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News: The Last Bell Tolls for DJ Hero and Guitar Hero DLC

The Last Bell Tolls for DJ Hero and Guitar Hero DLC

End of an era

Having been the musical rage for many years, you'll be hard pushed to find someone who hasn't got a plastic guitar gathering dust in the cupboard. If you're wanting to give it a good old wipe down and party hard, now's the perfect time to do so before a nail is put in the series' coffin. Franchise publisher Activision has announced...

Store Update: 19th March 2014 (Europe)

19th March 2014 (Europe)

Totally smokin'

Sucker Punch’s superhero sequel inFAMOUS: Second Son is set to make the entire European PlayStation Store wheeze this week, as the hotly anticipated open world adventure is due out on 21st March. If you need something to keep you occupied until then, SteamWorld Dig, Stealth Inc: Ultimate Edition, and TowerFall: Ascension sho

Store Update: 18th March 2014 (North America)

18th March 2014 (North America)

Enjoy your power

It’s a big week for the PlayStation 4 on the North American PlayStation Store, with a whopping four new titles for you to sink your teeth into. inFAMOUS: Second Son is the headline new arrival, but Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is a noteworthy addition, too. Elsewhere, there are two fresh indie titles for you to try in the...

Review: Luftrausers (PlayStation 3)

Luftrausers (PlayStation 3)

Don't mention the war

Dutch developer Vlambeer is known for creating deceptively simple arcade titles that have a worrying tendency to burrow deep under your skin and take hold of your every waking thought. Its latest venture, Luftrausers, sees you seated in the cockpit of a World War II fighter plane, attempting to take out a boundless barrage of...

Review: SteamWorld Dig (PlayStation 4)

SteamWorld Dig (PlayStation 4)

The crud, the slab, and the clunky

Putting you into the shoes of a quirky little mining robot and plopping you into a tiny town with three other eccentric automatons, SteamWorld Dig feels like it's been built using parts that will be familiar to anyone who's played the likes of Terraria or Spelunky. But while you'll be mining precious minerals and...

Store Update: 13th March 2014 (North America)

13th March 2014 (North America)

Better late than never

We feel like we’ve travelled back in time. Old-school PlayStation 3 owners may recall an era where the North American PlayStation Store was updated on a Thursday rather than a Tuesday, and technical issues have allowed us to revisit that period. Still, with titles such as Dark Souls II on the docket, we’re sure that you...

Store Update: 12th March 2014 (Europe)

12th March 2014 (Europe)

In reverse

Well, this is strange. Normally, we don’t learn about the contents of the European PlayStation Store update until at least a day after the North American refresh, but due to some technical issues over the pond, it’s the old world that’s seizing the opportunity to go first. Sadly, this week’s highlights are already available in the...

Review: The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 2 - A House Divided (PlayStation 3)

The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 2 - A House Divided (PlayStation 3)

Next time on The Walking Dead

After a three month break designed to let our minds digest the events of the first episode of Telltale’s second season of The Walking Dead, it’s time to step into the small shoes of Clementine once again. As is customary for the series, we last left the pint-sized heroine after making a difficult decision between...

News: Sony Schedules PlayStation Network Maintenance for Today

Sony Schedules PlayStation Network Maintenance for Today

Take a break

There’s never been a better opportunity for you to mow the lawn or blitz through that copy of Anna Karenina that you picked up at the local car boot, as Sony has scheduled a window of PlayStation Network maintenance for today. Set to disgruntle gamers across the globe between 16:30PM and 22:00PM GMT (11:30AM-17:00PM...

Store Update: 5th March 2014 (Europe)

5th March 2014 (Europe)

Road to devastation

This week’s European PlayStation Store update may look a little light, but what it lacks in expansion packs, it more than makes up for in new game arrivals. Highlights include Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, Awesomenauts Assemble, and South Park: The Stick of Truth. It’s also worth pointing out that this month’s Instant...

Game of the Month: February 2014 - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

February 2014 - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Despair wins again

There may not have been too many releases to get our sweaty hands on last month, but February still proved to provide a much stronger lineup than January's rather weak offering, as a number of games walked away with some high scores. Of course, the presence of such highly praised titles meant that our staff vote was always going...

Store Update: 4th March 2014 (North America)

4th March 2014 (North America)

Apocalypse edition

Undead escapade Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition headlines this week’s North American PlayStation Store update, but it’s certainly not the only title worth getting excited about. Other noteworthy arrivals include South Park: The Stick of Truth, Hatsune Miku Project Diva f, and long awaited catch-up app

News: The Battle Princess of Acadias Gets Her Hands Dirty on PSN

The Battle Princess of Acadias Gets Her Hands Dirty on PSN

Cute side-scrolling action

While many titles on the PlayStation Vita offer pick-up-and-play action, this accessible format is a little less common on the PlayStation 3. Fortunately, if you're looking for something to snuggle up with your hard drive, the Battle Princess of Acadias has heard your call. This side-scrolling scrapper will provide you...

News: Sony's Spring Fever Will Empty Your Wallet This March

Sony's Spring Fever Will Empty Your Wallet This March

Bloomin' brilliant

The weather outside is still frightful from where we’re sitting, but apparently improvements are on the way. As such, it’s time for a new Spring Fever promotion on the North American PlayStation Store, with an enormous roster of indie hits poised to deploy over the coming month. This year’s initiative will see each listed...

News: Critically Acclaimed Fez Invades Sony's Consoles This Month

Critically Acclaimed Fez Invades Sony's Consoles This Month

Take a break

Sometimes it's relaxing to kick back with something that doesn't involve guns and explosions. As such, critically acclaimed indie hit Fez is aiming to enhance your video game downtime when it arrives on Sony's suite of systems this month. Set to launch on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita on 25th March in North America and 26th...

Review: Gunslugs (PlayStation Vita)

Gunslugs (PlayStation Vita)

Bang, bang, bang for your buck

Gunslugs offers the promptest path to a dose of explosive Rambo-esque action on the PlayStation Store. When you first boot up this 2D side-scrolling shooter, you’ll be greeted to an electrifying arcade song and the image of an 8-bit inspired military agent decked out in a facemask. A dead ringer for famous cartoon...

News: Forget About First-Person Games, This PS4 Puzzler Is Fourth-Person

Forget About First-Person Games, This PS4 Puzzler Is Fourth-Person

A new view

What do you get if you cross Escher-inspired puzzler Echochrome with an intricately detailed oil painting? The answer, of course, is upcoming ‘fourth-person’ PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita escapade Pavilion, which is in production at indie outfit Visiontrick Games. However, the even bigger question is: how do you actually play it?...