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  • News Amazon UK Cracks the Code With Its Own Version of the PlayStation Store

    It's a jungle out there

    You may recall a few weeks ago when online retailer Amazon launched its own version of the PlayStation Store. Well it seems that Amazon UK has followed suit, with the European site now open for business.

  • Store Update 11th December 2013 (Europe)

    Bots and brains

    If you’ve already exhausted the PlayStation 4’s launch lineup, then this week’s European PlayStation Store update will come as a bit of a relief, as it includes two new titles for you to try. In addition to cross-buy exploration exclusive Doki-Doki Universe, the refresh also includes co-operative puzzle-‘em-up Tiny Brains...

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    Review A-Men 2

    Pray before playing

    The A-Men have returned to challenge your deductive skills in another set of devilishly difficult combat scenarios. The rouge robot army that you accidentally unleashed in the original title is still at large, and it’s up to you and your squad of specialists to eradicate them – or perhaps just skirt around them as you get to...

  • Store Update 10th December 2013 (North America)

    Seasonal cyborg

    ToeJam & Earl creator Greg Johnson’s bonkers intergalactic excursion Doki-Doki Universe takes centre stage on the North American PlayStation Store this week. The curious cross-buy title sees you exploring weird and wonderful planets, where you’ll need to complete various personality tests in order to progress. Pretty weird,...

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    Review Putty Squad

    Killer Carrots and Crazy Cats

    Back in the nineties, the eventually unreleased Amiga version of Putty Squad was praised by the press for its varied level shapes, consistent game logic, and “masterful” animation. Jump forward 15 years, and we no longer get excited by shapes (unless they’re naughty shapes and you’re a member of Reddit), or game...

  • Feature For the Buyers - Push Square's PlayStation Christmas Shopping Guide

    Gift ideas for the gamer in your life

    The awful celebrity autobiographies filling every square inch of advertising space and tinny, outdated tunes on the radio can only mean one thing: Christmas is coming. It’s now just over two weeks until the big day, and you’re no doubt panicking over the fact that you haven’t picked up any presents yet...

  • News PSN Maintenance Extended an Extra Couple of Hours

    You could always take up stamp collecting

    No, the PlayStation Network has not been hacked again – Sony’s just taking its sweet time with its latest period of scheduled maintenance. As reported earlier, the platform holder had planned to perform some construction work on the online service between 09:00AM PST and 14:00PM PST – but it will now...

  • News Indie Survival Horror Kodoku Sneaks onto PS4 and Vita in 2015

    Not a maths puzzle

    The preponderance of indie games on Sony consoles is arguably one of the platform holder's greatest strengths. We all remember that impressive spread at E3, and now we have yet another title to add to the ever growing list. Kodoku is a survival horror game developed by fledgling studio

  • News Terraria Tunnels onto PS Vita This Week in Europe

    Off to work we go

    Indie side-scrolling Minecraft-esque smash Terraria is set to start digging onto the PlayStation Vita this week, publisher 505 Games has announced. The title will scoop out its bucket and spade on 11th December in Europe, with a North American release set to rise out of the procedurally generated dirt a little later on 17th...

  • Game of the Month November 2013 - Resogun

    Gunned down

    November was yet another busy month for Push Square's reviewers, as we critiqued a hefty 23 games in total. Last month also saw the release of a certain console that you may have heard about: the PlayStation 4. With Sony's new hardware flying off the shelves, the race to get our next-gen write-ups published was on, and so we brought...

  • News You'll Soon Be Able to Link Three Portable Devices to Your PSN Account

    Three's a crowd

    A recent post on the PlayStation Network forums has confirmed that the online service will be down for planned maintenance between 09:00AM - 14:00PM PST (17:00PM - 22:00PM GMT). During this time you'll still be able to play online and access apps, but the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, and Account Management services will be...

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    Review flOw

    Go with the flOw

    Before flower and Journey, there was flOw. Swimming onto the PlayStation 3 in 2007, this trailblazing title from thatgamecompany was one of several games that paved the way for the thriving indie scene found on consoles today. Six years later, it’s fitting that the release has washed up on the PlayStation 4 as part of its own...

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    Review Rainbow Moon

    Richer than a pot of gold

    Lore has it that leprechauns leave pots of gold at the end of a rainbow. Seeking out the end of the colourful arch will bestow vast riches upon the adventurer – the reward for a dangerous and long journey, where the goal is often hidden from sight. Similar treasures can be uncovered in the PlayStation Vita port of Rainbow...

