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  • UK Sales Charts Burnout Paradise Remastered Zooms to First Place


    Last week's UK sales are in, and it seems that, sometimes, you can't beat the classics. Burnout Paradise topped the UK chart back when it released on PS3 in 2008, and that initial success has repeated itself, with Burnout Paradise Remastered in pole position. According to, the PS4 version of the game accounted for 78% of...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Fist of the North Star PS4 Kills the Competition

    You're already dead

    Look, we're sorry that we had to use that tagline, but... We had to use that tagline. After six whole weeks at the top, Monster Hunter: World has finally been booted off its throne. The game to do it? Fist of the North Star by the Yakuza team over at SEGA. The PlayStation 4 exclusive has proven to be a reasonable hit in...

  • UK Sales Charts Bravo Team Battles with Grand Theft Auto V

    TT Isle of Man somehow in the mix

    PlayStation VR exclusive Bravo Team registered an impressive debut in third position on the UK sales charts this week, with Grand Theft Auto V taking the overall crown for the umpteenth time. Uber-niche motorcycle simulation TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge sandwiched the two, seemingly connecting with an audience...

  • News NieR: Automata Moves Over 2.5 Million Copies After a Year on the Market

    NieR enough

    NieR: Automata's been a real success story for everyone involved. The action role-playing game launched just over a year ago on PlayStation 4, and now Square Enix has announced the the release has moved over 2.5 million copies. That includes shipped numbers as well as digital sales. It also takes the PC version into account. Still, it's...

  • PlayStation Store Sales Charts Shadow of the Colossus Stands Up

    Monster Hunter: World still strong, though

    Monster Hunter: World enjoyed a second month at the top of the PlayStation Store sales charts in North America last month, but couldn’t oust FIFA 18 in Europe. Shadow of the Colossus – the big new exclusive for February – climbed into third position in North America, while it had to settle for...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Even Dragon Quest Can't Knock Monster Hunter: World Off the Top

    Sixth week at number 1

    Monster Hunter: World on PlayStation 4 remains top of the Japanese software charts for the sixth week running. Sales of Capcom's smash hit are definitely winding down now, but it still managed to move another 39,000 copies. Retail numbers are now just 70,000 copies off 2 million. Not even Dragon Quest Builders -- the...

  • UK Sales Charts FIFA 18 Scores Another No.1

    No surprises here

    With the new releases slowing down, we're back to a fairly predictable UK chart this week. In at No.1 is FIFA 18, where it has stayed for three weeks running. Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty: WWII retain their positions in second and third respectively, while Monster Hunter: World slips down to fifth. Shadow of the Colossus...

  • News Three PS4 Exclusives Feature in UK's Best Selling Games of 2017

    Crash Bandicoot! Gran Turismo! Horizon!

    There’s no doubt that the PlayStation 4 is top dog in the UK, even despite decent competition from both the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Nevertheless, an impressive three PlayStation 4 exclusives featured in Britain’s best sellers of 2017 list, with Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Gran Turismo Sport, and...

  • News PS4 Quietly Enjoyed Its Best Year in Japan Since Launch

    Despite strong competition from Nintendo

    While media attention has been rightly focused on the Nintendo Switch in Japan since its release, the PlayStation 4 has been quietly trucking away in its home nation. DualShockers did some neat number crunching using the latest Media Create report, and has concluded that the system sold 2,083,974 units during...



  • Japanese Sales Charts Monster Hunter: World and PS4 Tear Apart the Competition

    What did you expect?

    As expected, Monster Hunter: World has taken Japan by storm. The series has always been an absolute juggernaut in its native region, and World only solidifies that status -- clearly Monster Hunter doesn't need to be exclusive to a handheld device in order to sell incredibly well. The game shifted a whopping 1.25 million copies...

  • News In One Weekend, Monster Hunter: World Is Crowned the Series' Fastest Selling Entry Ever

    It's shipped 5 million copies

    The game's only been out for one weekend, but Capcom says that Monster Hunter: World is already the fastest selling entry in the series' history. Combining digital sales with shipped figures, the Japanese publisher states that the game has shifted 5 million copies, which is pretty darn impressive. Again, World launched...

