword Art Online steals top spot from Kingdom Hearts

    Sony’s first foray into the handheld market may have been replaced over a year ago, but that’s not stopped the PlayStation Portable from proving that it’s still a force to be reckoned with in this week’s Japanese sales charts. Namco Bandai’s anime adaptation Sword Art Online: Infinity...

  • News Uncharted 3's Free Multiplayer Proves That People Don't Like Paying

    Client has been downloaded over 350,000 times

    Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception’s free multiplayer component has been downloaded more than 350,000 times since it launched at the end of February. The cheap and cheerful client – which gives you complimentary access to online play up to Level 15 – is funded by tiered payment options, which allow...

  • News God of War: Ascension's Sales Murdered By Previous Entry

    Prequel handily outsold by God of War III in the UK

    God of War: Ascension failed to come within striking distance of the sales tally of its predecessor God of War III in the UK. Chart-Track reports that the first week sales of Sony Santa Monica’s recently released prequel were less than half those of its predecessor, which launched all the way...

  • UK Sales Charts Tomb Raider Staves Off God of War: Ascension

    Baying for blood

    If poor Lara Croft thought that she was in a dire situation before, now she’s got a bloodthirsty Kratos breathing down her neck. Crystal Dynamics’ top-notch Tomb Raider reboot has held onto its place atop the UK sales charts for a second week, fending off the familiar but fantastic God of War: Ascension, which finished in...

  • News PlayStation 3 Shifted 263,000 Units in North America Last Month

    Sales strong for Sony's system

    PlayStation 4 may have stolen the headlines in February, but the PlayStation 3 proved that it’s still got the staying power to carry Sony into the next generation. has revealed that the manufacturer’s current flagship console sold 263,000 units in North America last month – enough to make it the...

  • News Phantasy Star Online 2's Download Numbers Rocket on Vita

    MAGnificent news

    The impressive PlayStation Vita port of Phantasy Star Online 2 has already proved a massive hit in Japan, having been purchased or downloaded over 350,000 times in the region since its release at the end of last month. While a retail version of the MMO did hit store shelves on 28th February, it’s the free download from the...

  • News February NPD: Dead Space 3 Dismembers the Competition

    Sly Cooper squeezes into the top ten

    Despite speculation regarding its disappointing sales, Dead Space 3 managed to fire its way to the summit of the North American sales charts in February. The space shooter pushed Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 into second, while Crysis 3, NBA 2K13, and

  • Japanese Sales Charts Soul Sacrifice Pushes Vita Above 3DS

    Sony's system finally knocks its counterpart off the summit

    Savour the moment: the PlayStation Vita has finally toppled the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. Sales for Sony’s handheld stayed strong following last week’s price drop, with Soul Sacrifice pushing the system’s tally up to a colossal 63,581 units – a small improvement over last week’s...

  • News GameStop: More than 600,000 Gamers Showing Strong Demand for PS4

    Retailer reckons console is off to a positive start

    North American video game specialist GameStop has revealed that more than 600,000 members of its Power Up Rewards programme have signed up to its ‘First to Know’ list for the PlayStation 4. The initiative offers availability updates, purchase options, and details about Sony’s next...

  • News Is Sony Discontinuing the 3G PlayStation Vita?

    North American stores slashing the price of the connected console

    A slew of Sony stores across North America have discounted the price of the 3G PlayStation Vita, with some outlets explaining that it’s because the premium console is about to be discontinued. Joystiq reports that you can currently purchase a bundle including a 3G handheld, an 8GB...

  • UK Sales Charts Tomb Raider Reboot Smashes Retail Records

    Plunders plenty of wallets

    It may only be March, but Tomb Raider is currently the game to beat. Crystal Dynamics’ well-received reboot safely secured the biggest launch of the year so far, outselling 2013's previous best, the awful Aliens: Colonial Marines, by more than double. It’s worth remembering, however, that the title released on a...