  • News Doki-Doki Universe Bumbles an Iconic Bass Line This Month

    Totally jammin'

    ToeJam & Earl creator Greg Johnson’s bizarre intergalactic experiment Doki-Doki Universe is set to tie up its Hi-Tops and speed onto the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita this month. The title – which appears to be dated for North America only at the moment – will jam with your consoles on 10th December,...

  • News Zen Pinball 2 Sets a High Score on PlayStation 4

    Flippin' fantastic

    Steel your flipper fingers for the ultimate tabletop experience, as Zen Studios has announced that Zen Pinball 2 is set to ping onto the PlayStation 4 on 17th December in North America and 18th December in Europe. Even better, the re-release's tables will be available for free if you’ve already spent money on the score-chasing...

  • Store Update 4th December 2013 (Europe)

    Go with the flOw

    There’s no sign of the PlayStation Store slowing down in Europe, as this week’s content refresh serves up a veritable roast feast of goodies. Highlights include flOw and Blacklight: Retribution on the PlayStation 4, Gran Turismo 6 on the PlayStation 3, and Rainbow Moon on the Vita. What are you buying? PlayStation 4: flOw...

  • Store Update 3rd December 2013 (North America)

    Animal magic

    With the PlayStation 4 already available on store shelves and most of the big blockbusters sitting impatiently in your backlog, we’re very much re-entering the slow season ahead of Christmas right now. That means that game developers are spending more time eating Mince Pies than slaving over bugs – and you’re going to have to make...

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    Review Sound Shapes

    Bring the beat back

    Sound Shapes wastes no time introducing you to its mechanics. As soon as you boot up the game, you’re greeted to a minimalistic environment, a turntable, and an adorable, sticky blob that you control. As you are prompted to jump to the next section of this tutorial stage, you see a coin-like object. Once you make contact with...

  • Guide How to Change Your Profile Picture on the PS4

    Say cheese

    In addition to a standard PlayStation Network avatar, you can also display a real photograph of yourself to your chosen friends on the PlayStation 4. These images can be grabbed from your Facebook account. You’ll need to ensure that your profile is linked to your Facebook account before following these steps. 1. Go to the PS4 Settings...

  • Guide How to Change Your Facebook Publish Settings on the PS4

    Subduing spam

    Once you’ve connected your Facebook account to the PlayStation 4, you can choose to share as much or as little information with your friends as you like. If you decide that you’d like to publish more or less posts, you can change this in the console’s settings. Here's how to do it. 1. Go to the PS4 Settings Screen Once you’ve...

  • News What's New on PS4? The Social Feed Has Been Switched Back On

    Connected consoles

    There’s a lot to like about the PlayStation 4, but one of its strongest assets is how social it is. Unlike the PlayStation 3, the console makes it easy to keep track of your friends – and that’s about to get a lot simpler, as Sony has switched back on the ‘What’s New’ feed. This was disabled dur

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    Review DC Universe Online

    Spandex okay

    Dressing up in tight rubberised clothing and heading out onto the city streets to clobber “criminals” is frowned upon in decent society, and, we suppose when you consider what the tabloids would have to say about it, that’s probably for the best. There’s no need to worry, though, PlayStation 4 owners (and secret spandex...

  • Guide How to Link Your Facebook Account to the PS4

    What's on your mind?

    An important aspect of the PlayStation 4 experience comes courtesy of its connectivity to various social networks. As such, you’ll want to ensure that your console is correctly linked to your Facebook account in order to access a lot of this functionality. Fortunately, this is relatively easy to setup. 1. Go to the PS4...

  • Guide How to Change Your Avatar on the PS4

    Icon options

    Your avatar is the first thing that other players will see on the PlayStation Network, so you’ll need to pick a good one if you want to be respected by the rest of the population on the PlayStation 4. Fortunately, it’s easy to pick a different icon – you just need to follow these simple steps. 1. Go to the PS4 Settings Screen...

  • Guide How to Logout of PSN on the PS4

    Privacy, please

    The PlayStation 4 is designed to be connected to the PlayStation Network at all times, but you may not always want to be signed into the service. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find the logout option on the next generation console. It’s a good thing, then, that we’ve already located it for you, huh? 1. Go to the PS4...

