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Review: Ironcast (PS4)

Ironcast (PS4)

I see London, I see France

Ironcast is a very pleasant game considering its subject matter, its upper-class Victorian characters maintaining their polite demeanour in the direst of situations. Due to a dispute over a very valuable substance called Voltite, the British Empire is at war with its old enemy from across the channel, and it'll take nine...

Review: Pure Hold'em (PS4)

Pure Hold'em (PS4)

Card shark

Ever wondered what it'd be like to participate in a high-stakes game of Texas Hold'em? Well, wonder no more. Pure Hold'em, developed by VooFoo Studios, is a realistic simulation of the popular card-based game. It follows in the tradition of previous titles from the Birmingham-based developer, including Pure Pool and Pure Chess, offering...

Review: Pure Pool (PlayStation 4)

Pure Pool (PlayStation 4)

A game with balls

It’s undeniable that VooFoo Studios is swiftly making a name for itself by producing incredibly photo realistic digital renditions of classic games. We’ve already covered the British-based outfit’s Backgammon and Chess endeavours, and now we’re onto Pure Pool, an adaptation of the quintessential pub pastime that’s...

Review: Table Top Racing (PlayStation Vita)

Table Top Racing (PlayStation Vita)

Micro machines

There’s something enjoyable about viewing the world through the lens of tiny eyes. Codemasters’ legendary Mega Drive adaptation of Galoob’s popular Micro Machines toys cottoned onto this, allowing you to race around workbench surfaces and cereal encrusted breakfast bars. Table Top Racing, a PlayStation Vita port of Playrise...

Review: Pure Chess (PlayStation 4)

Pure Chess (PlayStation 4)

Rookies welcome

Way back in 2012, UK developer VooFoo Studios converted the mighty game of chess to the PlayStation 3 and Vita. Despite looking the part, however, Pure Chess was hindered by its limited multiplayer options. Now, the Hustle Kings developer has returned for a second round, wielding the power of the PlayStation 4 in the process. Has it...

Review: Stick It to the Man (PlayStation 4)

Stick It to the Man (PlayStation 4)

Scratch and sniff

Stick It to the Man is the story of a young adult with a hand sticking out of his head. This tale also includes aliens, a few clowns, a crocodile with a taste for human flesh, and a skeleton pirate. With the kind of dark humour that you may remember from the likes of Ren and Stimpy – and an art style to match – this is an...

Review: Backgammon Blitz (PlayStation 4)

Backgammon Blitz (PlayStation 4)

Cured to perfection

Backgammon is one of the oldest games in existence, dating back thousands of years, and although in modern society it’s overshadowed by more popular timewasters like chess, it’s managed to find a home on the PlayStation 4 and its accompanying handheld, the PlayStation Vita. It’s true that in some instances the classics are...

News: PS4 Sim Pure Pool Proves That Girls Can Play Too

PS4 Sim Pure Pool Proves That Girls Can Play Too

Rack 'em up

We’re really not sure what to make of this debut trailer for VooFoo’s upcoming PlayStation 4 billiards simulation Pure Pool. On the one hand, the balls look absolutely exquisite – but we’re not overly sold on the frankly frightening character models. Beyond the Daisy Dukes and silicone breasts, though, the British-based...

Review: Stick It to the Man (PlayStation 3)

Stick It to the Man (PlayStation 3)

"I know what you're thinking"

Stick It to the Man wonderfully treads the line between dark and silly. It's Ren and Stimpy-esque aesthetic is plopped on top of a paper craft construction, which gives it a unique and endearing look that brings each character – whether it be human or otherwise – to life in a surreal and smile inducing way. Add to...

Review: Men's Room Mayhem (PlayStation Vita)

Men's Room Mayhem (PlayStation Vita)

Spend a penny

The public toilet is a complex environment, bursting with unwritten rules and accepted traditions. While these standards are not governed by laws, only a brave person dare break them. Men’s Room Mayhem, a brand new PlayStation Vita pee ‘em up from Ripstone and Sawfly Studios, aims to tackle these complex issues in a comical arcade...

News: Men's Room Mayhem Takes a Leak on Vita Next Week

Men's Room Mayhem Takes a Leak on Vita Next Week

Going potty

Men’s Room Mayhem is practically bursting to occupy a spot on your PlayStation Vita, but it’s going to have to cross its legs until 21st May in North America and 22nd May in Europe. You’ll need to spend a shade more than a penny in order to relieve yourself, but not much – the pee ‘em up will cost you $1.99/£1.99, with...

News: Knytt Underground Lowers Itself onto PSN This Week

Knytt Underground Lowers Itself onto PSN This Week

No delays

Indie developer Nicklas ‘Nifflas’ Nygren’s latest platformer Knytt Underground will target the PlayStation 3 and Vita this week. North American gamers will get their hands on the attractive adventure from 18th December, while European users will have to wait until 21st December. In order to make up for the three day sabbatical, the...

News: Big Sky Infinity Blasts PS3 and Vita Next Week

Big Sky Infinity Blasts PS3 and Vita Next Week

Flying high

If you’ve already exhausted every last atom of gameplay from Super Stardust Delta, then Ripstone’s upcoming Big Sky Infinity deserves a spot right at the top of your most wanted list. The PlayStation 3 and Vita twin-stick shooter promises a “fast-paced” arcade experience with “several unique attributes that significantly...