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  • News No, Shenmue III Ain't Looking for Sailors on PS4

    Don't you know fakes are way uncool?

    Remember the day the snow turned to rain? Yeah, sounds like a tall tale to us – a bit like this supposed Shenmue leak. The rumour appears to stem from a Japanese site, but has been picked up by some regional variants of IGN – and now we're here to tell you why it's more rubbish than Disc Four of the...

  • News SEGA's Not Even Bothering Having a Booth at E3 2015


    We all love PlayStation here at Push Square Towers, but we have a soft spot for SEGA's systems of old, too. Growing up in the UK, both the Master System and the Mega Drive were arguably more popular than their Nintendo rivals – and while we'll gleefully admit that the Saturn deserved to get trounced by the PSone, the Dreamcast certainly...



  • News Pokémon Developer Game Freak's First PS4 Game Is About a Badass Elephant


    Well this has got to be one of the more interesting news stories of the past week or so. Collaborating with SEGA, Game Freak - the developer behind the mainline Pokémon games - is bringing Tembo the Badass Elephant to the PlayStation 4. The brilliantly named title is a side-scrolling action game, where you unsurprisingly play as...

  • News Could Creative Assembly Be Crafting Alien: Isolation 2 for PS4?

    "Please, sir – can I have some Xenomorph?"

    After that groan-inducing ending, Creative Assembly always seemed keen on giving us another dose of Alien: Isolation – and a selection of job postings on its website suggest that the release's titular Xenomorph could be coming back for more. One online multiplayer position in particular notes that the...




  • News PlayStation 4 Proves Its Worth to the Tojo Clan

    The Dragon of Dojima

    It was only a matter of time before the PlayStation 4 obtained admission into the Tojo Clan. Ahead of the release of prequel Yakuza Zero next year, Sony has prepared four tattooed consoles, which should prove the company's allegiance to the current family chairman. Available in both white and black, the designs include the...

  • News Yakuza 5 Lays the Smackdown on PlayStation 3 Next Year

    Top of the list

    Proof that your incessant requests can materialise as real releases: Yakuza 5 is coming to the PlayStation 3 in Europe and North America next year. Ever since Sony announced its new third-party production initiative, this has been one of the most demanded titles – and the platform holder has struck a deal with SEGA to make it...

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    Review Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd

    Dancing queen

    The musical maven of the digital world returns with the release of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd – the second coming of the leading lady and her motley crew in SEGA’s fast-paced, rhythm series. Featuring even more music created through the character’s very own virtual vocals suite, does this sequel hit a high – or a bum...



  • News Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd's Pre-Order Bonus Gets Patriotic

    Star spangled belt

    If you loved performing the digital sensation's hits in Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F, it won't be long before you can expand your catalogue with Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd. Due to be released on 18th November in North America and 21st November in Europe, it features a catalogue bursting at the seams with new smash hits,...

  • Guide How to Stay Alive in Alien: Isolation on PS4

    Sevastopol survivor

    As anyone that’s been chased by an eight foot alien will attest, stayin’ alive ain’t as easy as the Bee Gees once made it sound. However, we’ve been sharpening up our stealth skills in Alien: Isolation on the PlayStation 4 of late, and we’ve got some tips to help you to stay safe on the abandoned Sevastopol space...

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    Review Alien: Isolation


    Creative Assembly’s greatest challenge with Alien: Isolation was always going to be keeping the title’s gruesome game of cat and mouse interesting over the course of a complete campaign – and it would have succeeded, if it knew when to roll the credits. There’s always a cry from money conscious consumers for more content, but SEGA’s...

  • Round Up Alien: Isolation PS4 Reviews Hold Their Breath

    Don't make a sound

    You’d think that it would be easy to make a game about eight-foot aliens stomping around spaceships. However, if the abysmal Aliens: Colonial Marines taught us anything, it’s that it’s not so straightforward at all. Fortunately, the Creative Assembly has been quietly attempting to write a few wrongs behind its...


  • TGS 2014 Yakuza Zero Trailer Looks Good on the Dance Floor

    Looking for a fight, not necessarily romance

    We weren’t entirely sure how we felt about SEGA pulling the prequel card with the latest entry in its Japanese gangster series, Yakuza Zero. However, after watching this brand new trailer, we’re totally sold on the concept. It shows protagonists Kazuma Kiryu and Majima Goro strutting around Kamurocho...

