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News: PSN Offline as Sony's Servers Are Struck with DDoS Attack

PSN Offline as Sony's Servers Are Struck with DDoS Attack

No scheduled maintenance planned

Sony may be basking in the glory of a successful PlayStation Experience showing, but its engineers back home are fighting fires as we type. Right now, the PlayStation Network is facing some connection issues, with Lizard Squad claiming responsibility for the outage. The group has been attacking gaming services for...

News: No Personal Information Has Been Accessed in PlayStation Network Outage

No Personal Information Has Been Accessed in PlayStation Network Outage

Hack job

Well, this is all starting to seem eerily familiar now, isn’t it? There were signs earlier today that the PlayStation Network was coming back online as planned – we even logged in for a few fleeting moments – but the service hasn’t returned quite as quickly as we anticipated. In fact, it’s been out for nearing 12 hours now,...

Store Update: 27th February 2013 (Europe)

27th February 2013 (Europe)

A godly freebie

It's that time again, with a host of downloadable goodies being added to your various Sony consoles for your gaming pleasure. PlayStation Plus member get access to a rather well-known HD re-release, while a host of discounts and new DLC options also fight for your attention. Let's get to the details. PlayStation Plus: God of War HD...

News: Beatshapers Bundles Up Indie Classics for PS3, Vita and PSP

Beatshapers Bundles Up Indie Classics for PS3, Vita and PSP

Five games for not much cash

Publisher Beatshapers has announced today that its Indie Bundle - which contains five titles developed by esteemed independent video game makers - is going to be made available on PlayStation Stores all over the globe. The bundle includes Wizorb, Canabalt, Enigmo, Galcon Labs and BreakQuest.

Store Update: 18th July 2012 (Europe)

18th July 2012 (Europe)

Zombies and PS Plus freebies

As is always the case, this week's store update has a range of new titles, PS Plus extras and enough DLC bits 'n bobs to shake a stick at. Let's get right to it. PlayStation Plus: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light – 100% discount Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light DLC Packs (various) – All packs at 50% off for...

Store Update: 11th July 2012 (Europe)

11th July 2012 (Europe)

Pinball, frogs and conundrums

This week's European update is another DLC-heavy affair, but there are new games to try out too. Let's do this one more time. PS3 Games: Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale (Trial available) Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale brings the world of the iconic Dungeons & Dragons franchise to console gamers. Battle in...

Store Update: 27th June 2012 (Europe)

27th June 2012 (Europe)

Sony sale continues

Sony's dropped the prices on more of its top titles this week, including plenty for PlayStation Move in an effort to get you using the motion controller, plus there's some long-overdue digital releases for one Nathan Drake. PlayStation Plus: Uncharted --15% off for 1 week Uncharted 2 — 15% off for 1 week Resident Evil...

Store Update: 20th June 2012 (Europe)

20th June 2012 (Europe)

No Tombi!

There's no Tombi! for Europe this week, but Sony says it's working on it. In the meantime, here is what's available for you EU PSN account holders. PS3 Games: Air Conflicts: Secret Wars [Air Conflicts: Secret Wars review] Out of fierce battles great heroes are born… It is 1939: the Second World War has broken out and troops everywhere...

Store Update: 6th June 2012 (Europe)

6th June 2012 (Europe)

Get sporty

You can indulge your desire for football this week with a new EA Sports bundle, go toe-to-toe with a brilliant SEGA fighter and get some good bargains on games and DLC too. Here we go. PS3 Games: FIFA 12 and UEFA EURO 2012 Bundle This bundle unites the #1 selling sports franchise on the planet with the one of the biggest football events...

Store Update: 30th May 2012 (Europe)

30th May 2012 (Europe)

A mixed bag

Plenty to choose from this week and no time to waste, so here's what's up today. PS Plus: Mad Riders (PS3) including DLC Price: £7.99,€9.99,AU$15.95 PS3 Games: Mad Riders (Trial also available) Mad Riders is an adrenaline-fueled off-road arcade racing game, that will let you perform amazing aerial stunts and race on over 45...

Store Update: 23rd May 2012 (Europe)

23rd May 2012 (Europe)

Sorcery, SEGA, Table Top Tanks and a Vita demo

One of the busiest release weeks in recent times as we have no fewer than 11 PSN games for PS3 owners, an AR title for Vita and demos and DLC to boot. Here's what's vying for your pounds, Euro and Aussie dollars this week. PlayStation Plus: Ghost Recon Future Soldier Signature Edition (PS3) – 15%...

Store Update: 16th May 2012 (Europe)

16th May 2012 (Europe)

Sonic, Deus Ex and Velocity

A strong week for Europe, with good content for PS3 owners across all PlayStation generations. Let's get stuck in, shall we? PlayStation Network New Content: PS3 Games: PixelJunk 4am (Trial available)Become a headline act in a global musical phenomenon with PlayStation®Move.Mix your own tracks in front of a live audience...