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  • News Ouch, Japan Isn't Getting PS4 Until February 2014

    First Sony console not to hit its homeland before anywhere else

    Sony has revealed that the Japanese launch of the PS4 won't take place until February 22nd, 2014 — after the North American and European release. That means Sony's forthcoming system is the first it has produced which hasn't been released in its home territory before anywhere else...

  • News When's the PS4 Due Out in Japan? We'll Know Very Soon

    Not forgotten

    Despite being a Japanese company, Sony has said very little about the PlayStation 4’s release plans in its home nation. The firm has been uncharacteristically focused on Western territories up until this point, perhaps recognising that Europe and North America are the regions where this generation’s console war will be fought...





  • News Limbo Sets Sail on PlayStation Vita Next Week

    Are you afraid of the dark?

    Arachnophobes are best advised to steer clear of the PlayStation Store next week. Limbo, the popular indie puzzler from Danish developer Playdead, is set to illuminate the PlayStation Vita on 4th June in North America and 5th June in Europe. The port – which has been handled by LittleBigPlanet PS Vita collaborator...

  • News The HD Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character Spins onto PSN This Week

    Like a record, baby

    Dakko Dakko’s colourful platformer The HD Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character is set to spin onto the PlayStation Vita this week, the Welsh outfit has announced. The game – which originally deployed on the PlayStation Minis platform – sees you controlling an anthropomorphic cephalopod mollusc through increasingly...

  • News Oh, Battlefield 4 Is Definitely Deploying on the PlayStation 4

    Beautiful firefights

    Microsoft and EA may have embarked upon a secretive romance, but that's not stopping Battlefield 4 from targeting the PlayStation 4. The publisher officially confirmed the news earlier this evening, noting that more will be shown at E3. We've sort of known that the game's coming to Sony's next generat

  • News Men's Room Mayhem Takes a Leak on Vita Next Week

    Going potty

    Men’s Room Mayhem is practically bursting to occupy a spot on your PlayStation Vita, but it’s going to have to cross its legs until 21st May in North America and 22nd May in Europe. You’ll need to spend a shade more than a penny in order to relieve yourself, but not much – the pee ‘em up will cost you $1.99/£1.99, with...

  • News Killzone: Mercenary Steps Outside of Grand Theft Auto V's Shadow

    Sony moves release date forwards

    Launching alongside Grand Theft Auto V was never going to do Killzone: Mercenary any favours – and Sony has acknowledged that by moving the PlayStation Vita exclusive’s release date forwards. The title will now deploy on 4th September in Europe and 10th September in North America. It makes a change for Europe...

  • News Solve Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery on Vita This Week

    Big shoes to fill

    The first instalment in Lucid Games’ promising episodic puzzler Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery will unravel on the PlayStation Vita this week. The UK developer – which was founded by a bunch of Bizarre Creations veterans – confirmed the news on Twitter overnight, though it failed to reveal a price for the title. You'll...




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