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  • News PlayStation All-Stars Patch Fixes Glitches, Adds New Item

    Smashing stuff

    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s latest patch will ensure that your selected fighter no longer gets swapped during online gameplay. It will also add a new item to the game: Medusa’s Gaze from God of War. Presumably that will stop opponents in their tracks, giving you the opportunity to unleash some deadly combos. Other...


  • News Massive MotorStorm RC Update Retunes Difficulty

    Try again

    We absolutely adored MotorStorm RC, but we reached a point in the campaign where it all got a bit too tough. Turns out developer Evolution Studios noticed that too, as it has prepared a new patch designed to rebalance the game. The developer notes that the patch is not intended to make the game easy, but to ensure the campaign progression...


  • News Hot Shots Golf Gets Even More Addictive with New Update

    A wedge between your social life

    Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational (or Everybody's Golf to our European readers) is already pretty addictive. But developer Clap Hanz intends to make it even more addictive with an upcoming update. The patch – which is due out in Japan next week – adds a number of new features to the cheery title. Headlining the...


  • News Konami Preparing Downpour of Updates for Silent Hill Duo

    Raining ones and zeros

    It’s not often we get to report on simultaneous patch announcements for two different titles, so we’re going to savour this moment. Konami has announced that it will shortly release new updates for Silent Hill: Downpour and Silent Hill HD Collection with the intent of fixing audio synch and auto save issues present in the...

  • News Axel Wheeled Out To All Twisted Metal Owners

    An Axel to grind

    Those of you still engaged in vehicular combat will be pleased to learn that Sony’s adding a new set of wheels to Twisted Metal’s garage today. Axel, the former pre-order bonus, will be available to everyone that updates the game to its latest version. The two-wheeled motorised menace – which has become a fond favourite of...

  • News Deal Death Differently in Skyrim Version 1.5

    Fly swat

    There are numerous minor bug fixes in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s latest software update, but the most notable improvements come in the form of new kill cameras for projectile weapons and fresh animations for melee attacks. Anyone that’s spent more than 20 hours traipsing the city of Winterhold will know how repetitive the combat in...

  • News Extend the Adventure of Escape Plan with Free DLC

    Vita's top title expands

    The escapades of Lil and Laarg are far from over. Sony has announced on the PlayStation Blog that Escape Plan will get its first content expansion on 10th April – and the content will be free. The downloadable pack, entitled Bakuki’s Lair, will add 19 new prequel levels to the touch intensive head scratcher that will...


  • News Anticipated Skyrim PS3 Patch Due Today

    Stutter no more

    The PlayStation 3 version of Bethesda’s brilliant-but-broken fantasy role-playing title, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, might finally transform into a functioning product later today. The developer’s confirmed that the game’s long awaited v1.4 patch – which promises to fix a host of bugs in addition to the game’s well...

  • News Latest Battlefield 3 Patch Solves Communication Woes

    Now everyone can hear you scream

    Being a tactical game, communication is a pretty important component of Battlefield 3. Unsurprisingly, players were pretty miffed when the game shipped with shoddy voice chat quality, making communication between teams pretty much impossible. But, as promised, DICE has finally solved the issue – updating the game to version 1.06 in the process. The patch – which..