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Store Update: 6th January 2015 (North America)

6th January 2015 (North America)

Back to business

We'd only just gotten used to writing '2014' in the title of these articles, so goodness knows how we're going to deal with the New Year. Fortunately, we don't have a whole let else to think about with this particular story, as meaningful content is thin on the ground. With just a handful of new titles available in this North...

News: Sony Extends PlayStation Plus Subs Due to Xmas PSN Outage

Sony Extends PlayStation Plus Subs Due to Xmas PSN Outage

Playing nice

The venom pointed at the PlayStation Network is always at its peak when the service is offline, as everyone tends to go back to their business when functionality is restored. That said, there's no denying that the platform's recent holiday outage was unfortunate, and even though a faction of cyber attackers may be to blame, Sony's come...

Review: Cosmophony (PlayStation 3)

Cosmophony (PlayStation 3)

Hell in a halfpipe

Cosmophony is a rhythmic shooter for the PlayStation 3 which has you guiding a craft as it flies through a wire frame halfpipe packed full of geometric shapes. These are either obstacles to avoid or targets to blast and each of the five stages available are set to a thumping drum and bass soundtrack from French producer and DJ,...

News: Meet the Man Who Stole Christmas for PS4 Fans

Meet the Man Who Stole Christmas for PS4 Fans

The Grinch would be proud

While the PlayStation Network slowly rolls back out around the globe, the after effects of a recent gaming cyber attack are still looming large. Indeed, some people are still unable to connect on the PlayStation 4, rendering Christmas gifts untouched. Meanwhile, the damage to Sony's reputation has been catastrophic –...

News: Joy to the World, PSN's No Longer Offline

Joy to the World, PSN's No Longer Offline

Most people can now connect

Let's hope that this is the last article that we have to write on this matter: PlayStation Network is finally coming back online across the globe. While not everyone has access yet, we're now able to use our consoles fully – we even tried our luck by purchasing a couple of games from the PlayStation Store, and had zero...

News: Sony's Slowly Starting to Bring PSN Online After Catastrophic Christmas Outages

Sony's Slowly Starting to Bring PSN Online After Catastrophic Christmas Outages

Back in action

After a series of deadly DDoS attacks over the Christmas period, Sony's PlayStation Network online services were left in tatters and rendered unusable for almost three days. Obviously, the Japanese giant was quick to react, reassuring us that it had all of its best engineers on the case. However, it was only able to give vague...

Review: Syberia (PlayStation 3)

Syberia (PlayStation 3)


Originally released in 2002, Syberia is one of the most fondly remembered examples of the point and click adventure game genre. With a clever story, and equally ingenious puzzles, it remains as relevant today as the day that it was released. But while the title itself makes a strong case for the revival of this antiquated style of...

Store Update: 17th December 2014 (Europe)

17th December 2014 (Europe)

Fill your boots

There’s truly no rest for the wicked. While this week’s North American PlayStation Store update was substantial, its European counterpart is absolutely gigantic. Titles vying for your attention include Switch Galaxy Ultra, Tetris Ultimate, and Resogun for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. Cast your eyes down below – we hope that you'

Review: BlazeRush (PlayStation 3)

BlazeRush (PlayStation 3)

Blaze of glory

Missiles and bullets flying past cars; monster trucks and flying saucers whizzing down tracks; collisions, crashes, and that all-important final lap overtake – this is BlazeRush, a brand new PlayStation 3 racer from Russian developer Targem Games. This drive-‘em-up offers a short story about underground racing and your...