  • News Get Your Hands Dirty With Yakuza Zero's PS4 Gameplay Trailer

    Blast from the past

    Sega was ready to tease us with more than just pictures of Yakuza Zero during Sony's pre-Tokyo Game Show conference earlier today. Coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 during Spring 2015 in Japan, the title's set prior to the events of the first game. Staring a fresh faced Kazuma Kiryu who's working his way up the...



  • Weirdness Bloomin' Heck, Someone Made Shenmue in Minecraft

    Search for sailors all over again

    It’s funny how you can remember your way around familiar locations even if you haven’t been there for years. We spent so many hours in Shenmue’s eighties recreation of Yokosuka on the Dreamcast that we know every crevice of this incredible Minecraft replica. It’s been built using a modified edition of the PC...

  • News Alien: Isolation's Pre-Order Bonus Is Turning into a Pricey Premium

    Added extra or special edition?

    You can't really turn your nose up at free stuff for bothering to pre-order a title that you know that you're going to buy anyway. As such, when Alien: Isolation dropped the bomb that you'll be able relive the events of the original 80s horror classic as the crew of the USS Nostromo yesterday in the form of...

  • News How Would You Like to Star in the Next Yakuza Game?

    Raises tattooed paw

    Unsurprisingly, there’s a new Yakuza title in production for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 – and SEGA would like you to star in it. As well as its annual hostess auditions, the publisher is also holding a competition for a 20-something male to appear in the criminal drama. The winner will be scanned, turned into a...

  • News Yu Suzuki: I'm Ready to Create Shenmue III Should the Right Circumstances Arise

    Veteran raring to go

    Much like protagonist Ryo Hazuki’s neverending quest for revengeance, SEGA legend Yu Suzuki will seemingly never give up on the fight for Shenmue III. Asked yet again about the overdue sequel during an event in beautiful Barcelona last week, the Super Hang-On designer declared that he’s ready to make the game whenever the...



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    Review Football Manager Classic 2014

    Mid-league manager

    That there is a Silver Trophy in Football Manager Classic 2014 that rewards you for participating in 30 consecutive seasons – or a couple of hundred hours of play – will be no surprise to fans of the franchise, many of which will have been glued to their computers for the past decade or so. This is a series that’s universe...

  • News Complacency Will Kill in Alien: Isolation on PS4

    Familiarity breeds contempt

    Aside from seemingly finally doing the movie series justice in videogame terms, Alien: Isolation is fast-shaping up to be one of the scariest games unleashed upon both this generation and last. Our very own Sammy Barker got to grips with The Creative Assembly's interpretation of Ridley Scott's interstellar dystopia last...

  • News Football Manager Classic 2014 Will Be Scoring a Sporty Vita Bundle

    And it's coming soon

    If you fancy yourself a football fan, but aren't so keen on the wildly controversial exercise side of the sport, perhaps Football Manager Classic 2014 will be right up your alley. As the title suggests, this management sim will allow you to train and foster your very own team. What's more, developer Sports Interactive has...




  • News Spot the Difference in This Yakuza Ishin Comparison Video

    Two generations entwined

    Whichever your preferred platform, a Western release of Yakuza Ishin is looking unlikely at this point in time. Nevertheless, with the franchise a niche favourite on these shores, we’re going to continue posting about it in the hope that SEGA sees sense and sends a localisation our way. This brand new video focuses on...

  • News Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd's Custom PS3 Controller Is Enormous

    Make some room

    Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd, the sequel to SEGA’s strangely popular rhythm game, may be packed with dainty melodies and twee vocaloid voices – but there’s nothing elegant about its monstrous PlayStation 3 peripheral. The optional Hori manufactured extra – which rivals the first boss from Team ICO classic Shadow of the...

  • News Puyo Puyo Tetris May Just Be the Coolest Crossover Ever

    No, really

    Forget about Ubisoft’s promise of a next-gen Tetris for the PlayStation 4, as there’s only one puzzler that you’re going to want to splash out on this year. Puyo Puyo Tetris promises a chaotic fusion of gaming’s greatest block busting brands, leaving you combining colours and scoring lines in a vibrant experience more hyperactive...

