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  • News Sonic Forces Brings Back Classic SEGA Characters on 7th November

    NiGHTS to see you

    Sonic Forces will launch on 7th November in Europe and North America, and if you pre-order the retail release, you’ll snag some classic SEGA and Atlus customisable character items, allowing you to recreate the look of the likes of Beat from Jet Set Radio and AiAi from Super Monkey Ball. Here’s what associate editor Robert...

  • Guide September 2017 PS4 Release Dates

    Every game on the way

    What games are releasing on the PlayStation 4 in September 2017? Well, we’re in the thick of the holiday build-up now, and sports games are pretty much the order of the day. But beyond FIFA 18 et al, there are some big hitters dropping this month – including a little title called Destiny 2. It’ll be accompanied by mash-up...

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