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  • News XBOX Boss In 'Vita Won't Be Successful' Shocker

    Is anyone else bored to tears of being told what they want to play?

    Apparently it's not ok for us to be excited about a new entry in the Everybody's Golf series, because we should be playing GameLoft's Let's Golf rip-off or Flick Golf or something We shouldn't be excited for the likes of Wipeout 2048, Sound Shapes and Street Fighter X Tekken because smart-phones are taking over the world. How dare..

  • News Sony Loves DLC, Announces Massive PSN Sale

    Sony's launched a massive DLC sale to get you ready for the weekend

    The deals — which are available from the PSN right now — feature a long list of savings for titles such as Modern Warfare 2, Assassin's Creed II, Super Street Fighter IV and Grand Theft Auto IV amongst others. Apparently, Sony will be publishing more deals on June 29th, but this should little lot should keep you going until..

  • Report PlayStation Vita To Launch Next Year In Europe

    It's the report we've all been dreading, but it's finally here

    Both VG247 and CVG are reporting that the PlayStation Vita will not launch in Europe until 2012. Apparently Sony is weighing up a January or February launch, while a US and Japan release still looks likely for Christmas 2011. Shafted once again. Fantastic. "Sony know it's effectively gifting the festive handheld market to 3DS -..

  • Rumour PlayStation 3 To Get Price-Drop At GamesCom In August

    It's not really a rumour is it

    Everyone's expecting the PlayStation 3 to get a price-drop this year, and there's no better positioned event than August's GamesCom. Sony's known for bringing the heat to the European event, while its competitors flounder. Sounds like a no-brainer to us. MCV's got the report, citing a new price-point of between £179.99 and £199.99 will be announced for the PS3 at..

  • News Yakuza Series Hits 5 Million Unit Milestone

    One of our favourite PlayStation franchises, the Yakuza series, has shipped over 5 million units worldwide SEGA has announced

    The milestone was achieved with new zombie-gangster mash-up, Yakuza: Of The End, which has already shipped 400,000 units in its first two weeks on sale in Japan. We've got our copy. There have been seven games in the Yakuza franchise thus far: four mainline entries on PS2..

  • UK Sales Charts Nothing To See Here...

    The UK sales charts are a depressing sight this week

    Even though we're a PlayStation website, we can acknowledge the misery of 505 Games' long-in-the-tooth Zumba Fitness outselling Nintendo's newly released Ocarina Of Time remake. Sick. It wasn't a good week in general for gamer's games, with Ubisoft's Child Of Eden failing to break the top twenty-five either. Maybe if Q would have put the game out..

  • News Yakuza: Of The End Tops The Japanese Software Charts

    SEGA's mobster-zombie mash-up, Yakuza: Of The End, has unsurprisingly topped the Japanese sales charts after a hefty delay

    We received our copy earlier this week but haven't had a chance to check it out yet. It's sitting temptingly on the top of our "to play" pile though. Elsewhere it was a poor week for Japanese software, with the ridiculously titled Gekiatsu!! Pachige Tamashii Portable..

  • News May NPD: L.A. Noire Tops The Class, Video Game Sales Drop


    A. Noire</a> managed to top the sales charts in North America last month, despite video game spending being down 13% year-over-year. New entries Brink and LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean rounded out the top-three. Unfortunately revenue for the industry as a whole dropped from $829.4 million to $718.8 million, though hardware was only down by 5%. Sony's PlayStation 3 managed to sell a..

  • UK Sales Charts Always Bet On Duke, Baby

    Despite a number of seriously scathing reviews over the weekend, Duke Nukem Forever has knocked L

    A. Noire</a> off its perch at the top of the UK sales charts, scoring a number one finish for the long-in-development FPS. L.A. Noire finished up in second, while Sucker Punch's new superhero escapade finished up just behind Zumba Fitness in fourth. The game probably deserved to do better than..

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