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  • News You Can Save on a Massive Selection of PS4, PS3, and Vita Games in Europe's New PSN Sale

    Happy Birthday Vita

    North America got its own selection of discounts just yesterday, but Sony hasn't forgotten about us Europeans, either. Starting today, a massive amount of titles have had their prices slashed, including Destiny, Samurai Warriors 4, both Danganronpa games, and even The Evil Within. You're especially lucky if you're a big

  • News Save on 2014's Biggest Games in the Latest NA PSN Sale

    Critical hit to the wallet

    It seems like we can't go a single week without there being some sort of PlayStation Store sale going on. And while we're not necessarily complaining, we still fear for all those poor, empty wallets out there. The latest wave of discounts centre on some of the biggest games of last year. Dubbed the 'Critics' Choice...

  • News Pachter: PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Could Sell Up to 12 Million Copies

    That's if Sony bundles it aggressively

    The jury may still be out on PlayStation 4 exclusive The Order: 1886, but seasoned industry analyst Michael Pachter foresees a very lucrative future for the release. Chatting with Gaming Bolt, the Wedbush Securities employee suggested that it could sell five million copies by the end of the year – and may yet...

  • UK Sales Charts Evolve Seeks Out the Summit

    Level up

    Finally, the UK sales charts have changed. After weeks and weeks of a samey looking top ten, Evolve and Nintendo's New 3DS have arrived to mix things up. As you'd probably expect, Turtle Rock's four-versus-one affair clawed its way to the top spot, with 48 per cent of copies sold on the PlayStation 4. This was actually one per cent less...

  • News PS4, PS3, and PlayStation Vita Prices Plunge in NA Valentine's Day Flash Sale

    Be still our beating heart

    Charli XCX was right: the power of love is more than a song, and it's about to take hold of you, too. Sony has deployed a pretty darn impressive Flash Sale on the North American PlayStation Store this weekend, which is packing some seriously big names. Available now until 09:00AM PST on Monday, 16th February, you'll be...

  • News January 2015 NPD: PS4 Soars Back to US Hardware Sales Summit

    Return of the king

    Well, that didn't last long, huh? After slipping behind the Xbox One in November and December, Sony has successfully pipped Microsoft's next-gen platform at the post in the January NPD sales report, securing the top hardware spot yet again. For those of you with short memories, the PlayStation 4 dominated the competition in the...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Dragon Ball Xenoverse PS4, PS3 Eases Past 9,000 Units

    Just Saiyan

    These next few weeks are going to be massively important for the PlayStation 4 in Japan. For the first time since launch, Sony has actually amassed a decent software lineup for Eastern gamers, and it'll be hoping to see its hardware sales increase as a result. And improve they already have, but only marginally; according to Media...

  • News Pachter: Sony Won't Mind if PS4 Loses the Console War

    But it still wants to be on top

    You can always count on seasoned Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter to stoke the flames of the fictional format war. Speaking as part of a wide-ranging interview with Game Informer, the outspoken executive has suggested that Sony doesn't really care about outselling the Xbox One with the PlayStation 4 – but...

  • UK Sales Charts Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Can't Be Passed

    Spacey to breathe

    Oh, please pull the trigger. The samey UK sales charts have been practically unchanged for months now, with only Evolve offering any immediate hope of respite. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare once again maintained control of the top position, while Grand Theft Auto V and FIFA 15 jostled for space in second and third respectively...

  • News Far Cry 4 Drives PlayStation 4 Sales Forward in Japan


    It's been a bit of a slow start to the year for the PlayStation 4 in Japan, but Sony's got an impressive slate of software lined up, and it's kickstarted things this week with the overseas release of Far Cry 4. According to Media Create numbers, Ajay Ghale's adventure sold 36,239 units on the next-gen console last week, almost double what it...

  • News Capcom's Resident Evil PSN Sale Will Have You Shuffling to the Store

    Come 'ere, stranger

    You're in luck if the recently released remake of Resident Evil made you hungry for more undead action, because publisher Capcom's having a series sale on the North American PlayStation Store. You can make some decent savings on titles from across the franchise, but you'd better rise from your eternal slumber quickly, as the...

  • UK Sales Charts There Ain't Nothing to See Here

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare back on top

    Dying Light should, by right, have given the UK sales charts a bit of shake up this week, but seeing as it only released digitally in Europe last Wednesday, brace yourselves for a familiar top ten. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare did manage to strong arm Grand Theft Auto V from the summit, following a...


  • News Tales of Zestiria Has Sold Over 400,000 Copies in Japan, and It's Getting Free Post-Game DLC To Celebrate

    Mmm, zesty

    Although they've got a sizeable and loyal fan base here in the West, the Tales games have never been as popular as they are in their native Japan. That trend doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon, either, as the latest instalment in the franchise, Tales of Zestiria, has sold over 400,000 copies in its homeland since it launched. It's...