  • News Desperate Shenmue Fans Beg Sony to Save Series on PS4

    Master Chen would admire your fortitude

    It’s becoming abundantly clear that if anyone is going to awaken Shenmue from its decade long slumber, it’s going to be Sony. Not only has the platform holder publicly acknowledged the fervent demand for the franchise in recent interviews, but PlayStation 4 architect Mark Cerny is actual

  • News This Is One PS4 Box That You Probably Won't Be Seeing on Western Store Shelves

    More's the pity

    With the PlayStation 4’s launch in Japan now fast approaching, publishers are beginning to reveal the cover art for their release day wares. One such box that slipped through our news net late last year is this one for Yakuza Ishin, which bucks the series’ Eastern trend by adopting a full colour image. Pretty neat, huh? Despite...

  • News There's Plenty of Sexy Side Content to Skewer in Yakuza Ishin

    A night on the town

    The Yakuza franchise has always boasted a large number of quirky, often crazy side activities to keep you entertained when you're not busy beating thugs into bloody pulps, and thankfully, the series' latest samurai spin-off Yakuza Ishin is just as laden with opportunities to turn that gritty frown upside down. According to the...

  • News Alien: Isolation Stalks PS4, PS3 Later This Year

    Believe it or not

    Are those the cogs of the press cycle being kicked back into gear, or are we being pursued by a great leathery Martian? We’re going to assume it’s the latter, as SEGA has decided to give the ol’ Ridley Scott thing another bash, confirming that Total War developer Creative Assembly is working on Alien: Isolation for the...

  • News Chop Up Radishes in Yakuza Ishin's Intriguing PS Vita App

    A cut above

    As far as companion applications go, Yakuza Ishin’s extravagant PlayStation Vita extra may just be the most impressive yet. We outlined late last month that the add-on will allow you to take Ryoma Sakamoto’s historical experience out with you, but this brand new footage shows just how much you’ll be able to do on the handheld...

  • News We'd Trade a Phoenix Mirror for This Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Content

    Changed our mind

    Forget about the unresolved drama regarding Shenmue’s slick looking glasses, series antagonist Lan Di has cooked up an even more sinister plot involving Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. While the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions released over a year ago now, SEGA has just published the iOS and Android ports – and they...


  • News There's Only One Way You're Going to Get Hatsune Miku in Your Bedroom

    Little deviants

    There’s no need for the X-Factor in Japan, as the region is so technologically advanced that it’s able to manufacture its chart toppers using computers. As such, you have little to no chance of bumping into Hatsune Miku at a swanky awards ceremony – but through the power of the PlayStation Vita, you will have others...

  • News You'll Be Able to Use Your Vita to Take PS4 Title Yakuza Ishin Everywhere

    Historical setting, future technology

    Companion applications are all the rage these days. Developers are employing smartphones and tablets to augment second screen experiences in many of their games, but SEGA is going one step further than the usual roster of maps and statistics in Yakuza Ishin. Instead, the upcoming PlayStation 4 adventure will...

  • News Japanese PS4 Launch Title Yakuza Ishin Draws Its Sword

    Slice and dice

    There’s more cheesy rock music in this brand new trailer for Japanese PlayStation 4 launch title Yakuza Ishin than you could shake a samurai sword at. The lengthy cinematic clip – which splices together copious cut-scenes from the full game – shows various series favourites in their alternate history roles. That isn’t seasoned...


  • News Oh Boy, Sony Hears Your Pleas for Shenmue on PlayStation

    Let's get sweaty

    Sony is eager to bring SEGA’s seminal Dreamcast exclusive Shenmue to the PlayStation platforms. Earlier in the year it announced that it had constructed a new division designed to localise and oversee ports of popular third-party releases on its systems, and speaking with Kotaku at an event in New York City this wee

  • News Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f Hits the High Notes on PS Vita

    God-tier tune

    Following a surprisingly successful localisation on the PlayStation 3, SEGA’s rock hard rhythm release Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f is set to stretch its vocal cords on the PlayStation Vita in Europe and North America next year. The title – which stars Japan’s most popular computer generated pop star – actually deployed first...