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    Review Escape Plan

    The great escape

    Lil and Laarg are in trouble. They’ve been imprisoned by the dastardly Bakuki who’s intent on recycling them as part of some evil plan. If they’re going to avoid being turned into black sludge then they’ll need help escaping from a prison packed to the brim with deadly traps all baying for their blood. Escape Plan...

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    Review Worms: Revolution Extreme

    Extreme port

    Originally released for the PlayStation 3 last year, we found Worms: Revolution to be “a game that will appeal more to old school fans, as newcomers will find it frustrating due to its control issues”. Having made the jump to the PlayStation Vita with all three of its DLC packs and a subtle name expansion, does the touch-friendly...


  • News Sony Removes Ability to Redeem Codes Due to Struggling PSN

    Crack the code

    Just as sure as the sun rises each morning – and a new Call of Duty game is released each year – the launch of the PlayStation 4 has sent Sony's servers into a bit of a tizzy. Due to the astronomical popularity of the shiny new machine, and therefore the unprecedented number of people attempting to take advantage of its impressive...

  • News European PS4 Launch Prompts PSN Connectivity Problems

    Sony's investigating the issue

    In an age where almost every major hardware and software release reduces unprepared servers to rubble, we reckon that Sony’s done a decent job with the PlayStation 4 thus far. Some connectivity issues surfaced during the system’s record breaking North

  • News Sony: We Are Expecting Record Sales for the PS4 in Europe

    Player power

    While those of you in North America merrily fill your faces with Thanksgiving turkey, the majority of Europe is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the PlayStation 4. The next generation console may be old news by now in the Land of the Free, but the platform is poised to deploy in the Old World imminently. And writing on the PlayStation...

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    Review SoulCalibur II HD Online

    A tale of souls and swords, eternally re-bought

    When the original SoulCalibur II appeared on the PlayStation 2, it was universally praised for its fantastic 3D fighting engine, its diverse cast of characters, and its plethora of modes. Even today, Namco's brawler is remembered fondly by many as the series' greatest achievement. SoulCalibur II HD...

  • Store Update 26th November 2013 (North America)

    Take it Ys-y

    While the majority of North America expands its stomach in preparation for copious portions of Thanksgiving turkey, the PlayStation Store is not taking a break. Granted, this week’s update is a little light on new material, but there’s still PlayStation Vita exclusive Ys Memories of Celceta to sink your teeth into. What are you...

  • News Sony to Reduce Digital PS4 Prices Prior to EU Launch

    Pound stretcher

    The dream of an all-digital future looked dead in the water over the weekend, when the launch of the PlayStation 4’s store in the UK revealed that you could be paying up to £62.99 ($102.63) for a single title. EA decreased the cost of its games by £3.00 ($4.89) yesterday, making its releases slightly more affordable but still...

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    Review flower

    Instant grassification

    Originally swept onto the PlayStation 3 in 2009, flower soared away with a slew of critical acclaim that would set the benchmark for developer thatgamecompany’s successor Journey three years later. At its release, the floral indie favourite pushed boundaries by exploring the idea of what interactive entertainment can be, and...

  • News Basement Crawl Screenshots Shed Some Light on the PS4 Exclusive

    But we still have no idea what's going on

    Basement Crawl is undoubtedly one of the darkest and most bizarre PlayStation 4 exclusives announced yet. And if you don't believe us, try sitting through the previously released teaser trailer without cringing. It makes for tough viewing, that's for sure. What's equally strange, is that all we've seen of...

  • News PS4 UK Digital Prices Slashed Ever So Slightly by EA

    Still extortionate, though

    EA Games’ generosity knows no bounds. Following a backlash over the weekend regarding the eye-watering price points attached to the digital versions of its PlayStation 4 launch titles, the mega publisher has reduced the cost of its catalogue of next generation blockbusters by £3.00 ($4.85) apiece. Now purchasing the...

  • News PS4's UK Digital Prices Will Stretch Your Wallet Pretty Wide

    Shop around

    The price of PlayStation 4 titles in the UK is a topic that hasn’t really been touched on a whole lot in the lead up to launch. We’ve avoided the subject largely because we expected things to settle down shortly before release, but it looks like that’s not going to be the case, and we’re going to be charged a hefty premium at...

