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  • Feature There Was No Place Quite Like PlayStation Home

    Memories of Sony's madcap virtual world

    There's a big 'To Let' sign in the Home Plaza today, and the remnants of makeshift toilet paper streamers scattered about its tufts of unkempt grass. Hours earlier, avatars congregated to wish the virtual world farewell, with one last cabbage patch dance under silky blue skies. Now, the weather is moody, and...

  • News Shed a Tear for the Shuttered PlayStation Home

    Moved out

    Like that final episode of Brookside where Jimmy Corkhill departs the boarded up Merseyside estate for his new life as the lord of a stately home, PlayStation Home has closed its doors for the last time. The service shut down officially at 08:02AM BST this morning according to The servers were packed as congregations...


  • News Sony Shutting the Door on PlayStation Home Next Year

    Eviction notice

    Sony is locking the front door on PlayStation Home — and swallowing the key. The divisive virtual world, which has been in beta since the hazy days of 2008, will officially close on 31st March, 2015 in Europe. At the time of typing, there's no official word on the future of the platform in North America, but given that this was a...







  • News Insert Coins into the PlayStation Home Arcade App This Week

    Retro games on the go

    As spotted late last year, a new application is heading to the PlayStation Vita that will allow you to take your PlayStation Home arcade cabinets out and about with you. The free download – set to release in both Europe and North America this week – features full cross-buy compatibility, meaning that any titles you’ve...


  • News PlayStation Home Arcade Brings More Mini-Games to Vita

    Spare change

    A new application that allows you to play PlayStation Home mini-games on the PlayStation Vita has been spotted in the European PlayStation Store. The free download – discovered by PS Vita Round Up – features playable versions of WipEout 2D, Ice Breaker, and Scribble Shooter. The latter is represented in demo form, but the full...





  • News Mercia: Fractured Realms Stumbles into PlayStation Home

    Level up

    Mercia: Fractured Realms is set to travel into PlayStation Home this week in North America. The ambitious endeavour aims to deliver a full-scale free-to-play role playing game within the virtual world. We’ve heard some pretty great things about this, so you might want to go and check it out. The game can be played in single-player or...

  • News GamesCom 2012 Takes Over PlayStation Home

    Social discovery

    If you’re not lucky enough to be soaking up the festive atmosphere in Cologne this week, Sony has concocted a novel solution. The platform holder has announced that it is bringing the excitement of GamesCom to PlayStation Home – and everyone’s invited. In addition to live streaming the PlayStation press conference in the Home...


  • News Blueprint Lets You Design Your Own Home Apartment

    Fit for a king

    We’ve all dreamed of living in an enormous penthouse kitted out with tennis courts and swimming pools – trouble is, few of us will ever come close to affording one. Thankfully, things aren't quite as expensive in the digital world. Sony has announced a new application for PlayStation Home named Blueprint that will allow you to...



  • News PlayStation Home Upgrades to Version 1.65

    Splash of paint

    Sony’s divisive virtual world PlayStation Home is set to get a few upgrades this week. Version 1.65 brings with it a new user interface and speed improvements – making it even easier to stalk avatars wearing nothing but swimwear. Tweaks include a new menu screen, personal voice chat and more intelligent use of furniture slots...



  • News Street Fighter X Tekken Takes the Fight to PlayStation Home

    Total game integration

    In order to promote the impending release of Street Fighter X Tekken on PlayStation 3, Sony’s announced a new tie-in event for PlayStation Home which will allow you to duke it out beat ‘em up style as your own custom avatars. If you complete 10 challenges in the Home exclusive space, you’ll unlock special Ryu and Kazuya...























  • News Playstation Home Hits The Big 10,000,000! Blimey!

    SCEE announced yesterday that Playstation Home has reached the 10,000,000 user milestone

    Love it or hate it, there ain't no way Sony are dropping the service with numbers like that.“PlayStation Home is fast becoming the meeting place of choice between users and developers,” said Dan Hill, European Home Business Manager at SCEE. “Every new game space enhances the overall experience for consumers,..




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