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  • Round Table Time for a Festive Chat

    Visiting the gaming ghosts of past, present and future

    So this is Christmas, and we hope you have fun. That is the whole point of video games anyway, and we're sure that as Sony gamers you've had a rather good year. We've seen the release of the fabulous Vita which — despite disappointing sales — has redefined the power and multi-functionality...


  • News Round Table - What We Expect From Sony At E3

    Time to bring it

    So E3 is almost upon us. The LA extravaganza will no doubt bring all of the hype and big reveals that we’ve come to expect over the years, but what will we see from Sony? We’d expect a big push for Vita to kick-start the system, while PS3 still has plenty to offer. Sony has also stated it won’t be unveiling PS4, but will it...


  • Round Table Let's Talk About PlayStation 3

    It's never been dull

    With PlayStation 3 now the ripe old age of five years old in Europe, a small group of the Push Square team decided to get together and chat about the system. We talk about difficult beginnings, its recovery and emergence, and contemplate its future legacy. Joining features editor Thomas Whitehead are associate editor Sammy...

  • Round Table Let's Talk About PlayStation Vita

    Pushing square on the go

    Sony's latest gaming gizmo, Vita, has now been in the hands of enthusiastic PlayStation gamers for over a week. Naturally, quite a few of the Push Square staff are early adopters and have been spending an unhealthy amount of time enjoying the delights of the shiniest handheld on the market. With that in mind, some of the...