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    Review Resogun

    Scoring points

    From the makers of the fantastic Super Stardust HD, Resogun offers a twist on classic twin-stick shooters by adopting a cylindrical field of play. The narrative is based upon an alien race called the Keepers, who are imprisoning humans. It’s your goal, then, to destroy any and everything that you see, while snatching up any...

  • News Don't Worry if Your PlayStation Network Password's Been Reset

    Sony's just keeping you safe

    Don’t panic if you’ve had your PlayStation Network password reset – this was just a precautionary measure initiated by Sony’s European branch in order to keep you safe. As one company representative pointed out on the platform holder’s official forums, “We monitor PSN account for any irregular activity. If...

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    Review Trine 2: Complete Story

    A dreamy journey

    How would you sum up a typical children’s fantasy story? Perhaps words like whimsical, imaginative, and magical come to mind. For some reason, fairy tales have this strange ability to captivate the minds of not just children, but adults as well, because they bring out feelings of wonder and longing for adventure. Trine 2: Complete...

  • News Pimp Your Ride with Gran Turismo 6's Credits System

    Splash the cash

    Racing games fit the format of microtransactions better than most, so it’s not entirely surprising that the upcoming Gran Turismo 6 is getting an in-game purchase system. While you’ll no doubt be able to earn credits by completing license tests and winning races, publisher Sony has also announced that you’ll be able to snag...

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    Review Contrast

    If it's broke, fix it

    Contrast is the first game by indie developer Compulsion Games. It, along with Resogun, shares the distinction of being the one of the first free PlayStation Plus giveaways on the PlayStation 4. The title follows a young girl named Didi, who works to reunite her estranged parents with the help of her imaginary friend Dawn (the...

  • News PSN Errors Prompted by North American PS4 Launch

    Cloudy with a chance of downtime

    Refreshingly, the PlayStation Network hasn’t crashed quite as badly as we expected it to. We were anticipating reports of Grand Theft Auto Online-esque outages to emerge overnight, but it seems that North America has managed to traverse the PlayStation 4’s launch relatively unscathed. That’s not to say that...

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    Review Stick It to the Man

    "I know what you're thinking"

    Stick It to the Man wonderfully treads the line between dark and silly. It's Ren and Stimpy-esque aesthetic is plopped on top of a paper craft construction, which gives it a unique and endearing look that brings each character – whether it be human or otherwise – to life in a surreal and smile inducing way. Add to...

  • News You'll Now Be Able to Buy PSN Content Directly from Amazon

    Game changer

    This is potentially huge. As if there wasn’t enough excitement already cycling the PlayStation brand, Amazon has announced that it has launched its own version of the PlayStation Store – bringing competition to the console digital download space for the first time since the inception of Sony’s virtual plaza. What does this mean?...

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    Review Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus

    Nether say nether

    Ratchet & Clank have been phoning it in harder than washed up talk show hosts on a regional radio station of late. Sony’s seasoned double-act seemed to stop trying after the franchise defining Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, with its more recent multiplayer-focused excursions stumbling harder than Captain Qwark in an IQ...

  • News Super Motherload Digs into the PS4 Launch Lineup

    Going underground

    Your attention may be firmly fixed on Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack right now, but it’s worth remembering that there’s a bevy of indie titles set to launch alongside the PlayStation 4 later this week. One such adventure is indie dig-‘em-up Super Motherload, which is currently sharpening its spade in anticipation for...

  • News You're Now Free to Befriend 2,000 Buddies on the PSN


    If you have more contacts than a regional directory, then you may be delighted to learn that your PlayStation Network friends list has ballooned to 2,000 slots. Following the latest PlayStation Vita firmware update – and some meaty backend maintenance earlier in the week – the platform holder has boosted its online service’s buddy...

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    Review Furmins

    Fuzzy feeling

    Furmins is likely to feel familiar. It's a mixture of Lemmings and Cut the Rope: a physics based puzzler that challenges you to construct a passage for the titular creatures to roll through, all while collecting sweets, avoiding death, and reaching the goal in a fast enough time to gain three stars. These stars can then be used to...

  • Store Update 6th November 2013 (Europe)

    Take your pick

    Call of Duty: Ghosts is the headline addition in this week’s European PlayStation Store update, but it’s accompanied by a cavalcade of smaller digital downloads. Vying for your attention are CastleStorm, Final Exam, and many more. Also worthy of note is Oddworld: The OddBoxx, which bundles four games for £15.99.

