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  • News Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Has a Huge Day One Patch on PS4

    Includes multiplayer, as well as single player bonuses

    You may want to set aside a few moments before playing Uncharted 4: A Thief's End on the PlayStation 4, as the game includes a 5GB day one patch. That's according to All Games Delta, who obtained the patch notes from the essential update. In addition to "general fixes and improvements", the...

  • News Fallout 4 Survival Mode Set to Irradiate PS4 Next Week

    Pack those stims

    After a long wait, Fallout 4's revamped survival mode will be coming to PlayStation 4 next week, Bethesda estimates. The punishing new setting does away with privileges like quicksave and autosave, forcing you to eat, drink, and sleep in order to survive the dangers of the Commonwealth. Survival mode's been in a beta testing phase...

  • News Diablo III PS4 Patch 1.13 Adds a New Goblin that Gives You Pets

    Hee hee

    It's always a rush when you see a treasure goblin scuttling around in Diablo III. The crazy little critters can drop valuable loot or open a portal to another realm when defeated, and Blizzard's been adding new ones to the mix for some time now. The title's latest update, which you can download on PlayStation 4, adds one more: the...

  • News Rocket League Hoops Laces Its Hi-Tops in PS4 Patch

    Net it now

    Rocket League Hoops, the free basketball-inspired spin-off mode for Psyonix's future sports smash, is available now for free on the PlayStation 4. You should net the title's latest patch, v1.17, the moment that you boot up your console, which includes access to the new mode and arena. The update also includes support for all of the NBA...

  • News Housemarque Confirms Local Co-Op for Alienation the Only Way It Knows How

    Together forever

    We think that PlayStation 4 exclusive Alienation is out of this world, but one drawback is the lack of local multiplayer at launch. Stephen Tailby mentioned in our review that Housemarque tends to provide stellar post-release support for its games, however, and it hasn't taken long for the Finnish firm to confirm that it'll be add

  • Feature The April Update Is a Short Term Fix for a Still Flawed Destiny

    We've been here before

    With Bungie's main team busy beavering away on Destiny 2, which is set to launch in 2017, the studio's secondary group, dubbed the 'live team', is now responsible for keeping the original Destiny alive and kicking. To ensure that the shooter doesn't completely dry up, the live team's job is to pull Guardians back into the...

  • News Fallout 4's Survival Mode Update Is Coming to PS4 Very Soon

    Third person camera also improved

    Fallout 4's survival mode is finally out of its own beta and, er, into another. The new mode is available right now on PC as part of the game's 1.5 update beta - and that means a console version of the patch can't be far off. If we had to guess, we'd say that it'll probably be available to download within the next...

  • News Dark Souls III 1.04 Patch Makes Some Adjustments

    Praise the sun

    How did you get on with Dark Souls III this weekend, readers? We prayed to the Orphan of Kos for help besting the Abyss Watchers, and he responded in kind. We're kinda worried we're going to be whisked away by a giant slug to a Cthulhu-esque nightmare realm in return, however. It was probably worth it – we got a Silver Trophy for...

  • News Street Fighter V to KO Rage Quitters Once and for All

    Better late than never?

    Are you minxes still pulling the plug on your PlayStation 4 each time that you lose in Street Fighter V? You won't be able to get away with that League Points saving tactic for much longer, as Capcom has said that it will finally roll out an update to punish cheaters later this month. It probably should have had some kind...

  • News Destiny's Huge April Update Unleashes Its Super Tonight

    Destined for greater things

    After weeks of inactivity, we're sure that more than a few Guardians will be dusting off their exotic armour and jumping back into Destiny tonight. The game's biggest ever update will be available to download this evening here in the UK, at around 18:00PM BST. Meanwhile, those in North America can potentially look...

  • News A Fresh Fallout 4 Patch Has Snuck onto PS4

    Weighs in at 2.4GB

    There's a new update out for Fallout 4 on PlayStation 4 - but don't get excited just yet. According to Bethesda, the latest patch is only an incremental update - in other words, the developer's just bringing the game up to speed with other platforms. Apparently, the patch adds in Trophy support for the upcoming add-on,...


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