  • UK Sales Charts Saints Row Misses Out on Four More Years

    Voted out

    Saints Row IV: Re-Elected & Gat Out of Hell missed out on the presidency spot in this week's UK sales charts, clawing its way into fourth position overall. Grand Theft Auto V was instead sworn into the White House, completing a third term at the summit of the British best sellers list, while Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and FIFA 15...

  • News PS4, PS3, and Vita Indies Discounted in North American PlayStation Store Flash Sale

    Stop press

    Don't use your 10 per cent off voucher just yet, as Sony has launched a PlayStation Store Flash Sale in North America to coincide with the promotion. This is live now, and will run until 09:00AM PST on 26th January, so if you pair it with the aforementioned apology offer, you could get some serious bang for your buck this weekend. Who...

  • Guide How to Use Your 10 Per Cent Off PSN Voucher on PS4, PS3, and PlayStation Vita

    Redeem your free PlayStation Store discount right now

    It seems a bit strange to be getting excited over a 10 per cent discount weekend, but this is the first time that Sony's ever run anything like this on the PlayStation Store, and we'd hazard that if it's a success, it may do another one in the future – hopefully without any further...

  • News PS4, PS3, and Vita Titles Reduced in European PlayStation Store Sale

    Combo breaker

    Sony's big January sale may have expired on the European PlayStation Store, but that's not stopping the manufacturer from following up with a bumper sale focusing on 2K Games' catalogue and various other digital downloads. For starters, you'll be able to acquire a bunch of the aforementioned publisher's wares at up to 80 per cent off,...

  • UK Sales Charts Grand Theft Auto V Sits Pretty at Summit

    Déjà vu

    Zzzzz. Forget about the Green Day song Wake Me Up When September Ends, we're writing a new version, and it's called Wake Me Up When the UK Sales Charts Change. There are no surprises in this week's update, with Grand Theft Auto V, FIFA 15, and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare all finishing at the top. Ubisoft trio Far Cry 4, The Crew, and...

  • News Destiny and Minecraft Topped 2014's PSN Sales Charts

    Act surprised

    Another day, another chance to find out 2014 sales data. This time it's quite interesting, though, as Sony has shared lists of the best selling titles on the PlayStation Network. In North America, Destiny blasted the competition and landed in first place on PS4, while in Europe, Minecraft dug its way to victory on every single console...

  • News December NPD: Sony Looking to Momentous 2015 as PS4 Sits in Second Place

    Still best selling box of 2014

    There was no major upset in the December NPD report, as the PlayStation 4 slumped to its second defeat of the calendar year. Sony's system was on top for the first ten months of 2014, but lost out to Microsoft's major Xbox One price promotions in November - and that continued through December, too. Despite this, its...

  • News DriveClub Was the UK's Best Selling Exclusive of 2014

    Pulling ahead

    It may come as a shock to many, but DriveClub, the PlayStation 4 exclusive racer that was plagued by launch issues, was the UK's best selling exclusive game of 2014. The full list, which comes from MCV, takes console bundles into account, but doesn't follow digital sales, so we can probably assume that the gorgeous drive-'em-up sold by...

  • News There Are Some Pretty Impressive Savings to Be Had in This 20th Anniversary PlayStation Store Sale

    Back for more

    If the January PlayStation Store sale hasn't been enough to satiate your lust for savings, then these current 20th Anniversary deals might just claw away the last few coins from your wallet. Covering PS4, PS3, Vita, and even PSP games, the North American sale offers discounts on a large number of titles, and if you're a PlayStation...

  • News You Can Probably Guess Which Games Topped the Christmas PSN Charts

    Not many surprises here

    December was a big month for the PlayStation Network, and not just because it was unavailable during the biggest day of the year. Indeed, the PlayStation Store must make an absolute killing around Christmas, and it looks like 2014 was no different, as some of the biggest games on Sony platforms topped the download charts once...

  • News Even Sony's Surprised by the PS4's Stunning Sales

    2015 will prove the strength of the system

    Sony's selling the PlayStation 4 at a frightening pace, with the console's install base already sitting at a dizzying 18.5 million units. The crazy thing is that the system's showing no signs of slowing down, with this year's software lineup looking infinitely stronger than 2014. And in an interview with

  • UK Sales Charts Grand Theft Auto V Holds Up Top Spot


    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has fallen from its perch atop the UK sales charts, with Grand Theft Auto V throwing it from its throne. Rockstar Games' sublime sandbox has enjoyed a resurgence of late due to the release of its PlayStation 4 port, and is likely to maintain momentum later in the month when the PC version is unleashed. To be...