  • Store Update 5th November 2013 (North America)


    There’s no doubt that this week’s biggest deployment comes draped in a big white sheet. Call of Duty: Ghosts has secured a day-one digital release on the North American PlayStation Store, and is available in two packages. The Hardened Bundle – which costs a whopping $119.99 – includes the game, a bonus map, and Season Pass. Less...

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    Review CastleStorm

    Shocking, in a manner of speaking

    Building castles, slaying enemy troops, and launching farting sheep. CastleStorm is built around the idea of both building and destroying castles using a variety of customisable methods. You'll control a massive ballista, which you'll employ to send out a variety of troops, some awesome special attacks, and a...

  • News Sony Schedules PlayStation Network Maintenance for Tomorrow

    Under the knife

    Sony’s digging out its favourite under construction animated graphic ahead of a lengthy window of scheduled PlayStation Network maintenance. Posting on the platform holder's official forums, a community representative confirmed that its current generation console will be going under the knife in Europe tomorrow, between 14:00PM GMT...

  • Game of the Month October 2013 - Beyond: Two Souls

    Here's your award, David

    November is finally here, the month in which Sony's next generation console is set to be unleashed in North America and Europe. The anticipation is becoming almost unbearable, but PlayStation's promising future hasn't stopped us from glancing back into its past to decide upon which of October's releases deserves our...

  • News Mercenary Kings Pumps PS4 Full of Lead This Winter

    Loot 'n' shoot

    Tribute Games, the independent outfit fronted by a faction of former Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game developers, has a handful of heavy weapons ready – and it’s pointing them directly at the PlayStation 4. The Canadian company’s upcoming run-and-gun excursion Mercenary Kings is set to put a bullet hole in your brand new...

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    Review Final Exam

    Fight school

    The PlayStation 4 is fast approaching, and the PlayStation 3 is still drowning in new downloadable releases every week. The ageing system's PSN catalogue is fit to burst at this point, with stunning titles like Journey and The Unfinished Swan garnering more praise than most retail releases could hope for. Final Exam may not be as...

  • News From Software's Classic Cutesy Co-Op Platformer Coming to PSN

    Hop to it

    You may know From Software for the deviously difficult Dark Souls series, but the Japanese developer once dabbled in a different kind of demanding. Set to secure a re-release on the PlayStation Network in North America this week, The Adventures of Cookie & Cream was a PlayStation 2 platformer in which you controlled two rabbits through...

  • News Cross Journey and The Unfinished Swan Off Your PS4 Wishlist

    Blotted out for now

    A series of pictorial Tweets from Sony Santa Monica creative director Nathan Gary hinted that both Journey and The Unfinished Swan could be set to make the long trip onto the PlayStation 4 imminently – but the developer has since clarified that th

  • News PS4 Will Make PS3's 'Good' Online Experience 'Excellent'

    Building blocks

    Sony’s next generation console may be launching at a much lower price-point than its predecessor, but SCEE president Jim Ryan reckons that it will improve upon virtually every facet of its current flagship format. However, according to the likeable executive, one area that’s been given the greatest overhaul is the system’s...

  • News PayPal Payment Option Added to the PlayStation 3

    It's about time

    The lack of PayPal support on the PlayStation 3 is one of life’s greatest mysteries. Users have been utilising the online payment service to add funds to their Sony Entertainment Network wallets through the browser-based store for months now, but the service has been curiously absent on the company's black box itself. Any...

  • News Rainbow Moon Brightens Up PS Vita from 3rd December

    Pot of gold

    If you’re hungry for a little more strategy action on your PlayStation Vita, then German indie SideQuest Studios should have you covered. After a year of tailoring its engine for Sony’s slick handheld, the developer is finally ready to deploy its pocketable port of role-playing game Rainbow Moon. For those that missed out on our...


  • Store Update 30th October 2013 (Europe)

    Day late friend

    We’re a teensy bit late to the party with this week’s European PlayStation Store update, but fortunately the content has remained fresh over the past 24 hours. There are a fair few noteworthy arrivals this week, including Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD...

  • News Resogun, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, and Soul Sacrifice Front NA PS Plus Update

    How do you like it, how do you like it?

    It’s true that SCEA has been criticised for its supposedly weak PlayStation Plus lineups in the past, but we doubt that anyone could feel let down by November’s absolutely enormous selection. With the PlayStation 4 set to deploy midway through the month, the company’s latest offering includes free...