  • News Pachter Predicts PlayStation 4 Will Get Outsold By Next Xbox

    But still thinks that Sony's system will thrive

    Seasoned industry analyst Michael Pachter is renowned for his bold predictions, but he’s really sticking his neck out this time. Speaking as part of this year’s SXSW event in Austin, the Wedbush Securities employee suggested that he expects the next generation Xbox to win out the impending...

  • News Budding Archaeologists Descend on Tomb Raider in Droves

    One million players step into the unknown

    Things are finally looking up for Lara Croft. After months spent stranded on a desert island, the famous protagonist is finally getting her reward – by sharing her journey to Hell and back with throngs of players across the globe. Posting on Twitter, brand director Karl Stewart beamed that over one million...

  • News Sony: PlayStation Vita Sales 'Absolutely Exploded' Over Christmas

    Plenty more content in the pipeline, too

    It sounds like the PlayStation Vita is finally on the ascension. In a recent interview with industry publication MCV, Sony Computer Entertainment UK’s managing director Fergal Gara has hinted that the system’s sales “absolutely exploded” during the holiday season – even though it had to endure a...

  • News Retailer: PlayStation 4 Will Revive the UK's Flagging Market

    Pre-orders for the next generation platform performing extremely well

    UK retailer GAME believes that the impending PlayStation 4 will successfully resurrect the nation’s troubled video game market. Chatting with, category director Charlotte Knight explained that pre-orders for the platform are “performing very well” at the...

  • Rumour Sony's Aiming to Ship a Huge Number of PS4s This Year

    Manufacturer wants 16 million units on store shelves in 2013

    If last month’s big PlayStation Meeting taught us anything, it’s that Sony is not messing around anymore. While the PlayStation 3 was cursed by the company’s arrogance, it genuinely feels like the organisation has learned its lessons, and that’s reflected in almost every aspect...

  • Talking Point Is Sony Putting Too Much Faith in the Killzone Franchise?

    Hopes and Helghast

    Let’s be brutally honest: Killzone has never quite reached its true potential. Despite the media pegging the original sci-fi shooter as Sony’s answer to Master Chief, the Guerrilla Games developed first-person franchise has struggled to appeal outside of its core community, garnering a vocal fanbase sans the mainstream...

  • News PlayStation Vita Sales Surpass 62,000 Units in Japan Post Price Cut

    Onwards and upwards

    PlayStation Vita sales surged to 62,543 units in Japan following last week’s price cut. The system – which saw its cost slashed to ¥19,980 on 28th February – sold out in some stores, prompting SCEJ executive Hiroshi Kawano to hint that sales had quadrupled. However,

  • Rumour Dead Space 4 Dismembered Following Dismal Sales

    Marker of the times

    It sounds like the legs of Visceral Games’ likeable Dead Space series have been targeted by a well aimed Plasma Cutter shot by EA executives. According to a report on, a fourth entry in the horror series was in development, but has been cancelled following the poor sales of Dead Space 3. The

  • News PlayStation Vita Sales Quadruple in Japan Post Price Cut

    System primed for positive week overseas

    We already know that the PlayStation Vita’s commercial performance has improved dramatically since the console’s recent price drop, but just how much has remained a bit of a mystery. Fortunately, speaking at a One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 presentation earlier today, SCEJ president Hiroshi Kawano has...

  • UK Sales Charts Crysis 3 Remains Cloaked at Summit

    Lara Croft may have something to say about that next week

    None could pass Crysis 3 in this week’s UK sales charts. Despite dwindling sales, the PlayStation 3 first-person shooter held onto its place at the top of the best sellers list for a second week, sitting pretty in its Nanosuit getup. We suppose that developer Crytek should take a bow, etc...

  • News Price Cut Prompts PlayStation Vita Sell Outs in Japan

    Celebrate good times

    See that red text at the bottom of those PlayStation Vita promotional posters? That's the sign of victory. After having its price slashed to just ¥19,980 yesterday, Sony’s struggling handheld has finally started flying off the shelves, with the above Akihabara retailer only having two models left in stock. The image...