  • News PS4 Indie Transistor Certainly Hasn't Left Supergiant Games in the Red

    Sales surpass 600,000 units

    Transistor was one of the best games on the PlayStation 4 last year, with our scribe Kell Andersen praising it as a mini-masterpiece in our review. It's great to hear, then, that the title has proved a commercial success for developer Supergiant Games, selling over 600,000 copies on Steam and the PlayStation Store so...

  • News Yay! PS4 Passes One Million Units in Japan

    Not dead yet

    Hot on the heels of yesterday's Japanese doom and gloom, there's some good news for the PlayStation 4 in Japan – as it's passed one million units in the all-important region. The latest Media Create data shows that the system sold a reasonable 42,216 consoles during the week ending 4th January, which was enough to tip its install...

  • News Not One PS4 or Vita Title Could Break Japan's Top Ten in 2014

    Vita was second best system, though

    Sony clearly doesn't need Japan to make the PlayStation 4 a success, but the company would surely rather have its home nation on board. While the system is now close to surpassing one million units in the region, it's limped to that milestone. The firm will be pinning all of its hopes on Dragon Quest Heroes,...

  • Feature Why the PS4 Is Selling So Extraordinarily Well

    Secret sauce

    There were a few miffed reactions around the web earlier in the week when Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 has now sold a staggering 18.5 million units globally. A slip-up in the November NPD reports, coupled with a lack of truly meaningful exclusives over the holiday period, prompted some to ponder whether the platform holder...

  • News Yes, PS4 Was the UK's Best Selling System in 2014

    The best of British

    If you hadn't already noticed, we're slap bang in the centre of that period where companies beat their chests and boast about the previous year's sales. And hot on the heels of last night's impressive PlayStation 4 install base update, SCEUK has revealed that its next-gen system was the best-selling console in Britain last year...

  • News People Are Buying Plenty of PS4 Games, Too

    Surprise, surprise

    The meme regarding the PlayStation 4's shortage of software is one of this author's favourites. We can understand why people were disgruntled with Sony's exclusives during the Christmas just gone, but a quick look at our internal review document will tell you all that you need to know about 2014's release schedule – there were...

  • News The PS4 Has Surpassed a Staggering 18.5 Million Units Sold Worldwide

    4.1 million over the holiday period

    While we were celebrating over the holiday season, Sony's crack team of accountants and statisticians were crunching the numbers, and its results are something to behold. The PlayStation 4 sold more than 4.1 million units at retail over the holiday period, bringing its grand total up to a staggering 18.5...

  • UK Sales Charts Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Remains Frosty in First

    Cold war

    Crisis averted: the office Internet has been restored. Our first full day back at Push Square Towers has been spent on the phone to ISPs and in retail stores purchasing new routers and kit, but we're finally back in action – a few hours later than expected. Fortunately, it's the start of January not E3, so we haven't really missed much...

  • News Analysts: Xbox One Will Catch Up to PS4 in 2015

    The battle goes on

    Michael Pachter put his neck on the line recently, and stated that the PlayStation 4 will maintain control of the console space through 2015 – but this was before Microsoft's big NPD win in November. To his credit, the likeable forecaster is sticking with his reading of the situation, but a predictions post from




  • News Sony's Still Bleeding Money, But PS4's in Beast Mode

    Marathon sprint

    The reason behind Microsoft’s temporary Xbox One price drop is looking clearer by the minute: Sony has now shipped 13.5 million PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide – and it hasn’t even been out a year yet. The company added 3.3 million units to the system’s total tally in the quarter spanning July to September, boosting game...

  • News Who Let the Dogs Out? Watch Dogs has Shipped 9 Million Copies

    Barking mad

    Love it or hate it, Watch Dogs has been a huge success for Ubisoft. The new property, which sees you hacking your way through Chicago as a gruff cyber-hero out for revenge, was well received by both critics and consumers alike, and in the publisher's latest financial report, it's announced that the game has shipped nine million copies...

  • UK Sales Charts FIFA 15 Fights Off Minecraft for Fifth Week at Summit

    The invincibles

    There’s no stopping EA Sports’ soccer simulation it seems, as FIFA 15 is currently enjoying yet another week at the summit of the UK sales charts. The footie favourite has sat at the top of the league for five weeks now, and is unlikely to budge next week either. Of course, we’re sure that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at the...

  • UK Sales Charts The Evil Within Can't Shoo FIFA 15 from Summit

    Ball boo

    How many scalps has EA Sports’ soccer sim claimed in the UK sales charts now? FIFA 15 has occupied Chart-Track’s top spot for several weeks since launch, and nothing appears capable of unsettling it – not even Shinji Mikami’s spooky survival horror, The Evil Within. Bethesda’s blockbuster instead finished in second this time, one...