  • News Head Backstage with Contrast, the PS4's First PS Plus Freebie

    Family affairs

    It may lack the big-budget punch of DriveClub, but Canadian indie Compulsion Games’ upcoming Contrast sure seems worth your time all the same. The film noir puzzle platformer is set to deploy next month on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, with PlayStation Plus subscribers on the latter system securing the swish excursion for...

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    Review Proteus

    Kaleidoscope eyes

    On our journey through Proteus, we witnessed history, mythology, nature, industry, death, ascension, and enlightenment. We experienced all of these things, but there's a chance that you may not, because part of the appeal of the release is that it's entirely subjective. As such, this is one of the most thought-provoking titles on...

  • Store Update 29th October 2013 (North America)

    Catch of the day

    There’s plenty to plunder on Sony’s primary platforms this week, starting with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. The seafaring sequel is the definite highlight in the latest North American PlayStation Store update, but it’s accompanied by a competent crew including Proteus, WWE 2K14, and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow –...

  • News The Walking Dead: Season Two Stumbles to PS3 and Vita This Year

    Dead good news

    Bigby Wolf and his band of fairytale friends may be drawing all of the plaudits at the present, but Telltale Games is showing no signs of slowing down. As teased earlier in the week, the developer has confirmed that a second season of its award winning

  • News OlliOlli's Campaign Will Put Your Skating Skills to the Test

    Shove it

    Tony Hawk may be weeping into his oversized skateboard peripheral as we type, but that’s not stopping British indie Roll7 from capitalising on the superstar’s video game nosedive. While it may not be garnering as much press as it deserves, OlliOlli is actually one of the more addictive titles that we’ve played on the PlayStation Vita...

  • News The Walking Dead: Season Two Shuffles into Sight Very Soon

    Hat should do it

    The successor to the first season of Telltale Games’ scarily successful The Walking Dead series will rear its decomposing noggin tomorrow. The developer posted the above image alongside the quote “Keep that hair short” on its Twitter page overnight, prompting fans of the property to pretty much freak out. We know very...

  • News This Is How You Share Your Games on the PlayStation 4

    Step one

    Sadly, we’re not blessed with the comic timing of Sony executives Shuhei Yoshida and Adam Boyes, so our PlayStation 4 game sharing update is going to be a little more straight faced than the double act’s hilarious Xbox One troll from earlier in the year. Still, we come bearing new information, so hopefully you can forgive us for the...

  • News PlayStation App Squeezes onto Your Smartphone Next Month

    There's an app for that

    It’s all starting to feel rather real, isn’t it? Back at GamesCom, the PlayStation 4 felt like it was an eternity away, but now we’ve reached the point where we’re writing about imminent firmware updates and file sizes. Furthering that is the confirmation that Sony’s pr

  • News BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Bubbles to the Surface Next Month

    The big daddy

    BioShock Infinite’s first major add-on pack Burial at Sea will plunge to the murky depths of Rapture next month, publisher 2K Games has confirmed. The soggy expansion will plot the return of protagonists Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, albeit in an alternate timeline that’s sure to leave you with a furrowed brow by the time that you...

  • News Don't Miss This Opportunity to Play Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

    Give it a chance

    Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is the best game that you’ve never played. The colourful Ninja Theory adventure crashed and burned when it originally deployed in 2010, but publisher Namco Bandai has opted to give it a new lease of life with a digital re-release for the PlayStation Network. Don’t miss out on it a second time. The...

  • News Sony Flinging PAIN onto the PSN for Free

    Bring the pain

    In 2007, agony was brought upon the PlayStation Network in the form of PAIN, a ludicrous yet hilarious title which enabled you to chuck a human being at buildings, vehicles, and various surrounding landmarks with the objective of causing as much mayhem as possible. At the Brazil Game Show, Sony announced that the injury inducing...

