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Review: Surge Deluxe (PlayStation Vita)

Surge Deluxe (PlayStation Vita)

Index addiction

There’s something deadly about the combination of addictive gameplay and online leaderboards. It’s something that we sampled in Rock Band, where grown men would blast out Hannah Montana songs in the hopes of nailing those few extra notes. Surge Deluxe is equally moreish, without ever serving as a gateway to twerking. As such, if...

Review: King Oddball Ends the World (PlayStation Vita)

King Oddball Ends the World (PlayStation Vita)

Rock royalty

After an extended royal tour of pretty much every mobile platform on the planet, King Oddball Ends the World has rolled onto the PlayStation Vita. Offering projectile flinging fun in the vein of Angry Birds, this puzzle game looks to usurp the throne from the long time ruler and avoid being thrown into the dungeons for treason. With a...

Review: Robot Rescue Revolution (PlayStation 3)

Robot Rescue Revolution (PlayStation 3)

Rust bucket

Robot Rescue Revolution is a strategy puzzle game for the PlayStation 3, which tasks you with guiding multiple robots to a goal while navigating treacherous terrain. Available for a relatively slender figure from the PlayStation Store, the title includes three worlds to explore and over 100 levels to complete. The core gameplay involves...

Review: Tiny Brains (PlayStation 4)

Tiny Brains (PlayStation 4)

Tiny brains, big character

Science: it’s a wonderful thing. Without science, we’d still be muddling through the dark ages, in a world without Facebook and instant soup. Of course, before such manmade wonders can exist, they need to be tested – and what better way is there to trial such innovations than by exploiting poor animals? Don’t call...

Review: A-Men 2 (PlayStation Vita)

A-Men 2 (PlayStation Vita)

Pray before playing

The A-Men have returned to challenge your deductive skills in another set of devilishly difficult combat scenarios. The rouge robot army that you accidentally unleashed in the original title is still at large, and it’s up to you and your squad of specialists to eradicate them – or perhaps just skirt around them as you get to...

Review: Escape Plan (PlayStation 4)

Escape Plan (PlayStation 4)

The great escape

Lil and Laarg are in trouble. They’ve been imprisoned by the dastardly Bakuki who’s intent on recycling them as part of some evil plan. If they’re going to avoid being turned into black sludge then they’ll need help escaping from a prison packed to the brim with deadly traps all baying for their blood. Escape Plan...

Review: Contrast (PlayStation 4)

Contrast (PlayStation 4)

If it's broke, fix it

Contrast is the first game by indie developer Compulsion Games. It, along with Resogun, shares the distinction of being the one of the first free PlayStation Plus giveaways on the PlayStation 4. The title follows a young girl named Didi, who works to reunite her estranged parents with the help of her imaginary friend Dawn (the...

Review: Furmins (PlayStation Vita)

Furmins (PlayStation Vita)

Fuzzy feeling

Furmins is likely to feel familiar. It's a mixture of Lemmings and Cut the Rope: a physics based puzzler that challenges you to construct a passage for the titular creatures to roll through, all while collecting sweets, avoiding death, and reaching the goal in a fast enough time to gain three stars. These stars can then be used to...

Review: Sparkle (PlayStation Vita)

Sparkle (PlayStation Vita)

Glitter bug

The aim of Sparkle is to fling different coloured marbles at a procession of similarly styled balls that are rolling progressively closer to the centre of an on-screen maze. Put three of the same tinted spheres in a row and they will detonate, with your ultimate goal being to spontaneously combust all of the orbs as promptly as possible...

Review: Open Me (PlayStation Vita)

Open Me (PlayStation Vita)

Box clever

There's finally a reason to dust off those augmented reality cards that came with your PlayStation Vita. While there have been an abundance of titles that support the laminated rectangles, Open Me's brain teasers really make digging them out a worthwhile endeavour. This is a fun, engaging, and quirky puzzle game that forces you to, ahem,...

Review: Do Not Fall (PlayStation 3)

Do Not Fall (PlayStation 3)

Free fallin'

Abiding to the rules of the title proves to be a bit of a challenge in Do Not Fall, but it's a task worth trying. Despite some minor repetition niggles, this puzzle platformer is a lot of fun – even if it does flirt ever so slightly with the bonkers side. The premise harks back to the days of yore, where video games possessed a...

Review: OMG HD Zombies! (PlayStation Vita)

OMG HD Zombies! (PlayStation Vita)

Do you have the deadication?

After some zombie target practice as a PlayStation Minis title, the addictive OMG-Z is back as a full PlayStation Vita game, with Trophies, leaderboards, and a fresh lick of paint. OMG HD Zombies takes the original release's compelling mechanics, and gives them a good old polish, prompting you to venture deeper down the...

Review: Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery: Episode One - A Bump in the Night (PlayStation Vita)

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery: Episode One - A Bump in the Night (PlayStation Vita)

Challenging puzzles that will defeet you

Although your adventure is only just beginning with this downloadable PlayStation Vita point and click puzzler, Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery: Episode One - A Bump in the Night's fiendish challenges will truly put you through your paces. The first instalment in the series is barely four hours long, yet...

Review: Thomas Was Alone (PlayStation 3)

Thomas Was Alone (PlayStation 3)

It's hip to be square

Although 'simple and charming' is a worn-out phrase used to describe the numerous puzzle platformers on the PlayStation Network, there's no question that those three words suit Thomas Was Alone perfectly. Guiding geometric shapes through a gauntlet of hazards and obstacles is the order of the day, but while the cross-buy...