  • News Yakuza Could Be Flirting with the PlayStation Vita in the Future

    Dragon of Dojima

    There are few nights where we don’t weep at the lack of Yakuza 5 in our lives. The hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 adventure launched in Japan last year, but still hasn’t received a western release. Despite this, the series is still massively popular in its native market – and in a recent interview with an Eastern...



  • News SEGA Counting Down to New PlayStation 3 and Vita Announcement

    Guesses on the back of a postcard, please

    SEGA has launched a new Japanese teaser website for an impending PlayStation 3 and Vita project, but additional details are being kept under wraps. The page – which features some kind of dust effect – hints that all will be revealed on 28th March. Why do we have to wait so long? Unsurprisingly,...

  • News You Should Really Consider Signing This Yakuza 5 Petition

    We'll cry if you don't

    Petitions are almost always futile, but when they revolve around a franchise that’s dear to our heart, we suppose they’re at least worth a shot. A group of Yakuza 5 fans have started up an online campaign to get the latest entry in the gangster series localised. Over the past few years, publisher SEGA has stealthily...

  • News PlayStation Plus Subscribers Secure Complimentary Entry into The Cave

    Tekken 6 and lots of discounts also up for grabs

    North American PlayStation Plus members may need to dig out their hardhats and fluorescent tabards, as this week’s update grants you free access to The Cave. The quirky Double Fine-developed platformer-cum-adventure game sees you fill the steel-toe cap boots of seven different archetypes, as you...

  • News Phantasy Star Online 2's Download Numbers Rocket on Vita

    MAGnificent news

    The impressive PlayStation Vita port of Phantasy Star Online 2 has already proved a massive hit in Japan, having been purchased or downloaded over 350,000 times in the region since its release at the end of last month. While a retail version of the MMO did hit store shelves on 28th February, it’s the free download from the...

  • News Thumbs Up If You'd Like to Play Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F

    Actually, we'd rather play Yakuza 5

    The game based on Japan’s creepy vocaloid teen idol thing Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F could be heading on a world tour. SEGA is currently polling fans on Facebook to see how much interest there is in the PlayStation 3 version of the title overseas. All you need to do to register your interest in the game is...


  • News Vanquish Rocket Boosts onto North American PlayStation Plus

    Feeling all Gideon

    Shinji Mikami’s stylish PlayStation 3 shooter Vanquish will slide into the North American Instant Game Collection this week. PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download the exceptional action game for free when the PlayStation Store updates, along with popular PlayStation Portable remake Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X...

  • News Toshihiro Nagoshi Wants to Show Next Gen Yakuza This Year

    Fighting fury

    Fans of fisticuffs and dragon tattoos may be excited to learn that a next generation Yakuza title could debut as early as this year. Series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi teased in the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation magazine [via Gematsu] that the recently released Yakuza 5 will probably be the last entry in the series on PlayStation...

  • Rumour Gearbox Wasn't Aliens: Colonial Marines' Lead Developer

    Beep, blip

    According to comments made up by an ex-Gearbox employee, the majority of Aliens: Colonial Marines was not built by the Borderlands developer. In fact, the game – which has been paraded around by gaffer Randy Pitchford and crew in the build up to release – was actually the product of TimeGate Studios, the developer behind the decent...

  • News Aliens: Colonial Marines Goes on a Bug Hunt in March


    Aliens: Colonial Marines will allow you to relive your youth next month. However, this time you won’t be burning ants with a magnifying glass – you’ll be pumping giant insects full of lead. SEGA has revealed that the first of Gearbox’s imminent extraterrestrial eviscerator’s expansion packs, ‘Bug Hunt’, will deploy in March,...

  • News New Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer Slow Dances with Death

    One, two, three, and four

    Don’t let the mellow piano melody fool you – Aliens: Colonial Marines does not require you to excel at the foxtrot. Instead, it demands big biceps, a steady aim, and a strong stomach. Don’t believe us? Check out the title’s excellent launch trailer below to see what we’re talking about. The game's due out next...


  • News Bayonetta Swaggers onto the PlayStation Network Next Week

    Girl power

    She may not be on quite the same plane as Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but Bayonetta is still pretty bad ass – and she’s strutting onto the PlayStation Network next week, publisher SEGA has announced. The first title in Hideki Kamiya’s critically acclaimed series will launch as a digital download on 29th January in North America and...

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