  • UK Sales Charts Monster Hunter: World Hunts Down Best First Week in Series History

    Roaring success

    It's a monstrous start for sales of Capcom's Monster Hunter: World. The game only launched on Friday, but it debuts in the UK charts in first place, and has enjoyed the strongest first week sales of any Monster Hunter title. Dragon Ball FighterZ also performed extremely well, scoring the franchise's best debut chart position at...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Outsells Switch Two Weeks in a Row

    Gintama also shows up to party

    The PlayStation 4's on a little bit of a roll in Japan right now, as the current-gen console has outsold the Nintendo Switch for the second week in a row. Combining the numbers of both the standard model and the PS4 Pro, Sony's system breaks 50,000 units, which is a solid amount. Over on the software charts, things...

  • UK Sales Charts Digimon Marks Only Change in Impenetrable Top 10

    Digimon are the champions

    Another week, another mostly similar UK sales chart. This week we mainly see a reshuffle of the previous top 10, with only one dropping out (Forza Motorsport 7) and one new entry. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory just makes it into 10th place on the list, and honestly, there isn't a whole lot more to report...

  • News December 2017 NPD: Call of Duty: WWII Conquers $3.29 Billion Month

    PS4 crowned best-selling console of 2017

    Those people who wrote articles about the death of the console industry prior to the release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One should hang their heads in shame, as Call of Duty: WWII just dominated a $3.29 billion month for the United States games industry. That’s up 10 per cent over year-over-year,...

  • News Heavy Rain's Sales Reach a Ridiculous 5.3 Million Units

    When it rains it pours

    Back when it released in 2010, Heavy Rain was looked upon as one of the most experimental titles in Sony’s portfolio. While it built upon a lot of the groundwork laid in PlayStation 2 game Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophecy, depending on where you’re from) its story-driven murder mystery was unlike anything available at the...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Fights Its Way to Number 1 on PS4

    But can't beat its PSP brothers

    Dissidia Final Fantasy NT launched in Japan last week, and it shot straight to the top of the software charts. The fighter-role-playing game hybrid racked up around 106,000 sales on PlayStation 4. That doesn't seem too shabby given the current Japanese market, but it's worth pointing out that the two prior Dissidia...

  • UK Sales Charts Grand Theft Auto V Returns to the Top

    Chop, Chop

    Grand Theft Auto V first released in 2013; it’s still topping the UK sales charts in 2018. The unbelievable success of Rockstar Games’ open world opus trucks on, with the title securing its 14th cumulative number one, putting it close to record holder Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’s 18 week record. GTA5’s now spent 226 weeks on...

  • News Crash Bandicoot Outsells Destiny 2 at UK Retail in 2017


    A brand new set of figures concerning last year's sales of physical games in the UK has emerged, courtesy of In a comprehensive breakdown of the UK games market for 2017, it's revealed that physical sales were down by 0.4%, but revenue increased by 2.1% to £792m. Perhaps most interestingly, however, is the list of the top...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Gets a Healthy New Year Boost

    Sony's system enjoys a jump

    Two Japanese sales charts articles in one week? Are they trying to do us in? The numbers for the first week of 2018 are here, and despite Nintendo absolutely dominating the software charts, the PlayStation 4 managed to rack up some decent figures. The standard model enjoyed a reasonable sales boost, jumping from 37,000...

  • News Call of Duty, Star Wars Dominate PS Store Charts in December 2017

    Gang Beasts starts strong, too

    There are no surprises in the PlayStation Store charts for December 2017, apart from perhaps the success of the long-overdue Gang Beasts, which charted second on the PlayStation 4 in North America and sixth in Europe. Call of Duty: WWII and Star Wars Battlefront 2 dominated depending upon your continent, with FIFA...

