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  • Rumour Vita UK Sales Higher Than First Reported

    Perhaps not 45k

    Recently we reported that Vita's UK launch sales were 75% lower than PSP's, but according to industry analyst Nick Park the real figure is much higher. Pocket Gamer reported the console had sold around half of 3DS's UK launch sales, which it claimed were 89,000, putting Vita around the 45,000 mark. However, Park tweeted (via...


  • News GAME Not Stocking Mass Effect 3

    Finishing the fight

    The woes for UK retailer GAME continue, with reports circulating that the publisher will not be carrying Mass Effect 3 or any EA titles beyond this week’s SSX. reports that if you have a pre-order placed for Mass Effect 3 at a GAME store, you’ll be able to claim it back as in-store credit. Apparently the store...

  • Rumour UK Vita Launch Sales 75% Lower Than PSP's

    Slow starter?

    After Sony announced Vita sales of 1.2 million, Pocket Gamer claims the system's UK launch week sales were well below predecessor the PSP. When PSP launched in the UK in September 2005 it shifted around 185,000 units in its first week. According to Pocket Gamer, Chart-Track figures claim the console sold "around one quarter"...

  • News Vita Sales Stand at 1.2 Million Worldwide

    Not too shabby

    Sony has announced worldwide sales of PlayStation Vita have passed 1.2 million since the machine's Japanese release in December 2011. Recent Media Create figures put Vita at nearly 580,000 units sold in Japan since December, with the majority of the remaining 620,000 sales likely to have come from North America and Europe. Sony also...

  • News 3G PS Vita Outsold Wi-Fi at Japanese Launch

    Staying connected

    The Wi-Fi version of the PlayStation Vita comfortably outsold its 3G alternative during the system’s UK launch last week, but it was a very different story in Japan. Figures released by Media Create (via Andriasang) overnight show that the more expensive 3G device was significantly more popular during the PlayStation Vita’s...

  • News Analyst Predicts Strong Sales for PlayStation Vita

    No doom and gloom

    In a surprisingly positive report, US marketing research firm, Strategy Analytics, has predicted that Sony will sell a whopping 12.4 million PlayStation Vitas this year – as long as the system benefits from a small price drop at some point within the next 12 months. The company believes that the PS Vita has the potential to rake...

  • News Sony: Early Vita Sales Data is "Very Positive"

    Flying off the shelves

    Internal estimates suggest the PlayStation Vita is selling “very, very positively” according to SCEA big-cheese Jack Tretton. In a chat with IGN, the executive revealed that both software and hardware is tracking well. He said: Memory is going out the door very aggressively despite the fact that memory is in a lot of the...

  • News UFC Dropkicks Amalur from the Top of the UK Charts

    Not pretty

    UFC Undisputed 3 has fought its way to the top of the UK sales charts, beating out last week’s frontrunner, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, to claim the coveted spot. The EA Partners published RPG actually fell from the top ten completely, finishing up in 12th, and allowing faithful favourites such as FIFA 12, Call of Duty: Modern...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Gravity Rush Unable to Stop Dwindling Vita Sales

    Newton's law

    Like the falling apples that formulated Sir Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity, the release of Gravity Rush – known as Gravity Daze domestically – could not thwart the dwindling numbers for Sony’s new handheld in Japan. The snazzy handheld – which releases worldwide next week – managed to sell just 13,939 units, its lowest...

  • News Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Storms the UK Charts

    Sitting pretty

    The EA Partners published Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has rushed straight to the top of the UK charts this week, beating out tough competition from the gruesome Darkness II and last week’s champ, Final Fantasy XIII-2. According to Chart Track data, it’s the first new RPG series to debut at number one since Pokemon Red nearly 12...

  • News January NPD: Absence of Big Launches Leads to Low Sales

    Stuck in a rut

    The latest NPD report – covering monthly spend for the video game industry in North America – didn’t paint a particularly promising picture for digital entertainment in January. Both hardware and software dropped 38% year over year, with sales down from $1.14 billion in January 2011 to just $750 million this past month. The NPD cites the lack of major new releases as the reason..

  • News L.A. Noire Sells Almost Five Million Copies

    No lie

    L.A. Noire might not have been the most even of releases – the open-world crime drama overstayed its welcome by several hours – but it’s still deserving of its success. For all of the game’s faults, it should be recognised for its sheer innovation. Everything from the facial technology through to the very deliberate pacing resulted in...

  • News Sony Reckons PlayStation Vita Had a "Good Start" in Japan

    Stop panicking

    The PlayStation Vita’s early Japanese sales have been a big point of discussion across the Internet since the system’s launch in December. Like the Nintendo 3DS before it, some seem to keen to use the stumbling sales to push their own narrative: that the system is unwanted in a smart-phone dominated world. But Sony itself does not...

  • News Sony Makes Massive $2 Billion Net Loss For Q3 FY2011

    We can feel the hairs on new Sony CEO Kaz Hirai's head turning grey already

    No sooner than the party for Hirai's promotion has ended has Sony posted a whopping $2 billion net loss for the quarter ending December 31st, 2011. The company brought in $23.37 billion in revenue, a 17.4 percent decrease year over year. Sony laid the blame on "the...

  • News PlayStation Vita Titles Will Be Cheaper When Downloaded

    Cheaper than chips

    Sony's not been particularly efficient at communicating specific PlayStation Vita information. We're still waiting for full details on the 3G system's data plan here in Europe. With three weeks to go, the platform holder's definitely cutting things fine. But one question that's been asking more than most is whether downloadable PS...

  • News Amazon UK Upgrading PlayStation Vita Orders

    Announces new bundle too

    If you thought North America was getting all the luck with regards to PlayStation Vita bundles, then you might like to take a note of an email we just received from this morning. According to the message, the online retailer is upgrading all PlayStation Vita pre-orders to include a free 8GB memory card and a...




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