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  • News Ridge Racer Hits North America on 13th March

    Free DLC too!

    While Japanese and European gamers are already enjoying Ridge Racer on their Vita systems, North American gamers have been patiently waiting for the game to make its appearance. Well the wait is almost over. Namco Bandai has just announced that Ridge Racer will now be released on 13th March in North America and the company is even...

  • News Sly Cooper Sneaks Through Time this Fall on PS3

    Let's do the time warp again

    Sony’s attached a vague release date to Sanzaru Games’ hotly anticipated Sly Cooper sequel, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. The title’s due out at some point in the Fall (around Christmas), which is a lot more specific than the previously ambiguous date of “2012”. Expect Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time to factor big...

  • News Trine 2 Launching on European PSN Next Week

    Bizarre announcement

    Frozenbyte’s revealed that Trine 2 will launch on the European PlayStation Network next week. That’s according to a ridiculous (but brilliant) video posted on the developer’s YouTube account. Trine 2 released in North America last year, but was delayed in Europe after it failed QA. It seems those issues have been resolved...

  • News BioShock Infinite Invades UK on 19th October

    Pie in the sky

    2K’s announced that Irrational Games’ hotly anticipated BioShock follow-up, BioShock Infinite, will launch in North America on the 16th October. Europe will have to wait just a few additional days for the first-person shooter, when it releases overseas on the 19th October. Creative director Ken Levine said: After BioShock, we had...


  • News Gravity Rush Coming to Europe on 13th June

    Available at retail

    It seems SCEE’s had a change of heart regarding the European release of Gravity Rush. The title was originally only planned for digital release, but in a PlayStation Blog post this afternoon the publisher has confirmed that a retail version will also be made available. The bad news is that the game is still a way off, with SCEE...

  • News Journey Destined for North America on 13th March

    Arrives in Europe 14th March

    Yesterday we reported that the highly-anticipated Journey begins its travels in Japan on 15th March: thankfully, the rest of the world can also get ready to depart. North America will receive thatgamecompany’s latest release first, with the title available to download from PlayStation Store on 13th March for $14.99...

  • News Assassin's Creed 3 Release Date Revealed

    Here we go

    Ubisoft has revealed it'll release Assassin's Creed 3 on Tuesday 30th October 2012. The publisher recently teased a "major" entry in the series was due later this year and we now know it'll be the long-awaited AC3. We haven't got much more to go on at the moment but stay tuned.

  • News Journey Begins its Travels on 15th March in Japan

    On the road

    Sony’s finally attached a date to thatgamecompany’s hotly anticipated arthouse PlayStation Network release, Journey. Sadly the launch date only applies to Japan. Those living in the land of the rising sun will get to purchase the gorgeous adventure title on 15th March for a lowly sum of ¥1,200. Sony’s yet to confirm a Western...

  • News Darksiders II Dances with Death This Summer

    Slow dance in the sun

    Normally we wouldn’t be up for inviting the Grim Reaper into our home, but in the case of Darksiders II we might be tempted to make an exception. According to the game’s official Twitter account, we’ll get to go hands-on with the dark Zelda inspired sequel this coming 26th June in North America and 29th June in Europe...

  • News Look to the Resistance: Burning Skies on 29th May

    Hot date

    Not content with launching a stack of Vita games in the next few weeks, Sony's already looking ahead to the release of Resistance: Burning Skies, with global release dates before the end of May. North American Vita owners can face off against the Chimera on 29th May, while Europe gets it 24 hours later on 30th May. Interestingly these are...

  • News Namco to Co-publish Star Trek Next Year

    Set phasers to fun

    Digital Extreme’s exciting PlayStation Move supported Star Trek title has got a new publisher and release date. The title will now find itself rocketing onto store shelves in early 2013, shortly before J. J. Abram’s next big theatrical release. It’ll be handled by Namco Bandai, who’s signed a co-publishing and distribution...

  • News Yakuza: Dead Souls Limps onto the PS3 on 16th March

    Hellish hostesses

    SEGA’s Yakuza franchise is consistently brilliant. The zany open-world series is well recognised for its mix of serious and silly, and Yakuza: Dead Souls – the Western name for Yakuza: Of the End – promises to take things to the next level. Having spent several hours with the import release we can confirm that Dead Souls...

  • News Prepare for Worms Ultimate Mayhem on 14th February

    Cue crude worms jokes

    The franchise that shows no signs of ever ending, Worms Ultimate Mayhem just got itself a pair of release dates for Europe and North America. Annelid fans Stateside can get worms on Valentine's Day, while the cute warmongers reach Europe on 15th February. The game will cost $14.99/£9.99/€12.99, with a day one discount for...

  • News Hungry Giraffe Scoffs its Way into North America on 7th February

    Lock up your fridges

    While us lucky Europeans have spent the past 24 hours gobbling up as much grub as we can get our hands-on in Hungry Giraffe, those in North America will not have to wait long to join in on the flavoursome fun. Developer Laughing Jackal’s just dropped us a line to confirm that Hungry Giraffe will hit the North American PlayStation Store on 7th February, where it will be free..
















  • News Sorcery Mysteriously Absent from Sony's Coming Soon List

    Curiouser and curiouser...

    Magic wand-wielder Sorcery is undoubtedly one of the most exciting titles on the way to Move, promising a completely accurate motion-based method of casting spells. Whilst some retailers have it listed for a release in the first three months of 2011, the official US PlayStation Blog recently posted up a list of games on...


  • News Be Part of The Shoot from October 19th

    Your chance to shine

    Sony's upcoming movie-themed shooter, the snappily titled The Shoot, is an attempt at making a kid-friendly shooting game, blasting through familiar scenarios from movies and television to impress the director with your action chops. A brief demo is available on the Starter Disc or PlayStation Network, but those of you eager to...


  • News Take to the Links with John Daly Next Tuesday

    Can The Lion beat Tiger's Move display?

    Sports Champions may not feature a golf game – a surprising omission, it must be said – the Move isn't going to miss out when it comes to licensed versions of the sport. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is already out of course, butsimilarly controversial golfer John Daly is set to launch his own title in the form...

  • News Heavy Rain Gets Move Patch and Demo on September 22nd

    A downpour of information inside

    Heavy Rain: Move Edition is the updated version of Quantic Dream's seminal interactive drama, and it's set to arrive soon in two mouthwatering flavours. If you already own the original Heavy Rain, you can expect to experience all the fun of downloading a new patch for it on September 22nd, which will add in all the...

  • News Race to the United Arab Emirates to Get Move First

    But be quick: controller released tomorrow in UAE

    With all the confusion around Move's release date – and eventual resolution of said confusion – there's now another territory's release information to add to the mix: the Middle-East. Our lucky readers in the United Arab Emirates are about to become very happy indeed, as the controller will be...

  • News Ongoing Confusion Surrounds PlayStation Move's Launch Date

    Updated: Sony clarifies UK release

    Sony officially christened its motion controller Move at E3 2010, simultaneously announcing release dates for North America, Europe and Japan. PlayStation(R)Move Motion Controller to Hit Worldwide Market Starting This September TOKYO, June 15 -- Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) today announced that it will...





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