  • News Retro City Rampage Extracted More Loot from PSN than Xbox and Steam

    Smash and grab success

    Brian Provinciano’s open world love letter to the 8-bit era Retro City Rampage has popped up on almost every platform under the sun over the past six months, but it’s the PlayStation Network version that’s selling the best according to the developer – and, even more specifically, the PlayStation Vita release. "Indies...

  • UK Sales Charts Crysis 3 Cloaks Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

    Persona 4 Golden shines in 32nd

    Crysis 3 eluded Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in this week’s UK sales charts, slipping past the Konami spin-off in order to steal the top spot from right under its nose. A meagre 5,500 units separated the two new releases, though it’s perhaps worth noting that Crytek’s first-person sequel was also available...

  • News No, PlayStation Vita's Not Getting a Price Cut in North America

    Sony's staying put for the time being

    Starting next week, you’ll be able to purchase a PlayStation Vita for a significantly reduced price in Japan. Both the bog-standard Wi-Fi and 3G iterations will be available for ¥19,980 ($213), representing a decrease of around ¥5,000 ($53) on the basic model. However, while we’d predicted a similar...

  • News Digital Sales on PlayStation Vita Eclipse PlayStation 3

    Business is booming

    For all of the doom and gloom surrounding the PlayStation Vita, Sony has revealed that more digital content is purchased for the handheld than the PlayStation 3. Chatting with Destructoid following this week’s PlayStation 4 unveiling, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida explained that the difference is down to all of the...

  • News Sony: PlayStation Vita's Going on the Offensive in 2013

    Platform holder has big plans for the handheld

    Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Hiroshi Kawano has admitted that the PlayStation Vita has failed to meet expectations in its home territory – but has promised that the platform holder will be on the offensive in 2013. The comments come days after Sony announced a significant price-drop...

  • UK Sales Charts Dead Space 3 Unsettles Ni No Kuni

    Wrath of the Necromorphs

    Despite its controversial inclusion of microtransactions, Dead Space 3 has snuck to the summit of this week’s UK sales charts, giving previous frontrunner Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch an awful scare along the way. The spooked Level-5 and Studio Ghibli collaboration dropped all the way down into sixth, though...

  • News Sony: "We Have to Do a Better Job of Promoting the PS Vita"

    Well, duh

    Sony slashed the PlayStation Vita’s sales forecast for the fourth time earlier today, announcing that it expects the recently released handheld and its predecessor to sell a combined 7 million units by the end of the current fiscal year. It had originally predicted that the console would surpass 16 million units during the same period,...

  • News Assassin's Creed III: Liberation's Sales Near 600,000 Units

    Not too shabby

    Ubisoft’s likeable PlayStation Vita spin-off Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation has snuck up on a brand new milestone, selling “close to 600,000 units”. The publisher announced the statistic as part of a post-earnings financial call earlier today, though its terminology was mixed throughout. As such, it’s not entirely clear...

  • News Sony Cuts Losses, PlayStation Sales Tumble

    Ups and downs

    It looks like the appointment of Kaz Hirai has worked wonders for Sony. The recently recruited president promised to decrease losses when he took over the role in April last year, and he’s done a decent job. The company as a whole recorded a net loss of ¥10.8 billion ($115 million) for its fiscal third quarter ending 31st...

  • News Dead Island Shuffles Past the 5 Million Sales Milestone

    Deadly proportions

    Who would have thought that one trailer could make such a difference? Dead Island, the janky co-operative zombie slayer from Deep Silver, has officially surpassed 5 million sales since its release in 2011, which is nothing short of a small miracle considering how broken the game was at launch. The publisher – which now owns the...

  • News Capcom Cuts DmC: Devil May Cry's Forecasts Down to Size

    Fallen angel

    You can’t blame Capcom for having high expectations – it’s just a shame that the publisher can’t seem to achieve them. After shipping one million copies of DmC: Devil May Cry across multiple platforms in January, the company has decided to slash its overall sales estimates for the reboot. It now expects the release to shift 1.2...

  • UK Sales Charts Ni No Kuni Summons a Spot at the Top

    Magic master

    Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch has ventured to the top of the UK sales charts, conjuring itself into first position for the week. The striking Level-5 and Studio Ghibli collaboration wrapped its wand around the back of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s head, pushing the popular first-person shooter into third position. Last week’s...


