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  • News SEGA Posts Impressive Quarterly Profits, Sales Increase By 51%

    What the hell? If there was any company we'd have bet on losing money this quarter, it'd be SEGA

    Not that we have anything against the company - heck no, we love them - but a lot of their releases this quarter were weak. At least, that's what we thought. Turns out we were wrong. Very wrong. SEGA actually managed profits of 7 billion yen ($80.8 million US) for the quarter ending June 30th. For..

  • News Vanquish Gets Casual Auto Mode For Those Confused By The DualShock

    Similarly to Bayonetta's automatic mode, Platinum Games has confirmed that their upcoming shooter, Vanquish, is set to benefit from a "Casual Auto" mode -- which will presumably make the game really easy

    Director Shinji Mikami said of the mode on Platinum's blog, “Before we started work on it, I can’t say that I had high hopes; however, once we got it up and running, I was pleasantly surprised..

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