  • News The Wolf Among Us Flashes Its Teeth on PlayStation Vita

    Once upon a time

    Push Square video editor Ben Potter has been howling at The Wolf Among Us harder than at a glamour model dressed in one of those saucy Little Red Riding Hood costumes – and now developer Telltale’s announced a PlayStation Vita port for the wannabe werewolf to slobber over. Yeah, we’v

  • News Assassin's Creed Liberation HD Scales New Orleans in the New Year

    Familiar faces, famous places

    While the PlayStation exclusive content in next week’s Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag will allow you to further the narrative of Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation’s protagonist Aveline, you’ll be able to re-explore the origins of the heroine’s story early next year in the

  • Store Update 23rd October 2013 (Europe)

    Bat to the beginning

    Much like its North American counterpart, this week’s European PlayStation Store update is similarly stacked with noteworthy content. Highlights include Batman: Arkham Origins, the re-release of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, and God of War: Ascension. There’s also

  • Store Update 22nd October 2013 (North America)

    Tripping over content

    Where to even start? This week’s North American PlayStation Store update is so outrageously enormous that we doubt that we’ll be able to do it justice in under 75 words. Highlights include a bunch of PS4 pre-orders, the re-release of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (seriously, you should play it), and a little game called,...

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    Review Superfrog HD

    Princely or wince-worthy?

    Superfrog HD is the remake of an Amiga classic from 1993 and was made by the trusted people at Team 17, who are famous for the Worms series. The narrative is not really groundbreaking, but it tells the sweet love story of a prince and a princess. As with all magical kingdoms, though, fate has something else in mind for the...

  • News The Nightmare Before Christmas DLC Spooking LittleBigPlanet This Week

    Sack Skellington coming to a PS3 and Vita near you

    What's this? What's this? It's Sackboy dressed as Jack. What's this? He's in a brand new town. What's this? We can't believe our eyes, we must be dreaming, wake up Push Square this isn't fair. What's this? In case you haven't guessed, some of us are fans of the 1993 classic film The Nightmare...

  • 15


    Review The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 - Faith

    Little red riding in the hood

    Fresh off the incredible success of the first season of its The Walking Dead adaptation, Telltale Games is now faced with the almost insurmountable task of trying to match the lofty heights of Lee and Clem’s walker-dodging misadventures. In order to attempt this feat, it's adopted the Fables comic franchise as the...

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    Review Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion

    Peg your nose

    Orcs are almost the fantasy genre equivalent of Nazis. They often make up the bulk of an evil army, and represent the dumb grunts that you have to wade through in order to reach your goal. But sometimes we're allowed to play as them. In the The Elder Scrolls series, for example, they're a playable race, while in the ridiculously named...

  • Soapbox Stop Sobbing Over Retail Releases and Embrace PS4's Smaller Titles

    Sammy Barker reckons that you're overlooking the most exciting games

    I tend to hate change. I’m the kind of curmudgeonly so-and-so that gets bent out of shape when the local supermarket stops stocking a certain type of biscuit and coerces me into buying something other than chocolate chip digestives and own brand custard creams. It’s not that...

  • First Impressions Switching Genres on the Fly in Velocity 2X on Vita and PS4

    Oh Kai

    During its short spell at the forefront of PlayStation production, FuturLab has profited from its ability to surprise. Straightforward concepts are at the core of the company’s ethos, but the award-winning developer always manages to marry them with clever twists. That commitment to reinvention resulted in the firm refreshing the entire...

  • News Embark on a Free Quest for Booty with Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus

    Booty call

    Insomniac Games, the creator of the famous Ratchet & Clank series, has shared some good news over on the PlayStation Blog regarding the upcoming Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus. Those of you that purchase the intergalactic adventure will receive a free copy of previous instalment Ratchet & Cl

  • News Boogerman Could Be Tossing Snot onto the PS4 and Vita

    Fart out, man

    Popular pick ‘n’ flick adventure Boogerman could be making a comeback on the PlayStation 4 and Vita, as part of a new Kickstarter campaign fronted by original creators Mike Stragey and Chris Tremmel. For those unfamiliar with the original, the SEGA Mega Drive gross-‘em-up saw you take control of Snotty Ragsdale, an eccentric...

  • News Velocity Ultra Boosts onto PS3 Courtesy of Curve Studios

    Show thumb respect

    One of the PlayStation Vita’s very best games is strapping itself up and teleporting onto the PlayStation 3. Velocity Ultra, the sublime vertical shooter from award-winning Brighton-based developer FuturLab, is set to fire onto the current generation console later this year, alongside all of the features that made the handheld...

  • Store Update 16th October 2013 (Europe)

    Oh, what mighty big teeth you have

    It’s the calm before the storm on the European PlayStation Store this week, with only a handful of noteworthy titles vying for your attention. The first entry in Telltale’s episodic The Wolf Among Us series is very much the star of the show, but the overdue arrival of Muramasa Rebirth is worth a mention too...