  • Japanese Sales Charts New Vita Titles Fail to Drive Hardware

    Demon malaise

    In the past, it’s been pretty easy to attribute the PlayStation Vita’s commercial woes in Japan to the platform's worrying lack of software. After all, whenever a new title has arrived, the system’s sales have almost always spiked. Worryingly, that wasn’t the case this week. Despite netting two major new releases in dungeon...

  • UK Sales Charts DmC Pounded into Fourth by Black Ops 2

    Sinking feeling

    After dominating last week, DmC: Devil May Cry’s halo has slipped down into fourth position in the UK sales charts. The title was toppled by former frontrunner Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which shot straight back to the summit. Familiar favourites FIFA 13 and Far Cry 3 occupied second and third respectively. Elsewhere,

  • News Japan's Most Desired Console Is the PlayStation Vita

    Moral victory

    The system may be locked in a constant conflict with the bottom half of the Japanese hardware charts, but it turns out that local consumers want to love the PlayStation Vita after all. A recent Famitsu magazine survey discovered that more than 64 per cent of readers are eager to snap up the struggling hardware, a sample greater than...

  • UK Sales Charts Devil May Cry Ascends to the Heavens

    God of war

    Dante’s new haircut didn’t prove a hindrance on DmC: Devil May Cry’s ability to conquer the UK sales charts, as the controversial (but excellent) demon slayer shot straight to the summit of the region’s best sellers list, knocking FIFA 13 off the championship spot. Perhaps potential buyers were swayed by the patriotic Union Jack...

  • News Epic Mickey 2's Sales Were Less Than Stellar in North America

    Oh dear

    Oswald the Lucky Rabbit must be seriously losing his charm. According to the LA Times, the poorly received Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two managed to shift just 270,000 units in North America during its first month or so on sale. That's roughly a million less than its Nintendo Wii exclusive predecessor achieved in a similar timeframe...

  • UK Sales Charts FIFA 13 Clings on Through Stoppage Time

    Closes out the three points

    FIFA 13 battled through another set of challenging fixtures to hold onto the summit of the UK sales charts for a sixth time this week. The soccer sim locked Ubisoft’s excellent tropical shooter Far Cry 3 in second, while Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 settled for third. Hitman: Absolution and

  • Talking Point Does It Matter if the PS3 Overtakes the Xbox 360?

    Console combat

    According to sales estimates released by the International Data Corporation earlier this week, the PlayStation 3 is now the second-best selling console of the generation. The research firm predicts that Sony surpassed the Xbox 360 in global shipment figures this December, putting the platform ahead of Microsoft’s machine for the...

  • News December NPD: Black Ops 2 Dominates Disappointing 2012

    The future's bleak

    Staying consistent with the rest of 2012, December served up another year of decline for the North American video game industry. Despite pulling in a whopping $3.2 billion during the festive window, sales were still down 22 per cent over last year’s $4.10 billion. The year as a whole drooped by a similar margin, scooping just...

  • News Report Puts PlayStation 3 Ahead of Xbox 360 in Global Shipments

    Knock out

    It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like the PlayStation 3 has finally overtaken the Xbox 360 in global shipments. A new report by the International Data Corporation – spotted by – estimates that PS3 figures reached 77 million units this past December, a tally greater than the Xbox 360’s still impressive 76...

  • News Journey Clambers to the Summit of the PSN Charts

    Magical trip

    Not content with scooping our coveted Game of the Year award, Journey has also climbed to the peak of the North American PlayStation Network charts. The critically acclaimed exclusive brushed aside strong competition from Mass Effect and The Walking Dead to steal the top spot for the month of December. In Europe, the title fin

  • News Kaz Hirai: PS Vita Sales Are on the Low End of Expectations

    Looking to the long term

    Speaking at a press event directly after the conclusion of last night’s CES showcase, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai admitted that PlayStation Vita sales are currently at the bottom end of the company’s expectations. “I would say it’s on the low end of what we expected,” he explained, adding that it takes time before a system...

