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  • Feature The Making of the Sony PlayStation

    Investigating the birth of a legend

    Republished on Tuesday, 29th September 2015: We're bringing this article back from the archives to celebrate the PSone's big 20th Anniversary in Europe today. The original text follows. Originally published on Thursday, 9th August 2012: It's almost impossible to conceive it now but prior to the 32-bit...



  • Feature PlayStation 3 Retrospective - Part Two

    Onwards and upwards

    We’ll take any excuse to scoff copious amounts of cake here at Push Square towers, so naturally we were all on board to extend our celebrations for the PS3’s fifth anniversary. Just a few days ago we shared our PlayStation 3 retrospective: part one, and now we’re back to continue our journey through time. In this part we...

  • Feature PlayStation 3 Retrospective - Part One

    The third place

    As our celebrations for the PlayStation 3’s fifth anniversary continue to march on, we’ve taken a moment to reflect on some of the key events from the system’s life so far. It’s been a turbulent half-decade for Sony’s black behemoth, with more drama packed into its formative years than the entire series of a police...


  • Feature Move's First Year - Part Three

    Summer, E3 and Movemodo’s first birthday

    Our analysis of PS Move’s first year comes to an end as we breakdown the most significant news and highlight the standout games that were released during the four months between May and August 2011. News, May 2011: April’s news ended with the inconvenience of the PSN outage and this issue continued to...


  • Feature Move's First Year - Part Two

    The start of 2011

    This September we celebrated PS Move’s first birthday by chronicling in Move’s First Year – Part One the most notable news and titles that were released between September and December 2010. We continued with this retrospective theme this month by analysing Move's First Year — The Stinkers, and we forecast the most...

  • Feature Move's First Year - The Stinkers

    The ugly ducklings that couldn’t

    Here at Movemodo we’ve been a joyous lot, as we’re still celebrating Move’s first birthday. We’ve taken our first step into looking back at the past year with Move's First Year: Part One, and even looked ahead to some Four Must-Have Move Games for the Future. While we’ll continue this journey further as...


  • Features Move's First Year - Part One

    Its first four months

    As PlayStation Move celebrates its first birthday this month, it is an apt time to look back at our year of content and share with you the news and reviews that were a highlight of Move’s year. Starting with Part One of this ‘Year in Review’, we look at the months from its September launch release through to Christmas...