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News: Pimp Your Ride with Gran Turismo 6's Credits System

Pimp Your Ride with Gran Turismo 6's Credits System

Splash the cash

Racing games fit the format of microtransactions better than most, so it’s not entirely surprising that the upcoming Gran Turismo 6 is getting an in-game purchase system. While you’ll no doubt be able to earn credits by completing license tests and winning races, publisher Sony has also announced that you’ll be able to snag...

Review: Contrast (PlayStation 4)

Contrast (PlayStation 4)

If it's broke, fix it

Contrast is the first game by indie developer Compulsion Games. It, along with Resogun, shares the distinction of being the one of the first free PlayStation Plus giveaways on the PlayStation 4. The title follows a young girl named Didi, who works to reunite her estranged parents with the help of her imaginary friend Dawn (the...

News: PSN Errors Prompted by North American PS4 Launch

PSN Errors Prompted by North American PS4 Launch

Cloudy with a chance of downtime

Refreshingly, the PlayStation Network hasn’t crashed quite as badly as we expected it to. We were anticipating reports of Grand Theft Auto Online-esque outages to emerge overnight, but it seems that North America has managed to traverse the PlayStation 4’s launch relatively unscathed. That’s not to say that...

Review: Stick It to the Man (PlayStation Network)

Stick It to the Man (PlayStation Network)

"I know what you're thinking"

Stick It to the Man wonderfully treads the line between dark and silly. It's Ren and Stimpy-esque aesthetic is plopped on top of a paper craft construction, which gives it a unique and endearing look that brings each character – whether it be human or otherwise – to life in a surreal and smile inducing way. Add to...

News: You'll Now Be Able to Buy PSN Content Directly from Amazon

You'll Now Be Able to Buy PSN Content Directly from Amazon

Game changer

This is potentially huge. As if there wasn’t enough excitement already cycling the PlayStation brand, Amazon has announced that it has launched its own version of the PlayStation Store – bringing competition to the console digital download space for the first time since the inception of Sony’s virtual plaza. What does this mean?...

Review: Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus (PlayStation 3)

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus (PlayStation 3)

Nether say nether

Ratchet & Clank have been phoning it in harder than washed up talk show hosts on a regional radio station of late. Sony’s seasoned double-act seemed to stop trying after the franchise defining Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, with its more recent multiplayer-focused excursions stumbling harder than Captain Qwark in an IQ...

News: Super Motherload Digs into the PS4 Launch Lineup

Super Motherload Digs into the PS4 Launch Lineup

Going underground

Your attention may be firmly fixed on Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack right now, but it’s worth remembering that there’s a bevy of indie titles set to launch alongside the PlayStation 4 later this week. One such adventure is indie dig-‘em-up Super Motherload, which is currently sharpening its spade in anticipation for...

News: You're Now Free to Befriend 2,000 Buddies on the PSN

You're Now Free to Befriend 2,000 Buddies on the PSN


If you have more contacts than a regional directory, then you may be delighted to learn that your PlayStation Network friends list has ballooned to 2,000 slots. Following the latest PlayStation Vita firmware update – and some meaty backend maintenance earlier in the week – the platform holder has boosted its online service’s buddy...

Review: Furmins (PlayStation Network - Vita)

Furmins (PlayStation Network - Vita)

Fuzzy feeling

Furmins is likely to feel familiar. It's a mixture of Lemmings and Cut the Rope: a physics based puzzler that challenges you to construct a passage for the titular creatures to roll through, all while collecting sweets, avoiding death, and reaching the goal in a fast enough time to gain three stars. These stars can then be used to...

Store Update: 6th November 2013 (Europe)

6th November 2013 (Europe)

Take your pick

Call of Duty: Ghosts is the headline addition in this week’s European PlayStation Store update, but it’s accompanied by a cavalcade of smaller digital downloads. Vying for your attention are CastleStorm, Final Exam, and many more. Also worthy of note is Oddworld: The OddBoxx, which bundles four games for £15.99.

Store Update: 5th November 2013 (North America)

5th November 2013 (North America)


There’s no doubt that this week’s biggest deployment comes draped in a big white sheet. Call of Duty: Ghosts has secured a day-one digital release on the North American PlayStation Store, and is available in two packages. The Hardened Bundle – which costs a whopping $119.99 – includes the game, a bonus map, and Season Pass. Less...

Review: CastleStorm (PlayStation Network)

CastleStorm (PlayStation Network)

Shocking, in a manner of speaking

Building castles, slaying enemy troops, and launching farting sheep. CastleStorm is built around the idea of both building and destroying castles using a variety of customisable methods. You'll control a massive ballista, which you'll employ to send out a variety of troops, some awesome special attacks, and a...

Game of the Month: October 2013 - Beyond: Two Souls

October 2013 - Beyond: Two Souls

Here's your award, David

November is finally here, the month in which Sony's next generation console is set to be unleashed in North America and Europe. The anticipation is becoming almost unbearable, but PlayStation's promising future hasn't stopped us from glancing back into its past to decide upon which of October's releases deserves our...

News: Mercenary Kings Pumps PS4 Full of Lead This Winter

Mercenary Kings Pumps PS4 Full of Lead This Winter

Loot 'n' shoot

Tribute Games, the independent outfit fronted by a faction of former Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game developers, has a handful of heavy weapons ready – and it’s pointing them directly at the PlayStation 4. The Canadian company’s upcoming run-and-gun excursion Mercenary Kings is set to put a bullet hole in your brand new...

Review: Final Exam (PlayStation Network)

Final Exam (PlayStation Network)

Fight school

The PlayStation 4 is fast approaching, and the PlayStation 3 is still drowning in new downloadable releases every week. The ageing system's PSN catalogue is fit to burst at this point, with stunning titles like Journey and The Unfinished Swan garnering more praise than most retail releases could hope for. Final Exam may not be as...

News: PS4 Will Make PS3's 'Good' Online Experience 'Excellent'

PS4 Will Make PS3's 'Good' Online Experience 'Excellent'

Building blocks

Sony’s next generation console may be launching at a much lower price-point than its predecessor, but SCEE president Jim Ryan reckons that it will improve upon virtually every facet of its current flagship format. However, according to the likeable executive, one area that’s been given the greatest overhaul is the system’s...

News: PayPal Payment Option Added to the PlayStation 3

PayPal Payment Option Added to the PlayStation 3

It's about time

The lack of PayPal support on the PlayStation 3 is one of life’s greatest mysteries. Users have been utilising the online payment service to add funds to their Sony Entertainment Network wallets through the browser-based store for months now, but the service has been curiously absent on the company's black box itself. Any...