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  • News Who Wants Some Weird Valkyria Chronicles Figurines?

    SEGA's Valkyria Chronicles didn't really sell particularly well outside of Japan

    Probably due to the obscure genre and a real lack of any marketing push. It was, however, a moderate success in Japan, spawning an anime series and these new, erm, swimwear toy capsules. The outfits are based on an unlockable chapter in the game where the members of Squad 7 head to the beach. If you happen to be in..

  • News New Virtua Tennis 2009 Trailer Shows Off Roster

    Virtua Tennis is coming back this May

    Honestly, could we be more excited? Probably not. The game features all the current top tennis stars including the UK's very own Andy "Moody" Murray. We hope they've spent ample time rendering Ana Ivanovic's posterior. Hit the jump for a few screens:

  • News Sony Dominate 49.9% Of The Japanese Hardware Market Last Week

    The release of Yakuza 3 should put an end to Sony doom-slaying

    The PS3 continues to sell very well despite the economy and its high price tag. SEGA's Yakuza 3 is the latest game to prove that Sony's console can shift units, with 372,000 copies sold in its first week. Naturally this had an effect on the Playstation 3's overall sales, where it overcame all competition (even the DS and Wii) to top the..

  • News Yakuza 3 Has The Second-Best PS3 Launch, Ever

    The numbers are in

    It's official. Yakuza 3 didn't sell 300,000 copies but actually more — 372,000 to be precise. That puts the game right behind Metal Gear Solid 4 as the PS3's biggest Japanese seller. This also pushed PS3 system sales up to 35,000 — early reports are indicating that's 23,000 more systems sold than Wii. Those "PS3 is dead" doom prophecies from late last year seem like..

  • News Yakuza 3 Sells Big In Japan

    We reported last week that Yakuza 3 had sold 232k copies on its first day

    But it seems that number has risen a little with lead designer Toshihiro Nagoshi claiming the game has sold 300,000. Either way, it's a bumper first few days for the SEGA exclusive and really improves the chances of a localised version making it to the West. We'll keep our fingers crossed SEGA.


  • News Yakuza 3 Sells 232k On Its First Day In Japan

    SEGA's hotly anticipated Yakuza 3 has sold 232k on its first day

    The game topped Japanese charts ahead of 360 rivals Halo Wars and Way Of The Samurai 3. With the 360 outselling the PS3's hardware totals in Japan last week, it will be interesting to see what effect Yakuza 3 has on the nation.

  • News Yakuza 3 Is Getting Post Release DLC

    SEGA are planning 8-weeks of post release DLC for upcoming release Yakuza 3

    The DLC, which will all be free, will include new missions and items. Supposedly the game will also update itself when you boot up the game, so no need for trips to the Playstation Store or anything. We love the pushes for free content Criterion have made, so the fact SEGA have took notice is reassuring. Here's hoping we..

  • News Yakuza 3 Gets A Demo In Japan

    Yakuza 3 may not be coming out in the West but that doesn't mean we aren't itching to try it

    Following an impressive 38/40 score from Japanese gaming bible Famitsu, SEGA have announced a demo for the hotly anticipated title will be available on the Japanese PSN from tomorrow, February 19th. You can use Kotaku's guide if you wish to create a Japanese...

  • News Virtua Tennis 2009 Announced (Colour Us Crazy Stoked)

    Awww man how we loved Virtua Tennis on the Dreamcast

    One of the best sports games ever. Guess what? It's coming back. SEGA have announced Virtua Tennis 2009 for release in May of this year. The game will include all your tennis circuit favourites along with new faces, current world number 4 Andy Murray and the French Open's winner Ana Ivanovic. Alongside the usual graphical overhaul there will be..



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