  • UK Sales Charts FIFA 13 Shoots to the Top of the League

    Marching on

    You can’t keep a good football game down for long. Despite being forced to sit out on the sidelines for the majority of the Christmas period, FIFA 13 has returned to the top of the UK sales charts. The soccer simulator knocked last week’s frontrunner Far Cry 3 into second position, while Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 remained in third...

  • News The Walking Dead Has Sold an Incredible 8.5 Million Episodes

    Shuffling success

    Telltale’s excellent take on The Walking Dead may have been a surprise critical success, but it’s also been a huge commercial smash hit too. Chatting with the Wall Street Journal, co-founder Dan Connors has revealed that the series has sold a whopping 8.5 million episodes across multiple platforms. “At about $5 per episode,...

  • News Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Was the UK's Best Selling Game of 2012

    Act surprised

    We don’t know why Chart-Track even bothers to hire statisticians to uncover the annual best selling game in the UK. Everyone knows it’s going to be Call of Duty or FIFA anyway, so what’s the point? We suppose it gives us something to pad out an otherwise slow Saturday afternoon – seriously, the alternative to this story was a...


  • UK Sales Charts Far Cry 3 Finishes 2012 on a High

    Leading from the front

    Far Cry 3 couldn’t quite displace Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 in the penultimate UK sales chart of the year – but ongoing retailer promotions have propelled it to the summit of the final countdown of 2012. It was a huge week for Ubisoft in general, with both Assassin’s Creed III and Just Dance 4

  • Japanese Sales Charts PSP Topples Newer Sony Systems

    You can’t keep a good platform down

    The aging PlayStation Portable has reaffirmed its relevance by outselling the PlayStation 3 and Vita in the Japanese sales charts this week. Sony’s classic handheld sold 65,859 units during the tracked timeframe, and had two titles in the top five. Both One Piece: Romance Dawn and AKB1/149: Love Election sold...

  • News Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Keeps UK Sales Charts Captive

    Winter warmer

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 weathered a valiant assault from Far Cry 3 to steal the UK sales charts’ festive top spot this week. Despite seeing sales rise by 86 per cent after a slew of holiday discounts, Ubisoft’s tropical adventure couldn’t quite outpace Activision’s blockbuster, which became the first title in 2012 to top the...

  • News Capcom Disappointed By Slouching Resident Evil 6 Sales

    Zombie infection contained

    Capcom has announced its latest financial earnings, stating that the disappointing sales of Resident Evil 6 have caused the company to lower its estimated profits for the year. While figures for the undead offering started well – shifting an amazing 634,000 units on the PlayStation 3 in its first week in Japan alone –...

  • News PlayStation 3 Sales Surpass 30 Million Units in Europe


    Europe has always been a stronghold for Sony, and that looks unlikely to change. The platform holder has announced that as of 17th December it has sold (not shipped) a whopping 30 million PlayStation 3s across the territory. It looks like that budget 12GB system is really starting to do the business. “This is a major milestone for us...

  • UK Sales Charts Black Ops 2 Closes Out a Fifth Week

    Number one with a bullet

    We suspect that there are going to be a fair few copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 stuffed beneath the Christmas tree next Tuesday. Activision’s commercial steamroller has secured a fifth week at the top of the UK sales charts, equalling LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes’ spell at the summit. Hitman: Absolution surged...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Yakuza 5 Conquers the Competition

    Like a dragon

    Yakuza 5 landed a devastating blow on all of the other new releases in Japan this week. The latest title in SEGA’s seedy series registered 356,757 sales, which was enough to score it a spot at the summit of the region's charts. The hotly anticipated sequel sold more than the combined total of the top three Wii U launch games – but...

  • News Square Enix: Sleeping Dogs Could Become One of Our Strongest Brands

    Pork buns all around

    Contrary to popular opinion, Square Enix’s excellent Asian crime drama Sleeping Dogs is selling very well. Speaking during a financial briefing earlier this week, the publisher’s president Yoichi Wada admitted that the company may have had unreasonably high expectations for the title – but that doesn’t mean that it's...

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