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Review: SingOn (PlayStation 3)

SingOn (PlayStation 3)

A neighbour's nightmare

If there’s one problem with Rock Band, it’s that most of its content is DLC. Sure, it’s great to be able to pick and choose what you want to play, but purchasing individually means that you’re unlikely to try new things. SingOn tries to solve this problem by going with a subscription model, allowing instant anytime...

Rumour: Sony Stupidly Sets PSN Maintenance for Easter Monday

Sony Stupidly Sets PSN Maintenance for Easter Monday

Bunny boiler

There’s a long weekend on the way – but Sony seems eager to encourage you to go outside and play. Apparently, the platform holder is planning a period of PlayStation Network maintenance starting 16:00PM BST on 21st April through until 04:00AM BST on 22nd April. There’s nothing especially abnormal about that – aside from the fact...

Interview: How Renegade Kid Embraces PlayStation Survival Horror Classics in Cult County

How Renegade Kid Embraces PlayStation Survival Horror Classics in Cult County

It's a storm out there

While Kickstarter may be rife with new blood trying to get their first foot through the game development door, there are also veteran studios using the crowd sourcing format to create the titles of their dreams, with big name outfits such as Obsidian Entertainment and Double Fine successfully funding releases through the...

Store Update: 9th April 2014 (Europe)

9th April 2014 (Europe)

Flyin' high

It’s all soccer spreadsheets and spacecrafts on the European PlayStation Store this week, with Football Manager Classic 2014 and Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut being the big new additions. Other highlights include The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 and LEGO The Hobbit, while it’s also worth

Store Update: 8th April 2014 (North America)

8th April 2014 (North America)

A crooked mile

There’s a wolf among us! No, not a real one – we just mean that the next episode in Telltale Games’ popular Fables adaptation is available now from the North American PlayStation Store. Other major highlights this week include PlayStation 4 dogfighting escapade Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut and LEGO The Hobbit. What are you...

News: Octodad May Extend a Tentacle to PS4 Later This Month

Octodad May Extend a Tentacle to PS4 Later This Month

Fish out of water

The hotly anticipated PlayStation 4 port of Young Horses’ bizarre underwater escapade Octodad: Dadliest Catch is finished, and is currently going through Sony’s certification process. According to a studio spokesperson writing on Reddit, if our aquatic protagonist can get past the platform holder’s quality assurance...

News: The Wolf Among Us Teases Episode 3 Ahead of Imminent Release

The Wolf Among Us Teases Episode 3 Ahead of Imminent Release

"Whatever it is, I didn't do it"

We're at the halfway point in Telltale Games' episodic adventure The Wolf Among Us, and events are starting to get messy for our hero Bigby. If you're eager for a glimpse at the next instalment following the sadistic cliff hanger of Episode 2, a trailer lurks just below to feed your addiction. Just be warned that...

Review: Skullgirls Encore (PlayStation 3)

Skullgirls Encore (PlayStation 3)

Back for more

When Reverge Labs’ Skullgirls launched in April 2012, it was received very well. What’s incredible, however, is that it’s managed to maintain that level of popularity in the months since, with crowdfunding keeping the release alive once its ties with publisher Konami were cut. During all of the real-life drama – and name...

Review: Destiny of Spirits (PlayStation Vita)

Destiny of Spirits (PlayStation Vita)

God complex

The free-to-play sector is packed to the brim with straightforward match three puzzle titles, but Sony’s first foray into the microtransaction laden market is anything but accessible. While popular products such as Candy Crush Saga and Temple Run 2 rely on easy to communicate gameplay systems, it’ll take you at least a couple of...

Store Update: 2nd April 2014 (Europe)

2nd April 2014 (Europe)

Bat attack

It’s the Caped Crusader who’s at the heart of this week’s European PlayStation Store update, with Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – Deluxe Edition taking centre stage. The Dark Knight isn’t the only recognisable character in town, though, as Jodie Holmes from Beyond: Two Souls and Lu Bu from Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends...

Store Update: 1st April 2014 (North America)

1st April 2014 (North America)

Play ball

There are no April Fools’ Day gags in this North American PlayStation Store update – just enough content to make your wallet weep. Undeniable highlights include the arrival of MLB 14 The Show, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Deluxe Edition, and Mercenary Kings. Interestingly, you can now also download Grand Theft Auto V’s iFruit

News: Would You Like to Change Your PSN Username?

Would You Like to Change Your PSN Username?

Functionality could be coming

It’s been nearing ten years since the PlayStation 3 launched, meaning that you’re likely to have aged considerably since the console deployed. As such, your PlayStation Network username may not be representative of your current personality – after all, nothing says mature adult quite like...

Store Update: 25th March 2014 (North America)

25th March 2014 (North America)

Full of stars

Try not to drop your Fez while you work your way through this week’s colossal North American PlayStation Store update. In addition to Polytron’s aforementioned indie smash, there are an absolute slew of new titles due out on Sony’s systems this week. Highlights include Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends, Deception IV: Blood Ties,...

News: Sony Powering Up PS Store with Original Programming

Sony Powering Up PS Store with Original Programming


While Netflix original shows are starting to become the norm, the same can't be said for the console streaming market. However, this may be changing in the near future. The first PlayStation Network exclusive series Powers is currently in production in the United States. This supernatural drama is based on the comic created by Brian...