  • News September NPD: Sony Silences Analysts as PS4 Sales Surge

    Nine month winning streak rolls on

    Michael Pachter appears to enjoy pushing gamers’ buttons, so we doubt that he’ll care too much about the egg on his face right now; either way, his prediction that the PlayStation 4’s winning streak would end in September was, well, wrong. Sony actually managed a ninth month atop the NPD sales charts, with

  • News Pachter: PS4's American Winning Streak Ended in September

    Analyst predicts an upset

    Sony was always expected to start this generation on the front foot globally, as the PlayStation brand simply has much more worldwide appeal than its closest competitor. However, the fact that the PlayStation 4 has effortlessly won major markets such as the UK and North America will be a real concern for the folks at...

  • UK Sales Charts FIFA 15 Brushes Aside Alien: Isolation and DriveClub

    League leaders

    FIFA 15 is a bit like a Jose Mourinho team at the minute: stubborn and utterly unbeatable. Despite the release of Alien: Isolation and DriveClub last week, neither could unsettle the soccer sim from its perch at the top of the UK sales charts. The former debuted in second, which may disappoint publisher SEGA a little seeing as it...

  • UK Sales Charts None Shall Pass FIFA 15, As Shadow of Mordor Enters in Second

    Lord of the league

    FIFA 15 fought off its first big competitor for the title this week, remaining at the summit of the UK sales charts – despite the excellent Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor deploying on Friday. The Lord of the Rings spin-off entered in second, netting the biggest ever British launch for a game based on the fantasy franchise. The...




  • News Will the PS4 Get a Price Cut Any Time Soon?

    Probably not just yet

    As we know, the PlayStation 4 is selling extraordinarily well – but things are even more positive for Sony behind closed doors. Last year, the platform holder noted that it had designed its next-gen device to be much more price competitive than the PlayStation 3, and it sounds like it’s feeling the fruits of that labour...

  • News PlayStation Hardware Sales Leave Xbox in the Dust

    PS4 reverses firm's fortunes

    It’s no real secret that the PlayStation 4 is a runaway success, and that’s been reflected by Sony’s latest hardware sales figures. In the platform holder’s most recent financial report, the company claims that its gaming business has seen a 95.7 per cent increase in revenue year-over-year, with the division...

  • UK Sales Charts Sandbox Smash Watch Dogs Simply Won't Stop Yapping

    Woof woof

    With the release calendar looking emptier than a hipster’s apartment in central London, Watch Dogs has managed yet another week at the summit of the UK sales charts. While the open world epic faced increased competition from the likes of FIFA 14 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, it’s probably going to remain at the top until The Last of Us...

  • News June NPD: PS4 Brushes Aside Xbox One Price Drop for Sixth Month at Summit

    Too easy

    After supposedly getting battered in the May NPD sales report, all eyes have been on Microsoft to see whether the newly Kinect-less Xbox One can rebound. Unfortunately for the Redmond-based firm, despite doubling its sales, it hasn’t bounced back to the degree that it may have hoped, as

  • UK Sales Charts Watch Dogs Reconnects with the Top Spot

    Hanging on the telephone

    After a few weeks with shoddy signal, Ubisoft’s sandbox smash Watch Dogs has re-established a connection with the summit of the UK sales charts. The title had been obstructed by Sniper Elite III, which has slipped into second position this week. FIFA 14 mirrored the Netherlands in third, while Wolfenstein: The New Order...

  • News Sony's Current Crop of Consoles Have Sold Over 100 Million Units

    That's the PS4, PS3, and Vita combined

    Sony’s current flock of flagship formats are selling pretty strongly, if a new promotional video released by the platform holder is any indication. In the corporate clip – which focuses on the firm’s line of licensed peripherals and accessories – the company claims that combined sales of the...

  • UK Sales Charts PS4 Testicle Remover Sniper Elite III Tops


    505 Games’ morbidly graphic long-range shooter Sniper Elite III has enjoyed a second week at the top of the UK sales charts, putting a bullet in fellow next-gen rival Watch Dogs. Despite being available on last-gen systems as well, both games sold best on Sony’s latest machine, evidencing the commanding position that the Japanese giant...


  • UK Sales Charts Sniper Elite III Is Your Number One with a Bullet

    On target

    EA Sports UFC is going down, down in an earlier round, as Rebellion’s oddly satisfying Sniper Elite III has cocked its rifle and pulled the trigger on the UK charts. Despite launching on next-gen and last-gen systems, the release commanded 65 per cent of sales on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with Sony’s latest machine...

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