  • News Sony Wraps Up NA Holiday Sale with Fifth Week of Xmas Offers

    It's almost mid-January

    The sale that never ends has returned for one last week, as Sony puts a bow around its North American holiday promotion. To be honest, we’ve been back at work long enough to forget Christmas even ever happened. Anyway, the fifth week of offers is live now and includes discounts on titles like Burly Men at Sea for $6.99 and...

  • Japanese Sales Charts It's Been a Quiet Christmas for PlayStation


    We'll be frank: it's barely worth reporting on these latest Japanese charts. PlayStation had a very quiet post-Christmas period, with console sales dropping off and no new software to speak of. Only three PlayStation titles stuck around in the top 20: Earth Defense Force 5, Call of Duty: WWII, and Yakuza: Kiwami 2. Meanwhile, the standard...

  • News PS4 Enjoys Best Ever Year, Sells Over 20 Million Units

    Success story

    While many – this author included – had expected the PlayStation 4 to peak in 2016, new numbers from Sony reveal that the console actually increased 15 per cent year-over-year. In fact, data shows that the system sold a whopping 20.2 million units globally in 2017 alone – up from its previous record of 17.5 million units the year...

  • News PS4 Sells Almost Six Million Units in Just Over a Month

    Install base now at 73.6 million units

    Sony’s sent out its customary pre-CES 2018 chest puffing press release, revealing that the PlayStation 4 sold almost six million units globally over the all-important holiday period. To be precise, the system sold 5.9 million units worldwide from the period spanning 20th November through 31st December...

  • UK Sales Charts FIFA 18 Kicks off 2018 at No.1

    Live and kicking

    The new year is off to a fairly unsurprising start in the UK weekly sales chart. FIFA 18 has reclaimed the top spot from Call of Duty: WWII, and we see PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds nip into the top 10 at 7th, but other than that, there isn't an awful lot out of the ordinary this week. Perhaps the most interesting nugget of...

  • News Call of Duty: WWII Topped the US PS Store Charts for 2017

    Friday the 13th in top five

    Call of Duty: WWII was the most downloaded PlayStation 4 game of 2017 on the US PlayStation Store, followed by Destiny 2. The news will surely have Activision’s Bobby Kotick licking his lips, but there’s a surprise in third position: Friday the 13th. The asymmetrical online game beat out Horizon: Zero Dawn which...

  • UK Sales Charts Call of Duty Remains MVP for Final Week of 2017


    Perhaps unsurprisingly, Call of Duty: WWII has kept hold of its position atop the UK physical charts as 2017 drew to a close. It's been sitting pretty as number one for eight weeks running which, according to chart trackers GfK, hasn't happened since Zumba Fitness danced into our lives in 2011. The top five hasn't changed at all, actually, but...





  • News Single Player Games Are Really Struggling Right Now

    Dark times for offline play

    Are you the kind of person that prefers your games to be single player focused? Do you dislike this whole service-based initiative that many publishers appear to have adopted? Hard luck. In the wake of layoffs at Agents of Mayhem developer Volition, NPD analyst Mat Piscatella has been chatting with Games Beat about the...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Has a Disastrous Launch on PS4

    Zero hyper combo

    After failing to make any kind meaningful impact in the latest UK charts, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite has crashed and burned in Japan, where it barely sold over 8000 copies on PlayStation 4. Historically, the series has never produced a huge hit in the Land of the Rising Sun, but these are still disastrous numbers for the...

  • UK Sales Charts Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Appears to Flop

    Hyper combo finished

    Count on Capcom to ensure a game starring Spider-Man, Captain America, and Chris Redfield underperforms. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite launched last week – although you’d be forgiven for forgetting – and entered the UK sales charts in 12th place. It’s a disappointing performance for what is, frankly, a disappointing game...

  • News Nintendo Switch Not Affecting PS4's Sales, Says Sony

    Both devices doing well

    The Nintendo Switch has got off to a much stronger start than its predecessor the Wii U, but its early success isn’t cannibalising the PlayStation 4’s sales, according to SIE group president Andrew House. There’s been a good tussle between the two systems recently in the monthly NPD report, but it seems that regardless...

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