  • Store Update 15th October 2013 (North America)

    Knack attack

    This week’s North American PlayStation Store update isn’t the biggest from a new content perspective, but there are still a few noteworthy additions. As pointed out earlier, you can now pre-order both Knack and Warframe for the PlayStation 4 via your current generation console. Other highlights include the digital version of God of...

  • News You Can Already Pre-Order PS4 Games on Your PS3

    Looking to the future

    This may be the first generation ever where you can purchase games for an unreleased system on its predecessor. Sony kickstarted digital PlayStation 4 pre-orders in North America overnight – and you can fulfil the required transactions via your existing PlayStation 3. That’s a pretty novel feature, isn’t it? Current...

  • News A Colossal Monster Hunter Frontier G Trailer Emerges

    Big catch

    Monster Hunter Frontier Online is already out in Japan on the PC and Xbox 360, but the update to the title – named Monster Hunter Frontier G – is being released on the PlayStation 3 later this year in the region. Now the online RPG has received a new trailer, but it might be best to stick the kettle on, as it's ten-minutes long. The...

  • 18


    Review Skydive: Proximity Flight

    Don't try this at home

    What happened to extreme sports games? They were more popular than Mountain Dew towards the end of the PSone era, but the genre seemed to fizzle out faster than a ska band’s fanbase. Overexposure certainly contributed to Kelly Slater and crew’s sudden crash in popularity, but with only a half-hearted Tony Hawk to compete...

  • News Surge Deluxe Connects the Blocks on PlayStation Vita

    Electro shock

    We’re not quite sure where the folks over at FuturLab get their energy, but we’d love to add a little drop of whatever it is that the studio’s supping to our tea. Not content with the upcoming shoot-‘em-up sequel Velocity 2X, the Brighton-based indie is also hard at work on Surge Deluxe – a native PlayStation Vita version...

  • News Remember Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance with Staggering EU PS Plus Refresh

    Raiden you subscribe?

    PlayStation Plus is just getting silly now. Every month we expect the quality of the service to take an overdue plunge, but it somehow manages to defy our expectations every single time. That’s certainly the case in November, with the platform holder lining up an absolute screamer of a selection for European subscribers...

  • Store Update 9th October 2013 (Europe)

    Crown jewels

    It may be pushing fashionably late to its absolute limit, but Dragon’s Crown is finally set to deploy in Europe this week. You’ll be able to purchase Vanillaware’s latest visual treat for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita from the PlayStation Store, with both versions securing sizeable PlayStation Plus discounts. Other...

  • News Journey Is [Not] Bringing Enlightenment to PS4 [Updated]

    Sets its sights on a new mountain

    Better stop knitting that next-gen scarf – turns out thatgamecompany was actually talking about Flower in its awkwardly worded tweet. In a reply to one investigative follower, the developer wrote, "Oops, was talking about Flower, not Journey." That's our hopes and dreams crushed, then.

  • News Saints Row IV Skulks into the Dominatrix on 23rd October

    Computational chaos

    Saints Row IV’s previously announced ‘Enter the Dominatrix’ expansion pack will deploy on digital store aisles prompter than you can chug a can of Saints Flow. In a press release hand delivered to Push Square towers by Johnny Gat himself, publisher Deep Silver has confirmed that the content will tickle your sides from...

  • 0


    Review Sparkle

    Glitter bug

    The aim of Sparkle is to fling different coloured marbles at a procession of similarly styled balls that are rolling progressively closer to the centre of an on-screen maze. Put three of the same tinted spheres in a row and they will detonate, with your ultimate goal being to spontaneously combust all of the orbs as promptly as possible...

  • 6


    Review Atomic Ninjas


    After a guard accidentally nods off over a big red button that rains nuclear fire down on the Earth's citizens, the world as we know it is destroyed. However, in true comic book fashion, Atomic Ninjas' titular characters aren't obliterated by the blast – instead, they're strengthened, sporting increased agility and near invulnerability...

  • Talking Point How Much Game Does a Video Game Need?

    Push square to win

    There was a time when video games were easy to define. You’d pop a quarter into a lively looking cabinet, shoot some aliens, and try to set a high score. The rules established by the early generation of arcade hits throughout the 1970s have long since dictated what we’ve come to expect from interactive entertainment, but as...

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